Dating websites sued for resurrecting fallen soldier

| February 28, 2012

Alan Burk, while surfing the network came across an ad which pictured his son, Army Lt. Peter Burks, so when he clicked on it, the link took him to a dating website. The problem is that Lt. Burk had been killed in 2007 in Baghdad. So the elder Burk has filed a lawsuit against and From Associated Press;

Alan Burks said he plans to donate any money awarded in the suit to military charities.

“For me, this is making sure that the honor and legacy of Peter is protected,” he said. “But also it concerns me that they would use the likeness of a live soldier or someone else.”

Both companies have said that they’ve removed Burk’s pictures and that the lawsuit shouldn’t have been filed, but that’s kind of missing the point. They stole the picture from the Burk’s Unsung Hero Fund website with complete disregard for the young man and the family’s loss. I hope they pay through the nose.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Lawyers help me out here, but if the photo isn’t copyrighted or otherwise covered, does he have a case?

  2. 77 11C20 says:

    Photos are automatically covered as the copyright property of the photographer until he reliquishes the right. However it is an easier court fight if the photo has also been registered with the copyright office.

  3. Saber9 says:

    An old buddy sent me the link to this same article on Stars and Striped. Seeing as I had dinner in the DFAC with LT Burk the night before his passing, I sincerely hope that this gets resolved quickly and painfully for the culprits. Pete’s family and fiancée have been through enough.