Marines against Shamar Thomas

| October 20, 2011

I know Sporkmaster has written a few times about Shamar Thomas, the huge clown who thought it was appropriate to pin his ribbons on his utility uniform and yell at police. Apparently, some other Marines have taken exception with his behavior and formed a Facebook group called Marines Against Shamar Thomas…and he’s not happy about it. Paul sends us these screen shots;

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  1. Frank says:


    “… he KNOWS full well that Iran will use it. Three guesses who gets the first one. … [“Israel” implied by] And yeah, Paul IS an anti-Semite.”

    I’m sorry, but assuming you’re either active duty or a vet, what part of our enlistment oath said that we swore to defend Israel? Go ahead, look it up … I’ll wait.

    Iran certainly may be developing a nuclear weapon. (And tell me once more: As a sovereign nation, why do they not have that right? And please, something more convincing than “Because the US of A says they don’t.”)

    However, with 300+ nukes — and reliable methods of delivery — Israel can jolly well take care of herself on that front. Google “Osirak 1981.”

    BTW, anti-semite breath, “[Ron] Paul was in Congress when Israel bombed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear plant in 1981 and — unlike the United Nations and the Reagan administration — defended its right to do so.” Paul ain’t an “anti-semite,” you dope. He believes in national sovereignty for all nations — for Israel as well as for Iran.

    But I know that’s a tough pill for interventionistas to swallow.

    Israel doesn’t need the US of A to help, permit or forbid them from taking whatever defensive action she deems necessary.

  2. NHSparky says:

    Oh Christ…here we go. Lemme guess…now you’re gonna tell me the Liberty was intentional?

    And yeah, I have a problem with a country who has stated publicly they’d like to wipe another country off the map obtaining a nuke.

  3. UpNorth says:

    “I also recommend Butler’s Sep. 1936 article, “An Amendment for Peace” (”. Oh, puh-leeze… Oh, soo sorry, you were serious?
    And,this gem, “Iran Nazi Germany certainly may be developing a nuclear weapon. (And tell me once more: As a sovereign nation, why do they not have that right? And please, something more convincing than “Because the US of A says they don’t.”)” Or, is that not what you meant?

  4. NHSparky says:

    And FWIW Frank, my oath said, “…against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” as well as a little part of obeying the orders of the C-in-C and officers above me. If those orders mean supporting an ally, part of the job.

  5. Frank says:

    I dunno, Sparky m’lad. Maybe you think that, by virtue of the fact that we’re the only nation who has ever actually used nukes — and unnecessarily, and on civilian targets — we are therefore somehow Chosen By God to decide which of the rest of the nations get to have them and which nations don’t.

    As for the rest of your worthless anti-Ron Paul rant, “shitloads” is an apt description. (Not that it would make a difference to you, but I am unaware that he “holds up” Gen. Butler.)

    And lastly, re. Gen. Butler, save your amateur psychoanalysis (“if he HADN’T received the MOH you wouldn’t give him the time of day” — for your keggers. It’s weak sauce.

    Ever heard of USAF Capt. Dale Noyd (1933-2007)? An F-100 pilot who received a medal for bravery for landing a crippled, nuke-armed aircraft. He was also court martialed for refusing to train Vietnam-bound pilots, on the basis of his objection to increasing US involvement in Vietnam.

    Or USA WO Hugh Thompson Jr. (1943-2006)? He’s the helicopter pilot who interposed between Lt. Calley’s men and the villagers at My Lai, ordering his crew to fire on any US soldier who continued to fire on the villagers.

    And you know of USA Spec. Pat Tillman (1976-2004). You probably don’t know that he considered the Iraq war “f___ing illegal.”

    And USA Lt. Ehren Watada, who preferred to face court martial than disobey his conscience and go to Iraq, which he considered to be an illegal war.

    Not a MOH winner among ’em, so far as I know.

    But in my book, honorable men all, who definitely deserve the time of day, because of their willingness to think for themselves and follow their consciences while serving in the US military.

    You may now cast aspersions on all these men, like you did with Gen. Butler. Evidently it’s what you do.

    But I’m done with you.

  6. Frank says:


    Godwin’s Rule. You’re out.

    (But you sure get lots of mental exercise — low-impact, I suspect — trying to guess “what I meant” or “where I’m going.” Too bad you’re always wrong.)

    Sparky m’lad,

    What part of “Israel has 300+ nukes and can take good care of herself” don’t you understand?

    How is keeping Israel on a leash — or being kept on her leash? — in the interest of America’s national security?

    And lastly, yes, the USS Liberty incident does stink to high heaven. Ask the men who served on her.

    You know … US military men. (The guys on your side, I thought?)

    Cheers …

  7. NHSparky says:

    The fact that you consider Watada a “hero” pretty much says it all. And as far as Tillman goes, why enlist if that’s the way he felt if in fact he even said those words?

    And as far as Noyd? Surely you have heard of the expressions “dereliction of duty” and “failure to follow lawful order”?

    Finally, you think dropping nukes was unnecessary? Look up the order of battle for Operation Downfall and the casualty estimates. Keep in mind that none of the estimates went more than the first 45 days of fighting, and most didn’t consider naval casualties. Every single Purple Heart given since the end of WWII was intended to be issued during Downfall.

    Every. Single. Fucking. One. And we’re nowhere near out of them yet, 66 years later. Yeah, you’re fucking done alright.

  8. Frank says:

    (Though loathsome and offensive, I can’t look away … )


    “why enlist if that’s the way he felt”

    Tillman enlisted in 2002. He wanted to go kill or capture UBL and other AQ terrorists in Afghanistan.

    His unit was sent to Iraq, as part of the 2003 invasion.

    Okay, now here’s a math question: Which came first, his enlistment, or the invasion?

    “if in fact he even said those words?”

    He said them to his brother, Kevin, and to their best buddy, Spec. Russell Baer, as they witnessed the air attack at the beginning of the Iraq invasion.

    (You simply can’t resist doubting what your fellow troops have to say whenever it doesn’t fit the interventionist paradigm, can you?)

    “Watada” – I didn’t say “hero,” I said “honorable.” Regardless, it takes bigger stones to stand for what your conscience says is right than it takes to “follow orders” when your conscience convinces you those orders are wrong. Ditto for Noyd.

    (Incidentally, though the Army Court tried to suppress the entirely legitimate issue of whether or not Watada thought the Iraq war was illegal, they stepped on their own schwantz, and were forced to scuttle their own case. And when they attempted to re-try, Watada walked: Double Jeopardy is unconstitutional.)

    Lastly, re. nuking “the Japs” (that’s what they were to you, right?): By that time, a land invasion of Japan was unnecessary. Japan was ready to surrender.

    Ready. To. Surrender.

    (Hey. Neat. Trick.)

    But thanks for the interesting history on the 500,000 Purple Heart medals.


  9. Frank says:

    … but we could have a whole lot more Purple Hearts on the shelves if we didn’t send men to Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq …

    Hey, wouldn’t that be grand?

  10. NHSparky says:

    And here you said you were done. Once again the asshole just has to get in the last word.

    So there’s a such a thing as a dishonorable hero, or an honorable coward in your book? And what color is the sky on your planet again?

  11. Redacted1775 says:

    Uh oh….looks like someone isn’t familiar with the Kyujo incident. Turns out Japan wasn’t all that ready to surrender after all.

  12. NHSparky says:

    And no, the Japanese were nowhere near ready to surrender. The fact they fought over a shithole rock like Iwo for as long as they did should tell you something. And ready to surrender? Ask the guys on the Indy if those Japanese were ready to surrender.

    There are those who know, those who don’t know, but you? You don’t even suspect.

  13. Frank says:

    From “U.S. to Send First Delegation to Hiroshima A-Bomb Ceremony” by Warren Mass, The New American, 04 August 2010:

    It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already beaten and ready to surrender….
    ~ Admiral William Leahy, I Was There

    The first atomic bomb was exploded over Hiroshima on August 5, 1945; the second was detonated over Nagasaki four days later. On August 8th, the Soviet Union declared war on an already beaten Japan. But other Japanese attempts to surrender had been coming fast and furious prior to these historically important developments.

    One of the most compelling was transmitted by General MacArthur to President Roosevelt in January 1945, prior to the Yalta conference. MacArthur’s communiqué stated that the Japanese were willing to surrender under terms which included:

    • Full surrender of Japanese forces on sea, in the air, at home, on island possessions, and in occupied countries.
    • Surrender of all arms and munitions. Occupation of the Japanese homeland and island possessions by allied troops under American direction.
    • Japanese relinquishment of Manchuria, Korea, and Formosa, as well as all territory seized during the war.
    • Regulation of Japanese industry to halt present and future production of implements of war.
    • Turning over of Japanese which the United States might designate war criminals.
    • Release of all prisoners of war and internees in Japan and in areas under Japanese control.

    Amazingly, these were identical to the terms that were accepted by our government for the surrender of Japan seven months later. Had they been accepted when first offered, there would have been no heavy loss of life on Iwo Jima (over 26,033 Americans killed or wounded, approximately 21,000 Japanese killed) and Okinawa (over 39,000 U.S. dead and wounded, 109,000 Japanese dead), no fire bombing of Japanese cities by B-29 bombers (it is estimated that the dropping of 1,700 tons of incendiary explosives on Japanese cities during March 9-10 alone killed over 80,000 civilians and destroyed 260,000 buildings), and no use of the atomic bomb.
    ~ John F. McManus, “Dropping the Bomb,” The New American, 21 August 1995

  14. Frank says:

    What I “suspect,” NHSparky, is that in your mind, whenever the US military is involved, there is never fault to be found on “our side.”

    Unless, of course, US military members suggest either Israel or the US military have done something wrong.

  15. Frank says:


    Correction: Turns out certain elements within Japan weren’t all that ready to surrender after all.

  16. Redacted1775 says:

    Semantics. You can’t counter facts with an opinion.

  17. teddy996 says:


    Read it. It’s long, but Prof. Turton has put together a comprehensive work on the subject matter.

  18. Sporkmaster says:

    I remember reading something to that exstent too. That there was a attempted coup for control of the Japanese government between sides that wanted to surrender and those that did not.

  19. NHSparky says:

    Bottom line, Francis here needs to lighten up more than a little bit.

    He puts words in other people’s mouths, “Lastly, re. nuking “the Japs” (that’s what they were to you, right?),” cites Lew Rockwell or his fellow blogspot dipshits, which is about a half-step above (below?) Duff on the fucking whacked out scale, and holds up shitbags like Watada as “honorable”.

    Tells me all I fucking need to know about this dipshit. Hell, he’s probably like that fat fuck who gets dressed up on Veterans Day for the free food then tells us what suckers we are.

    Memo to Frank: Go back to your Airsoft playing Oathkeeper buddies, mkay?

  20. Frank says:

    Oh, clever, Sparky. So clever. 🙄

    Just a perfect example of what evidently passes for substantive commentary on this blog.

    Go back and take a lesson from PhooBar at (128). I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, but the man knows how to engage with ideas rather than name-calling.

    And “Airsoft” and “Oathkeeper”?

    Uhh, that would be a miss and a miss.

  21. Frank says:


    Fact: The political leadership of Japan had been trying to surrender. (See references at [163].)

    Fact: Elements within the Japanese military opposed that, and as the post-nuke surrender effort got closer, some of those elements attempted a coup d’etat.

    (And I stated opinion where?)

  22. Sporkmaster says:

    Then explain the outcome of Okinawan and Iwo Jima where there were almost no prisoners that surrendered? Military or Civilian?

    Not to mention their jet programs that were being put into place to intercept high altitude bombers like the B-29. Or their suicide rockets.

  23. Redacted1775 says:

    From post # 163: It is my OPINION that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already beaten and ready to surrender….
    ~ Admiral William Leahy, I Was There

    You really should read what you copy and paste. 😉

    So they got nuked twice and the military was willing to continue fighting, which is why they attempted a coup. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

  24. NHSparky says:

    Tell ya what, Frank–why don’t you ask some of the Japanese “yutes” what they think of the atrocities their military committed during WWII.

    Oh, that’s right–they don’t teach that to their kids.

    And I thought you were leaving?

  25. NHSparky says:

    Spork–I’ve been to the Phillipines, and was stationed on Guam. Yeah, someone forgot to tell Sgt. Yokoi, I guess. Oh wait, they DID try to tell him. He still hung out in the hills until 1972. He wasn’t all that unusual. For several years they were rooting guys out of the jungle on islands all over the Pacific. Who knew, right?

  26. Frank says:


    Japanese weapons development: My guess would be that wartime R&D continued apace, regardless of imperial attempts to discuss terms of surrender (and especially since Allied forces evidently had other plans — unconditional Japanese surrender, stalling to allow the Soviets the chance to declare war against Japan, etc.).

    Holdouts: Uhh, so? Maybe some guys don’t get the message (although I’d consider this highly unlikely). Some others fight on, despite the emperor’s orders to surrender.

    Doesn’t negate the fact that McArthur had transmitted a Japanese surrender communiqué in January 1945.

  27. Frank says:


    1. I did leave. Last night, at bedtime.

    Came back again today.

    (Besides, I’ve poked around this place a bit. There seems to be this childish mindset of running your opponents down if they continue to return, and running them down if they don’t return.)

    I’ll leave — and return — when I please.

    2. Don’t know what a “yute” is. But I do know the Japanese committed unspeakable atrocities during WWII.

    So what’s your point? That justifies US atrocities?

  28. NHSparky says:

    Stalling? Really? Do a bit of a timeline from Trinity to Hiroshima. Where do you cut time? Perhaps you should go review the Japanese rebuttal to the Potsdam Declaration on July 26th.

  29. NHSparky says:

    You want to call them atrocities. I call them an expeditious end to a war and an alternative to a conventional invasion which would have cost American and Japanese lives in the millions if not tens of millions.

    And if refuting your bullshit is considered “running your opponents down”, well, just put me behind the wheel and I’ll stomp on the gas.

    Frankly, your grasp on history is tenuous and one-sided at best, and your grasp on current events and politics, both national and international, is even worse. It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just that you’re so, well…WRONG.

  30. Sporkmaster says:


    Those were the terms set long before for all of the countries in the AXIS powers. I also do not see how the USSR being in the war against Japan would have helped the allies interest. On the contrary it caused more problems. The Korean War could be seen as a result of the USSR involvement. Also a USSR occupied Japan would have been worse for the country in the long run considering how Germany was split for almost fifty years.

    Also if this was about the people who were killed in the day light raids, the fire bombing would be talked about in equal amount to the atomic bomb. But it is not. Even when more people were killed in the individual fire bomb raids then from the atomic bomb. The biggest thing about the atomic bomb was that it was done by a single plane.

    Another reason that many peopled died that day was that they thought that it was a solo recon plane and did not take shelter according to a survivor.

  31. civilianforever says:

    Wow, marines are hateful aholes, glad Shamar is a better standard of guy. These comments show what total uneducated morons you are. Thank god for Shamar, we love him, a real brave dude!

  32. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Oh my! civilianforever, that really hurt! I think I’m gonna cry!

    Do you realize how ignorant you’ve just made yourself look? Where did you go to MCRD? What was your MOS? What rank were you? How many Marines were you responsible for? What units did you serve with? Unless you’re a Marine, you should consider the adage, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    I am very active in local politics and I won’t even wear a polo shirt with the Eagle, Globe & Anchor if I think a function I will attend might be remotely considered a ‘party function’. My service in the Marine Corps has nothing to do with my political ideology. I will not dishonor my Corps nor myself by trying to use my title to influence people.

  33. UpNorth says:

    Yat, go easy on the Occutard in # 181. It took him about 7 months to come up with that witty, intelligent, incisive rejoinder.
    Must be that civilianforever’s mommy wouldn’t kick in the cab fare for it to attend the Occutard Festival in Chicago this weekend.

  34. SearedEyes says:

    @183, lol.
    @181, Way to bring this out of the archive closet. You are the definition of retarded.

  35. Jon says:

    Hi. Let me begin by saying that I am a civilian.

    Having never served in any branch of the armed forces I am unaware of many aspects of what those of you who did make the decision to join had to go through in combat situations. I came to this site because I’ve been trying to make sense of what is going on with the whole OWS movement, and bumped into the youtube video of Shamar Thomas, and followed up with some fact checking (always been my policy to do so when presented with information about important issues). I do not typically post things online due to a lack of desire to get involved in some kind of puerile flame war with people just trying to get a rise out of folks. Likewise I would not typically choose to post to a forum thread as old as this one after reading it, but I read civilianforever’s comment, which is recent enough.


    The people who make up this site are our veterans. They are our countrymen. They went out there with a sense of purpose and honor to defend our country, and they were willing to put their lives on the line for what they believed in. I may not personally agree with every political opinion put up here, but I still have a deep and abiding respect for the men and women who are willing to undergo unknown horror in order to preserve and protect our nation. As far as OWS is concerned, yes the nation could stand to make a few changes, yes we’re in an economic crisis, and yes there is certainly a huge gap between the common man, and the incredibly wealthy.

    But please bear in mind that we live in the United States of America. No one is censoring our letters, no one is coming into our homes and raping our mothers, daughters, sisters, or wives. We aren’t publicly executed when we speak out against the government. We have the right to own firearms and protect out homes. We aren’t killed for not believing in a state-sponsored religion. Our cities and towns aren’t being stormed by raiders wielding ak-47’s. Our roads aren’t patrolled by death-squads. The last time we were bombarded by any kind of arial assault or artillery was back at Pearl Harbor. And war has not set foot on american soil for over 70 years.

    So yes, our country has some issues, but it’s still our home. Our homeless can go to soup kitchens when they’re hungry, and missions when it’s cold out. People who live under the poverty line have it better here than anywhere else in the world. We have the freedom to believe in whatever religion we choose. And we have the power as citizens of this country to affect policy at both a local and national level. These are good things.

    And these are all made possible by our military’s ability to prevent some other nation from coming in and wiping it all out. Whether or not you agree with these people, you should at least recognize what they’re willing to risk to keep this country strong. It’s no coincidence that we haven’t been directly attacked since Pearl Harbor, our military might has fended off those who would try. And it would appear that this nation of ours has plenty of people who would love the opportunity.

    Even (especially) if your comment was posted just to elicit a response, it is entirely inappropriate for you to insult our vets who were and are willing to give it all to keep this country from being turned into some kind of communist hell hole. Know your betters and show some respect.

    @Everyone on this site with a service record

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you have done for this country. God Bless the USA.

  36. Chuck says:

    Tman & Cedo, you are both INCORRECT regarding the Marines Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) versus the Army’s Combat Infantry Badge. The Marine Corps does not issue CAR based on ones MOS since it considers ALL Marines a Rifleman and capable of exterminating the enemy in a fire-fight. But the Marine is required to actually be involved in a fire-fight. I can’t remember the prerequistes for receiving the Army’s (yes, former 11B) CIB, but correct me if I’m wrong but a soldier is awarded the “Combat Patch” by simply being in a Combat Zone for X amount of days whether you see any enemy or not? What are the CIB requirements other than wearing a Blue Cord (Infantry)? Semper Fi!

  37. Sharon says:

    I thank Sgt Taylor for speaking out! Our rights are being stripped away daily and the rest of the country stands by and says nothing. My family has a background steeped in military service, and I think it is noble for a man to stand up and speak up. You may not agree…I don’t care. Thank you for your service but this man has every right to speak his mind and do so from the heart. Stay safe!

  38. JustPlainjasin says:

    This thread wants brains…

    Shamar Thomas tried to pick a fight with cops and they didn’t bite.

  39. Anonymous says:

    whas rite about getting your head broke with a batton for rich bankers who have messed everyone up ? mmmmm ! at least he had conviction regards the fellow protesters . . . John. SAS.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Yeah . The SAS . Royal boy out ! J.V.

  41. Redacted1775 says:

    True, but he doesn’t have to do it while looking like a bag of smashed assholes. Either way he’s still a fucking idiot.

  42. JustPlainjasin says:

    …press it the politicians that pressured the bankers to make a bunch of crap loans, or the community organizer that sued the banks to give the riskier loans, or was it the community organizations that hired the community organizer that sued the banks to give the riskier loans that were pressure by the federal government, or was it the predatory lenders who gave the loans that were…

  43. Ann says:

    Sharon, you have the mental capacity of a fluke worm. He can speak his mind all he wants so long as he doesn’t parade around in his goddamn uniform. The military is strictly apolitical for good reason. The nitwits like Thomas whore out the uniform to feed their pathological narcissism and persecution complexes. If you actually had veterans in your family you would understand this. Shamar Thomas can say whatever crap he wants, so long as he’s not wearing the uniform to attract attention. Unfortunately he is clearly doing such.

  44. Ann says:

    Anonymous, if you did less mooching, squatting, vandalism, and all around criminal thuggery then you’ll be amazed to find that the police do not use force on you. If you want to stick it to those allegedly evil bankers then get a real job, and become a productive member of society. Professional homelessness is nothing of the sort.

  45. Ann says:

    And Anonymous these rich bankers wouldn’t have been an issue if people used a smidgen of common sense and bought houses within their budgets.

  46. Marine Pete says:

    You panzies are real fin bunch of whinning little maggots. You are too fckin stupid to figure out he wore his cammie top so some equally dumb azz cop wouldnot just start something because a citizen dared speak up. Oh by the way you generally have to return fire or be part of a crew that returned fire to get a combat action ribbon. A combat patch is awarded to fobbits who never fired a weapon and sat their fat butt in air conditioning in a t walled trailer. Hardly the same numb nuts. Not suprised how some t bagger started this and most of you blue falcon mtfs dont have a clue to military awards or lingo because you are wannabees. Now stuff that in your shorts. Roger that.

  47. NHSparky says:

    This from a brain damaged 4chan reject who has yet to master the intricacies of the English language, including spelling, punctuation, syntax, and capitalization, among other things.

    Oh, the irony.

    Trust me Pete, you’re not helping the Marine stereotype any. Go back to your mommy’s basement, sharpen your mental machete, and when you think you’re ready, go back and prepare some more, because I guarantee you’re not.

    Psst…little clue for ya, scooter…most of us are in fact veterans. Many here are in fact combat veterans.

    In the lingo of my service, get some fucking time on the pond, nub.

  48. fact finder says:

    its seems that the corps really each alot of pride in the uniforms. hopefully when shamar comes into a greater uniform u wont have to hear just words

  49. fact finder says:

    it seems that the corps teaches alot of pride in the uniform. hopefully when shamar grows into a greater 1 we wont hear just words.

  50. Jake says:

    Warehouse clerk indeed! And apparently used to sitting around! Have you seen this joker on Survivor? On his profile he talks about him being “cool and respected” and being big on teamwork- not seeing it here in the least bit! Plenty of service members (I am one- Army, OIF1) work all hours of the day. Heck his own team members out there- old, frail, and otherwise are all pitching in, where does he get off?