IVAW to change name

| March 12, 2012

One of you wonderful people posted this to Facebook. I’m more than sure that it’s satire since it says so at the top of the page, but I consider it a compliment, nonetheless;

Thanks to Paul Szoldra, a Marine veteran who wrote that. I needed a chuckle or two this morning.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Ah! Yes. 😉

  2. Sporkmaster says:

    If you are still reading these comments Hart Viges can you comment on the statements made by Kris Goldsmith, Micheal Kern, Casey J Porter, Christopher Raissi Jeffrey C. Peskoff Brandon Neely and Chuck Luther about the IVAW’s membership.

  3. Hart Viges says:

    I’m was raised in Texas but since the invention of airplanes and cars we have been able to move to other places like Seatle. So Green Thunb, you are close eh? What am I supposed to be scared?

  4. Hart Viges says:

    Seattle and Thumb how about that LOL

  5. A_Proud_Infidel says:


    FUCK ‘EM ALL to death up their asses sideways with a broken broomstick while they’re sitting and spinning on a rusty, tangled, diarrhea-soaked pile of concertina wire right after they’ve been violently and sadistically cornholed by both a Grizzly Bear with AIDS and the sonofabitch that was mean enough to give it to him!!

  6. Hondo says:

    Sporkmaster: don’t hold your breath waiting. People of his ilk generally change the subject when confronted with inconvenient facts.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Texas, huh?

    Then y’all must know about huckydummy and son-of-a-gun-in-the-sack.

  8. Hondo says:

    Ex-PH2: I’m guessing Texas was glad to see him go, and probably told him “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya” when he left.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hondo, he’s no better than he should be, bless his heart.

  10. Hondo says:

    I don’t think this tool even rates a “bless your heart”.

  11. Ex-PH2 says:

    Trust me, Hondo, it is not what it seems to be on the surface.

  12. Hondo says:

    I was raised in the South, Ex-PH2. I know exactly what the phrase “bless your heart” means in that context.

    This tool doesn’t IMO rate it. He knows exactly what he’s doing and the nature of the jackwagons he’s involved with. He’s OK with that because he’s cut from the same cloth they are.

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    Thank you for the heads-up on that, Hondo.

  14. Green Thumb says:

    I would not be scared, I would be concerned.

    And you address is bogus.

  15. Green Thumb says:

    Here he is, folks.

    The man, the myth, the legend….

    Hart Viges!


  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    Holy crap!

    Not something I want to see before breakfast. Or afterwards. Or ever.


  17. Green Thumb says:

    This guy is a loser.

  18. Hart Viges says:

    Faced with facts? Thats a good one. Bogus Address? Prove it.

    Wow ……so no one posted their e-mail or address. Real brave. You guys can hide behind your computers. What else do y’all do by the way?

    Or am I changing the subject confusing you fucktards LOL I really mean that in a Brotherly way. Unless I’m talking to some dirty nasy legs or POG’s. So which is it?

  19. Hondo says:

    Yes, Viges – when faced with facts. You still haven’t commented on the matter Sporkmaster raised, nor have you addressed the similar issue I raised. You’ve changed the subject instead.

    Like you just did again in your last comment above, dipstick.

    Why no names? Most probably do it for the same reason you don’t use your actual given name, Benjamin – because they prefer not to. Or maybe they simply prefer their privacy. Or because it’s none of your business. Or because they can. Those are among my reasons.

    By the way: when those nice Asian “businessmen” leave you a 1000-won note as a tip for serving their table, remember: the exchange rate is somewhat north of 1070 won to the dollar. That makes 1000 won a bit less than a dollar, “Bennie”.

  20. Green Thumb says:


    Oh yeah, this is it!

    He reminds me of the ponytailed teacher on “King of the Hill”.

  21. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hey, living in Seattle is expensive! The Balfour Apartments charge nearly $900/month for a 357-428 sq. ft. broom closet! Wow. That sure ain’t Texas. And G.T. was right. He didn’t give his address. There’s an apartment number he omitted. Or maybe he’s practicing for the next Occupiers effort by sleeping in a dumpster behind the apartments. Who knows? Better still, who cares? I am curious as to why he stopped here, though. But I can live with not knowing. It was worth it just to see the “and/or Non-Veterans” sign.

  22. Hondo says:

    Seems as if “Bennie-boy” has some other interesting experiences in his past, too. And some interesting friends.


    Oh, and that bit about him being “raised in Texas”? Dunno if I wanna buy that, either. The Austin Chronicle says he’s not a native Texan.


  23. MCPO on MCPO's NYC (Ret.) says:

    @ 103 … Since the invention of the toilet … might I recommend that you insert your head in such an invention, shake your head and facial hair vigorously from left to right, flush, and repeat until you have reached a level of cleanieness that would permit you to enter here without stinking the place to Holy High Heaven!

  24. Twist says:

    HV’s comments sound like they belong in a yahoo comments section.

  25. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well, if you’re a native Texan, you were born there. It’s the reason you do things like drink iced tea in a blizzard.

  26. Green Thumb says:

    The irony is that most of these guys were lower enlisted.

  27. Hart Viges says:

    Hey dumbasses. I was raised in Texas is not the same as I was born in Texas. And I guess I didn’t want to give my apartment number for the same reason y’all hide your real names. Y’all can always wait for me at the front gate, if you are into that stalker thing.

    You guys want to know so much about me while y’all haven’t reveal jack shit. Sounds like cowardly actions to me. But don’t take my word for it, just look in the mirror.

    So I take it y’all arn’t Christians. Anyone Christian here?

  28. Sporkmaster says:

    Since you did not reply to my question before I will repost it.

    If you are still reading these comments Hart Viges can you comment on the statements made by Kris Goldsmith, Micheal Kern, Casey J Porter, Christopher Raissi Jeffrey C. Peskoff Brandon Neely and Chuck Luther about the IVAW’s membership. All of these were former members of the IVAW.

    I am not, I am a atheist since the mid 1990s.

  29. Ex-PH2 says:

    1 – Regarding religious preferences: Episcopal C. of E.

    2 – Regarding stalking: who would want to?

    3 – The golden rule is “Do unto others as thou wouldst have them do unto you.” You came in here with an abusive attitude. You got what you gave out. Golden rule followed.

    4 – I was BORN in Texas — Denton, to be exact. I am a native Texan. You aren’t.

  30. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Well, we’re making some progress. The veil slipped a tad.

  31. Twist says:

    1. What does anyone’s religion, or lack of, have to do with anything? Do you think that if somebody is a Christian that they should stand by and say nothing when somebody comes into their house and shits on their floor.

    2. You overuse of the contraction “y’all” shows that you are trying too hard to be some down home country boy. I use that word all the time while speaking, yet I can count on my hands how many times that I have actually typed it out.

  32. A Proud Infidel says:

    @2/17, PH2: Are any of these so-called “Vets” from whatever-it’s-called-now anything other than REMF dirtbags that spent more time “shamming” and avoiding work & Article 15’s more than anything else?

  33. Hondo says:

    Not even a nice try at deflection, Bennie-boy.

    I never said you claimed to be a “native-born” Texan. I said that I wasn’t sure I believed your claim of being raised in Texas. I then added the fact that the Austin Chronicle stated you were not a native Texan. You apparently then assumed I was equating the two.

    In other words: you swallowed the bait. Assumptions can really bite you in the ass sometimes, can’t they?

    If you had actually bothered to read and comprehend what’s there, you’d have seen there’s a difference between what I wrote and what you apparently thought I said. You made a mistake that someone with a 5th grade reading comprehension level should be ashamed to make. Perhaps you should check into some remedial reading classes. Or maybe just leave the smug attitude of “superiority” – which is obviously undeserved – behind and actually read what people here are saying.

    Oh, and the “hey dumbasses” remark was truly apropos for a former “chaplain” and aspiring divinity student. They’re truly the words of a good Christian, too. Or were those claims lies as well?

    Now, how about you quit obfuscating and respond to the issues Sporkmaster and I raised above? Or are you admitting by default that you have no good answer, and that the former members of IVAW who’ve publicly criticized the organization after resigning are 100% correct?

  34. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @133. Wasn’t that a song, Bennie and/or the Non-Vets? Sure it was. Elton John!

    @132. Infidel! The IVAW is rather legendary around here and among military Veterans generally, in a notorious sort of way. Their history is to represent themselves to the public as combat Veterans who (background violins, please) discovered that their military service made them nothing more than useful pawns in a great corporate and conservative political conspiracy scheme. They then set about to share their newfound truth with the world. Of course, where lies and misrepresentations aided the GREAT CAUSE OF TRUTH, well, that was just the cost of doing business. There’s a great deal of stuff available through the search box here. It should keep you reading for a solid week!

  35. Hondo says:

    Infidel: 2/17 Air Cav’s advice is sound. A good starting point would be the links in Sporkmaster’s comment 128 – which Benjamin for some reason doesn’t want to talk about. Also search for “Carl Webb” and “Matthis Chiroux” in the search box. They’re two more “stellar” former IVAW members. (Well, Webb got pitched; not positive about Chiroux, though he’s no longer on their Board of Directors.) Between Sporkmaster’s links and those, you’ll get the gist of things.

  36. Ex-PH2 says:

    Why is it that these attention whores are so consistently boring, obnoxious, and smug?

    I can embellish what I said regarding stalking: not even if I’m upwind wearing a gas mask. Not worth the time I can put on important things.

  37. OWB says:

    All you really need to know is that most of them are useful idiots, while some are avowed communists. They hang out with Code Pink et al. So, ueah, they have access to some deep pockets.

    Are we having fun yet?

  38. OWB says:

    Or even, “So, yeah. they…)

  39. OWB says:

    (Oh, forget it – you know what I meant there!)

  40. Hart Viges says:

    @128 Wow that a lot of reading LOL People quit for many reasons. For Goldsmith, Raissi, Peskoff, Neely, and Luther and their causes to leave half either left IVAW, THANKS FUCKING GOD!! Or organizational barriers being swiped aside. For the Membership Corrdinator position in New York ,as run by Selena Coppola, will be transfered to the Organization Team of eight which will be able to track validity so we can stop Stolen Valor within our organization.

    @129 Check my first comment on this thread, I see no abusive language. That and I never said I was a native Texas just Raised in Texas. Notice the differnt letters in native, born, and raised. Now whip out a dictionary…..

    @131 Our Faith is a foundation of our ethics in how we relate to the world. Love your enemy equates to stopping war. I overuse Y’all? Nitpicking aren’t we? I understand why people hide their accent or type in whatever. I have done it in the past but now I just don’t care. Does that explain that?

    @133 Respect

    @136 look at 74,82,92 Mr Green Thumb

    You guys have been great. The money raised with your comments have official stopped. Y’all were having them go broke. WOW

  41. Hart Viges says:

    Oh wow ….my comments are awaiting moderation. Freedom of Speech!!! LOL

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Don’t flatter yourself, Hart. The spam filter thought you looked like spam. Thanks for reviving an old post that had absolutely nothing to do with anything, by the way.

  42. TSO says:

    Remember when I praised Hart and told people to contact him if they wanted out instead of contacting Branum? And I said how much I respected him?

    YEah, I take that back.

  43. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I’m pretty sure that Hart would find nothing but praise for him on this blog, well, up until a few days ago when he began proving that he wasn’t deserving of it. But that would take some research on his part. And he’d have to set aside his preconceived notions.

  44. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    From Their Web Suck:

    Our main accomplishments in 2012:

    •We mobilized close to 50 members at the NATO Summit to throw away their medals in protest of the continued war in Afghanistan.

    BRAVO ZULU – let us know what change that brings for veterans and our society!

  45. Hondo says:

    Bennie-boy: Respect? So far you haven’t shown you deserve any. You’ve bobbed and weaved, avoided questions, dissembled short of outright lying, and in general acted like a self-important hypocritical jerk that feels it’s “beneath him” to talk with us and is to lazy to read what others here wrote.

    In short, you’ve acted like most of the other folks from IVAW profiled here at TAH.

    Want respect? Show me you deserve respect first. Then maybe you’ll receive it. Until then – don’t hold your breath.

  46. Ex-PH2 says:

    He’s kind of like one of those big black flies that showup out of nowhere in the winter and dive bomb you, and then go pound against the closed window. He zooms in here to see if anyone is paying any attention, makes a noise, and zooms out.

    But now, since his ‘benefactors’ (and I use that term loosely) have gone away — no more money — we can insult him all we want. No more money in his pocket. Must have raised a whole $15 or so.

  47. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hart wrote, “THANKS FUCKING GOD!!”

    Well, if that doesn’t qualify him as a true disciple, nothing does. The veil dropped.

  48. Hart Viges says:

    LOL Well I was just tired of preaching to the choir. Y’all are more fun. A cursing chaplain. I guess I was inspired by Sam Kineson. I really don’t look for praise here, please don’t be that stupid. I’m just amazed on how my comments garner so much response. Its really flattering but y’all aren’t my type…..really.
    Zoom out? LOL Zoom IN!!
    Don’t take me too hard y’all. What was it? IVAW is worthless? Then why all this attention? We must really get under y’alls skin.
    I do feel bad about the names I called y’all. Emotions got the better of me. You have to understand, using fake names and hiding who you are while using foul language towards people I love got me riled up a bit. Lucky I am in my years, not to take y’all that seriously…….seriously. Words on a screen, exspecially this one, is for entertainment only.
    Please advise. I am having too much fun to leave. Peace Y’all

  49. Hart Viges says:

    Oh and if I have not ansewered your question please be understanding. There are a lot of y’all responding. If I don’t get to y’all maybe it would be wise to ask nicely. yea kindly can work too.
    Yo Hondo!! Respect 😉

  50. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    @2/17, Hondo, Thanks for the brief, I just recently discovered this site, and I’ve had my nose buried in it since!!