SSG Robert Bales is the name you’re looking for

| March 16, 2012

So there’s the man who stands accused of murdering 16 Afghans last Sunday, according to The Lookout. I got the name from somewhere else and I’ve been waiting for the media to unchain themselves, so I’m pretty sure that’s the guy.

The revelation of Bales’ identity comes after criticism from Afghan President Hamid Karzai about the lack of U.S. cooperation in investigating the massacre. Karzai also questioned whether just one American soldier was involved.

Yeah, I already checked AKO and his records have been scrubbed there, so don’t hurt yourselves trying to answer those stupid security questions. I’m pretty sure that they locked down all of his information as soon as they arrested him to keep stuff from leaking out like it did with Hasan. So we’ll never know if he did “multiple tours” or not. Remember they claimed Hasan did, too, at first.

I notice in the picture of him above, taken in August, there’s no combat patch on his sleeve. And no one I know, with any experience, would hang a smoke grenade by the spoon on their load-bearing gear. His crime already went from being PTSD to a simple drunken rampage. Just sayin’…

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  1. Nick Smith says:

    I was in his unit (2-3inf) he has served the multiple tours. I spent the 2009-2010 tour in Iraq with him. He was in the scout/sniper section. This picture is from an even older deployment. Not too many of the scouts wore their combat patches. He was actually a very good – disciplined – looked up to NCO. I was just as suprised to hear he was responsible for this as anyone else that knew him. It’s sad what had happened, and it’s going to be unfortunate for which ever retaliation is caused by this. He abused a lot of international issues by doing the disturbing crime, and he will get the justice that he has coming to him.

  2. Nick Smith says:

    He is wearing miles gear – which says this photo is from NTC of 2009. When 2-3in went to NTC PRIOR TO THIS CURRENT DEPLOYMENT – they were in multi-cam

  3. Nick Smith says:

    And on the 2010 accident – I don’t recall that happening to him at all. I was there, and we sustained no signifigant combat related injuries

  4. Anonymous says:

    Quit making excuses for this poor example of a human being. It can’t be his fault because he snapped due to his constant deployment schedule. What about all the thousands of others that frequently rotate to the Middle East and don’t snap? Also the jacked up chin strap demonstrates that this NCO had a lack of discipline. He probably wasn’t even qualified to enlist in the Army under normal circumstances. He likely got in when the Army lowered it’s enlistment standards and scraped the bottom of the barrel.

  5. Anonymous says:

    In reference to my remarks in 106, the whole thing is tragically sad. If he did indeed commit these crimes, it is a shame that it came to this. There is a part of me that can’t help, but feel horrible for him and my heart goes out to his fellow soldier and especially his family.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “His awards were snatched away”? Really? Wow.

  7. Martin says:

    Its ridiculous reading through all these comments from people that dont even know the man. I can only count about 5 people that commented that actually knew the man. Nick (formerly Sgt Smith)I agree with you ten fold. Its sad that this has happened, especially to someone we knew well and were close to. Bales was the go-to guy. He knew his shit and got the job the done the best way he knew how. I’d go to hell and back with the man anytime. Reguardless whether he did anything or not. He will still be an outstanding Father, husband, soldier, and friend.

    So, instead of going off on tangents that dont have anything to do with forum, just sit back on your couch and watch the news. Thats pretty much all your good for. Everybody else thinkign they are know-it-all’s on the military or SSG Bales, your not, F.Y.I. thought I’d let you know. Last time I checked we stood behind fellow Americans, regurdless of the outcome of a sitsuation.

  8. Redacted1775 says:

    Did anyone tell SSG Bales to stand behind his fellow Americans before he went completely off the reservation? Do you honestly believe his actions helped any of us still over here? If he went on a safari for actual trigger pullers,bomb makers,etc., and didn’t SLAUGHTER innocent women and children, then you may have a point. Like I said before, one mistake erases a lifetime of good deeds.

  9. Dutch says:

    Hey guys, I personally served with SSG Bales for 3+ years. He did indeed deploy multiple times, he was a decorated combat vet with a wealth of knowledge. He was an amazing noncommissioned officer as well as a great soldier and family man. Look beyond the media fed news “facts” and look at the man. He wasn’t stated as being SF, but he was indeed attached with an SF unit in Afghanistan. Please have respect for a genuine American soldier for his past deeds, and do not judge him for the actions that he is now disputably responsible for. The FACTS, if you cared to look deep enough were that a fellow soldier in his unit had lost his leg the day before, and that there are a few reports of multiple military members in the villages the night of the “massacre” and that poor judgment, possible alcohol use, and PTSD are all factors that may be getting covered up in the mass of non-military/veteran pushed accusations and judgments being pressed upon a man who at one point in his life wrote a check to Uncle Sam for the amount of “up to and including his life.”

    This man would give his very life for his comrades without thinking, so please, before you decide to judge him, look at what you have done, what you would do in his situation, as well as the sacrifices he has made in his life to ensure we have the freedom to post these words on a public domain.

  10. Dutch says:

    And as an apology to some of the people in this forum, I realize that a number of you have experience, have been there, done that, but a number here haven’t. I will admit, I didn’t read each and every post prior to posting my first response. However, as a member of his unit, having served in his company, and talked with him on a nearly daily basis, SSG Bales was and is a good guy. I stand behind him, as do the other people here who have served with him, Martin, Nick Smith, FoxMG, SoldierNSSGbalesuni, and Doc J.

    “First to Fight”

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Do you honestly believe his actions helped any of us still over here?”

    Yeah; if his actions result in getting all you pulled out of that quagmire earlier than otherwise Bales will have indirectly saved many of you alls lives!
    Bales gave up his life, all his hopes, all his dreams, for you. For you.

  12. Redacted1775 says:

    #113, thats the biggest crock of horseshit I ever heard. Now go get your head removed from your ass promptly before you hurt yourself.

  13. SGT BROWN says:

    Just so you know this guy was my PSG in my last unit and the guy knew his shit. He was deployed multiple times and has seen and done more than most of the coward americans sitting at home talking shit about him. There isn’t a single one of you who can say a word about what he feels or thinks unless you have been deployed and watch your buddies die. This aint call of duty. So unless you can put up and fight for your country then shut up.