PTSD – we all have it

| March 22, 2012

TSO sent a link this morning which tells the tale of Susan Cole who showed up for jury duty disheveled and in hair curlers, then explained to the judge that she caught the PTSD while in the military while she was in an abusive relationship. The judge took pity on the obviously unbalanced woman and excused her from her civic duty. until he heard her on the radio bragging about how she had pulled the wool over the judge’s eyes. Now the little prick is being arrested on felony charges for perjury and attempting to influence a public servant.

It’s mealy-mouthed little dickwads like this who give REAL PTSD victims a bad name. There are a thousand things you can tell a judge that will get you out of jury duty, why does it have to be PTSD and the military. One time, in a drug and gun possession trial, I told the judge that I was going to believe the police before I believed the defendant with three foot dreadlocks and enough gold around his neck to warrant a security detail. The clincher was the fact that I was a member of the NRA, because supposedly, the NRA wants everyone, including criminals, to have guns so the prosecutor didn’t want me on the jury.

Shame on the woman for dragging the rest of us through the mud with her antics, but shame on the judge for believing the crock. A disheveled appearance is the exact opposite of a veteran. I’m pretty sure that putting on two different socks and shoes has nothing to do with one’s mental state. If I had the slightest inclination to look into this woman’s bullshit background, I’m betting she never spent a day in uniform and if she was in an abusive relationship, her partner was probably just the first in a very long line of people wanting to abuse her. I know he is today.

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  1. Doc_B says:

    I tried to write a comment about this but now I’m just going to be pissed off for the rest of my day.

  2. Hondo says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving idiot. Guess she thought that judges didn’t ever listen to the radio while driving to work.

  3. CI says:

    “Caught the PTSD”……I like that. It’s how many of these turds seem to explain their “condition”.

    I’m tangentially dealing with a similar case where I work. A guy is claiming PTSD but has never set foot on the ground in a combat theater. Still somehow claims that he sees mental images of dead kids and such…..

    The Prime put him on ‘vacation’; he still has his clearance, and may be collecting a paycheck for all I know.

  4. UtahVet says:

    This is bullshit. Of course, you already knew that. One of the biggest signs of PTSD is the inability to “let it go” and move on with a normal life. Someone who truly suffers from PTSD is more likely to keep a tight haircut, sharply press their clothes, spit shine their shoes, and walk, talk, and act like they are still in the military. Speaking from experience, my most difficult challenge in transitioning to civilian life was learning to see incompetence day in and day out and not scream “shut the fuck up you stupid douchenozzle” at my boss. Someone who is dealing with PTSD would not show up disheveled with hair in curlers. They would more likely show up with their gig line straight, 15 minutes early, and pissed off that the judge is taking his sweet time.

  5. NHSparky says:

    UV–shit, I still do that. The longer I spend among civilians, the more I’m convinced they’re a bunch of brain-dead, mouth-breathing, booger-eating morons.

    Unfortunately, most of them haven’t done much to dissuade me of that opinion.

    That being said, if you want to get out of jury duty, claiming teh crazee in front of the judge is a shitty way to go about it. I got called in while I was still living in CA three years in a row, and simply telling the judge you don’t know if you can be impartial is usually the quickest way to get sent back to the jury pool room to wait to get called up again.

    Well, that and telling the judge you’re in the country illegally–saw that more than once.

  6. Old Tanker says:

    My brother was selected for jury duty. When the defense attorney asked him if he had any preconceptions about his client he said, “he wouldn’t be sitting here if he didn’t do something wrong” needless to say, he wasn’t selected for the trial…

  7. Flagwaver says:

    #3 CI, I would like to say that combat is not a necessary event for PTSD. The trigger for mine was actually stateside. Seven funerals for members of my unit that I was on funeral honor detail for, three as pall bearer. My IED incident and being shot at were not the trigger events, but did add to it.

    With that said, I must agree with the other posters about the rectal-cranial inversion that female attempted. Hell, I still keep my dome clean shaven and the longest I have gone without a shave since getting out is three days (I was hunting and my razor broke after the first day).