Keith Urban’s “For You” from the Act of Valor Soundtrack

| February 28, 2012

I just saw this on CMT, so if it’s been around, I apologize, but it’s new to me. Some of the best scenes from the movie and it rocks pretty hard.

Good ‘splodin’, too. Real ‘splodin’ without those flashy phony Hollywood gasoline-fueled flashes.

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  1. Peerice says:

    Watched this right after I saw the movie Friday. Great video AND a great song. Pretty obvious that Keith Urban “gets-it”.

  2. El Rey says:

    Good song. Great movie.
    I admit I got a bit choked up during the shipping-out/kiss goodbye scene. By far one of the hardest things about being a soldier/sailor/marine/airman – saying goodbye.

    One thing about the movie: Where were all of the chubby ‘SF’ types with airsoft guns and the super-secret-squirrel sunglasses-at-night operators?

  3. Great video/tune..

    Seeing it tomorrow.

    Platoon and other similar movies… roman candles a tracers?

  4. streetsweeper says:

    Do I get extra points for cross-posting?

  5. Sov says:

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    What do y’all think?

  6. Sov says:

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