Pretend sergeant/model

| January 25, 2012

An anonymous reader sent us this last night, and I couldn’t help but post it to get your eyeballs calibrated this morning. If only all of our pretenders looked like this;

This is Tiffany Ginger, a professional model on the TV show, Sweet Home Alabama who claims to be a sergeant in the Army Reserve;

However, AKO says she’s a Specialist, not a sergeant. I’ve redacted her contact information because I know you pre-verts would harass the living shit out of her;

Yeah, I was shocked that was her real name, too. On the upside, the rest of her looks real.

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  1. PintoNag says:

    Well, I’ll say it…part of MY irritation is I’m not built like that.

    In my case, anything I could say would just be sour grapes!

  2. UpNorth says:

    PN, my better half said the same thing, when I caught up with this thread.

  3. Hondo says:

    Old Trooper: perhaps some are more tomcats than dogs. But yeah, this lady is indeed easy on the eyes.

    And Pinto Nag, Jonn hasn’t forgotten his female readership at all. Have you already forgotten the nice picture of that “Chippendale Dancer SEAL” he’s featured here? (smile)

  4. PintoNag says:

    Hondo: As far as the CDS…I prefer real meat, not tofu. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jonn: Speak with “Mrs. Jonn” about “hot guy” photos you can post; she has excellent taste in that area, as far as I can tell.

  5. Someone who knows... says:

    Ginger is not her real last name, just like some other parts of her.

  6. S1 says:

    In all honesty AKO has been known to screw up people’s rank many times and last I remember and usually takes someone calling 20-50 times to get them to fix it.

  7. Redacted1775 says:

    They may not be real, but you can always motorboat in an artificial pond. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. hahaha says:

    She’s a hooters girl at Thomas crossroads hooters in Newman GA…

  9. 2-17 AirCav says:

    We can see she’s a hooters girl but do you know where she works?

  10. MCPO SPEW ALERT says:

    Apparently here. I am going out for beer and wings!–near–newnan-ga/

  11. MCPO on Hooters Sgt says:

    Holy Hooters … che check checka chechecka check this out!

    She is more than a Hooters Girl!

  12. chris says:

    In her defense she couldve been SGT and personel is lagging on updating. you all know that broken record of personel… lol I dont see the fuss/harm in all this mix up. prob coz she looks really smart. haha

  13. Anonymous says:

    She definetly is a fraud. I went to high school with her. She graduated from east coweta high school in sharpsburg ga as did i. My wife and i saw her working in hooters in early 2010 and she was claiming then to be a sgt. Even my wife called BS when she started talking about it.

  14. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    I forgot about her. Thank you for the reminder. I highly recommend the link in comment 65. Can we make her an honorary sergeant or something?

  15. Mitch says:

    I can’t say she is a fraud because technology is involved in general. It doesn’t matter the website. While she may not be a shining example of a woman in the military that some view, she still has served honorably (as far as I know) and until their is concrete proof (like FOIA) nothing else can be said

  16. J. Locke says:

    I would be willing to give her the kind of private instruction that only a Warrant Officer can provide.

  17. AJE says:

    Those of you who do not know Tiffany Ginger and have made awful comments on her behalf, I pray God forgives your rude and immature behavior. I personally thank Tiffany Ginger for serving in the Army Reserves since she was 17, and I would know considering I am a personal friend of hers. I also thank her for being a wonderful friend and mother to the most amazing little boy in the world. You are welcome to still post your rude comments because I will continue to pray that God helps you mature and grow. As far as you all who have complimented her on her amazing body, beauty, and service to our country, thank you for being so kind.

  18. doc says:

    ako is afucked up piece of shit

  19. Green Thumb says:


    Kinda cool.

  20. Green Thumb says:

    We need more posers that look like this.