December 7th, 1941

| December 7, 2011

From the Washington Post, memories are still strong 70 years later;

Around 8 a.m. on Dec. 7, 1941, Army Private Francis Stueve sat down to breakfast with the rest of the 89th Field Artillery battalion, stationed at Pearl Harbor.

“As quiet a day as you’ve ever seen,” Stueve remembers now. “Beautiful sunshine, nothing going on.”

Suddenly, not far from his seat in the dining hall: bang, bang, bang.

“Somebody says, ‘It’s the Chinese New Year,’ ” he said.

But then, a bullet broke through the glass window of the dining hall. Another flew just past Stueve and knocked the butter dish off the table.

Japan’s official declaration of war would come a day later, after the loss of 160 aircraft, 12 ships and 2,300 Americans, according to the Library of Congress — 70 years ago on Wednesday. Stueve, now 94, can describe his experience as if it were happening now:

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  1. boy says:

    I was ironing a biege shirt this morning when I found some brown colored stains on the back of it. I thought to myself,
    these stains could have only gotten here if something had gone
    on behind my back.
    On this anniversary of rememberance and of anniversary of treachory I would like to pose a question about a tinsy tiny event far in the distant past. Many people alive today will not see any sicnificance in this event. Many people in the world today think that history begins with their birth. heck for some people history does not begin until they turn 18.
    My question is a simple one for a simple man. The question is, who ordered the execution of Johanna Schaft wich occured on April 17th 1945?
    If you found her lying on the ground would you, could you, run.

  2. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Dutch boy: Thanks for your questions. I have answers for you. The brown stains on your shirt are from someone’s butt. Your shirt was used as toilet paper. As for the communist, Jannetje Johanna Schaft, my uncle ordered her execution. And, no, if I had found her on the ground, I would not have run. She was dead and no threat. Have a nice day.

  3. boy says:

    Should allies who gave thier lives in the struggle to defeat the Nazis be treated with disrespect?

  4. boy says:

    The last chapter of a war is not written when the last bullet is fired. It is written when the last grandhcild of the last victim dies.
    subhuman boy

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      In case “boy” writes familiarly to you, it’s because he’s the latest iteration of an old troll known as “Curt” if you’ve been around for the last three or four years, He’s made an appearance recently using several other screen names. He was jettisoned at Blackfive.

  5. jerry920 says:

    The veterans of WWII are dying at a rate over 1000 a day. By 2020 all of them will be gone. All of those memories will be lost to time.

  6. boy says:

    Dear John,
    And what is so trollish about thsee posts?
    I took great care to write something that
    could not be taken as offensive.
    I made a promise to turn over a new leaf.
    I am from now on going to be kinder and
    more genteel and less offensive than I used
    to be.
    I am not makeing a appologies for anything offensive
    that I might have said in the past. I just figure
    there is no point in repeating myself anymore.
    I have been heard. Now it is time to quite bragging
    about how I won the Red Hammer with Lotus Leaf cluster
    in the Great Patriotic War even though I was not born until the sixth decade of the 20th century and concentrate on learning and commenting on philosophical, and religous issues and and minor political issues like limiting the magazne capacaity that civilians can carry in weapons when they go out in public, and a few other things.
    So it is nice hearing from you. I hope that you have a thoughtful day.
    a samll subhuman boy with an infiriority complex and lots of other psychological problems

  7. Spigot says:

    Considering that she was shot by German Soldaten…you figure it out smart ass.

    Unless, you are under the impression that the German Army occupying the Netherlands at that time were taking orders from Allied Forces.

    And if you are implying that…you’re a bigger idiot than anyone here could ever imagine.

  8. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Well, Curty boy, what was offensive about your post was that in a thread commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor, you comment about some commie chick who was killed in April of 1945. Now, as it turns out another thread here is capturing Pearl Harbor comments–but it was not up when your ramblings were posted. Don’t forget to buckle your leather helmet.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Actually the “commie chick” was executed by members of her own resistance movement along with several hundred others who were suspected of collaborating with the Nazis. She had turned over a list of partisan resisters to the Nazis and those people were executed. Her apologists claim she didn’t think they would be executed, but, you know, it was the Nazis…they never met anyone whom they didn’t think needed to be executed. But Curt thinks all communists are heroes, especially obscure Dutch commies, since he’s one of them.

  9. Moderator awaiting Moderate says:

    That “commie chick” was an ally in the war against those who attacked Pearl Harbor. The work that those commies did is not
    very well appreciated in the US just because some people think of Karl Marx as the boggeyman.
    I certianly have some critisims of Marx and the way that Marxism developed in the USSR and China but Marx has been an insperation not pnly to commies but also to a hoard of European Socialists who have often been a mjority in many European Countries over the past century.
    To insult Johanna Schaft is to spit on the graves of all those who were in the European Resistance during that war. One could say that by pointing that out I am making a political statement. I would say that I am making an ethical statement that has political implications.

  10. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, Curt, (the “Moderator” series of comments are Curt’s) I guess the fact that she was shot by two members of the Dutch resistance for being a Nazi collaborator doesn’t tell you anything about her. Your European Socialists Resistance wouldn’t have lifted a finger if Hitler hadn’t invaded the Soviet Union.

  11. UpNorth says:

    Hell no they wouldn’t Jonn. And in the U.S., the loudest voices were those raised to keep the U.S. out of the war, right up until the moment that Adolph loosed the panzers on Mother Russia.
    Kurt, or Curt, or Moderator, or whatever name he wants to go by, just can’t accept that communist, socialist and National Socialist just aren’t separated by all that much.

  12. Curteous Curt says:

    That Communists and Socialists and Nazis are a birds of the same feather is a good place to end the conversation. I myself held that view for most of my life. I was so convinced of the supiriority of capatilism that I saw no need to worry about the commies taking over the world because I figured that communism would collapse on its own.
    Then in the 1990s I began having troubling thoughts. I began to see signs that democratic capitalism does not work as advertised either. But if a person can understand the world in a way in which everything going on in America makes sense and is happy with it because they have the idea that although it may not be perfect we can not realalistically expect it to be any better there is really nothing that I can say that would change a persons mind about that.

    Even though I no longer have any faith that democratic capitalism can create a just society in the future I am still thankful for the sacrifices made by all of the low ranking* WW2 veterans of all of the allied countires for helping to liberate Europe and Asia from comparitivley barbaric governments.

    *Generals are Politicians are Criminals, guilty until proven innocent, but that is a subject for another time.