Rendered speechless

| April 2, 2012

Someone sent this to TSO from Don Shipley’s Facebook pictures. There’s nothing I can say, except that he looks relatively familiar;

ADDED: Today’s phony is dedicated to AFWife (I think, because she’s one of the few people on the internet I know by her real name), who is celebrating her birthday and asked for her own phony.

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  1. Claymore says:

    All you muggles should leave Dumbledore alone. He could ninja your ass and then fly off on his AH-64 Apache-broomstick.

  2. OEF_Veteran says:

    Infantry cord with a Cannon cocker cravat. Geez can’t this f#ckstick get ANYTHING right? LOL

  3. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    OEF_Veteran, look at the costume he’s wearing, do you think he can or even cares what his costume looks like?

  4. groundpounder65 says:

    im kinda shocked he isnt sporting a 1st cav patch

  5. Steven Grimes, EdD says:

    I just found out about this website, and I’ve been reading the bios of the posers. While I was never in the military, I grew up next door to Fort Knox, and I had many good friends who were military. His amazing mess of medals seems pretty easy to spot as false. What concerns me more is the more detailed stories, where falsehoods were pulled off successfully. I appreciate what you veterans have done for our country. Medals are supposed to be a representation of honor and sacrifice. A good friend was career navy. He has a rather impressive collection of patches and rank insignia, ranging from entry rank, all the way to senior non-comm, with appropriate ribbons to match. He earned every one. To put jokers like these in the same category is an insult. I just wanted to voice my support of your website, and state my appreciation to the vets. I worked in higher education for many years; a field where we see very occasional false representations. For the record, my doctoral degree is from a real university! I didn’t go out and buy the diploma somewhere… 🙂

  6. joad58 says:

    This guy is to funny for words. What’d he do? Go to the second hand store,buy an “Army coat” and hang buncha stuff on it?

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Chronos, the Shit Sack, Titan Turd!

    I wonder if he has any medals/decorations from the Peloponnesian War(s)?


  8. Doc Savage says:

    Do they sell those Class A Jackets by the Medal or the pound???

  9. Mitch says:

    On the Fake Warrior Project site, it gives the name he used and the location this picture was taken, but I can’t remember where on the site his picture was located

  10. Mitch says:

    Fake warrior site gives his name as Robert Vaughn, and says he has been seen in Charlotte

  11. Scott Platts says:

    What!!! It’s John Rambo

  12. Andy says:

    That’s just Audie Murphy’s brother…..clyde

  13. setnaffa says:

    I just feel sorry for the guy… He looks like the kind of guy who didn’t quite make it through boot camp…

  14. Shiftee says:

    Not to express subjective sympathy but the sad fact is this guy is likely fuc*in nuts. I mean, I don’t think one could do this and truly be cognizant of stolen valor. I feel conflicted over situations like this. On the one hand, if this guys story is that he’s a Vietnam vet who came home to being spit on, no family or support and who’s been in desperate need serious mental help for the past 40 years then I feel bad if his deranged mental state has caused him to grasp onto/manipulate the one thing he understood and loved…on the other hand if this dude is sane, cognizant and serious…he needs a pineapple up the ass daily.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    I never did ask why he’s got the cane in the right hand instead of the left. Whuzzat?

  16. Flagwaver says:

    Holy carp! The Nork generals don’t have anything on that guy’s bling…

  17. VNVET299 says:


  18. bender22 says:

    At least he was well behaved for 12 years. (4 GCM’s)

  19. Trae says:

    Wow a walking ribbon vendor!!! Thank you Officers equipment company and stay bright!