Occupy Wall Street trying to recruit Military and Police to the cause.

| October 23, 2011

It seems that the incident with Sgt. Thomas as caused the OWS movement to try to attracted military personal improve their image.

“#OccupyMARINES Are Currently Assessing The Current Situation To Ascertain What Is Currently Needed To Support OWS America. We Are Humbled At The Substantial Support OWS America Has Provided And Ask That Everyone Continue As You All Do While We Implement Organization Nationwide. As We All Know, ‘Occupy’ Groups Are Being Established Even Now And Would Like To See This Trend Continue. “

Their website OccupyMarines.org, is calling for “Non-Active ‘Occupy’ Military Supporters Only” and they are organizing a dress code which will help identify their branch affiliation. So we should be seeing Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel dressed to impress at Occupy events across the country. Their goal will be to talk sense into police officers and recruit them into supporting the cause

Oh there is this one.

One Veteran, Alex Limkin said:

“There is nothing more central to a free and democratic people than the right to dissent, the right to disagree, the right to stand up in the town square and be heard… I feel quite sure that in standing in solidarity with the peaceful Occupy Wall Street movement, I am doing no less than upholding my oath as an American soldier.”

Perhaps it would be more convincing of a peaceful protest if he was not given administrative leave and a restraining order for threatening a female co-worker.

This is just pure insanity that occupy wall street is trying to make politicize the military to their own ends. I have no words for this. None.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Oh, right–I’m sure he learned all about threatening to rape women and lift up their skirts in a courtroom when he was training cops at Camp Taji. Got it.

  2. Doc Bailey says:

    I think I called it with Sahamar. These fuck sticks are desperate for any stamp of legitimacy that they can take to the main stream. The longer this goes one the nuttier it gets.

    I find it fascinating that these idiots are coming up with a uniform for folks to represent Branch, and make them easily recognizable. I suppose its not like a ton of people went surplus stores and bought a shit ton of fake shit.

  3. NotSoOldMarine says:

    Hey, if they want to be fools let them be fools. If they want to rest on the laurels of being vets let them do so. Let’s just also bear in mind that it’ll all come apart when the blatantly anti-military veneer outshines the vets. The professional, military caste has never clicked with this crowd, not once in the history of Western Civilization and it’s not going to start now. Our values are too different.

  4. 2-17AirCav says:

    It is curious how the right to peaceably assembly has become a right to be against things. And that’s fine. But when that same right is used in support of something –oh the Tea Party comes to mind– those who exercise that right are villified.

  5. Ornery1 says:

    I just fired off an e-mail to the Marine Corps trademark and licensing program concerning OccupyMarine using the Eagle Globe and Anchor on their website. No fight is complete without a few lawyers thrown in the mix.

  6. HMINUS says:

    Something didn’t feel right about “SGT” Shamar Thomas, so I’ve been reading up on the guy. I found this facebook site dedicated to him:


    Apparently there’s a guy who served with him in Fallujah, and according to him “SGT” Thomas didn’t do most of the hard-core things he claims to have done. More interesting is the fact he was regarded as a “complainer” and a “turd” by members of his unit. It will be interesting to see what others who served with him have to say about it. The pow network may be interested in this guy too…

  7. Doc Bailey says:

    Are you somehow surprised? How many squared away troopers would end up at this goat rodeo, unless they were doing crowd control?

    Shit bags are shit bags regardless of who they scream at

  8. HMINUS says:

    Not surprised at all, but guys like that need to be exposed. We’ve had too many posers like John Kerry, Soup Sandwich and Ballduster falsely representing us. FYI I was the guy who posted the above link, I just put the name in the wrong spot, LOL!

    I’ve been reading the blog here for a while, but recent events compelled me to post some of the info I dug up from my own independent research. “SGT” Thomas’ interview with Keith Olbermann (among others) brought some very interesting things to the surface, mainly all the things he said he did.

  9. NoTimeForRNR says:


    it’s like you guys took the words right out of my mouth!
    much respect

  10. GaigeM says:

    What’s terrifying is that I know some soldiers that are totally behind the Occupy movement.

    Interestingly, both are women and POGs. Sadly, there will be more than a few like them.

  11. Redacted1775 says:

    Asking police to join them?! Well, tht’s one way to get them to stop bouncing your heads off the sidewalk…OR, you could just listen to them the first time 😉

  12. NHSparky says:

    Gaige–that’s fine, believe it or not. But what the public needs to understand is that those who are don’t speak for the majority of active, reserve, or veterans of any branch, and perhaps if we knew a bit more of the character of their service it would certainly go a long way towards establishing their credibility–or not.

  13. Render says:

    They should have thought of the recruiting idea before they hacked law enforcement websites and revealed the private home information of thousands of LE nationwide, publishing that private information openly on the web for all criminals to see.

    Just off the top of my head, they’ve hit PD’s in Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee, in addition to NYPD, Boston PD, and the FBI. Among many other things, one of their targets in NY was the NYPD retirement home website. Ayup, they went after retired police…

    They are also the very same people who keep hitting USMC, trying to reveal and publish the names of Marines who’ve served at Gitmo, or where anywhere near Bradley Manning (spit) while he was in Marine custody.

    They are also (some of) the same people who keep trying to get into CIA, NSA, and Secret Service databases.


  14. GaigeM says:

    Sparky-I was thinking more along the lines of when the shooting starts. It’s my firm belief that we’re only a couple years away from large-scale organized political violence in this country, and I’m worried which way a lot of service personnel will hop when the time comes.