Phony defrauds VA, gets prison

| April 20, 2012

POW Network sends us a link to the Justice Department press release announcing the imprisonment of one Keith Morris, who has never served a day in the military, but was able to get the VA to give him $148,122.52 in health care services. One procedure, brain surgery, was valued at over $98,000.

Also during that time frame, Keith Morris continually provided the Denver VA Medical Center with medical documents that he signed as his brother, with his brother’s Social Security Number and date of birth.

The person with the real identity Keith Morris was using stated that because of these issues with his brother, he now has warrants for his arrest out of Colorado, was let go from a job because of those warrants, and was unable to secure employment with a government contractor because he cannot get a security clearance.

Ya know, hearing about these phonies makes me wonder what the verification process is at the VA. We have real veterans standing in line waiting to get treatment, and then these phonies slip right through the door. While he’s in prison, they ought to reverse his brain surgery and put him back the way he was before the operation.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Gee, he got busted for fraud and is doing time.

    Too f’n bad.

    I hope the guy whose identity he stole files suit against him for damages. That one’s an open/shut case IMO. And it will ensure this dipshit gets screwed again if and when he gets out of prison.

  2. NHSparky says:

    Unfortunately that kind of crap is going to follow the brother around forever. Don’t think I’d want to be at the Thanksgiving table after the assclown gets out.