Marines against Shamar Thomas

| October 20, 2011 | 232 Comments

I know Sporkmaster has written a few times about Shamar Thomas, the huge clown who thought it was appropriate to pin his ribbons on his utility uniform and yell at police. Apparently, some other Marines have taken exception with his behavior and formed a Facebook group called Marines Against Shamar Thomas…and he’s not happy about it. Paul sends us these screen shots;

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  1. Jay says:

    Impeach Osama I mean obama

  2. A Proud Infidel & Patriot says:

    @202, SHUT UP and go buy some ad space, CHEAPSKATE!!

  3. 29 Palms Grunt says:

    Typical POG. Probably got his CAR standing post and a round went over his head. Such a jack ass. Thanks for embarrassing the Corps…

    • God says:

      Thanks for embarrassing freedom, justice and the American way, and for embarrassing all of us Americans and our nation by shamefully representing us and our ideals so poorly by acting like a jerk, a bully and a prick to the rest of the world, and by being a jackass jarhead and not standing beside your fellow soldier upholding the freedoms & civil rights in our own streets which you all claim so much that you “fight for” or have “fought for”, “over there”. Selfish brainwashed bonehead.

      • lolupyours says:

        Shut the ever living fuck up, first of all it’s Marine(s), not a god damn fucking soldier, second, why do you god damn civies believe you know anything about anything when it comes to OUR world and when we police our own, why you seem to miss to point as to why we are all pissed off, speaks volumes of your ignorance and supports the FACT that you simply need to shut your cockholster, keep your opinions to yourself and worry about your own little problems. P.s. eat a bag of baby dicks.

        • terrana30 says:

          You think you guys are better than everyone else just because you’re a Marine,really?! He has every right to speak his mind,as does everyone else.FYI,Marines are soldiers here is the definition
          1.a member of a body of troops trained to serve on land or at sea, in particular a member of the US Marine Corps.
          You may go through more rigorous training than most,but you are still a soldier..

  4. God says:

    Screw you all. Screw this blog. You defend bully coward pig cops because you are aholes just like they are! Praise Sgt Shamar Thomas for standing up to injustice and putting those law breaking, civil rights violating pigs in their place!! He’s not embarrassing them, THEY ARE EMBARRASSING THEMSELVES! And he’s just pointing it out and standing up for what’s RIGHT!! Can you say the same?? What’s the point in going to other countries and “fighting for freedom” when there is no 100% real true “freedom” here at home? — just an oppressive, fear-inducing police state that is “justified” by the need for “security”. Pig cops beating teenage girls and killing innocent people is “security”?? I don’t think so. Screw all you haters. Sgt Shamar Thomas is a Superhero! He’s a Black Superman, fighting for Justice and the American Way !!! Your, sir, are the “clown”. Nice clown website!! Circus freaks.

    • lolupyours says:

      Shut the fuck up, you ignorant pussy. Go suck that attention whore off while wearing your tinfoil hat since he’s such a “superhero”. Seriously, how much of a pussy can you make yourself sound?

  5. DisGruntOld says:

    What in the world are all you boots effin crying about??? you jackasses have that much free time to make up a pathetic little website dedicated to shaming and clowning on an American, ONE OF YOUR OWN, for standing up for his own people which also happens to be his hometown??? The guy may be a POG but at least he has more balls than most Americans to do what he feels is right and stand up against the opression that is brought on by greedy Elitists and turning cops into fascist pigs. Our government spies on us and murders people for exposing their little programs in hopes of saving this nation and putting evil in check. We go away and get messed up and come home to be treated by the VA like second rate citizens…. So before all you little oorah jackasses be so quick to judge a man (who is considered by many to be a hero), ask yourself what his intentions were and why do you think he did what he did. I truly dont think he did that to get any attention, but to call out attention to the injustices committed by uniformed officers who swore to “protect and serve” while beating the weak and unarmed whos right lets them gather and try to rally cause. Yes, our traditions and uniforms mean a lot to us…I get it. But he’s no longer apart and forced to follow any rules like the petty ones you all seem to be complaining about. He did not disrespect it in any way. PERHAPS you jackass brain washed boots should all cry and make websites when you see models who never serve cut and alter old cammies to give them a slutty look while holding a 240. YOU GAY-WADS, leave him alone and stand up for a REAL CAUSE. I swear……The uniforms and medals he earned while doing his time can be whatever he wants them to be once his contract is up. Damn he can choose to grow out his hair and trash every single item and piece of it too should he feel like it. Instead…he sought to show them off in a manner that is not of bad taste because hes proud of them and it helped put more credibility and power behind his voice when he put himself out there to do something very few Americans actually do….push away fears and expectations to fight for other human beings and protect the constitution he swore an oath to. Corporations run American and the government now. I’m not saying you should disrespect the traditions…but give this guy a break for doing something noble, cuz im sure his intentions were not to be featured on a viral video only to be clowned on by his own brothers over such small/trivial matters.

    Let the man talk and do his thing….for there shall come a time when you will be faced with the decision(s) to do right and stand up for yourself, your rights, or for those who cant/dont know how….it’d be a shame should u have to regret cowardly standing by and not doing what was right because you were too scared to act because of some little insignificant rule & expectations on mil reg regarding uniform standards. Grow and man the fuck up, haters. I hope you all the best and to stop being so judgmental over nothing.

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