Ditz disses Perry

| April 2, 2012

Y’all probably remember this video I posted a few weeks ago of Katy Perry’s “Part of Me”;

Well, according to the Military Times, Naomi Wolf didn’t like it calling the video “shameful” and accusing Perry of being a paid shill for the Marines.

Naomi Wolf, you may remember will go down in history as the chick who made Al Gore wear earth tone suits to help him win his election in 2000. Y’all remember President Al Gore, right? The color of his suits were his only problem.

Now, I always thought that Naomi Wolf was totally do-able, but, inevitably, she’d have to start talking which would kill the mood. But, anyway, the video doesn’t show anything from war, it only shows training, but that doesn’t stop Wolf from claiming that the video glorifies and “prettifies” violence;

Like Matthis, she knows all about war because she talked to people who had been in war. I’m sure that gives her some sort moral authority in her mind, but, she might as well said that her neighbor’s cousin’s father had been in war, so she knows what she’s talking about. And I’m sure she thinks that she caught the PTSD from her interviewees.

Personally, I thought the video would scare away people who thought that military service is all glory and parades. If you’ve seen the video, you know it shows all of the tough stuff about training and none of the glory. There is nothing glorious or pretty about log PT on the beach.

In my humble and carefully considered opinion, Wolf is just joining in the chorus of voices from the Left who never really supported the troops, they only mouthed the necessary words that were socially approved, probably by some central committee in charge of Liberal talking points. Now, that the wars are winding down, those same pretend Americans feel that it’s relatively safe to push back against anything that portrays the troops and military service in a positive light.

Wolf says that we should boycott Perry, so I immediately went to Amazon and downloaded Perry’s album. What? That’s not what boycott means?

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  1. Old Tanker says:

    Someone needs to grab hold of her panties and yank ’em out of her ass…..they are riding WAY to high….

  2. CI says:

    Her lack of logic makes my head hurt.

  3. Old Trooper says:

    @2: She’s a militant feminist; they don’t need no stinking logic!!

  4. Whitey_wingnut says:

    I do enjoy how the mouth breathers always get riled up over something that really is a grain of fine sand. Is it wrong to not want to defend those who don’t really support us in the first place?

    I’m not a huge fan of Katy Perry, but I almost feel obligated now to just post the video everywhere just to see the response.

  5. Redacted1775 says:

    Dumb as a bag of hammers. In her case my defense of her right to spew ignorance is simply a bi-product of my profession. Like taking a shit after eating burger king.

  6. Daniel says:

    It is a great video. The Marines definitely supported her shoot, but pay her? Why would they? The Marines have their own ads that always outshine all of the other services. They hands down have the best PR team in the business…

  7. ROS says:

    She obviously hasn’t seen the level of awesome that is the new Marine commercial is she thinks they paid Perry to do this.

  8. USMC Steve says:

    The video is silly bullshit. The Corps should not have indulged Perry to do it. It embarrasses us. That said, the dipshit who said she does not like it has the right to her opinion, however stupid it might be. Tell her I thank her for helping to screw Algore over and keep him from winning the election. Of course, he had a buttload of help doing that, thank God.

  9. Mike says:

    Haven’t seen the video, not particularly concerned about it, or the lefty response to it. But you’re right. These people DON’T like the military, never have, never will. And not just “The Military”. They have nothing but contempt for us troglodytes that infest it. They’ve just had to pretend to “support the troops” the last few years when it became fashionable.

  10. Flagwaver says:

    #19m Actually, USMC Steve, it is good publicity. Perry is a hot artist right now and a great deal of people will be watching her video. It might account for only a 1 or 2% increase in enlistments, but any increase is worth it, right? Also, unlike some of the other recruiters and recruiting vids, it doesn’t show a cake walk of training.

  11. Joe says:

    Nice, predictible and contemptible cliche in saying you’d “do her” as a way of attempting (unsuccessfully) to trivialize the message of an award winning female author whose work, including books covering your particular brand of sexism Jonn, will be studied long after you’re forgotten.

  12. PintoNag says:

    So, if Wolf doesn’t like something, she has a message. When Lilyea doesn’t like something, he’s being trivial?

    Hey, guys! Joe needs his weekly fix of dogpile!!

  13. Old Trooper says:

    Joey; if you want to do her, you don’t have to grease her so hard. Coming to a militant feminist’s defense is kinda ironic; doncha think? The only reason she’s “award winning” is because a lot of women buy that particular brand of femenist garbage. And, before you go off on me being a knuckledragging chauvanist; I have 2 daughters and they would kick her ass in a second. The eldest played hockey in HS and was on the varsity team when she was in 8th grade.

    Joe; you’re such a pussy that it’s getting tiring even smacking you down on the bullshit you spew.

  14. Hondo says:

    Hey, everybody – Joe the Rockclimbing Hero is back!

    Or after comment 13 above, should I say Joe the Buttkissing Suckup?

    Wazzup, dipstick? Back to demonstrate to the world your lack of ability for original or critical thought again? Maybe you’re just a closet masochist, and get pleasure out of being publicly abused?

    Thought so. Suit yourself.

  15. Joe says:

    Stick to the subject. It’s just cheap, wrong and tawdry to try and deflect the direction of an argument by saying you’d f**k the author. Just no place for it. Every time I think this site had hit a new low, you surprise me by using comments that would embarrass high schol freshmen.

    Pinto Nag,
    I assume from your screen name you’re a woman – I take it it doesn’t bother you when you’re trying and raise a serious point and the response you get is that, “Hey, I’d like to f**k you”?

  16. Joe says:

    Hi to you too Honda.

  17. Old Trooper says:

    @17: Stop with the fake indignation already. You read much worse over at DailyKos and DU; but you reserve your outrage for Jonn? Nice try captain limpwrist.

  18. PintoNag says:

    I am female. And actually, Joe, I’ve never had anyone use that response with me; generally, I get told I’m full of sh*t, and that’s about it.

  19. ROS says:

    @13- What’s your fucking point? “Award winning”? Really? The DiC won a Nbbel. Whoopty freaking do. That’s supposed to earn her reverence and immunity from being called a dumbass?

  20. ROS says:


  21. Adam_S says:

    OT you know its okay to say something derogatory about conservative women, that’s different.

  22. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Joe, we’ve got some new lows in the works that you can’t even imagine. Stick around. I only put about half of what goes through this giant brain on the interwebs.

    And I’ve got news for you, the men who buy her books think she’s totally do-able, too. When she’s dead, so will end her reputation that you so worship. After she stops being do-able, no one will pay attention any more.

  23. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @1 Old Trooper, that was her head not her panties up her butt.

  24. Hondo says:

    There you go again, Joe. As I’ve told you before a “Honda” is a Japanese car or motorcycle; a “Hondo” is either a nickname or a town in Texas.

    Sheesh. I’d think even someone of your limited intellect would have learned from the first time I had to point that out to you. But those who are “slow” often need repeated instruction. Or maybe you’ve just been obsessing over Ms. Wolf so much recently that it’s messed with your memory. If it’s the latter, try not to drool all over your keyboard.

  25. NHSparky says:

    @13 Joe–Fortunately for the rest of humanity, the gene pool will not be tainted with your progeny, for you are gifted with free birth control for life.

    It’s called your personality.

  26. Old Trooper says:

    @23: Oh, I say the same about many more conservative women. There are many, many do-able conservative women and I have stated that quite often. Ms. Wolf is an exception to the rule on the left. Maybe that’s what gets Joe’s panties in a wad; he’s used to the Helen Thomas’, Janet Napolitano’s, Hilary Clinton’s, etc., so he’s not used to someone saying that a leftard is do-able?

  27. UpNorth says:

    Hey, Joey, no one had to “trivialize” Wolf’s message, she managed to do that all by herself.
    As far as being remembered after she’s gone, Yamamoto, Hitler, Mao and Stalin are all remembered today. What’s your point?

  28. Jonn Lilyea says:

    In case no none noticed, it’s a common Leftist tactic to refocus the debate on a tiny, inconsequential point in order to distract the forum from the bigger issues which are indefensible. Joe does it, Army Sergeant does it, all of those New Jersey trolls do it. Joe even distracted us this time by blathering on two different posts.

  29. Jacobite says:

    “you surprise me by using comments that would embarrass high schol freshmen.”

    Man o’ man Joe does that statement ‘out’ you as totally and completely out of touch. I don’t care if you’re actually a high school freshman teacher. If you are, and if you really believe the pap you just posted, then you definitely fall into that category of teacher who is willfully blind to their environment.

    You sir/ma’am are a mental rube.

  30. Wait, what point-focusing have I done lately? Is this about the post that got eaten where I said Katy Perry should earn a uniform if she wants to dance around in it?

  31. Blanka says:

    Dammit, I clicked on it thinking it was Naomi Watts. Eh..

  32. @#6 NHSparky:
    My thoughts exactly.

  33. Cincinatus says:

    Joe and Naomi Wolf have a point, unlike the idiot who writes this blog, and its followers.

    BTW, when are you sheeple and the rest of the ignorant neocon warmongering chickenhawk Keyboard Kommandoes here going to sign up and be shipped off to Afghanistan or Iraq? You would do your country, your conscience and yourself a favor by practicing what you preach.

  34. Hondo says:

    Even fools are entitled to their opinions in a free country, Cincinatus. That’s why you, Joe, and Wolf are allowed to speak.

    Whether anyone cares what you have to say is a different story. Shakespeare had you three pegged; your comments are nothing but tales “told by an idiot; full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    For what it’s worth: many if not most posting here have already been to Iraq or Afghanistan, dipstick – and in many cases, to both. And you also seemed to have missed the memo; the US is no longer deploying many folks to Iraq these days.

    Then again, you’re posting from a BellCanada static IP connection in Toronto, Canada. So the fact that you don’t know jack doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  35. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well — looky here. A mouth with no brain attached to it. Cincinnatus — if you intend to use the name of a Roman senator, at least spell it correctly, dimwit.

    I was in the Navy before your mother was born, you asshole. I put in my time long ago, along with a massive group of men and women who were doing it then and have continued to do it since then.

    And yeah – I can prove that. Lilyea has my DDs and photo of me at work, you dickless wonder.

    Hondo, am I still coming off as too pissed off over this whole gun control thingy?