Ashleigh Martel: Stolen Valor

| November 18, 2011

I wanted to do a follow up on the post Jonn made. First thing I found was this link to when she was deployed with the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad. List the same name and MOS.

Then I started to find these fun links, starting with this one. She was part of the other named Veteran’s in Jonn’s post. In the video she is making the claims that she was injured in Iraq.

Iraq War veteran Ashleigh Martel was told she would never speak again after shrapnel slit her throat. Now that her voice has returned, she vows to use it to educate others.

She is working at theKern County Veteran Services Department as of Nov 11th 2011. Also she was acting the part when Osama’s death was announced. Her part is at the end of the video.

“There’s a lot that still needs to be done, but I think this will give a lot of closure. I know personally for myself it will give closure for some of the things I’ve dealt with,” said Ashleigh Martel, a veteran.

She was even asked to be a guest speaker because of her having a alleged Purple Heart.

Yep, so with her MOS I wonder if there is anything else that the has faked on her records.

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  1. Matt Martel says:

    ^^^^^the sentence was supposed to read:

    she did have her surgery to remove her thyroid as it* gave her numerous complications which led to other problems resulting in the loss of our son

  2. RandomNCO says:

    So they hand out CABs for being in camp that gets mortared? Man, they probably ran out of those Taxi Badges after handing them out to all the POGs on Camp Victory/Liberty…that place was getting shelled every day. I can’t imagine the horror those people felt hearing mortars and rockets land miles away! Dear GOD!

  3. EdUSMCleg says:

    Wow- she was big in 2008, even. Anyways, some news report I found on it talks about her seeking treatment for PTSD, but all she did was admin stuff… Check this link out:

  4. D says:

    I met her years ago when she dated someone I knew, she said she was a nurse and that her mom was a pediatrician,she went as far as coming to my house in scrubs saying she just got off of work but it was never a consistent schedule, she was at the house everyday she would say she got off early ect. when the person I know broke it off with her she had a friend call him at work and say she was in a bad car accident and might die because she was so distraught, said person called all of the hospitals and found it to be a lie. She needs serious help, she is a pathological liar and I believe a sociopath.

  5. Lataz says:

    I know her brother; he was devastated that all his friends knew about her little scheme. Funny thing is, he’s just as bad.

    • Deborah k. says:

      Lataz- who are you? Don’t just throw people under the bus because it makes you relatable or connects you to something, which is what you are doing. I am her brother’s wife. This girl is disgusting and disgraceful, I have had to encounter her lies and her drama many times. Her brother is nothing like her. He has not lied about anything in the military and has done very well, probably better then you. He has excelled and is always striving to be better. So before you speak, think.

  6. DevilChief says:

    So… let me get this straight–If you’re on a FOB that gets mortared and rocketed every day you’re a POG because you know, you’re on the FOB and are a dreaded FOBbit. But if you’re killed by that Rocket or mortar and you get a purple heart (posthumously) then that is ok? But it still doesn’t count as “combat” enough for you grunts to allow people on the FOB to get a CAB?

    Hmmm. Makes perfect sense.