Marines against Shamar Thomas

| October 20, 2011 | 226 Comments

I know Sporkmaster has written a few times about Shamar Thomas, the huge clown who thought it was appropriate to pin his ribbons on his utility uniform and yell at police. Apparently, some other Marines have taken exception with his behavior and formed a Facebook group called Marines Against Shamar Thomas…and he’s not happy about it. Paul sends us these screen shots;

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  1. Jay says:

    Impeach Osama I mean obama

  2. A Proud Infidel & Patriot says:

    @202, SHUT UP and go buy some ad space, CHEAPSKATE!!

  3. 29 Palms Grunt says:

    Typical POG. Probably got his CAR standing post and a round went over his head. Such a jack ass. Thanks for embarrassing the Corps…

    • God says:

      Thanks for embarrassing freedom, justice and the American way, and for embarrassing all of us Americans and our nation by shamefully representing us and our ideals so poorly by acting like a jerk, a bully and a prick to the rest of the world, and by being a jackass jarhead and not standing beside your fellow soldier upholding the freedoms & civil rights in our own streets which you all claim so much that you “fight for” or have “fought for”, “over there”. Selfish brainwashed bonehead.

      • lolupyours says:

        Shut the ever living fuck up, first of all it’s Marine(s), not a god damn fucking soldier, second, why do you god damn civies believe you know anything about anything when it comes to OUR world and when we police our own, why you seem to miss to point as to why we are all pissed off, speaks volumes of your ignorance and supports the FACT that you simply need to shut your cockholster, keep your opinions to yourself and worry about your own little problems. P.s. eat a bag of baby dicks.

  4. God says:

    Screw you all. Screw this blog. You defend bully coward pig cops because you are aholes just like they are! Praise Sgt Shamar Thomas for standing up to injustice and putting those law breaking, civil rights violating pigs in their place!! He’s not embarrassing them, THEY ARE EMBARRASSING THEMSELVES! And he’s just pointing it out and standing up for what’s RIGHT!! Can you say the same?? What’s the point in going to other countries and “fighting for freedom” when there is no 100% real true “freedom” here at home? — just an oppressive, fear-inducing police state that is “justified” by the need for “security”. Pig cops beating teenage girls and killing innocent people is “security”?? I don’t think so. Screw all you haters. Sgt Shamar Thomas is a Superhero! He’s a Black Superman, fighting for Justice and the American Way !!! Your, sir, are the “clown”. Nice clown website!! Circus freaks.

    • lolupyours says:

      Shut the fuck up, you ignorant pussy. Go suck that attention whore off while wearing your tinfoil hat since he’s such a “superhero”. Seriously, how much of a pussy can you make yourself sound?

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