Scott Olsen: I hate the Marine Corps

| October 28, 2011

Yesterday, we discussed IVAW and Veterans For Peace member, Scott Olsen, who had his head busted by some police “projectile” in Oakland the other night. Our buddy, Gateway Pundit sent us a link to his post today about how Olsen was the founder of the “I Hate The Marine Corps” blog.

Gateway Pundit quotes from Verum Serum who discovered the original story;

The Marine Corps thrives on its image. They convince young men and women that they’re joining a professional military organization. But that’s not the case at all, every Marine knows it, and most have no problem downplaying the bullshit to outsiders so they can protect their “beloved corps”. I noticed some of the other posters have told you not to pay any attention to my site because we’re just a bunch of ********* who couldn’t hack it, right? Maybe not hacking it means we saw through the bullshit and don’t want to take it. Maybe the brainwashing didn’t work on us. I’m not here to tell you if you should join or not. I’m here to advise you to take the people who visit my website just as seriously as anybody who tries to sell you the MC as a good thing.

My site is anonymous, these people don’t have to worry about hiding from the MC, or protecting the MC’s image or anything. It is unfiltered truth.

No, he still didn’t deserve a fractured skull, but I think it’s a little bit odd that he hates the Marine Corps…until it gives him and his fellow hippies a measure of moral authority.

Update Sporkmaster: For someone who did not like the Marines, they are actively trying to portray the opposite. Here is a screen capture of of his comment that he was being separated for drug use.

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  1. OWB says:

    More evidence that apparently we are doing something right here?

    Ya got folks screaming because we support the military and others screaming that we hate the military. Too, too funny.

  2. - says:

    Scott olson was not a s bag. He was a hard sworkign young man like any of you. the real world and the marine corps especially is a bunch of horse crap i have never experience such dumb chaos in my life. Its unreal what we have to go through with people. This is beyond anything that any human beign should have to endure,pogs and especially grunts, some grunts. I really think the M.C. needs to be examined a little bit closer. Maybe change the system a little different and train different. Because all this bs trainign is doign is makign marines stupid,er and more apt to doign drugs among other worse things that shouldnt be initiated for. I jsut wonder how some of these men and women sleep at night with how they show and teach and act towards the junior marines. Its like your in for four years and even when you think you are ready to advance for some human respect it never ends. Alot of people reach a point where theyve had enough. Luckily it changed me in no way, shape or form. I still respect people, give them a chance and are freindly to everyoen regardless of what they held(back when i was in) in the usmc. All it is is a bunch of constant bragging lil b*tches that think there soemthing which they are simply and obviously not. Sorry but the marine corps needs to be like the army. You dont have to act like a big mouth to be somebody more special. The way to influence is through respect i dont care what anyone says. and if your a female lol dont even join that da-n institution. Its a whole he– of alot worse for them im sure!Nothing they are doing. What a buncha of tedious bologna!

  3. - says:

    i was hoping to definately edit but u get the point.
    you should know it was written by an enlistee, nuf said

  4. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Know, oui due knot get the point.

  5. memimo says:

    let’s see a place where you’re not allowed to have your own personality unless your always acting like a marine corps robot fun bot ,a toy that can be told thigns to and told what to do. Its a waste of time, its a big confused life,its something you look at and laugh about. But you wanna know something? Not me okay, but msot people who join the Marine Corps are very lost in the world around. Ive seen what it really does to people. It has ruined alot of my freinds lives before they got influenced and before they left, or soemthing like that. Its a strange life. I’m sure as hell pretty proud for everything ive done in the”marine corps”. lol some people really have the nerve boy.Ive jsut breathed air that said here i am and i was a target because i didnt copy or mimic and follow after soemthing exactly so much to become it. I was consumed with the marine corps and for some crazy stupid reason people used that as excuse to shine the light on soemone else. Why? Because they were too chicken shit to call it chicken shit. too much crap going on. i could go on, and on and but im not going to.too much mental and emotional abuse is going on that shouldnt be tolerated.I dont udnerstand Y this is not being overturned as BULLSHIT.

  6. ron says:

    john did gunny tell you to hit yourself? and you obeyed his commands. wow youre a good soldier!

  7. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Make up your mind, Hemingway. Are you going to be memimo or -Says? Pick one and stick with it.

  8. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Jeepers, now it’s ron. That’s got to be approaching the record for multiple tag use by the same commenter in the same thread.

  9. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, he’s up to six different screen names – all on this discussion. Another massive grassroots movement of support for Scott Olsen.

    And, he’s coming in from Shawano, WI.

    I think he’s angry because he’s using Windows Vista and Internet Explorer. Dear troll, upgrade to Windows 7, it’ll make your life happier.

  10. ARoberts says:

    Ugh, so many things I want to say to the troll but Im not sure I should feed it. Trolls annoy me but ignorant ones annoy me even more.

  11. NHSparky says:

    IE? An evil Windoze product? I thought all you hipster fags used overpriced Macs! Jebus, you’d think the troll would be on Firefox, at least.

    Oh, and troll–spellchecker. It is your friend. So are capitals and punctuation, to say nothing of paragraphs, shit like that.

  12. dude says:

    ooh are you attempting to threaten…aw is that what was done to you your entire way through the corpses and are now seekign reveng on yougner scared mr technology.Maybe you should send the marine corps police after me, suck it!..LOL 😉

  13. NHSparky says:

    Oh, goody–Jonn’s gonna get sued again for Internet liebelslander. Third time this week, and we’re not even to the Monday morning coffee break.

  14. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Seven screen names now. You should really try to use Mozilla FireFox instead of IE, it has a built-in spell check.

  15. dude says:

    why dont u find something more useful to do with your time?

  16. NHSparky says:

    Awwwww, ain’t the little troll cute? Just make sure you’ve got your Gallagher-special shit shield ready when he starts rattling the cage bars and reaching for his ass.

    See how that works, troll boy? Sentences, complete with correct spelling and punctuation and syntax. It’s not so hard, really.

    But just out of curiosity, how much in student loans have YOU incurred?

  17. dude says:

    maybe u should just both go such eachother off that way your not so grumpy and defensive over one another/…,jhy

  18. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Okay, Hemingway, it’s time for some friendly advice. From what I can see, you are unemployable, lonely, fruatrated, angry, and uneducated to both the ways of the world and basic English. You probably drink far too much and hate your mother as well. Your prospects are nil and your past is a series of gaffes, errors, mistakes, and failures for which you take no responsibility. Now, with all of that, one might conclude that your life is not worth living. But that is not true. Your petty existence serves to make everyone else grateful that however short they may sell themselves with respect to talent, skills, and accomplishments, they can see in you how much worse it could have been.

  19. dude says:

    u are by far the dumbest person ive talked to who hates the Marine Corps :/

  20. Redacted1775 says:

    “let’s see a place where you’re not allowed to have your own personality unless your always acting like a marine corps robot fun bot ,a toy that can be told thigns to and told what to do.”

    Really? Jesus, lighten up francis….

  21. NHSparky says:

    Hey dude, keep your chin up.

    It’ll make fitting the gun under there easier when you decide to add a bit of chlorine to the gene pool.

  22. UpNorth says:

    “”a hard sworkign young man ? WTF is sworkign? Is that an Occutard term for toking? Who in hell left the computer lab at the junior high unlocked?
    “But just out of curiosity, how much in student loans have YOU incurred?”. Sparky, you know they don’t have to get a student loan for junior high. Oh, you were referring to the dooby he ingested before posting?
    Hey, lets introduce the Thing of Many Names to OG? They’re meant for each other.

  23. Bobo says:

    My guess is that “dude” isn’t a native English speaker, or he’s so stoned that he forgot how to speak it.

  24. Mark Bernadiner says:

    Occupy Wall Street (OWS) gangs commit criminal sabotage, a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction (Revised Code of Washington 9.05.060): disruption of operations of one of the world biggest ports resulted in revenue losses; disruption of work of small businesses resulted in laid offs and unemployment fund losses in NY; disruption of banks’ economic operations and bank robbery attempt; vandalism; rape; etc. Criminal sabotage is a class B felony punishable according to chapter 9A.20 RCW (Revised Code of Washington). US and local Authorities shall take bold measures to enforce the US LAW instead of cover it under fake “freedom of speech” umbrella twisting the US Constitution in anti-American way.
    According to Associated Press, OWS gangs’ activity already cost to American taxpayers over $13M. These punks must compensate America for stolen money.
    In 1930’s in Germany and in 1917 in Russia, similar bandits got a power under the same slogans, and using the same revolutionary tactic. As a result, German became a fascist country; Russia – socialist country; the World got WWII and over 56 mln. deaths.
    Moreover, OWS, gangs of genetic lazy freeloaders and thieves, use Nazi rhetoric and SS intimidation tactics demonstrating their real “face” and intention.
    This disease shall be killed at embryonic stage.

  25. S says:

    I am the creator of not Scott Olsen
    Thank you for the traffic 🙂

  26. says:

    Marines a bunch of little guys wantint to be big guys,,,,and they know it

  27. Marine_7002 says:

    Wow. Just spent about 20 minutes reading this thread. My head hurts from the frontal assaults on the English language that some of these trolls have posted. I didn’t know that you could get high school diplomas out of a Crackerjack box.

    “Ready on the right, ready on the left…all ready on the firing line. Shooters, aim in…unlock…you may commence firing when your troll target appears.” I wish!

  28. Curteous Curt says:

    There is this fromer Marine on trial right now in Iran for being a CIA agent. It is said that he posed as a disgrunteled former Marine who had classified info to give or sell to the Iranians. I highly suspect that Iran is making this up. They just love getting their hands on former Marines to make examples of them. What is unsetteling about this is just how did they get their hands on him? If the Iranians are wrong and he is not really a CIA agent it would imply that he really is a disgrunteled Marine who wsa trying to pass classified info on to the Iranians.
    If he really was a CIA agent and not a disgrunteled former Marine that is unsetteling too. What a lame unoriginal cover story. Shit they make me look like a Pultzer Prize winning novelist.

    Anyways how will we really know that he has been executed. The Iranians could kill some other prisoner, or even a volunteer martyer just to pull off a cover story of thier own to make it appear that they really just trashed all of the documents that came with him.

    Well I just hope that everything works out for the best.

  29. SemperFi says:

    If Scotty was kicked out of the Marine Corps for drug use… he doesn’t rate the title of, “Marine.” Every Marine is only able to be on Active Duty for a limited time, but some are forced out, and some are kicked out; the best of the Marines are the ones who have completed their obligated time in service with a HONORABLE DISCHARGE (Once a Marine, always a Marine).

    Regardless of a veterans status and their disdain or love of Corps and country, I feel that the cops who shot ol’ Scott should be punished to the full extent of the law, and lose their right to own any fire-arm in the USA.

    PS: The Marine Corps is supposed to be hard; and that is why many Marines feel “HATE” for the Marine Corps. It ain’t supposed to be sweet and nice like those other branches of the so-called, “military” (AKA: boy-scouts), and that’s the reason why Marines love the Corps too. It doesn’t have to make sense; we’re talking about the US governments own trained killers, and one who was a possible screw-up (drug use is a major no-no in the Marines; you’ll probably have to still work for about a year with a loss of rank, loss of respect from your fellow Marines, and NO PAY; you’d probably hate the USMC as well in that case).

  30. Joshua says:

    Any update on this turd?

  31. Joe Williams says:

    Frist of all, when one joins any of the Military Branches.YOU HAVE NO CIVIC RIGTHS. There are no debates as to whenter to follow a order.Same as the business world,you do or face possible dismissal. They also have rules and expect job performance.Remember you voluntary signed a contact. The military is what you put into it. USMC RVN (Jun 66-Sept 68) HMM_362.

  32. Joe says:

    “HATE” is such a strong word to use on the Marines. “Dislike” would be mine; I spent most of my childhood wanting to be in the military, to be apart of something special, something that was greater than myself. I hoped for a chance to serve; I prayed for it, I worked through school for it and it all came to that fatefull day in April of last year when I enlisted in one of the hardest branches in the service. I attended MCRD San Diego and a sixteen year dream of service came crashing down in just ten weeks. You wonder what sent me home after getting that close to graduation? Of course you do. When your entire platoon does not even want you there you’re finished, when one of your drill instructors puts you on his S%#t list and wants you gone and uses physical force, you know your done. Inability to adapt/Sucicidal thoughts and actions is what ended it all.

    I have tried to make sense of what went wrong, what could I have done differently and to tell you the truth I still don’t have the answers; all I know is that I worked so hard at this dream and it I let myself down, and I have to life with that. The time spent in boot camp I watched the demeanor of those around me change, an increasing sense of arrogance that borderlined a “God” complex started to show in almost every single one of them but not in me, “Why?” I wondered. Why does this branch of service break you down to the point of insanity and strip every characteristic from you that makes you an indiviual and builds you into something entirely different? How does doing that make someone a better soldier, or in this case a Marine? Why were those drill instructors unable to strip me of my indifidualism and make me into what I thought was a better person? Could it be that it wasn’t meant to be, or could it be that I was already better? I have pondered over these questions and, as I said, still have not found the answer.
    I feel that only time will be able to answer these questions.

    In no way have I lost respect for the anyone who wears the uniform of a Marine, but that does not mean I have to like them.

  33. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @ 188 Joe, I gotta respect you for admitting “I let myself down”. I know guys who got bounced, for their own actions, but continued to blame the Corps. Thank you.

    The philosophy behind recruit training is to break everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Once everyone is broken down, then they start to build everyone back up. This is where the “us against them” mentality begins that leads to where the “brotherhood” bond begins. This is when we became a unit. Could it be the ‘arrogance’ that borderland on a “God” complex was actually ‘confidence’? I came to recruit training after having spent two years playing linebacker at a local Jr college (5’8″, 190#) so i had plenty of confidence, what they gave me was PRIDE!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Scott Olsen and I are cisco network proffesionals So fuk all you haters

  35. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @ 190, anonymous. If I might ask, What does where one works have to do with this topic? Did you serve with scottie in the Marine Corps? Did you serve in the Marine Corps at all? If you answer no to either question, may I suggest you off you ‘opinion’, not make insulting remarks.

  36. NHSparky says:

    You do realize that said description and $3 will still get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks, right anon?

    And FWIW, I’ll put my W-2 up against yours anytime, scooter.

  37. :) says:

    he can hate the marine corps if he wants to, he’s the one wo put his life on the line, not you. He earned that righ

  38. Redacted1775 says:

    A data dink putting his life on the line? You’re joking right?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Well surprise surprise, another pathetic non-hacker who can’t do, so he blogs !! 5 5

  40. Green Thumb says:

    IVAW Turd.

  41. formermarine says:

    How many of you that are criticizing him have served in the military? To dismiss someone’s views so easily and to label him a “hippy” because he speaks ill of the government is ignorant at best. Chances are, the majority of you who are badmouthing him have never been in the military and are just as bad as the draft dodgers you idolize. Conservatism is one thing, out right stupidity another. I served in the Marine Corps, 7th battalion, 2nd marines, in an infantry company. I saw first hand the bullshit that people have to deal with. Sure people that should not have been in the military get through, but there’s a difference between “can’t hack-its” and people who are beaten within inches of consciousness/their lives, in the name of their “brotherhood”, and in order to cause “unit cohesiveness”. Does that make sense to you? People are so quick to start military dick-riding, but know nothing about what really happens. They think that every member is off killing terrorists. News flash, they’re getting drunk and beating the shit out of 18 year olds, using safety in numbers to make sure there’s no retaliation and no way that the person can stop it. So there’s a grunt’s perspective, what’ve you got? Why are military suicide rates so high? Because it’s a broken system, that doesn’t take care of its own. A lot of you have said that the military is what you make of it. This may be true if you’re commissioned, but if you’re an enlisted personel then you get what you get, and noone will help you make it better. Your time is not your own to pursue advancement, and your “brothers” are more concerned with themselves than with the unit as a whole. People are so incredibly closeminded. Why is it impossible to conceive of the notion that our military is not flawless? Get educated fools.

  42. Jonn Lilyea says:

    #198, you ought to check out the “Members’ Gallery” before you make assumptions about whether or not we’ve served in the military.

  43. formermarine says:

    oh and by the way my mos was 0331, machine gunner in laymen terms, for all you motards who care

  44. Hondo says:

    Interesting. I always heard that Marines never referred to themselves as “former marines” after leaving active duty. In fact, I always heard that the title “former marine” was reserved for those who got pitched for cause.

  45. OWB says:

    Hondo – not to pick a nit here, but I think the term you are looking for is ex-Marine. You know, like murffa. He called himself former, but most of us called him ex.

    Aren’t we glad the misfit checked in? Just proving that some folks simply can’t hack it.

  46. Don’t join the USMC. For your own good.

    They don’t care about you, and will not.

    Ultra-conservatives, close-minded, fundamentalist, mostly poorly educated backwoods types and ghetto trash, intolerant bigots, misguided nationalism.

    Get ready for the poorest quality of life imaginable. Work-life balance that leaves the life out. Poor pay and poor attitudes. Low moral, everyone wants out but has to wait so pong, fooled by the false prospects of a professional organization.

    Don’t be a fool.