Cleaning house; the Army/Navy version (Updated)

| December 13, 2011

Greg and Tman sent us links to a couple of disciplinary problems. First up is Sergeant Major Teresa L. King who is the commandant of the Drill Sergeant School in Fort jackson, SC. You may remember a few years ago it was national news when she assumed the position. Even Oprah WInfrey recognized her accompishment of being the first female commandant of that school. Well, according to the Army Times, she’s no longer functioning in that position for disciplinary reasons;

“She is still the commandant of the school. She is not carrying out the duties as commandant,” said Stephanie Slater, a spokesperson for the command.

Slater would not elaborate on the circumstances behind King’s suspension, citing the ongoing investigation and King’s privacy.

“This is an internal personnel action, and we want to respect Command Sgt. Maj. King’s privacy,” Slater said.

So I guess we can just speculate in the comments about what has caused the downfall of the mighty. If I’d known this particular nugget before, I would have guessed she wouldn’t last long;

King has the nickname of “Sergeant Major No Slack” after the “noslack” vanity plates on her black Corvette.

Sergeant Majors who drive Corvettes with vanity plates are always trouble.

The next story is about a true dick in the Navy who used his subordinates to entertain his family at a reunion;

A Navy skipper who lost his command this summer was fired in part for making his Sailors work on a Sunday to help him host a family reunion at which he allowed his relatives to drive military vehicles and go for rides on a landing craft, according to a Navy investigation report.

I guess he thought it was his own personal Navy. I know the bubbleheads are glad he’s not a nuc. But there have been a number of O-5s bite the big weenie in the last year. If I was an O-5, I’d just run for it with my retirement intact because it looks like the new regime is cleaning house. Especially in wetter services.

UPDATE: On SGM King, someone sent us some inside information that I don’t mind sharing. Apparently SGM King was boinking a subordinate and had a serious drinking problem – both serious infractions for the military. I saw a lot of senior NCOs losing their jobs for excessive drinking. It’s been going on for thirty years, you’d have thought King would have noticed.

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  1. RET SFC AN DS says:


  2. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    I guess I got lucky, the two Sergeants Major I had at 3rd Amtracs were great. SgtMaj Gregory and SgtMaj Meza. SgtMaj Meza loved “his boys”. He would wander into the chow hall and walk around asking us how the chow was or go through the line himself. More than once I saw him go talk to the mess NCOIC, GySgt Wolz, if there was something he didn’t like. I remember him liking to come along when we were going to work with the Navy. He was like a big kid when it came to our tractors! He was like a mama Grizzly when it came to “his boys” but he was like a papa Grizzly if you screwed up. He had no qualms about chewing your @zz!

  3. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    As for the Commander…I can’t picture either of the two Bn COs I had every pulling something like that, especially LtCol Harns. I would have followed him anyplace. He was like a commissioned SgtMaj Meza, always looking out for his Marines. the biggest difference was the Col didn’t have three beautiful daughters like the SgtMaj!?

  4. Bo Setser says:

    Why there was so much publicity about CSM King is beyond my compensation. If she was truly qualified for the job, appoint her, and expect her to do a superior performance. This should be true regardless of gender.
    The story about her mouthing off because they walked on the grass should be the duties of the operations NCO or Field First.
    Don’t spit into the wind and try to convince me it’s raining.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, I guess all the Crap-House lawyers have spoken and as usual guilty until proven guilty. Apparently the CSM was qualified for the job or the army would not have put her there. There are soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines of all ranks sittting in key positions with no combat tours. That just happens to be the nature of this beast. Got to tell you us americans love a good scandal and ride it for all it’s worth. In every walk of life there is going to be good and not so good, my only problem is why do we have to be the a–holes that have the genuine passion for airing dirty laundry all the time. We already look like idiots to the rest of the world as of late with our non-political savvy as of late.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well at first I was a staunch defender of this lady because personally I don’t believe going into Combat defines a true soldier who is capable of teaching others how to survive. I only went to Somalia, but I didn’t get a combat patch, where I do believe others in my unit qualified for the combat patch. where I draw the line is the moral deficiency that is being reported and I help up to the highest standards while wearing my BDU’s…yes I said bdu’s because when I was in we wore the woodland camoflague pattern…i think the army is changing to appease people and that is lowering the standards…put them back in the solid od green vietnam era uniforms call them to service discipline them and let them see how strict life can keep this shit from happening again and again…

  7. Seriously says:

    I was an still am a DSL at the DSS. CSM is A fucking tyrant and the worst piece of shit I have ever been forced to work for. This woman needs to go the fuck back to whatever hole she has been in her entire damn career. I only have 2 years in combat…. But seriously… Why is the head of the DSS a non deployed, self loving, soldier fucking POUG???? Anyone? And as of yesterday they put her back at the School….WTF because she cried racism and sexism…. Bitch I am a female and I have seen what the fuck you do…. Shut your black ass pussy up…. How is that?

  8. Whoa says:

    Wouldn’t have admitted to being a female. Not a lot of female DSL’s at the DSS. Last thing I heard she will only be there till the 17th of May.

  9. MSG says:

    Where should I start; the Army sucks!! I don’t say that lightly because I actually love an active duty Soldier Drill Sgt 🙂 or the fact that I have family whom previously served in the ranks; I say it because it’s so true!!

    I have never seen such disgrace amongst females in the military until I deployed with an Army unit; trust…it’s as bad as bad gets!! Women are categorized by their willingness to lay down w/ these men in positions of power. They are vaginas in ACUs…the heterosexual woman understand the ‘shhhhh’ culture of sleeping w/ squad/platoon leaders to get a look at promotion boards, they understand it’s vagina roll call to be put in positions they are not ready to command…but if she’s ready to lay, she’s squared away for anything from Audie Murphy to Bronze Stars the whore in a velcro uniform doesn’t deserve!! I’m no hater, but the recent stories of the Army versus standards of conduct and discipline make me want to puck and file complaints to support the norm practice of sexism, racist, MOS-ism (seems the Army dislikes MOS that aren’t infantry in the higher posts)…just for GP!! I can tell you, the Army is F**** up from the floor up because y’all refuse to see yourselves…you refuse to accept you’re now the laughing stock of the service branches because you lack integrity, you make mockery of your values and you’re a shame for those whom served before you!! I hope like nothing more…CSM King blows the top off you shady characters in ACUs!!

    Oops before I forget, the Army females who cry out against CSM King, are either the whores I mentioned above or lesbians made you couldn’t f*** her for profit; you Army women are all alike; simple-minded bimbos who want to get something for your nothing!! You’re the toilet bowl of women who serve with honor & dignity; sh*t ok fine, since you can’t do it…THIS I’LL DEFEND!! -Signed Air Force MSgt #salute

  10. MSG says:

    Y’all talk about these combat badges like it’s the tip of the spear; let’s be honest!!!! I saw the people given these coveted combat badges, bronze stars, etc and they didn’t freaking deserve them. A female SSG ‘led’ as Convoy Commander because she had to in order to get an end of tour medal……she ‘sharted’ on every mission in Iraq, couldn’t hold it together during attacks and honestly couldn’t use a force tracker to command of convoy of sh*t from her azz into a pot; yet she’s somewhere in your great “combat patch” Army bragging about her combat experience & readiness…so I’m hoisting the BS flag on what makes for a combat competent Soldier!!

    IMO, you all and especially the current supposed ‘female’ attending DSS, take a hard look at yourself, y’all cheat to pin on ranks up to SSG, you go to DSS to masturbate your ego trips and hope for a good look at SFC, you’re a disgrace and I’m pissed you’re a woman in the ranks of our nations greatest military!!!!! You doubt CSM King, you call her a support soldier, but she’s made significant sacrifices/strides to be competitive for her promotions and posts just you’re doing; how dare you…oh wait, “An Army of One”–tracking!! I’m just glad she’s still out running the many miles, has her jumps and such…unlike most of you Army chicks on a profile as long as the marathons I run and I’ve now serve over 15 years!! Check your AR, lead from the front, set the example and don’t try to screw for advancement…I think then you’ll be on her level, until then…STFU & lead these Soldiers better than you were. Until you wake up……THIS I’LL DEFEND!! -Signed Air Force MSgt #salute

  11. Hondo says:

    Well, it appears we’ve got a live one in comments 63 and 64 above. Posting as “MSG” while claiming to be a MSgt in the Air Force, eh? O-kay. Perhaps you either need to put down the whiskey – or take your morning meds.

    Personally, I have more respect for someone who deployed and crapped their pants daily while in-theater than for someone who has studiously avoided deployment since 2001. The fact that you don’t speaks volumes about you, “MSG”.

    Oh, and you’re supposed to put your e-mail address in the box marked “mail” if you don’t want it published. If you put it in the box marked “website”, by design you’ve published it for everyone to see.

  12. steelbreeze says:

    Wow. It’s hard to imagine going this far and avoiding deployment for this long considering how many have deployed 2-3 times. Oh, MSG- please run all future posts through the gibberish to English translator. All I got out of yours was something about lesbians defending the tip of the spear while sharting on convoys to get promoted so they can run marathon’s.

  13. CommonSense56 says:

    This situation has certainly generated alot of interest and hostility. For those of you reading who are not military gurus or are having difficulty summarizing the reason for the hubub…maybe I can bring perspective:

    1-Why did you appear on the Oprah Show? Personal benefit/gratification-should have said “no thank you” and focused on your new job (humble professional)

    2-To have served in the Army since 2001 and not deployed anywhere is quite amazing (someone in personell command has some explaining to do), let alone no deployments for the 15 years before that. Combat experience may not always signify a quality leader, however, it is military culture to expect that everyone “does their time, shares the risk”. Not to do so is considered taboo. If you haven’t been “selected” to deploy, as a professional soldier and leader, you should have volunteered. Typically, the situations you encounter during a combat tour will enhance your ability to prepare others for the same experience…that’s why we expect our leaders in key positions to have had combat experience. It speaks to being “one of us” and to your credibility and dedication to duty.

    3-Senior leaders should be experts in counseling and the identification and resolution of personal problems that affect your work. You should have self-referred for help for your drinking problem. If you had any real friends, they would have busted you out long ago and perhaps you could have salvaged your career and your dignity instead of giving the DSS a kick in the nuts. Maybe you should spend some time analyzing why you apparently have no real friends.

    4-Even animals understand that you dont shit where you eat. If you are single and want sex, look for it elsewhere, even the most junior leader knows the irreparable damage to unit morale and cohesion as well as your personal credibility and respect that inappropriate relationships can have when conducted inside the unit. Regardless of how indescrete you think you are, everyone in the unit will know, its unavoidable.

    5-If you have not done anything wrong, we would expect you to speak up about it, your silence tells volumes. If you stepped in it, we would expect you to stand up in front of all (like you probably taught your subordinates to do) and say aloud for all to hear “I F***d up, I apologize for my behavior and I will face my punishment/immediately retire”. It’s just that simple. If you were not able to serve as a professional, you still have the opportunity to leave like one. In my very first basic leadership course as a Private First Class, I learned “seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions”….CSM King, its your move.