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| November 17, 2011

melle1228 sends us a link from the Army Times in which John McCain throws military retirees under the bus.

“Military retirees and their families deserve the best possible care in return for a career of military service, and nothing less,” McCain said on the Senate floor during debate on the $526 billion defense authorization bill for fiscal 2012.

“But we cannot ignore the fact that health care costs will undermine the combat capability and training and readiness of our military if we don’t begin to control the cost growth now,” he said.

You know what else undermines our military capabilities? Throwing taxpayer dollars down the dark hole of the Education Department and the Commerce Department. And hiring legions of lawyers for the Environmental Protection Agency…but I don’t see anyone threatening those agencies.

And, oh, yeah, in a related article from the Army Times, McCain is reportedly thinking about pulling our Tricare Prime out from under us;

McCain, ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, has proposed barring military retirees from signing up for Tricare Prime, the least expensive Tricare option available to them.

Yeah, well, fuck you, too, ya pencil-dick moron. So how do I get my youth back after fulfilling my end of the contract, fuckhead? After yapping about supporting the troops, he has no problem sticking it right up our collective ass now.

Where the fuck is the American Legion, the VFW and DAV now? Yeah, they write mean editorials, but why aren’t they camped outside of this fuckstick’s office? Dave Rehbein went straight to Obama’s office when Obama tried to buttfuck us. Where is Fang Wong?

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  1. Rueta Covorp Norom says:

    Sporkmaster, I served, I spent time under a ruck for a large portion of that service, and it’s irrelevant to economic discussion.

  2. UpNorth says:

    Moron, you said, “51% of the country (by your calculation) doesn’t even make enough money to pay very much income tax”. Nope, not by my calculation, at all. This is from the IRS, posted on a truckers info site. Check who pays what. http://warontruckers.com/index.php/taxation/30-irs-released-data-showing-percentages-of-income-tax-paid-by-americans
    If you want to try and refute something, try to research it, don’t just pull it out of your ass.

  3. Rueta Covorp Norom says:

    Redacted1775, some do. OWS is really diverse as far as interests, and a lot of the typical crowd are out there. But I think you get a lot of your news through the TAH information filter. There are a lot of people who are respectable that just want change. The public face of OWS shouldn’t be criteria by which you judge our conversation right now. I’ve not been to an occupy protest, although I do support the general notion that there is a problem with wealth inequality.

  4. Rueta Covorp Norom says:

    LOL, Oh, well then UpNorth, on a truckers’ info site… wow. Hmm. Pretty high brow source there. Did you get any gee-whiz financial advice in your inbox titled “Fwd:fwd:FW:FWD: OBAMA IMPLODING ECONOMY, BUY GOLD FROM GOLDLINE!” recently?

  5. melle1228 says:

    >I think you are completely divorced from reality if you believe that even a large portion of people who live on food stamps, SS, and medicaid are there because they want to be.

    No, they are there for choices they made. My cousin, the Twit for example has three children by three different fathers. She didn’t marry any of the men, because apparently they weren’t marriage material. And in the end they weren’t even father material.. You know who their daddy is? The state!

    Ya know just like your reiderated last night that Vets made the choice to serve. Many people are impoverished because they made bad choices.

  6. Rueta Covorp Norom says:

    melle1228, and therefore we should remove the ability for those children to eat and get broken bones set… why?

  7. melle1228 says:

    >melle1228, and therefore we should remove the ability for those children to eat and get broken bones set… why?

    How about we hold people accountable for their actions? If you get a degree in horticulture–Don’t cry because you can’t find a job and pay your loans back.

    Kids survived before medicaid and welfare. Largely because there was a sense of shame to take from others what you didn’t earn, so people found a way to earn.

  8. UpNorth says:

    “LOL, Oh, well then UpNorth, on a truckers’ info site”. OK, smartass, if you can’t read the identifier as to where the info came from, try this one. I realize it’ll require effort on your part, and if I could, I’d drop on by and point out at the bottom of each chart where the info comes from, wouldn’t want you to tax that over-extended cell between your ears.
    Careful now, it covers more than two years. Pay attention, if you could, to the figures for the bottom 50% in each chart.

  9. Rueta Covorp Norom says:

    Horticulture is actually a pretty lucrative degree field. All ag-related degrees are right now. Lot of people to feed.

    And I think your notion that children “survived” prior to having a right to medical care is a little silly. I don’t see what shame has to do with whether or not a kid who gets juvenile diabetes because of the poor choices of their parents, nor how it will help them overcome that.

    UpNorth, stay on topic about wealth inequality. I don’t really care what percentage the tax code requires of rich people if in the end the rest of the country is still being denied a respectable wage based on the work they put in to helping those people get rich.

  10. Joe says:

    “….I don’t see anyone threatening those agencies”. Hyper-conservative religious wing-nut Rick Perry threatens those agencies all the time…..when he can remember their names.

  11. UpNorth says:

    Moron, stay on topic, your quote was “51% of the country (by your calculation) doesn’t even make enough money to pay very much income tax”. Yet again, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and can’t stay on topic. So, you come up with “wealth inequality”. Sorry, but equality of outcome has been tried in schools nationwide, it doesn’t work. It won’t work in your socialist utopia either.
    By the way, no one is denied “medical care”, but I’m certainly not surprised you don’t know that.

  12. Rueta Covorp Norom says:

    You’re still ignorant of basic concepts. The concern over wealth inequality has nothing to do with socialism or guaranteeing “equal outcomes”. It has to do with market forces driving wages down, while corporate profits are going up resulting in capital stagnation. That’s what companies do to be competitive: Charge as much as they can for a product or service while at the same time paying as little as possible to produce it.

    “Socialism” isn’t necessarily the answer to that, there are a lot of other tools on the table, but I’m sure the dichotomy of “socialism vs. capitalism” is the only conceptual framework you have of the issue if you weren’t even familiar with the phrase “wealth inequality”.

    And I know nobody is denied medical care, I’m saying that’s how it is and how it should be. FFS you suck at reading.

  13. UpNorth says:

    And you suck at making any kind of point. You’re all over the map with your talking points, but that’s OK, it’s what we expect from someone who can’t remember his s/n from day to day.
    And, funny, I’ve gotten 3 raises since I started at my last place of employment. Yeah, that’s driving down wages, all right.
    But the following is a gem, “taxing the companies and creating work projects that create demand, or just by taxing them and redistributing the wealth in the form of entitlements to maintain basic living conditions…”. Is that “from each according to his means, to each according to his needs”? Seriously, do you want a 5 year plan, comrade, or a 7 year plan? And, isn’t that what the government does now? It’s worked out so well, so far, right? Or is it that “the right people” weren’t in charge?

  14. teddy996 says:

    @114- aw, come on. Stalinism and maoism and castroism and pol potism weren’t communism. We need to give it an honest go. It will be different this time, and if you don’t believe me, then I have a nice twelve year instructional school located in death valley that you can attend, in order to teach you the finer points of what it means to be a citizen. You’ll even learn valuable trade skills, like digging holes, building camps, and making roads!

  15. Rueta Covorp Norom says:

    I think I severely over-estimated either your intelligence, or your ability to deal with new information that you find arbitrarily threatening.

    Calm down, re-read. You’ll learn more.

  16. UpNorth says:

    So, Moron .03, is your point that “from each according to his means, to each according to his needs” isn’t what you’re going for? We’re still waiting for your “clarification” on that.
    And, yeah, Teddy, I know I’ll be on the first train going west, but I know that Moron .03 will give me a sip of water out of his canteen.