Paul Schroeder; Stolen Valor candidate counseled PTS vets

| February 9, 2012

40-year-old Paul Schroeder was a counselor for the nonprofit PTSD Foundation of America who worked with veterans suffering from PTSD. He also lectured to police departments about the condition and how it related to veterans they might encounter on the beat. Well, it turns out that he was lying his ass off in regards to his experience in the military says My San Antonio;

But the Army has no record of Schroeder ever serving in Special Operations, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else, and no record of him receiving the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman’s Badge or other decorations he claimed to have earned, said Mark Edwards, spokesman for U.S. Army Human Resources Command at Fort Knox, Ky.

After being questioned by the Houston Chronicle, Schroeder confessed to a reporter Wednesday that he’d lied. He had in fact served 10 years as a military policeman stationed in New York, Panama and Fort Sam, and left the Army as a sergeant in February 2001, before the second war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan even started.

Houston’s Click2 reports that the FBI is on his ass.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have begun a criminal investigation into Shroeder. He may face charges under the federal Stolen Valor Act.

Nimnil resigned his position. It seems he played the typical crazed veteran in the media;

The HPD training video featured portions of an interview that Shroeder gave to KPRC Local 2 in May 2011.

In one portion of that interview, which was included in the HPD training video, Schroeder said, “One day in the middle of the afternoon, I’m sitting on my sofa. I’ve got a drink in one hand and a .45 in the other. I wasn’t sure which shot I was going to take next.”

Yeah, Panama was tough like that – so many women throwing their tiny brown bodies at you, it was just like a war, well…sorta…maybe not. And with rum at $2.50/half gallon and Cokes for a quarter, who wouldn’t suffer? All that warm weather and hundreds of miles of beaches – it was Hell, dude, you can’t imagine.

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  1. UtahVet says:

    I’ve never been to Panama. You’ve now convinced me I need to go.

  2. LastAllUCanB says:

    Why does no one check credentials anymore? If someone puts in on the resume, why would you not check that out?

    For the love of all sacred things, 10 years in the military should be something to be proud of! Why throw it all away because you weren’t Rambo? Who gives a damn?

    I’m a Public Affairs POG, proud of it. Its what I’m good at and I get to show the world the kick ass things our people do on a daily basis. Sure, I’m not kicking in doors. But Mom and Dad back home get to see your face on the news for the difference you are making in the world. Wouldn’t trade it for all the medals in the world.

  3. Old Trooper says:

    My old platoon sergeant’s goal was to do Panama as his last duty station before retiring. Last time I talked to him, he was just heading there to be a company First Sergeant as his last assignment. Lucky bastard.

  4. This stuff just makes me nuts. I tell everyone I was a specialist, a parachute rigger and while I was in the first Gulf War most of the time the enemy we fought was BOREDOM. Im proud as all hell that I served honorably, jumped out of planes with one of the best damn units in the US Army and have without a doubt some of the best damn friends ever because of it. Sure I didnt win any monster awards or even shoot a human being but to tell you the truth I am prouder that I served and DIDNT have to shoot at anyone than if I had.

  5. messkitrepairteam says:

    The fakes who are clearly insane (like the ‘youngest SgtMaj in the Corps’) make me chuckle; the ones like this who do it to steal a living piss me off.

  6. Dave Thul says:

    Once again, a guy who served a perfectly respectable and honorable hitch felt the need to embellish and create something else.

  7. Abnmdc says:

    There were a time when a pack of Marlboro’s were 75 cents and a Gallon of Bacardi was $4.75, if it was not on sale. Shit, back then my pay as a PFC was $786.00 a month of which I got some $500 and change back. Panama? was paradise as a native speaker i got a free ride everywhere with the guys. Good times…

  8. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    Wow. What a douche. Agree with #5 he could have done good as it was but went too far. Now all teh good he did do was a lie.

    What about the vets that were really suffering that trusted him?

  9. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Ok, maybe I’m not the shiniest penny in the roll but this is ridiculous! A good clean record and he pulls this crap? WHY?! Now his name is mud and he’s unemployed.

  10. teddy996 says:

    Thoughts running through his mind during the “drink in one hand, .45 in the other” incident:

    “…and those damned sailors didn’t respect me *sob* or the reflective blaze-orange might of my roadguard vest *sniffle*. And when *sniff* and when I told them I was taking them into custody, one of them puked on me! While his liberty buddies stole my golf cart patrol vehicle! And… *sob* and when I told shore patrol what happened, they just *sniffle* they just laughed! My vest was never reflective after that, and their punishment was to have him sleep it off in a clamshell? Where’s the justice?! Why did Panama have to be near the water?!? What did I do to deserve this…”

  11. gi_janearng says:

    @Yat, maybe he can go look for a job at the Food Network. Afterall, they gave that numbnuts Robert Irvine his job back after he lied about his military career.

  12. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @11 gi_janearng LOL, you’re probably right!

  13. Adam_S says:

    Rum $2.50/gallon? Maybe he confused PTSD with withdrawls.

  14. Adam_S says:


  15. Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else says:

    “This stuff just makes me nuts. I tell everyone I was a specialist, a parachute rigger and while I was in the first Gulf War most of the time the enemy we fought was BOREDOM.”

    PNTED: Post Non-Traumatic Ennui Disorder? (c8

  16. Doesn’t anybody check on people like this before they hire them? Just a few simple questions and watching not what they say but how they say it (body language).

  17. PintoNag says:

    I’m concerned about the “counseling” information he put out there. Now what kind of BS is floating around because of this doofus that someone is going to have to fix, further down the road?

  18. EagleII says:

    EDUCATE … thats why the PoW Network site is live…with poser after poser … but your hekp is needed to “EDUCATE”.

    WTF? How can i do that?

    Get in touch with your local media and see if they would be willing to do a story on the stolen valor epidemic with instructions to employers to CHECK specially the Rambo claims,

    Write letters to the editor.. write reporters… show them there is an INTEREST by john q. public and they will do it.

    Any one can sit and ask “WTF?” that doesn’t hep the need for others to be educated.

  19. EagleII says:

    ps: no charge for the typo’s above.

  20. malclave says:

    Maybe it was being stationed at Fort Sham Hilton that caused his PTSD… all those women reporting for medic training straight out of Basic…

  21. malclave says:

    Maybe he confused PTSD with withdrawls.

    Post Delerium Tremens Syndrome?

  22. soldier for the truth says:

    texassoldiersforthetruth Schroeder is a disgusting, repulsive excuse for a human being that is now trying to fade into the woodwork and use his non-existent PTSD and alcoholism to turn himself into a victim and reap sympathy from those he has screwed over for 10 years! He scammed people, used financial donations intended for true military heroes to fuel his charade, played upon the sorrows of Families of the Fallen, acted as a consummate BS artist and now wants the good citizens of Houston to believe he just up and resigned. No buddy you got caught red-handed by the police and FBI, continued to lie, had your bosses lie for you and claimed you were still actively working on classified missions with the SOF community. You got caught buddy and lied past the point of no return. And what about your fake counseling credentials, fake college degrees and your claims of a PHD in counseling and sex addiction therapy as well as your very own ministry? Shame on Paul Schroeder and David Maulsby, a church pastor, for hiding behind religion, claiming to be men of Faith yet doing nothing but lying to serve their own selfish needs. This PTSD Foundation seems to be a sham and needs to be shut down ASAP. Hope some other charity can help our veterans cause they deserve it. As for Schroeder and Maulsby, public humiliation and total disclosure is required. Everyone call the PTSD Foundation number and express your thoughts – 713-248-6205.

  23. soldier for the truth says:

    Ready for the real kick in the ass??? His wife is a former JAG CPT that is confirming all his SF bullshit. Where do these liars come from? He’s checking himself into a mental hospital for treatment,seeking faith based counseling to exorcise his demons but we all know you cannot cure “dumb ass”. He’s still running his con. Make noise and don’t let him get away with this ongoing web of lies. Don’t let the story end with Schroeder did a lot of good for veterans. Be accountable for your Act of Stolen Valor, Schroeder.

  24. REALLY MAN says:

    Paul should have kept his mouth on a bottle a little bit longer. Maybe then he could have kept the metals off his chest that he never received. It is sad that he has tried to pretend that he
    has received the commendation that real America Solider have fought and died for. I believe that the military should require him to participate in a special forces training course with real solders. But all of the real solider in the class would need to be informed of what he has done.

  25. streetsweeper says:

    I’m gonna go see if this here mutha phucker is a member of the Military Police Association. I get riled enough when some jackwagon bolsters or lies about their service, this dude really torques my ass off. *spit*! MP my ass….But, wait! Would be okay if I beat him upside the roadlamps with a nightstick? Hm, and a former JAGoff wife? Now, that is really interesting….

  26. streetsweeper says:

    Okay….the MPA has been made aware of this piece of shit.

  27. asoldiershart says:

    Too bad and too sad this act was an act of what I believe to be a cunning cowards act and put a strain on all of us who has served proudly with honor.Take a look inside you are not one of us. I am furious!

  28. Anonymous says:

    soldier for the truth – might note that based on the dates, he and his wife married after he got out – as a JAG, likely she had no contact with any special ops folks and whatever line of bull he fed her, she had no reason to doubt, nor would she necessarily have wanted to. Give her a break.

    Streetsweeper – according to the article he WAS an MP, and nothing says he did that poorly. Kick his a** for being a lying SOB, but nor for being a phony MP.

  29. Hondo says:

    Well, he’s hit the bigtime now.

    And the charity is now apparently around $200k in debt and facing serious scrutiny by the local authorities.

    Gee – I wonder if there’s a connection?

  30. Firing Squad says:

    soldier for the truth & streetsweeper –

    I used to work with this scumbag. Often wondered if it was all BS. I hope he gets everything coming to him…but you know how that can go sometmies. I think he got divorced and has a new wife or girlfriend out in TX as his whole charade came to an end? Blind fold him and line-em up!

  31. Green Thumb says:

    Fucking con man.

  32. Joe Oliver says:

    Zero Ponsdorf.. you old geezer? ( Has Bailey or Riley seen your bio here? evil grin. Also you feel the Void left when Ted Sampley passed? jus curious. Some talk a talk – he talked and walked. I saw no halo’s bouncing around his head.. but then again.. haven’t met an earthling with one of those yet ( well save for me – when I look in a mirror – it’s the horns sticking through the halo thats got me baffled. Didn’t know angels had those. )

    Where do you VOTE to see who gets the reward for “Poser of the Year” ( what ever – memory retention sucks after 64 ).. If it’s by message here, as a Texan – and knowing the case of Paul Schroeder – I’d have to vote for him. A wannabe twice.. military and as counselor for the nonprofit PTSD Foundation of America, I can only imagine what he spoke of to those who knew PTSD up close and personal.

    That is the lowest of lowest.

    Also.. whats the prize? A night out with back ally sally and the boyzzzz?

    They have free thingy’s that you can add to blogs ( hosted out side of the blog ) for voting.. GOOGLE!

    No matter – if this is a vote – (X) Schroeder

  33. Retired army says:

    Was stationed with this douche in the 90s at Fort Sam Houston. He was a fake back then too. Did everything he could to keep from going to any post that deployed anywhere. Pure coward,

  34. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder how he is doing…



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  36. Army says:

    I was in Panama with this piece of shit. He tried telling the normal BS stories of how he took down a drug cartel working in TX, and he had to PCS to Panama (cocaine capital of the world)to be safe. He was always a complete piece of shit! I deployed 5 times from panama to other areas in the region, while he sat on his ass as a gate guard in a scif. POS!