Don’t pose for pictures you wouldn’t want your Mom to see

| December 14, 2011

Idaho2run sent us this link from the Air Force Times;

“Da Dumpt, Da Dumpt …. Sucks 2 Be U” is written under the photo, which was emailed to Air Force Times.

In the picture, tech sergeants and staff sergeants stand with junior airmen surrounding the metallic casket, similar to those used to carry war dead home to the U.S.

The purpose of the photo, its inscription and its intended audience are not known.

Yeah, if Abu Ghraib has taught us anything, don’t do stupid shit and, more importantly, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t take pictures of it.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Maybe it was the same dipshits who were disposing of servicemember remains in a landfill.

    This shit is just stupid and tasteless. The junior airmen I can almost see doing this, but the NCO’s? WTF are they thinking?

  2. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    The photo is not funny. It is abhorently offessive and the Senior NCO in the photo needs to be held to account.

  3. Adam_S says:

    Lots of postings today falling under shitbags.

  4. CI says:

    Infantry generally has the lock on morbid sense of humor….but this is just disturbing.

  5. The difference between the boyscouts and the military?

    The boyscouts have adult supervison

  6. Bobo says:

    Looking at that kid in the casket makes me feel honest-to-God sick to my stomach.

  7. NHSparky says:

    Even if this was supposedly a takeoff on OBL, not only does it show poor judgement, but only serves to feed those ignorant fools who think this kind of behavior is 1–the norm, 2–tolerated.

    I would disagree with you on one point, Master Chief–EVERYONE in that photo needs NJP, not just the senior person.

  8. idaho2run says:

    I sent this just a little while. It is getting alot of attention on Facebook(not the good kind)
    Saw this from a friends link, right after I saw the disgusting article about Hawaii 5-0 & Pearl Harbor veterans.
    These wanna-be-gangsters flashing signs need to have their asses kicked.
    I work full time at a Joint Base, and told some AF co-workers that I would like to punch them as a substitute.
    Scouts Out!

  9. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    There are no words to describe the pure stupidity of this maneuver.

  10. Tman says:

    idaho2run is right, losers nowadays and their wanna be gangster ways. WTF is so darned cool about the stupid ‘gangsta’ lifestyle that so many people want to emulate these turds?

    Anyhow I am absolutely clueless as to what this means.

    The fact that it’s in a metal coffin like those used to transport our dead, as well as the hangar bay ‘motif,’ just plain stupid and offensive.

    Waiting for the “sorry IF we offended anyone” garbage.

  11. 2-17 AirCav says:

    @1 “Maybe it was the same dipshits who were disposing of servicemember remains in a landfill.”

    I understand sophomoric humor and I certainly understand doing stupid things, but Sparky’s comment there really stopped me cold. He’s right. There is a connection: the same horrendous indifference to the plight of fellow servicemen and women is at the root of both.

  12. NHSparky says:

    AirCav–apparently these assdouches were out of Lackland, so it’s not them, but it’s certainly the same “give a shit” MENTALITY.

    I’d be kicking these clowns asses up between their shoulder blades at this one.

  13. OWB says:

    Well – stretching the imagination as far as possible, there is just no possible explanation. What WERE they thinking? And are any of them expecting to remain in their current rank and/or assignment??

    I dunno. Strange doesn’t even begin to cover it. And would also agree that the coffin does leave a mental image of a connection to the Dover fiasco.

  14. NotSoOldMarine says:

    Courts-martial. All of them.

  15. Old Trooper says:

    @13: That coffin leaves a mental image for me, but not to the Dover fiasco and I’ll leave it at that.

  16. Biermann says:

    This really pisses me off as a AF retiree. The lack of discipline in the AF today is alarming and I see it everyday on the base I work on as a contractor. Even SNCO’s are not immune.

  17. Dano says:

    Someone must know who they belong to. I am sure a little old networking thru the back channels can find these fucksticks and then plant few of them. Fucking clowns.

  18. Biermann says:

    After a closer look, the assmunch kneeling on the left might be a Lt. I don’t see no stripes on his sleeve, but it looks like he has on some collar brass.

  19. streetsweeper says:

    Fry that whole f’ng crew…they wanna-be “gangsta”? Give ’em a really, really long stretch at Leavenworth Correctional Barracks…punks! *spit*

  20. headhuntersix says:


    What else could this be. It doesn’t even matter, I thought it had to do with Dover. If I was still LCpl Headhuntersix instead of MAJ Headhuntersix….I’d find the first AF fag down range and kick the shit out of him. This won’t end well. I’ve had AF guys working for me down range and never had an issue and thought they were great but this is bullshit.

  21. USNUSMCMom says:

    As a recent Air Force retiree I am mortified but not necessarily surprised. In my unit I was criticized because I was old school in my training,telling young troops what I expected of them, training them to do a job and holding them accountable for their actions. Seems times have changed.

  22. AW1 Tim says:

    I do believe that, were I in charge, there would be a whole lot of invites going out to a big chicken dinner, with the intervening time being spent on a chain gang, under armed guard, policing the area. I’d also ensure that if any casualties came through, that these clowns would be prohibited from seeing the transfer and/or rendering honors.

    I had good friends who made their last trip home in those caskets. I’m just angry beyond words at this.

  23. GruntSgt says:

    No words, just no fucking words other than shitbirds that need to be marched to the nearest sand pit and shown the error of their ways in a most biblical fashion and force fed fish heads.

  24. Jack says:

    You know what the folks in this picture and the folks from the Abu Ghraib incident have in common? They were fuckin’ POGs who played the “stresses of war” card in the retarded shit they did. Military folks are inherently supposed to do idiotic things (the practice is as old as time), but desecrating–and in this case, mocking–dead human beings is just cold.

  25. kateser says:

    IMO this does lead right back to Dover in that if THIS is how they train their Airmen/NCOs, then it’s no wonder fallen Soldiers remains somehow ended up in a landfill. Any MA course the Army teaches at least, dignity and respect for every detail is paramount. This was inexcusable and heads over at the AF need to roll, I know that I have lost all faith in their ability to be involved in any part of the sacred process of handling the fallen (with the exception of flight crews). This is a slap in the face to anyone who seen off a fallen brother/sister on the ramp or has assured a grieved family that their loved one was in the best of hands. That trust, for me at least, has been broken when it comes to the AF.

  26. Doc Bailey says:

    only REMFs do shit like this. Anybody that actually gets on the line, wouldn’t find this very funny. IMHO Gallows humor is one thing, this is something else entirely.

  27. As a mother of a Fallen US Army soldier. I am totally appalled. Isn’t enough we have so much that has gone wrong ie: Arlington and Dover… This just make me so very sick. How heartless can someone be? #25 I agree the TRUST is broken. I have special sons and daughter in the AF and I know this is not them. One even placed Jason flag with much pain and great dignity. What has the world gone so crazy?

  28. Isnala says:

    As an AD AF member let me just say there is no excuse for these @$$hats, this behavior is not the norm and I will be back channeling this to folks I know at Lackland!


  29. Curteous Curt says:

    If there is anything positive about this it is that even peeholes who do not like the military and have creatvie imaginations can not figure out what in the hell kind of a message that this picture is intended to send. Clearly a lot of thought went in to it so it must have some kind of a message. The thing is the intended audiance might only be one person. It could be someone who had recently left the unit.
    If we knew who that person was perhaps we could make sense of it.

  30. Curteous Curt says:

    No, wait! There is something much more clever going here.
    After an investigation is done someone will be punished.
    Sometime later the punished person will show up at an Iranian Embassy somehere in the world.
    They will tell a story about how they were unfairly singled out for punishment, or were at least unfairly pumished.
    To avenge thier ill treatment they will offer to give the Iranians some classified material that had been in their possesion before they were seperated from the service.
    They do not want any money for the information. Revenge will be payment enough. Of course the information will be bogus. Then the person passing on the material will get a new job with the CIA.

    Well on second thought maybe the information will be real. But that is only because that the incredible thinker in the Pentagon will want the Iranians to think that the real information is the false information.

  31. DixieLandMan says:

    Is the NCO on the right pregnant?

  32. 10th MTN NCO says:

    Ok putting this out there! Unless you are a Combat Controller in the Air Force, you more than likely will not see an ounze of combat. Now I know ppl will say “wait a minute, I know this guy” but we know that a good amount of “enlisted” loadmasters will not see shit, hence, the lack of respect this displays. The same goes for the National Guard/Reserves. Put those “airman” in an uparmored HMMWV and drive outside Kandahar for awhile unescorted. Or have them pull a dead body out of a burning vehicle and I am sure that humor they think is funny will quickly disappear!

  33. hoosierbeagle says:

    2 stripes from each of the NCO’s, 1 for the airmen. Referal perfomance reports for all of them. That should end a couple careers, and it needs to. A TSgt that has no more sense than this needs to be on the outside. Oh yeah Doc Bailey…weren’t those line dogs with the kill squad in Astan? Or that were caught cutting off ears…no one group holds all the card when it comes to stupid.

  34. Bobo says:

    @#32, look to your left and right when you’re in Kandahar, and I bet that you’ll find ARNG and USAR soldiers. My personal experience Iraq – 115 BCT, MS ARNG (awarded CIB); Afghanistan – 218 BCT, SC ARNG and 27 BCT, NY ARNG. I can’t think of an ARNG IBCT off the top of my head that hasn’t done at least one turn in Iraq, Afghanistan, and, in most instances, both.

    ARNG – proving ourselves to the active component for 375 years.

  35. DixieLandMan says:

    I see the AF has launched an investigation into this now.

    @32 and 34, I was there as well and so were my national guard members. 18 of us were with the 218th SC ARNG and 4-73 CAV, 82nd Airborne and the rest of my unit was in Camp Taji, Iraq. Gurardsmen there outnumbered the active component 5 to 1.

  36. Robb2000af says:

    Isn’t that a captain in the coffin??

  37. Eggs says:

    Put them on some funeral details (after demotion). And have the asshat in the casket escort a couple of heroes home from Dover. Then we’ll see how effing funny it is.

  38. 2-17 AirCav says:

    @37. I understand your sentiment but you will probably agree that those creatures have lost the honor of attending any serviceman’s or veteran’s funeral.

  39. Eggs says:

    I would hope they could learn something from it, then again as Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid”. As someone who has attended ramp ceremonies in Kandahar, I just find this sort of thing repulsive. I wouldn’t be suprised to see them all shit canned, with the AF personnel cuts coming.

  40. Curteous Curt says:

    There are 16 people in the photo. How many look like they are smiling? Was there a 17th person who took the picture? Ok I read that Da Dump Da Dump is the sound of a pallet moving through the air craft. ……..bad 2 be U. why is it bad?
    Are they threating someone? The Iranians or Venezuelans perhaps? Had they perhaps been practing loading a cluster of Daisy Cutters? Why was such a choreograpohed photo used only for private purposes?
    We are told that the reason that it has become public now is becasue a copy was sent to the AF Times. Could that be a cover story. I am not saying that the Army Spouse who sent it to the AF Times is not really annoyed by the photo but what about the person who sent it to that person? Who was that person?