Iraq War veteran rescues man from mob

| March 23, 2012

Derek Madrigal was at SanSouth Padre Island celebrating his 21st birthday when he saw a women being abused by a man because she didn’t want to dance with him. Derek stepped in to rescue the woman and then found himself the target of the man’s rage Madrigal suffered stab wounds and a brutal beating. Until Army Iraq War veteran Fabian Ortega stepped in to rescue the badly injured Madrigal, according to NBC Dallas/Fort Worth who interviewed Ortega;

According to CBS/DFW, Madrigal is recovering from his nine stab woulds and the beating with coolers;

Friends and family say Madrigal or “DJ” as he likes to be called is making progress. DJ ate his first meal since the attack and doctors plan to move him out of ICU by Friday.

Of course, what plays in the news is SSG Bales, not the superheroes who are saving the world everywhere you turn.

Thanks to 509th Bob for the link.

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  1. Miss Ladybug says:

    That’s South Padre, not San Padre. Good on Ortega for stepping up.

  2. streetsweeper says:

    Yea…what Ladybug said.

  3. WOTN says:

    Posted. I was the “12th” to view as per youtube. It’s now 30. This video needs to be shared far and wide.

  4. Sustainer says:

    Once again…”Good News is No News”….