Dallas Wittgenfeld

| April 23, 2012

This guy’s records are a big question mark. He’s wearing a CIB, but according to his records, he was a commo guy in Vietnam, so there is no way he’s authorized to wear a CIB. He’s also wearing infantry brass with the blue background and a blue rope which he’s also not authorized to wear. But his FOIA says he was awarded a CIB;

But then I’ve never seen a FOIA that listed Letters of Commendation and Certificates of Achievement, either. So all of that makes me suspicious. Here’s his record of assignments from his Form 2-1;

The dates of his assignments coincide to the history of his two Ranger units, according to the 75th Ranger Regiment Association. But like I said, if he altered his military records to add the CIB, there’s no reason to believe he didn’t alter his assignments, too. The fact that he’s listed as a 05B20 while he was in Advanced Individual training is suspicious, too. I’m sure he wasn’t a Sergeant E-5 after four months of service.

And here’s a picture of him wearing a green beret at the Wall, and that’s a Purple Heart and Ranger scroll on his chest;

According to the Special Forces Association membership rules, he’s not eligible to be a member based on his assignments to Ranger units, so the green beret thing is right out.

You and I both know from looking at these records that he’s not authorized all of the infantry stuff, but how that CIB got in his records, I’ll never know, well, unless he gives up the ghost and tells us the truth. Not holding my breath.

Thanks to the folks at Scotty’s Hideaway, for the stuff.

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  1. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Dallas, why won’t you send the documents requested? May I also ask, if you have said documents then why be so antagonistic about it? If anyone were questioning my integrity or honesty, I’d have my documents in the mail ASAP just to prove them wrong and make them apologize.

    I’ve mentioned before, I did a single, uneventful tour in the Marine Corps as an 1833 Assault Amphibious Vehicle Crewman/Crew Chief & Section Leader. Exciting? Nope. Honorable? Yep. Am I proud of my service? Hell Yes!

  2. ScalpelShepherd says:

    Hey dilly dallas, you’re a prime example of a chunt. Go fuck yourself with your mommas dick.

  3. Ringo says:

    To shed some information on this individual, please follow me back to my days in Korea. During the war, we had radio operators, who had been awarded the CIB from duties as a Squad, Platoon, or Company RTO. (Back in those days, as was the case in WWII, we had two classes of RTO’s the High Speed operators held the MOS of 1766. These guys were classified at 25 wpm on a MIL (Military Typewriter with all caps and numbers.) and sending 25 wpm. We also had to qualify at 60 wpm on an RTT unit. Those who could not reach that pinacle of 25, became Intermediate Speed Radio Operators, with an MOS of 1744. These are the guys who became Infantry Radio Operators,

    With the 17th RCT, 7th ID, these 1744’s rotated, after six months on the line, back to either BN HHC, or some even rotated (if they had a good speed) to the Regimental HHC Radio Section. Ironically, back in those days, the Infantryman’s MOS was 1740. See the parallel?, those RTO’s who survived a six month combat tour, loaded down with M1, Ammo, and Radio Equipment, was issued a CIB. Actually, they didn’t need to have an Infantry MOS, all it took was a 30 day tour of duty, in direct combat operations. Another facet in this scenario…for every 1744 who was authorized a CIB, 8 out of ten of them also wore at least one award of the Purple Heart. Therefore, I suggest it possible for him to be awarded the CIB without having an Infantry MOS. However, personally, I think he is an unmitigated lying dipstick of a douche bag. Then again, that is only one man’s personal opinion, but I’ll stick with it.

    Back to Wittgenfeld; my first take on the photo was the inconsistency in his awards, especially, the unit awards, and yes, as has been previously mentioned, where are the brass ribbon wreaths??? Unit Awards???, only the Navy and the USMC wear their unit awards as unheralded ribbons

  4. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    Well Said Ringo..! Common knowledge in Vietnam that I and all others like ME get C.I.B.s because we are killing gooks man. Lots of gooks, head counts to the Generals. We didn’t give a shit about the C.I.B.s…. minor detail to staying alive. GOT THAT dumb asses.

    And after 4 decades of teying to forget my trail assassinations life in the jungles of Vietnam, now I can have a bunch of young punk half-assers.. berating me for fun and sport.

    Realistically, you all have pissed off a severe PTSD LRRP ASSASSIN who just now bought a gun and gerber for the big party. I will be arriving by an flying American Flag in Branson. FRONT PAGE everytime. I get to dance with “the Queen Bee” in her honey pot… music and all. Life is good.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Yeah, ass munch, way to help the perception of veterans with your idiot PTSD threats, cum bubble. But then we already know that you don’t give a fuck about anyone’s military service except your own. And you’re a liar about yours. Show me the orders.

      I hope someone stomps your punk/pussy ass and soon.

  5. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Dallas, my questions still stands. Your refusal to answer speaks volumes! I have a cousin who was an 8541 who NEVER referred to himself as an assassin. In your case it should be ASSassin. You are a disgrace to the Army and to the NCO Corps. Please don’t respond with bluster and bullshit, you’re so pathetic, or retarded, you don’t even realize how ridiculous you make yourself look. Actually I think you are so mentally gone, you might actually believe the lie you’ve been living. Kicking your @$$ would be like smacking a dog with a newspaper a week after he left a turd on the rug. He wouldn’t know why he was getting smacked. You’re just like that dog.

  6. NHSparky says:

    Dallas, I’m not angry. I’m merely semi-annoyed and mildly amused by your old man bullshit antics. It’s going to be fun when you finally get that mudhole stomped in your ass you so richly deserve. I’ve seen nothing from you that would sway my opinion of you away from the majority here. At first I was on the fence. Now I’m firmly in the “Dallas is a moldy douchenozzle” camp. Why do you feel the need to “compensate” for what you never achieved? Hiding something, perhaps?

    To quote Bruce Banner, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

  7. Redacted1775 says:

    I’m guessing ole’ Dallas’ body count is vastly exaggerated from the actual number of, oh, let’s just say ZERO. Now him being an assassassin, totally believeable, of course you may be wanted by local authorities Dallas, because buggering the local livestock is a crime.

  8. Hondo says:

    Ah yes, I can see it now:

    (Carnival barker speaking to the crowd):

    Step right up, ladies and gentlemen. Come see the one, the incredible, the only Dallas “Thunder Chicken” Wittgenfeld – a legend in his own mind! He served where no man has served before! He went skydiving in Vietnam for the hell of it! He flies at 4AM while shitfaced! Taught the Thai army how to fight personally on his own time (the Army has no record of it)! Bullshits his way into the SFA! And performed many other ‘amazing’ feats!

    He’s the incredible ‘Thunder the Clown’ and ‘Thunder Chicken’! And he wants to tell everybody about his derring-do in person, ad nauseum, until they puke!

    Come right in, ladies and gentlemen! See the one, the only, the truly incredible blowhard tool! Only $1 each!

    Come see a horse’s ass talk! For real!”

  9. ArmyJ says:

    Guys, I’m new to this thread, only saw it because of the massive rush of posts today, so I’ve updated myself. Let me see if I can summarize…this self-promoting ass hat is going to the Military Gala, has threated to bring “a gun and a gerber”, which I assume means he’s trying to hurt someone who’s talking “bad” about him, has apparently taken part in “trail assasinations”, and has mentioned his medals and honors more times in on this blog post than most real soldiers do during their entire careers. Does that sound about right?

    Dallas if you’re still reading this thread for the ego-inflating boost that true narcissists get from even negative publicity, then I have a message for you: This blog has a large chunk of readers who are active duty military, many of whom are still deployed in combat, myself included. While medals and awards are a postive reminder that others recognize what you’ve done, to inflate your own self-worth by claiming something you don’t deserve is disgusting. You may be a “hero” in your own mind, and whoever you’ve taken in with your little song and dance over the years, but the general consensus around here is that you…are…a…joke. Whatever dignity and respect you’ve tried to garner for yourself by getting on this site to defend your reputation has been destroyed by the petty replies and absolutely ridiculous way you’ve conducted yourself. Stop wearing your old uniform. You’re a disgrace.

  10. NHSparky says:

    Well put, ArmyJ. Thanks.

  11. Scottys Hideaway says:

    Mary @ POWnetwork.org is still waiting on your money order dilly Dallas. Guess you were talking shit there as well. And as for having me kicked off of Facebook… WOW . I’m impressed little boy. Like its so hard to create another acct. You really need to pop out of your second childhood fool. Your pissing off a shitload of people & that isn’t good for a clown to be falling out of the sky on..LOCK & LOAD ! Hope to see you coming to a town near me. P.S. Say hi to Arthur South ( Cookie ) & Tony Meyers ( Browser ) for me commo clown….Thank you & Welcome home 05B2P & 05B2O RTO Dallas Wittgenfeld .

  12. Hondo says:

    Ringo: how the CIB may have been awarded in Korea is irrelevant here. Wittgenfeld served in Vietnam, not Korea, and served more than 15 years after the Korean armistice. Policies and regulations change over time.

    Wittgenfeld served in Vietnam as an enlisted soldier in 1969-70. Army criteria for award of the CIB at that time required him to (1) hold an infantry MOS, (2) serve in that infantry MOS, and (3) be engaged in ground combat while holding an infantry MOS and serving in same. No infantry MOS, no CIB. Not serving in an infantry duty position at brigade or lower level when engaged in ground combat, no CIB.

    There were two exceptions to this criteria. The first exception was for those in Laos and Vietnam (1) performing formal advisory duty (e.g., on orders as an advisor) to the Laotian and South Vietnamese forces who (2) engaged in combat while advising those forces. The second exception was for non-infantry officers who commanded infantry units of brigade or smaller size in combat for 30+ days.

    Wittgenfeld qualifies for neither exception. He obviously never was the commander of an infantry unit. And liaison/informal advisory duty with Thai forces – if he ever actually did that, ’cause it doesn’t seem to show up in his official records – does not count.

    I’ve provided the 1969-1970 CIB criteria and references on the other Wittgenfeld thread ( http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=29970 ). Under those criteria, given the information provided from Wittgenfeld’s official records by NPRC in response to a FOIA it appears highly doubtful that Wittgenfeld’s CIB is legit.

    Wittgenfeld’s official records show he had no assignment to an infantry duty position. All of his duty positions in Vietnam were as an 05B radio operator. Until he produces CIB orders, people will continue question the validity of his CIB. And they should, because it appears questionable as hell.

    My guess is that the only place Wittgenfeld’s CIB appears in his official records is on his DD214, and that it was placed there in error. But I could be wrong. Wittgenfeld can easily prove me wrong by providing a redacted copy of orders showing he was awarded the CIB and showing issuing HQ/date/order number. In the past Wittgenfeld has had no problem providing others with orders for his Purple Hearts (see the link in comment 63 above). So if CIB orders exist awarding Wittgenfeld a CIB, I rather doubt he’s lost them.

    The fact that Wittgenfeld refuses to provide CIB orders after previously providing those for his Purple Hearts IMO is telling.

  13. Joe Williams says:

    I want to see his orders for his Air Medal! Isaw no assignment to a aviation comany? Before you talk down to me BOOT I was in Nam starting Jun 66 thru Sept. 68.You are not awarded a Air Medal for for riding in and out of LZs.

  14. Hondo says:

    Joe Williams: see the link in comment 63 above. That claim appears legit.

  15. OWB says:

    Part of the problem here (perhaps the greatest part?) is the attitude.

    It matters not what awards one has or has not earned – simple courtesy is the order of the day. Hate to use the word “civility,” since it is nearing overuse these days, but it is a perfectly legitimate word in this situation.

    Most of us default to a high level of respect for those who have earned military awards. It’s just what we do. However, having earned awards does not give anyone a pass on basic civility toward others.

    So, Dallas, your inability to interact with the rest of us, who really, really want to respect what you have earned, shows you to be a thug. Your thuggery makes it impossible to give you the respect that you earned. You can demand it from now until the end of time – the reality is simply that you and your own actions have made it impossible for us to give that to you.


  16. Hondo says:

    I’d make a different distinction, OWB. Service deserves respect in and of itself. However, individuals earn respect through their actions.

    I respect Wittgenfeld’s service. His documented record – ARCOM w/V, 2 PHs, AM, honorable combat service under extremely arduous conditions – is worth of respect on its face, with or without a CIB and regardless of where or when it was performed.

    The individual? Feh. He forfeited any claim to deserving respect when he showed up here behaving like a drunken version of “Thunder Chicken” having a simultaneous “bad hair day” plus hemorrhoid flare-up.

  17. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    Clowns are NOT thugs dumb asses. Clowns lead kids around like the pide piper… welcome to my show. And I am very excited to verify that there are current active duty military harassing and dishonoring me, here too. You are surely walking on a razor blade path…

    If you jack offs really checked me out… People who actually know me… Do NOT fuck around with me. I have NEVER had my ass whipped by anybody, ever. Got that picture. Thunder Chicken was a Bad-Ass before he was an LRRP assassin on the trails of Vietnam.

    Now that all you brainiacs have realalized that I have everything I wear on my uniform… Isn’t it time you ALL apologize to me now..?

    By the way OWB..? I am NOT trying to “interact” with you idiots. The gun and knife thing is for my protection… that’s all. I have 9 other buncers at my table anyway…

    Do you guys get a trophy for beating up a 63 year old clown on this thread. Sounds like it to me… and many others that you spoke about. Congratulations..

  18. OWB says:

    Posting here at all IS interaction. Too bad that you are so insecure in your manhood that you have to threaten widows and orphans to feel good about yourself. Whoever you are.


    And Hondo – I cannot disagree with your analysis. When we paint with broad strokes, something invariably gets lost in the translation. 😉

  19. CI says:

    Ah….and cue the interwebz tough guy.

    Very scary…….

  20. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    Soooooo, you people think I need money to get in the Ms. Mary’s Annual Military Gala.? Excuse me while I laugh out loud. Have you noticed in all my newspaper storys that I get in everywhere for free. I just have a way about me.

    The Black Widow will be begging me to come 1 week before the Gala. Right on time. You know in the entertainment business… “Timing is Everything”. Her media kit is already produced. 🙂

  21. ArmyJ says:

    Is it just me or are his posts sounding more and more deranged? I’m starting to think that this is just a troll looking for conflict. From his statements about what he’s done and the publicity, I’d expect someone a little more eloquent and able to respond reasonably to the issues posted here.

    Read what this guy is writing again. Does this sound like the same clown in the pictures? After I read the posts again I realized this sounds like a 14 year old internet tough guy and we might be wasting our time. If it really is him, well. Let his comments speak for themselves. By the way, how did this descend into physical threats from the assassin? He still hasn’t answered, or even acknowledged the request for his CIB award orders. Clown.

    In Forest Gump Voice: “Well that’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

  22. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    Since I have met all you weenies on the internet, I have found and charted her organizational web, including you all on here. The Branson Military Gala is where ALL the chips are going to fall.

  23. NHSparky says:

    Dallas–stop. Hurt. Sides. Laughing.

  24. Redacted1775 says:

    “I have NEVER had my ass whipped by anybody, ever. Got that picture.” Yeah, sure got it pal. It’s a picture of copious amounts of bovine fecal matter flowing forth from that hole in your face. Get over yourself dude.

  25. NHSparky says:

    People who actually know me… Do NOT fuck around with me.

    Probably because they’re too busy laughing their balls off. Your beclowing yourself provides too much free entertainment, why would they fuck with you and tell you to stop?

    I have NEVER had my ass whipped by anybody, ever.

    The phrase, “waste of effort” comes to mind here.

  26. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    O Yah… on that head-count thing… I have pictures holding the Viet Cong and NVA heads, dumb asses… Now aren’t you all ashamed yet for harassing and dishonoring me a real deal combat wounded elite paratrooper of the real deal 75th INFANTRY Airborne Rangers trained by Special Forces in Vietnam…? THAT is your “elephant in the room”.

    Others who are watching your harassments to me (the jury of public opinion) will eat you all alive when you all are exposed. “Slam Dunkker” for me…

  27. OWB says:

    Oooooh, Sparky – we’re on a CHART!!! (Is there a tab for that?) So. Skeered.

  28. Redacted1775 says:

    Sure you do Dillweed, Dallas…whatever the fuck your name is.

  29. NHSparky says:

    Really, NVA and VC heads? Despite the fact the VC was pretty much finished after Tet in 1968?

    Oh, and isn’t decapitation desceration of a corpse, and as such a war crime, Dallas? Just checking.

  30. Scottys Hideaway says:

    Dilly Dallas , So nice of you to bring up News paper Stories . Perhaps you will enlighten us on why you allowed the tabloids to claim that you had earned the bronze Star in RVN. One simple phone call would have straighten this out. But you allowed it to be printed for over 5 years in numerous newspapers in the State of Ohio in the early seventies. Please explain RTO boy .

  31. Hondo says:

    Apologize, Wittgenfeld? After you provide proof that your CIB is legitimate, yes. Before then, no.

    And no, I’m not buying that “everything you wear on your uniform is legit”. I’m not yet convinced your CIB is legit, and your FOIA records don’t show you rate any unit awards for permanent wear either. I’m also not finding the units your records show you served with in Vietnam on the Army’s master list of unit awards as having received unit awards while you were in Vietnam, either. So unless and until you provide proof you were serving in a unit awarded the PUC, VUA, or MUA at the time those awards were granted the unit, I’ll question the legitimacy of you wearing those, too. Army policy is that you can only wear them permanently if you were in the unit (or formally attached) at the time they were awarded.

    I also want to see the orders for that “Bronze Star for valor” you were identified in published articles as having a number of years ago. I’m guessing you were the source of that info, and that claim appears bogus. That award doesn’t appear on your FOIA, either.

    Post your “killer” photo if you like. But if I were you, I’d think twice about that. I don’t think there’s any statute of limitations for war crimes, and if you’re doing something in those photos that you wouldn’t want your mom to see, well, these days you just might find yourself in trouble. Just ask the idiots who got busted for doing stupid stuff at Abu Ghraib and with corpses in Afghanistan recently.

    Regarding clowns: clowns are those who act like, well, clowns. Some do it professionally for the money. Some do it because they like to be the center of attention. And some do it because they’re naturally clownish.

    My guess is that you act like a clown for all of those reasons. Whatever floats your boat.

  32. Scottys Hideaway says:

    And crickets sound once again from the ” clowns” corner.

  33. ArmyJ says:

    This can’t be real. On a side note, I’m just a dumb-ass infantryman. Can someone please translate this :

    “I have found and charted her organizational web, including you all on here.”

    Is an organizational web some sort of elite special forces, ranger assassin target planning tool? I don’t know about you guys but when I get home I’ll be looking twice before I cross the street at night. Sounds like Branson is gonna be a bloodbath.

  34. Scottys Hideaway says:

    From: “Dallas Wittgenfeld”
    Cc: “P.O.W. Network”
    Subject: Please verify what PoW group you all are…?
    Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 09:48:17 -0400
    X-Mailer: Microsoft Windows Live Mail 14.0.8089.726
    X-SpamScore: 4.5
    X-MailHub-Apparently-To: info@pownetwork.org
    X-Antivirus: AVG for E-mail 2012.0.2180 [2433/5063]
    X-AVG-ID: ID389789B3-7513697E

    Dear PoW Network National Coordinator, Lacy Rourke,

    Dear Ms. Lacy Rourke,

    I am a combat wounded 100% disabled Vietnam War Veteran of the elite Airborne Rangers and who has never quit parachuting in 4 decades. I often fly the PoW-MiA flag under my American Flag Parachute, see attached.

    Recently I read about the PoW Network 16th Annual Military Gala featuring the “Purple Heart” theme. I thought I have mailed a $550.oo U.S Postal Money Order to you all. But now, my Purple Heart combat disability check is going to an organization who has actually listed me as “a poser” on the internet. O.M.G.

    Please..? Who are you and what is your address..? Maybe your other PoWnetwork will give my stipence to you. I don’t know.

    Maybe, they are you. The Veterans Administration keeps trying to follow the PoW MiA and I say I don’t know.

    Please send me “something legal” to verify your authenticity vs the your sister PoW Network..?

    Sincerely Yours In Patriotism,

    U.S. Army Drill Sergeant, Dallas Wittgenfeld (ret)

  35. Joe Williams says:

    Does the Army give Air Medals for just being Airborne? Navy/Marines are awarded Air medals for flight missions,actual flight crew assignments. I see no basis for the Air Medal Claim.

  36. NHSparky says:

    Jesus, Scotty–that e-mail looks like it was typed by the love child of Don King and a retarded walrus.

    And I’d love to know where I fall on POW Network’s Org Chart. AFAIK, Mrs. Schantag or anyone associated with that site doesn’t even know I exist.

  37. Hondo says:

    Joe Williams:

    No – has to be for some type of participation in air operations as other than a passenger. But it would be plausible if he temporarily served as a gunner for a while, or flew on a few missions delivering critical supplies or gear and helped load/unload those supplies.

    Orders document this one (see the link in comment 63), and are for acts performed during a short period (approx 2 weeks in 1970). The orders are also apparently in his records, as one Air Medal appears on both his FOIA records and on his DD214. And Army aircrews from that era typically ended up with WAY more than one Air Medal.

    Again: assuming the orders aren’t a forgery, this one appears legit.

  38. Scottys Hideaway says:

    My last comment (136) are e-mails intercepted from dilly Dallas to another Veterans support group claiming he sent his money order to Mary @ POWnetwork by mistake. The word from Mary is that she has received nothing at all from this clown or it would be sent back to the sender.I bet you dilly Dallas has double doors in his house so that he can get his swelled embellishing head through. He is pissing a lot of people off with his stupidity.What a miserable old fool this jack wagon clown has turned out to be. Thank you & Welcome home RTO Wittgenfeld !

  39. Joe Williams says:

    Does the Army award Combat Air Crew Wings? Earhing a Air Medal also earns oneself Combat Air Crew Wings. We helo crew chiefs are are very guarded about this. Yes , nonaviation MOS’s can have flight Orders. Show your TDY and Flight orders Dallas.

  40. Scottys Hideaway says:

    “Quote”Thunder Chicken was a Bad-Ass before he was an LRRP assassin on the trails of Vietnam.”Unquote” You were never a LRRP in RVN dilly Dallas as the 151st went from “LRRP” status to “Ranger” status 5 months before you were assigned to the unit. Your busted on yet another false claim RTO boy.

  41. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    Hey Scotty… You must be directly associated with the POW network to have this confidential POW-MIA information Thank you for your participation…

    I see you didn’t publish their response letter to me. Guess what is happening in Washington D.C. right now…? Don’t fuck around with “THE REAL LRRPs”.

    Please quit trying to stick some other internet dumb asses to me… I am ME, the lone wolf.. Well technically, I am more like “A Kamakazi” that did not die and now I get to play with you all “unauthorized uniform police”. Hmmmmmm..?

    On that Air Medal. Goober..? Easy money there too. Just like the C.I.B. It just happened to me. I had well over 25 combat air assaults which qualifies any troop in Vietnam an Air Medal. GET A LIFE JACK-OFFS….

    WAR CRIMES…? That’s what I told the V.A… They have been trying for years to convince me I wasn’t an assassin. I was a hero. But the medicines never really stopped my dreams of blood and guts when I was only 19-20 years old.

    Head counts in the jungles were normal.. no war crimes…on anybody, BUT I did see war crimes… which still haunt me. We were the executioners… We found the enemy silently, watched them silently for days and when I called our helicopter… we killed everybody at the same time… and we 5 or 6 young punks with Ranger Scrools, camo faces, and tiger stripes, escaped alive, over, and, over, and, over, and over..

    While I was doing this..? You punks were sucking your Mama’s tits. That’s another “Elephant in your room”..

  42. Scottys Hideaway says:


    On 1 FEB 69, the Department of the Army (DA) reorganized all regular army LRP units to “letter” Ranger companies of the 75th Infantry. DA also ordered the increase of the authorized strength of D/151 from 214 to 230 personnel. This action enlarged the number of patrol platoons from three to four, increased the number of individual patrol personnel from five to six, eliminated the unit’s parachute packing section and called for a Major as commander. Additionally, D/151’s parenthetical designation was changed from “LRP” to “RANGER.” D/151 became the and only reserve component Ranger unit of any war to fight in combat. Additionally, USARV was directed to secure 20 slots in each of the first three MACV recondo classes of 1969, beginning in January, and unit members began to attend this highly elite school run by the 5th Special Forces in Nha Trang, following the completion of unit training with F/51.
    RA Dallas Wittgenfeld was assigned to this unit in Aug.69.

  43. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    Please all you harrassers and dishonorers hereon… Please write your mailing address right here:


    The Veteran’s Affairs wants to warn you all, of me. 🙂

    The PTSD Clinic in Daytona VA told me.. “It is their job to warn you all.”

    Welcome to my world…..

  44. NHSparky says:

    @143–uh oh, someone’s “compensating.”

  45. Redacted1775 says:

    This guys full of more shit than a backed up latrine…

  46. NHSparky says:

    harrassers and dishonorers

    Sounds like you’ve got that one down pretty well, Dallas.

  47. Scottys Hideaway says:

    rom: “Dallas Wittgenfeld”
    To: “P.O.W. Network”
    Subject: Re: Fwd: 16th Annual Military Gala
    Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 11:27:36 -0400
    X-Mailer: Microsoft Windows Live Mail 14.0.8089.726
    X-SpamScore: 3.8
    X-MailHub-Apparently-To: info@pownetwork.org
    X-Antivirus: AVG for E-mail 2012.0.2178 [2433/5060]
    X-AVG-ID: ID747F367C-42A8CC01

    Dear Mary….. if this is Mary..?

    You will have to sign for it, or reject it on the Federal Dime…. no matter what ?

    Do the right thing and do not discriminate against me. It is against the law you know. Especially if you accept donations… right…?

    Use your head, Mary. I am a great dancer, honey. Are you lonely yet…?

    Sincerely Yours In Patriotism,

    Purple Heart Parachutist
    Para Commando, Dallas Wittgenfeld

    From: P.O.W. Network
    Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2012 11:09 AM
    To: Dallas Wittgenfeld
    Subject: Re: Fwd: 16th Annual Military Gala


    Please keep your money Mr Wittgenfeld. As the host of the private event – we can refuse seating to anyone. You are not welcome. Your presence would create a disturbance and I will not have the evening ruined.

    Your money order will be returned.

    Mary Schantag

    At 10:01 AM 6/10/2012, Dallas Wittgenfeld wrote:
    Thank you for getting back to me PoWnetwork, Mary Schantag,

    I have never caused a disturbance anywhere before, Mam.

    I am a bonafide combat disabled Vietnam War Veteran of the elite Airborne Rangers, no matter what your Lieutenants have to say. I am everything I say I am and with 2 Purple Hearts. Now what’s the problem.?

    Please do not discriminate against a 100% combat disabled Vietnam Veteran War hero just because of a couple not combat wounded weenies musings. I really do have a Combat Infantry Badge orders, too. Wouldn’t the crowd of Patriots enjoy that moment brought to them by you and me..? I know, I could sell many more Gala tickets to your behalf.

    So, I am sending you a Federal Registered U.S. Postal Money Order with your name on it for $550.oo. Give me a good table up front and send back my receipt; or your official PoWnetwork signature discriminating against me…? Don’t screw up.

    Sincerely Yours In Patriotism,

    LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41
    Para Commando Dallas Wittgenfeld (LRP)

    From: P.O.W. Network
    Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2012 10:02 AM
    To: Dallas Wittgenfeld ; Jonn Lilyea
    Subject: Re: Fwd: 16th Annual Military Gala

    Please keep your money Mr Wittgenfeld. As the host of the private event – we can refuse seating to anyone. You are not welcome. Your presence would create a disturbance and I will not have the evening ruined.

    Mary Schantag

  48. Redacted1775 says:

    Mickey Mouse
    Enchanted Castle
    Orlando Florida,32830
    1-800-GET BENT

  49. Scottys Hideaway says:

    BTW Dallas I know this is small fry but you mentioned of having accts. shut down on facebook. Looks like that works both ways doesn’t it RTO boy. Oh, that’s right, You shut your accts. down on your own. Your such a noble hero… NOT !!

  50. NHSparky says:

    Oh, shit. Jonn’s pissed.

    “Say ‘PTSD’ again. Say ‘PTSD’ again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say PTSD one more Goddamn time!”

    But on a serious note, Dallas–I would expect anyone who has spent time in uniform, combat or not, to know that simply throwing down the PTSD card as you have does no good, and in fact in the eyes of most of us, is quite counterproductive.

    IOW, unless you know what you’re talking about, and it’s pretty apparent you don’t, pretty please, STFU.