IVAW to change name

| March 12, 2012

One of you wonderful people posted this to Facebook. I’m more than sure that it’s satire since it says so at the top of the page, but I consider it a compliment, nonetheless;

Thanks to Paul Szoldra, a Marine veteran who wrote that. I needed a chuckle or two this morning.

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  1. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    HEY Hartie, hear that? Yes, your Mommy’s calling for you to take your tinfoil hat off and come up out of the basement, she just made you a yummy peanut butter sandwich and some Kool-Aid. There you go, GOOOD BOY!! Now play nice, and Mommy will let you have a cupcake!

  2. NHSparky says:

    @127…if you are into that stalker thing

    Nah, that’s more up DeWald’s alley, since apparently he knows my real name and address. You know him, right? Jon DeWald, on the IVAW board, bit of a police record, never served in Iraq, cashiered?

    That Jon DeWald?

  3. NHSparky says:

    Sam Kineson

    That’s Kinison. But I’ll give you a break since you never saw the guy live and you were probably all of about 6 when the guy kicked, but whatever.

  4. Hart Viges says:

    Sorry…no Jon Dewald on the board. Can’t spell but the message got through……great detective work solving that puzzle LOL

  5. Hondo says:

    Viges: The fact that DeWald is no longer on the IVAW board is true. It is also irrelevant.

    In fact, DeWald is no longer a member of IVAW. However, that doesn’t alter the fact that he was at one time and held high leadership positions within IVAW. It also doesn’t change the fact that DeWald never served in Iraq or in any other combat-zone assignment. The closest he ever got to serving in combat appears to have been . . . Poland. The fact that you refuse to disavow DeWald’s inane and troubling conduct while he was in leadership positions at IVAW – and appear to be deliberately sidestepping the issue when confronted – argues strongly that you at least tolerate if not condone such conduct when it furthers IVAW’s organizational aims.

    DeWald’s lack of combat service and outrageous, out-of-control conduct while a member of IVAW’s leadership are documented in many places, even if IVAW no longer has reference to him on its website. But these two should be sufficient to make my point:



    Wiping your site and hoping no one remembers a pretty pathetic attempt to hide the truth, “y’all”. The IVAW may attempt an Orwellian “rectification” of history here to hide the truth, but the Internet remembers – for a loooooong time.

    Different subject: lying and dissembling is not how one earns respect, “Bennie”. Neither is losing one’s self-control.

    And idolizing a former pastor turned foul-mouthed comic is telling as well. You were aware that Kinison quit the ministry before he became a famous comic and began publicly (and, some would say, sacrilegiously) denigrating religion as a part of his schtick, right?

    Remove the log from your own eye first, hypocrite. Then you might have reason to tell others they have a speck in their eye.

  6. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hart. Why are you a member of IVAW? What is it that IVAW offers you and the world that is different than the myriad organizations that share IVAW’s objectives?

  7. teddy996 says:

    This is what I was talking about in my magnanimous fundraiser speech in #59, Hart. IVAW was, at one time, populated with frauds and criminals. The vast majority of your well-meaning members left after realizing that IVAW had more frauds and non-combat vets making speeches to cameras than actual Iraq war vets. IVAW’s reputation took a heavy hit in it’s early years as a result. IVAW sacrificed their credibility for short-term publicity, and you’re witnessing the results here at TAH.

    Trolling for dollars does not signify that you’re ready to acknowledge IVAW’s credibility problems, both past and current, and that you’re seriously considering steps to fix your reputation in the veteran community. It enforces the image we have that you just don’t give a damn who shows up to rallies, just as long as you get people to dress out as “vets” in front of the cameras.

    Classic Potemkin Village type shit, that seems to be all too common with those on the left side of the political spectrum.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    You can drop the phony use of ‘y’all’. You aren’t from Texas now. You never were.

    Inspired by Sam Kinison? Don’t insult the dead. You can’t hold a candle or anything else to him. I’ve seen Sam Kinison live and you are decidedly not in his league.

    I know everything’s bigger in Texas, but in your case it certainly does not include your brain or your dick, you Yankee peckerwood.

  9. Hondo says:

    Sure he’s from Texas, Ex-PH2. In Seattle, he’s about 1,370 miles from El Paso. (smile)

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    And sincerely I hope he stays away FROM Texas. 🙂

  11. Twist says:

    “I know everything’s bigger in Texas”

    Hey if you cut Alaska in half Texas would be the third largest State. 🙂

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    Twist: P)

  13. Twist says:

    ” IVAW is worthless? Then why all this attention?”

    It may have escaped your notice, but this topic was dead and nobody was giving it any attention until you reserected it.

  14. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Are we still on this?


  15. Hart Viges says:

    @156 I have no log in my eye!! I do not hate Y’all. Dont get this mixed up. I any organization there are growing pains. After being around for eight years we have learned a lot. And we ain’t done yet.

    @157 As a Christian I left the Army as a CO. I felt I had to bear my Cross and continue to Object to the war. When I joined IVAW back in March 2005 I found a family. I have never felt so comfortable. This was before Webb and Chiroux and Dewald. Even now there is a huge core of members that is rock solid and over the years have become the family we get to choose.

    @158 Frauds and Criminals? I would like to see the numbers on that. Ratios and such. Lets get concrete shall we? You are worried about our credibility. Our members don’t hide our real names teddy996? Accountability Dude.

    @159 Raised in Texas. Not From Texas. Raised in Texas Y’all 😉

    @161 Tough luck there. Austin here I come!!

    @164 I have the power of resurection? I think you have me confused with some other guy.

    @165 Yes you are still on IVAW’s dick

  16. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 166 Hart … Look here you long haried, CO, lost soul, marginal performer at best. If you believe for a moment that you in some way effected or affected me by calling me a dick, listen … I am 100 % Irish … so you can kiss my Royal Irish Ass and leave my dick out of it. Because at 3.5 inches and weighing in at less than 7 friggin ounces … it is not worth discussing. But this little discussion about my “Irish” probably excites you … either way … I don’t give a rat’s ass about what you or your half baked org believes or does because on game day you won’t be there to fight … I will.

    Oh … have a great day!

  17. Robot Wrangler says:

    Jesus what a dick. If you were a christian you wouldnt come here to bait others with you bullshit, I think you hide behind the veil of religion because you think it makes you morally superior. It just makes you a hypocritical dick, pure and simple. Oh and just to let ya know Haji isnt a racist term for an arab, Haji refers to those that went on the pilgrimage to Mecca the Hajj. I’m arabic by descent and I know the racist terms for those of my ethnicity, Asshole.

  18. Hart Viges says:

    @167 LOL basic grammer dude. I was talking about you being on IVAW’s Dick. In the current shit talking culture, when someone keeps harping on one person or thing, a common response is, “get off my dick”. But in this case y’all are all up on IVAW’s Dick. And even if I called you a dick please don’t be offended, it stands for Dedicated Infantry Combat Killa. LOL
    Ireland!! Love that place. I did a two week speaking tour all over the Island. Even thought about going EX-Pat there.

    @168 No shit Robot. Guess what We in the 82nd 1/325 HHC used it as a racist term. I know what its original meaning. Thats nothing new to me. Words and symbols can be twisted. I’m letting you know we used it not just for people but cars, smokes, houses, food, clothes, everything. I’m not hiding behind nuthin Bro. “what you hear with your ears tell it from the rooftops, no one lights a lamp under table or hides it somewhere, rather one puts it upon a stand so that all who enter and leave may see the light” -Jesus

    With Jesus I work to bring an end to war. I see y’all tearing down the ones who do good work. I am not higher or lower than anyone else. I am not the judge, savior, or victim. I share and thats it.

  19. Hondo says:

    Viges: the log in your eye is indeed a large one. It’s rendered you blind to your own hypocrisy.

    That’s expected, though. We’ve seen rank hypocrisy time and again from IVAW. Above, you’ve proven yourself no different from the other IVAW hypocrites featured at TAH. You fit in with that crowd quite well, actually.

    Your life, your choice I guess. Still: what you’re doing and what you’ve said above is a rather strange way for a prospective clergyman to “walk the walk”.

  20. teddy996 says:

    @166- I’m not worried about your credibility. IVAW has absolutely none with me at this point. Ted is my real name. I ride a Ducati 996, hence the 996 part. You can find my last name posted around here if you look hard enough.

    Yes, frauds, liars, and criminals were the face of IVAW, and I only need one name to prove all three of my claims:

    Rick Duncan. IVAW sent him around the cable news circuit, and he was lying about his service. Never even served. An escaped mental patient, by some accounts. Convicted fraudster.

    Of course there were other high-profile members who have been less than forthcoming about their service to gain attention like Mathis Chiroux, Jesse MacBeth, DeWald, Jake Diliberto and Jimmy Massey to name a few.

    Four of the people I have listed (Duncan/Strandlof, MacBeth, Diliberto and Chiroux) garnered national attention for IVAW. All of them were full of shit, all intentionally misleading the public on their service. Stop being obtuse, y’all. Your organization has made some severe missteps in it’s quest for national attention, and it has hurt it’s reputation among real veterans. Own up to them, tighten your shit up, and move on.

    Accountability, dude.

  21. Hart Viges says:

    @171 So all the names you have a problem with are no longer with IVAW, yet you still bring it up. Get over it dude, we did. Ted I ain’t no stalker. But if you post with your real name, I can’t say yur hiding.

    @170 Dude, one thing that lacks in this form of communication is tone. If this was a face to face conversation I seriously doubt you would hold that judgement on me. Peace Bro

  22. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I suppose coming here is a rite of passage for IVAW members. Each knows what the outcome will be when he arrives and each, in turn, then gets to share his experience with others. Some members may lurk in the background just to see how the newcomer handles himself; others may be unwatched but are assured their accounts of the goings-on are available for verification. Why else would any IVAW member be here? There’s no possibility of garnering support. If nothing else, IVAW’s history alone precludes that. It’s not to generate income. Perhaps it’s to just rabblerouse and to annoy. I don’t know but I rather favor the rite of passage explanation.

  23. Hart Viges says:

    @173 LOL Well I was just tired of preaching to the choir. Y’all are more fun.

  24. Buteo buteo says:

    Oh, what a fabricator you are.

    What was your little needling effort really all about? Are you getting extra points with the Big Boys for keeping the thread going over nothing? You aren’t funny. You arne’t very bright. You have nothing important to say. You just keep needling people. Or trying to. Not very good at it, either.

    “no Jon Dewald on the board” equals don’t even know the history of your own organization.

    Not very good at hiding your real motivation. If it were only about raising money via an online bet, you said yourself the money stopped a while back.

    So much insistence on having the REAL names of people who post here means you think you can hide your real intentions.

    You think everyone here is as stupid as you are. You got that part completely wrong.

  25. Jonn Lilyea says:

    If it wasn’t for TAH, DeWald, Webb and Chiroux would still be members. Chiroux was on the Board, FFS. Webb was so important, IVAW paid his way from Texas to Maryland for the convention. A few weeks after DeWald was booted, he was back in and in a position to rip off the organization. And you were there through it all, Viges. And you were also there for the Rick Duncan episode – the gay Marine captain who had never spent a day in uniform, the phony Marine captain who had his eleventh finger shot off and was in charge of the PTSD unit at Winter Soldier because he had a plate in his scar-less head.

    I wonder what your role was in the Naser Jason Abdo thing, you know, the Fort Hood bomber. I know IVAW and Under the Hood was involved somehow and it will take me a while to figure it all out, but I will.

  26. TSO says:

    Let’s not feed the troll.

    Like I said, I take back my praise for him. I’m sure Jesus would appreciate a man claiming to be a Christian going around talking about how a blog is “on the dick” of IVAW. That sounds exactly like something Jesus would say.

    Hart is a hypocrite and a troll. Holier than thou while simultaneously being crass.

  27. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @174. I guessed I missed the sermon. As for our being more fun, that’s a curious explanation. Coming here and getting sandwiched between those who despise IVAW and those who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about it is your idea of fun? Really?

  28. teddy996 says:

    @172- The point is, Hart, y’all should’ve weeded them out BEFORE putting them in the spotlight. If the I and the V in IVAW don’t mean enough to you to actually verify them first, then there’s not really a point to having them in the name then, is there?

    IVAW fucked up, bigtime. Repeatedly. Those fuckups damaged the brand. Now, like the boy who cried wolf, not many people take you seriously. That’s the news, Hart, and it’s old news. I’m sorry if I’m the one that has to break it to you, but if you’re hearing it for the first time from me, as it appears you are, then you seriously need to get with the fucking program.

    As for my name- I’ve told you, if you want it you can find it. You can even find the town I live in, and where I grew up. I know I’ve posted that information a few times. Use those legendary IVAW vetting skills you’re insisting are not fiction, and track it down yourself. Prove to me that, as a senior IVAW member, you are finally able to do a rudimentary check on someone’s information.

  29. streetsweeper says:

    Oh goody, its my old pal, Hart Viges! How in the sam hell have you been, Hart? Long time, very long time no see! How’s that preaching act you got going on working out for you? You and Jesse still hanging together? Hehehe…tell him I said “hey” and ruffle his scruffy little head for me too. By gosh it has been almost just as long since I last seen him sitting curb side, scared out of his wits (I don’t know why)waiting on your crew to pick him up at Bush Continental.

    How’s Knappenberger doing? You remember dear old Evan. Him and Jonathan were, you know, best of buddies and all, talking smack about how they were going to kick our asses in DC and going set off all kinds of brilliant *fireworks* displays too. And so,tell me all about it..Money from my Rich Liberal Friends. Big Donor List of IVAW. A great way to raise money in a fun way.

    Because, the few of your rich, liberal friends up there probably don’t know some of what they might be reading now. See that? And I’m not swearing. So you are living in Seattle now, go figure. How is life in Fremont District? You been visiting the Karl Marx shrine regularly? Marxist’s as a rule tend to congregate in the same viscinties, that is why your called “fellow travelers”

    The Coffee House still brewing bullshit to sell to unsuspecting troops out in Lakewood? Oh crap, I forgot. Their and your funding source is in large part through charitable foundations like the TIDES Foundation and TIDES Charity bank. Till next time….

  30. streetsweeper says:

    Oh yes and one more thing, Mr. Viges? Did you guys (IVAW)ever file the required paper work with the IRS for a 503 er non-profit organization or are you still operating as I suspect, under the VVAW’s legal status they *loaned* you to use?

  31. Just Plain Jason says:

    Hart Viges since you like videos so much I thought I would post this one for you…


  32. Hart Viges says:

    I do dig Zombie Movies…Thanks

  33. Just Plain Jason says:

    Holy Fuck Hart I didn’t realize who you were you are some kind of celebrity!!!! Can you sign my Hemp Hacky Sack?

  34. NHSparky says:

    And why wouldn’t you, Hart? They’re just as brain-dead as you and your fellow travellers are…soulless automotons, the lot of you. Kindred spirits, one might say.

  35. Just Plain Jason says:

    I am sorry I am too lazy to read the above, so is the official name now the WV (a/o NV) AAWWSBBTGC1%AFTFOSO? You know that the Iraq war is over now…

  36. streetsweeper says:

    Actually JPJ, they are marxist trying to pass themselves off as socialist and still makes ’em communist. Hart, your bottomless pool of ignorance is what it is. Glad to see you still duck questions. Stay classy troop.

  37. Hart Viges says:

    @190 do you speak from experience sparky or do you just blindly accept anything posted here?

  38. NHSparky says:

    I dunno, I look at the members (former and current) of your “organization”, I watch a few of your YouTube videos, a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead, and the only real difference I see is I kinda feel sorry for the zombies.

    You? Not so much.

  39. Hondo says:

    Viges: yes, I would. I hold any aspiring “clergyman” who on one hand claims to be a “good Christian” but who simultaneously curses like a rap “artist” and who fails to denounce reprehensible behavior to be a hypocrite. Ditto someone who castigates others for using a name of their own choosing vice their actual name while doing exactly the same themselves – “Benjamin”.

    Your own words above prove you to be exactly as I’ve just described you. I have little respect or use for hypocrites – particularly smug and conceited ones who appear to have no outstanding qualities about which to be either smug or conceited. You may be able to get away with that among those who are ignorant or gullible. The readers at TAH are neither.

  40. Green Thumb says:

    TAH: Your wasting your time.

    This fool will always be right.

    See it enough up here.

    Hart, your a turd and the sad thing is: You know it.

  41. Hart Viges says:

    Watching videos and you know it all? Doubt it. I’ve checked, cursing is forgivable. I know what? Psalms 82:6. Don’t worry, that includes y’all as well.

  42. Buteo Buteo says:

    Wrong, asswipe.

    Commandment #3: Thou shaly not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord shall not hold guiltless he who taketh His name in vain.

  43. Hondo says:

    Well, Viges, while cursing may be forgivable it appears that a certain Teacher had a rather dim view of it:

    “If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.” (James 1:26)

    That same Teacher appears to have had a dim view of ostentation and hypocrisy as well. You might want to review Matthew 6:1, Matthew 15:7-9, Romans 2:3, James 2:14, 1 John 2:4, Titus 1:16, and Luke 13:14-17. And that’s just for starters.

    Your words above prove you an arrogant hypocrite, Bennie. If you’re actually thinking about a theological career, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror.