Ventura denies getting punched TFO

| January 10, 2012

The other day we reported that Chris Kyle, the SEAL, told the story about how he came to make all of our dreams come true by punching loud mouth Jesse Ventura, not a SEAL. Now Ventura, understandably, is refuting the report, in that highly reputable Prison Planet, and claims that a SEAL made up the story because Ventura supports Ron Paul – yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Why would one SEAL care how Ventura was intending to vote.

“For someone to state that I would take joy and pleasure in especially one of my SEAL team mates would die, that I would enjoy that, is despicable, it’s wrong, and this never happened,” said Ventura.

Yeah, well, I don’t see any of Kyle’s team mates coming out to defend Ventura. I don’t even know how Kyle is planning to vote in the upcoming election, for all Ventura knows he’s voting for Paul, too. That’s quite a leap to take to say Kyle made up the story to discredit Ventura for his support of the racist Ron Paul.

I think Ventura thinks it feeds into his image of being a victim of “the system”. Now the GOP is sending SEALs out to take down Ventura. More conspiracy bullshit from the head conspiracy nutjob.

Thanks to Old Trooper for the link.

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  1. Doc Bailey says:

    Right because Venture has in no way beclowened himself dozens of times over. And I know UDTs were folded into the SEALs but they were not even close to the same thing.

  2. Beretverde says:

    @#1 what team you served on?

  3. Redacted1775 says:

    This guy’s hamster fell off his wheel….

  4. NHSparky says:

    one of my SEAL team mates would die

    Newsflash, turdball. You are NOT a SEAL. You never were a SEAL. Go the fuck to Mexico already.

  5. OWB says:

    Better that he deny it than press charges. Otherwise, nothing good to say about this.

  6. Badger says:

    @ Doc Bailey: “Beclowned”? I like that! Very nicely said, Sir!

  7. Curteous Curt says:

    I personally find the denial more convincing than the claim.
    So I guess that means that the claim must be true?
    There is (not) after all a motive.
    If I say that it is true it must be false.
    If I say it is false it must be true.
    If I say that it is false I really want you to believe that it is true.
    If I say that it is true I really want you to beleive that it is false.
    In the end what difference does it make anyways?
    Is either what Jesse says or what that other Seal dud says really important. After all just a few days ago we got a very good example of how really really stupid a SEAL is capable of being.
    This potential stupidity is linked to the comments about Smedely Butler that were made a few days ago. Those comments were along the lines of wasn’t he a closet Nazi? Wasn’t he a commie symphathizer? He did not voice any regreet for his military behavior until he retired.
    Well as to that last point there seems to be a good reason.
    I have read over and over agsin and have personally heard from a few retired military that those who come to regret thier military service for one reason or another did not have time to figure out while they were on active duty just what they were doing and who they were really doing it for.
    Of course the conclusions that these people reached seem to me to be a small minority mindset. Therefore they surely should not be taken seriously. There is no reason to think that they could think about issues at any deeper a level than those who did not and do not share their conclusions.

  8. Cedo Alteram says:

    Sorry I only got through a minute are so of this…

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I could have sworn Chris Kyle told O’Reilly or O&A that he didn’t even mention the name of who he punched in the bar. He just alluded to it being somekind of celebrity, it was then prodded out of him in an interview. My point being I don’t think he needed to mention punching specifically Ventura to sell books, his own story is more then enough. So why would he lie?

    This just sounds like another one of Ventura’s delusions, he’s likely convinced he’s telling the truth. God knows what he tells himself when peddling that conspiracy bullshit of his.

    I’m sorry, it’s not conspiracy nonsense he’s just asking questions.

    It will be interesting when a third party to steps forward and confirms or denies this. Somehow I doubt Ventura won’t being claiming yet another conspiracy is behind that guy too.

    Maybe TSO can put up that fight between Norton and Ventura. I think its on YouTube. Laughed my ass off.

  9. Mike D. says:

    I followed that link to the pro-jesse nutters running the YT page where the vid is and offered them a steaming hot cup of GFY.

    It wont change the world but it was cathartic nohow.

  10. AF REMFER Not quite a fatass says:

    Jesse “The Mushbrain” Ventura also believes that Truman, Churchill and Stalin met after WWII to divy up the planet through a series of proxy wars. He lies about his status as “SEAL”. As if his own performance in a dangerous field like UOD wasn’t enough. But I guess you need whatever credibility you can find when the only people you have credibility with are the tin foil nutters at Alex Jones Freakville Prison Planet.

  11. cato says:

    Again, credibility.
    Jesse the Dud was NEVER and will NEVER be a SEAL.
    He Lied and continues to LIE !
    If Chris Kyle, who is a real SEAL, didn’t kick Jesse’s ass, he should have. And the next real SEAL to see Jesse should as well.
    Stolen Valor, Jesse shames all who served with honor and never embellished their role or duties.
    Yeah, Credibility, Jesse !

  12. Curteous Curt says:

    The story that I am aabout to write is far more true than you could possibly imagine. Maybe their is a point to the story but it could just be written to entertain by sorry ass.

    As Pig Pen arrived home from his trip to Baltimore the Taxi pulled up next to the curb. He paid the taxi driver grabbed his bag and walked in to the house. At that point everything seemed normal. Things were very quickly about to get out of hand.
    I saw that my wife was watching this old program made in 2010 or 2011 in 2020 I oculd not really remember clearly what year it had been produced. The name of the program was $§&%! My Farther said. I think that it was episode number 18. In anycase it was the last episode not only of season one but the last epsiode ever made. I told my wife as it ended that that was the end a second season was not made.
    My said, you are wrong as usual I have seen the second season. I said that you did not see a second season, you are imagining it. She said, Yes I did in the second season he marries the neighbor lady and his third son, whose mother was the duaghter of an African American soldier who married a Japanese woman while stationed in Japna enters the program.
    I said, that could not have happened because I read the other day a thorough explination of why a second season of that program was never maid although it got pretty good ratings. I was reading a pyschological explination for why people could stand what passed for comedy on US TV for so many decades.
    She said, OK I will prove you wrong. Let us google the history of the program. So we google the history of the program. On wikipedia we read that the program was canceled after the first season.
    My wife screamed at me. This is some sort of trick! Who in the hell do you see when you were in Baltimore.
    I said, Honeybunch this is no trick. Did you think that I could know that when I got home you would be watching this program.
    She replied angryly, No but you know that I like the program.
    This might have just been the moment to spring your joke. Haa hahha hah hahaha I am laughing. This is so funny they should have put it on $§%! My Father Says.
    I said, OK fine it is all something that I cooked up on my flight.
    Ssecretly I was thinking. So many years ago I was walking my dog. I was comming up some dimly lit steps. Imagine thsoe steps in the movie Exscorsist that the priest was thrown down at the end of the film, when I saw someone approaaching from the other direction also walking a dog.
    Well for some reason it reminded me of that. So I wondered is this really my wife? Or has a small almost imperceptible switch been carried out by aliens for some purpose. A purpsoe that I could only speculate at.
    Yes in the world of cartoon charchters anything can happen.

    So if anyone wishes to subsidize my efforts please contact KIVA at Tell them that you would like to contribute to the Lucy Fund for Development.

  13. Curteous Curt says:

    Do those steps in Georgtown still exsist?

  14. Doc Bailey says:

    @2: never said I ever was a SEAL. I think I’ve been clear that i was in the US ARMY and even though JSOC suposidly tends to blur the lines between branches, I was never a part of that either.

    UDTs would be much like the Navy EOD of today, they go to dive school, and do essentially the same function as the UDTs before them. While they are part of NSW, they are not SEALs. UDTs could preform direct action, but that was never their primary role.

    @7: Well then the sky isn’t blue, Bin Laden didn’t kill 3,000+ Americans, the US didn’t kicked ass in Iraq and win the war (twice) Russia (not Russians) can be trusted. China doesn’t want to be the superpower. North Korea is totally stable. Iran isn’t trying to get nukes, or doesn’t already have them. Did I leave anything out? Oh the Green Czar came up with a plan to use Unicorn farts to power America. (actually I think Ventura might’ve said all of that at one point or another)

    @12: WTF??? Was this in any way relevant? And do you at any point preform spell check?

  15. Curteous Curt says:

    In the 1970s there was a sign hanging up on the wall in our basement. It said, never argue with a fool, onlookers can never tell which is which.
    The video tape linked by Claymore is a perfect example.
    I took that sign in the basement down. If one is prohibited from agrueing with fools one would never be allowed to speak except if one were preaching to the choir. One is frustrating the other is slightly boring. At times one can have a conversation with someone in which your views are similar but not exact and each side can refine their understanding. For example dark beer is better than pale beer.

  16. Curteous Curt says:

    No I never perform a spell check. If I did what I wrote could not be verified as authentic. I am not going to tell you if it is relevent or not. How about you tell me if it is relevnt?

  17. Curteous Curt says:

    I admit it I like Jesse. I do not want to hear any laughter at what I am about to say because it is true. The truth should be treated solemly. Well at least most of the time.
    I like Jesse becasue he as honest as I am.
    I like Jesse because he is almost as smart as I am.
    OK that is another way of saying I like Jesse because I am smarter than he is.
    I like Jesse because he makes me look handsome.
    I like Jesse because I had a more realistic wrestling career.

    I can understand Jesse’s claim that he was a Navy Seal.
    In his mind it is only a half lie that does not hurt anyone and has helped him make money therefore it is the truth.
    Furthermore anyone who thinks that they are hurt by this truth probably deserves to feel hurt by this truth.

    Now it is true that I am not Jesse Ventura but I think that I understand him perty good. He might have playd a cartoon charchter and he might not be as mature and psychologically well developed as I am but compared to how bad people are capable of being he is pertty damned decent. Of course one might say that to say that I am grading on a curve and not on an absolutre deontolcal scale. Well all I can say to that is that one can not escape the fact that any judgement that I give of Jesse is going to be subjective.

    A further comment on the linked video is that it also seems to be good example of what happends when two men who take ideas seriously learn that they have divergent views do.
    Jesse even had the honesty to admit that he had stopped listening to what the other person was saying. He could not believe that someone could not see what is clearly obviuos to him.
    I also wonder why 20 minutes were missing from the video.
    That removes the context of what was then happening although the psoters do get credit for clearly stating that 20 minutes were missing.

  18. jonp says:

    Ventura can be and is more and more on the edge of wacky but I’ve never heard him disparage our troops or am I missing something?

  19. jonp says:

    btw: I’m not sure I’ve heard Ventura claiming to be a seal. He always says UDT and his license plate in MN said UDT on it. I guess you could make the argument that since you were in UDT and they were folded into the Seals then you are one but I’ve not heard him say that

  20. Beretverde says:

    @15 I axed because my friend who recently passed away was UDT in WWII. I was curious at the dismissal of UDTs not being close. I know you mean when the transition was made but again I was curious about your knowledge- if it was first hand. I see not.

  21. fm2176 says:


    The Opie and Anthony video linked to above is the first time I’ve actually watched footage of or listened to Ventura in years, but he does always seem to be wearing something with the SEAL Trident on it (and sometimes an actual pin-on Trident) in the still photos I’ve seen.

    I can understand displaying something for the right reasons but giving off the wrong vibe. One of my old unit t-shirts has a Ranger tab on the back of it. I’ve never been to the school, much less completed it, and someone actually asked me about it once. That’s one of the “earned the t-shirt but not everything on it” things–none of us that still have the shirts fought in WWII, Korea, or Vietnam for that matter, but those wars are also on the shirt. An older gentleman at the VFW displays 101st, CIB, Ranger, and Airborne stickers on his vehicle. They are his son’s, not his, and he is quick to bring up his son whenever military service is discussed.

    I think a fine line is walked between honoring a person’s service (even if not our own) or a unit’s honors and deceiving others.

  22. Old Trooper says:

    jonp: I live in Minnesota and I have heard him say it in interviews, when he was a radio personality, etc. Yes, he has claimed to be a Navy SEAL many times. During an interview as Governor; he even made the famous “you haven’t hunted until you’ve hunted man” statement about his time in the Navy.

  23. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Here is what I regard as a first-hand and authorative account of both the SEAL/UDT distinction and Ventura’s claims in relation to that distinction.

  24. 2-17 AirCav says:

    Um, authoritative, not authorative. More coffee…

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      I served in the 1st Ranger Battalion but I never graduated from Ranger School, so you might see me wearing one of the Ranger Up T-shirts that refer to Rangers, but nothing with a Ranger Tab. Ever. I have too much respect for the guys who graduated and earned the tab to pretend I’m one of them. Besides, I’ve done enough other shit to be proud about, I don’t need to make shit up. Ventura should have reached that conclusion, too.

  25. OWB says:

    The phrase “one of my SEAL team mates” certainly sounds quite close to claiming being one of the team!