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| February 2, 2012

I spent a few minutes on the phone with Erik Wemple this morning who writes about the media in the Washington Post. He wanted to hear about how we took down the Leo Webb lie. So I gave you guys props;

Lilyea says he’s “85 to 90 percent sure” that it was his readers who forced the retractions. To confirm the claim, this blog has reached out to American Public Media (home of Marketplace) and to KQED and is awaiting responses.

In the meantime, Lilyea will wait for the next faker to emerge. When he launched This Ain’t Hell six years ago, he focused on Iraq war opponents who lied about having served in the military. The Internet, however, insisted that he cast a wider net. “My readers decided I should out phonies everywhere,” says Lilyea. “They’re the ones who click my ads and get my income in, so I go where they send me.”

But, to me, the big victory in this isn’t our new-found media attention, but Wemple asked me for my DD214 before he published his post. So I think we’re getting through their thick skulls. Trust but verify. I call it winning.

But read the whole article. I told him that I have the best readers in the world, that no one comes here to read my drivel, they come here to read your comments and the tips you send me. I remind myself of that every morning when I open my laptop and wonder WTF I’m going to write about today and some of you always come through for me.

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  1. After online news n weather, my first stop every day, and often several times during the day; and yes, just as much for the comments as for the posts.

  2. kate says:

    i’m going to spend some time this morning clicking your ads. 🙂

  3. Old Trooper says:

    Click ads? Who clicks ads? I come here for the sports scores.

  4. I come here for the chicks with the amazing racks in the “Things not to eat” ads.

  5. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    what’s surprising to me is how many of us listen to NPR on the way into work.

  6. CI says:

    Awesome. TAH provides an invaluable public service to strengthen Stolen Valor prosecution!

  7. Former3c0 says:

    I’m very new here, but I like the articles and I love reading the commentary and occasionally adding my two cents.

    What initially brought me to TAH was an email that was being forwarded around that originated with some Army folk and at some point crossed the void into the AF side about a fake Spec Ops load toad MSgt… Somehow or another the email led me here, and though I’ve only recently started posting, I’ve been a fan for a while.

    Rock on TAH!

  8. Old Tanker says:

    …clicking ads….

  9. MCPO NYC USN(Ret.) says:


  10. Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else says:


    A reporter actually did fact-checking BEFORE writing his story?

    Look out, he’s going to get fired. (c8

  11. Nucsnipe says:

    I thought we came here for ObamaGirls occasional insightful assclownery in the comments. That and the pathetic threats of lawsuits from exposed douchebags.

  12. Badger says:

    Hey…don’t put yourself down, Brother. A lot of us come here to read your drivel! LOL!

  13. Steadfast&Loyal says:


    where do i pick up my free beer?

  14. Susan says:

    Personally, I come here for the humor and to remember that there are brave men and women who will ensure the safety of me and mine no matter how stupid the politicians are. As for the ads, can I just send you a check instead?

  15. NSOM says:

    Very nice, I’m glad this was made right.

  16. Marine_7002 says:

    @14 You forgot the hot wings, too.

  17. Dave Thul says:

    I think John payed the reporter off for the story, all in an attempt to get us to click some damn ads.

    OK, it worked.

  18. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    Thank you Jonn and all at TAH!

  19. OWB says:

    Love it when a plan comes together.

  20. Jonn Lilyea – Mr Humble? How scarey is that?

  21. TSO says:

    Yeah, what is this ad clicking horsecrap? I demand to see your financial records to verify that anyone clicked a single link.

  22. Doc Bailey says:

    holy crap. THEY CAN BE TAUGHT!!!

  23. Susan says:

    Dear Jonn, I do click your ads when they don’t suck. Trouble is that I don’t need a new job; don’t want to ever have to go back to school (I am already way over educated); and am not addicted to anything. Can’t you do something about what shows up?

  24. Old Trooper says:

    Ok, I clicked a few ads; happy now?

  25. NHSparky says:

    One either becomes famous or notorious, with no choice as to which one.

    Gee, I wonder what the assclowns over at the WaPo think of me? I’ve only been banned from their discussion boards about 200 times.

  26. Doc Bailey says:

    John, just curious, are you tracking many SVA convictions?

  27. messkit says:

    I come here for the chicks with the amazing racks in the “Things not to eat” ads.

    ^ This. Where do these chicks live?

  28. Just Plain Jason says:

    What ads? I thought this was viewer supported radio?

  29. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    WOW! And all I was looking for was a site of veterans and right thinkers where I could see other points of view that might match my own. This is too damn cool!

  30. UpNorth says:

    I clicked on the ads. So, where’s the beer and meat balls?

  31. Just A Grunt says:

    Congrats once again. You know if you charged newspapers and reporters to do their leg work we wouldn’t have to click on your damn ads just to keep you stocked up on Guiness.

  32. Biermann says:

    Made my day reading this, give credit where credit is due! Thanks Jonn and TAH!

  33. OldSoldier54 says:

    “…Wemple asked me for my DD214 before he published his post.”

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. Hmmm. Maybe the horse will learn to sing, after all?

    Well done, Jonn. Fire for effect.

  34. Cedo Alteram says:

    Moving up in the world Jonn. See even TSO as a side kick, unlike Hanson at Blackfive, is actually kind of useful. Haha

    Yeh, I stop by once a day or so, sometimes more. I origionally started coming because of your VoteVet exposes. Then kept coming back.