Deadliest Warrior host Robert Daly steals valor

| October 6, 2011

Our buddy, JD, also known as Team Sergeant at Professional Soldiers. whose stolen valor research focuses on guys claiming to be Special Forces soldiers has busted a host of the Spike TV show “Deadliest Warriors”. now, i’ve never watched the show, so i had to see who we’re talking about, so here’s Robert Daly, the man in question;

Deadliest Warrior Legends – Part 1: The Legends Return
Get More: Deadliest Warrior Legends – Part 1: The Legends Return

Apparently hes been trying to advance the show by claiming that he was Special forces. JD has some links to some of those claims, but here we’re more interested in the records so JD sent us what he got. First his assignments;

His military and civilian education;

Yeah, it looks like he had some pretty high-speed assignments, but nothing that can rise to the level of Special Forces…which are the words he used, in case someone wants to get in another pissing contest over context. According to some of you, special services at the gym troops handing out volley balls are considered “Special Operations”.

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  1. Scotty says:

    WWCBS..(what would COL Banks say?)

  2. Wiki no longer claims anyone by the name Robert Daly was either SF or “Green Beret.”

  3. David says:

    “I know cause I did, but you can’t be MI and serve in an Infantry battalion.”

    Wow. That’s incorrect on so many levels. If you can’t serve in an Infantry Battalion as a 35-series Soldier or Officer, then who constitutes the S2 section?

  4. dropthebomb says:

    Kings a dumbass kid