TAH to Mande Wilkes; thanks for being a dick

| April 23, 2012

Jeff sends us a link to some ass wipe blog called FitsNews which purports to be conservative, but obviously, it’s not conservative when it publishes what the Left has been saying about the military for the last ten years. This woman named Mande Wilkes thinks it make her sounds smart to run down the members of the military as some privileged bunch of reprobates;

Four scandals in four months is hardly isolated or even sporadic. At this point, it’s almost a pattern. Denying the increasing predictability of these events – blindly insisting these scandals are isolated rather than repeated – pushes aside the more interesting question.

Yeah, almost a pattern, you air head. Four incidents in 120 days – and the last of those incidents happened more than two years ago, so how does THAT fit into your imagined pattern? So it’s four incidents in two years, isn’t it. Math is hard, isn’t it Mande?

Why are too many U.S. troops, once part of a dignified and esteemed force, giving the finger to the whole world?

Yeah, “too many”. Nine people out of 89,000 is too many. But wait, because nine people out of 89,000 in Afghanistan made mistakes, the queen of ditzes shows what her real f*cking problem is;

To answer that, I take you back to any one of last autumn’s Republican presidential debates. Ron Paul (holla!) made a repeated point of casting himself as the lone warrior on stage. The only one of the major presidential candidates to have served in the military, Paul represented a dying breed: A man who was a statesman before he was a politician.

Oh, a f*cking Paulian who, of course, thinks that being a gynecologist in the Air Force qualifies Ron Paul to be President.

It used to be that everybody who was anybody enlisted in the military. Nowadays, everybody who’s nobody serves – a natural consequence of incentivizing service with signing bonuses, comped education, and plush pensions. Not to mention that for those in the U.S. illegally, the incentives are that much more attractive – a respectable way to root into jobs that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible.

I’ve got your “nobodys”, you snotty, privileged piece of shit. Who paid for your college?

So, what used to be a military made up of statesmen has devolved into a force comprised of men who have few alternatives but to enlist. Rather than the symbol of nobility it once was, military service has become almost a scarlet letter of sorts – signifying an individual of lesser resources, breeding, or ambition. Think about it … when a teenager is delinquent, where do his parents send him? To either a boarding school or a military school, depending on the family’s socioeconomic level. And when that teenager graduates, where does he go? To either a university or the military – depending, again, on the family’s finances.

The result? Troops that more closely resemble a jail or a juvenile delinquent center than an esteemed military force.

You ungrateful turd. The military of today is more technically proficient and requires more education than those cocksuckers who sit in their first year of college taking remedial reading and writing classes. And the military doesn’t take delinquents – ask any of the recruiters in this forum. So quit running your cockholster about things you don’t understand.

So much for trying to attract the military vote to the Ron Paul campaign, huh, ditz? Since your boy couldn’t get the numbers in the primaries to win even a state where he was one half of the choices in the vote, you feel liberated enough to shoot down the only demographic you ass clowns targeted during the primaries.

Sorry, have you ever been so pissed that the words won’t come out right? That’s what happened today to me with this POS woman who fancies herself a TeaParty Congressional candidate in SC’s 7th district. I have something for her ass.

On her website she says she doesn’t think there’s any such thing as bad publicity. Let’s see how that shit works out for her.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Thank you. I’m about where you are this morning with regard to her post. Isn’t it sad that stupid isn’t painful?

  2. Just A Grunt says:

    So Rick Perry didn’t serve? I guess those pictures were just Photoshopped.

    Paulinian should be classified as a mental disease.

  3. Tman says:

    Once again another one using the military to get their 15 minutes of fame and a need to feed their craving for attention. Like good old snake eyes and that guy on youtube. What better way to rile up people and stir up controversy than badmouth the military?

    The ‘apology’ coming in 5, 4, 3…

    So predictable, it’s come to the point I don’t even waste my breath over things like these, it is obvious they are trying to provoke.

  4. 0311 says:

    “Not to mention that for those in the U.S. illegally, the incentives are that much more attractive – a respectable way to root into jobs that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible”

    She does know that illegal immigrants can’t enlist, right?

  5. BooRadley says:

    oh my gosh. Aside from being insulting, her stupidity and lack of scholarship, even cursory research is STUNNING. Everyone who’s NOBODY? Really? You can’t even get into the navy with a juvenile record and they’ve put a freeze on recruits with under a 50 on the ASVAB.
    ANYONE can go to community college on a Pell Grant. My experience is that those who can’t get into the military or don’t have the stomach for it choose college.

  6. SKK says:



  7. Old Tanker says:

    Plush pensions? ooookay….. How’s that plush pension there Jonn?

    “Nowadays, everybody who’s nobody serves


  8. AndyN says:

    She’s running for congress. There aren’t enough Paulbots out there to get her elected. The fiscal conservatism probably won’t get her many republican votes because it’s linked to all the batshit crazy that goes along with being a Paulbot. Her somewhat impressive rack will pull in a few votes from men and lesbians who don’t care about the issues. All of that combined is still going to leave her way short of victory without finding a way to appeal to democrats, and what better way than to bash the military?

    I don’t know, maybe she actually believes what she wrote, but it seems just as likely that she’s just pandering for votes to the American hating left.

  9. Vance says:

    It’s kind of hard to take a person like this seriously when:

    1. Her profile pic looks like it was taken at Glamour Shots.

    2. In a single blog post she not only declares that she has “for some time” been “South Carolina’s preeminent anti-feminist”, but that she also has “chutzpah”.

    Word to your mother, Mande: If you have to announce both of these alleged attributes to the world, you’ve already failed.

    3. She further describes herself as formerly being, “250 pounds” with an identity, “…tied to Bojangle’s and being sedentary”.

    Um, self-image issues anyone…?


  10. jerry920 says:

    “The result? Troops that more closely resemble a jail or a juvenile delinquent center than an esteemed military force.”

    Say what? I enlisted in 1976, volunteered. You coulnd’t buy people to shove in the Army in those days. I just wanted to make something of myself. 20 years later, with a college degree under my belt I retired having seen the world. I served with philosphers, misfits, degreed intellectuals, druggies, thieves, and some of the best human beings I have ever been thrown together with. Delinquints indeed.

  11. 670Prig says:

    Well, I’m willing to cut her a break…since she’s pretty hot.

  12. Vance says:

    “Paid political announcement”

  13. Vance says:

    I’m on a roll. why stop now:


    hilarious(ly sad).

  14. This cum dump is so caught up in herself that she can’t see the sunshine. What a sorry assed specimen.

  15. Vance says:

    One more for good measure:


  16. NHSparky says:

    This is the part that really pissed me off:

    It used to be that everybody who was anybody enlisted in the military. Nowadays, everybody who’s nobody serves – a natural consequence of incentivizing service with signing bonuses, comped education, and plush pensions. Not to mention that for those in the U.S. illegally, the incentives are that much more attractive – a respectable way to root into jobs that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible.

    Fuck you, sweetheart. I was rejected by exactly ONE college–CalTech. Every other college to which I applied–GT, UNM, UC Boulder, UC Berkley, NM Tech, Colorado School of Mines, etc., accepted me. I chose to enlist not just for the money or education–the appeal to me was to be part of something bigger than myself, the duty I took upon myself to give to my country while I could. And like most who enlisted, we accepted the side benefits. We may be dupes or nobodys in your myopic eyes, but we’re not fools.

    And “plush pension”? Hon, that so-called “plush” is about enough to pay for a car, gas, and insurance, provided you don’t get anything bigger than a small pickup. An F-150 payment, insurance, and gas for 2000 miles a month driving would be more than E-7 @ 20 retired pay. By the way, have you looked at the abuse we put ourselves through for that “plush” retirement? When I was still on the waterfront, I looked at the goat lockers on my boats. Hardly any of those CPO’s (average age just under 40) looked a day under 55. There’s THAT much stress.

    And as a former recruiter who knows that 1–illegals aren’t allowed to enlist, 2–there’s NOTHING that allows them to enlist, 3–any who do have done so fraudulently, double-fuck you.

  17. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Frankly #16, thanks for using the name that I tried to avoid using while I wrote the post.

  18. NHSparky says:

    Frankly, the comments at vance’s link (@ 12) pretty much says it all. She’s trying so hard to be Sarah Palin’s twin, but like the ugly duckling sister, just doesn’t quite pull it off, with the predictable, “Oh dear GOD!” results.

    Actually, I’d say she missed by a whole pantload. And according to the comments, those who know her can probably describe her in one phrase:

    “Nature abhors a vacuum.”

  19. CommCB says:

    I was hoping that idiots like this went away years ago. Obviously she has not looked at what it takes to enter the military these days. At least a high school diploma, college prefered. Most MOS’s require a good understanding of technology. Even the “bullet pushers” have an understanding of computer skills. How else would one be able to operate, night vision gear, GPS, or an encrypted radio? Myself…I graduated from Purdue University with at 3.89 GPA, Phi Alpha Theta, and a McNair Fellow. Soon I will have completed my Masters in Educational Administration at Dominican University. Currently I am employed at a Catholic Elementary school as an Assistant Principal. Somehow I don’t think that fits Ms. Wilkes perception of what our military looks like today. Perhaps there was a time when court ordered enlistments were part of the landscape. Not any more! You can’t have a criminal record and enlist. Least not in either my beloved Marine Corps or Seabees. Her article just proves that semi-educated pond scum can have an opion and naturally feels fit to share it with the world.


  20. NHSparky says:

    CommCB–even college ain’t a guarantee they’ll take you. I was Nuclear Field recruiter when one of the field recruiters got all excited and called me about some 22-year old who had recently graduated college.

    Didn’t have the grades for Officer Programs and IIRC, was only interested in enlisting anyway. The recruiter saw the degree and figured he’d be a nuke for sure. Didn’t even bother to give him the practice ASVAB.

    Probably should have. He cut a 29 on it. Not enlistment eligible.

  21. defendUSA says:

    We could see how brave she is and maybe TSO can get her an embed–NOT! Of course she’s superior to the rest of us and arrogant in her delivery of her self-appointed smartyrdom and I do mean “smartyrdom”. Ms. Wilkes is just another idiot who believes every word of what she writes and then gets the perfunctory beatdown she deserves. BOOM!

  22. Vance says:

    More from former law school classmates posted as comments on her blog:

    “My two cents. I sat beside this person during one class in law school and I have to say if her behavior during class in any indication of how she would govern, god help S.C. if she gets elected. This is purely anecdotal of course, but the few times she actually decided to show up for class she would usually come in late, dressed in what appeared to be pajamas, and then proceed to read a book without even making an attempt to disguise the fact she wasn’t paying attention. I don’t think she was the same year as I was but I would love to hear from those who had more classroom time with Ms. Wilkes whether my experience was an aberration or the norm?

    And has anyone taken the time to read through her old website postings that she attempted to delete even though she apparently isn’t aware that the material is easily obtained from an internet cache search? I’m sure any potential rivals would enjoy perusing some of those pearls of wisdom.”

    ” can concur with CSOL’s description of her time spent in law school. And, as far as jeffy’s question is concerned, perhaps if she put forth the slightest little bit of effort instead of reading the latest trashy romance “novel” with Fabio on the cover during class, she may have actually been able to pass the bar exam!”

  23. Old Tanker says:

    It’s a good thing teh stoopid is painless otherwise she’d be near comatose with pain right now…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Until one of these dizzy b*tches writes the same spite-filled, finger-pointing, mud-slinging diatribe about the jihadists that she writes about our military, she can take her opinion and wipe her slimey a*s with it.

  25. RayRaytheSBS says:

    That oxygen-thieving little… Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, it must be hard breathing with your head firmly up your fourth point of contact (that’s your buttocks for you NAP’s.) No research done, stirring up drama, and trying to run for congress with a head shot that looks like she’s auditioning for being a fluffer, not a congresswoman. I agree with what TSO wrote on her blog, send her to Khandahar, drop her off with no escort, and see how long she lasts before she gets gang-raped by the taliban for being an infidel harlot.

  26. CombatCAsh says:

    This cum dumpster kicked the hornets nest.

  27. COB6 says:

    Keep in mind that the character that runs this piece of shit blog is none other than Will Folks. He’s the guy who claimed that his core honor forced him to proclaim that he had an affair with Niki Haley just weeks before an election.

    There is not a zit on any ass in South Carolina more irrelevant that Folks or this POS bitch!

  28. Marine_7002 says:

    From her web site, here is what she says she is obsessed with:

    “Mande is obsessed with: yoga, sunflower seed butter, cardio exercise, Maggie Gyllenhaal, the Real Housewives television franchise, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, her husband Alex, lipstick, Costco, “granny shoes,” and her Kindle.”

    Nice contrast to the service members she so inelegantly disses, who are obsessed with the training, education, physical fitness, and dedication needed for when they go in harm’s way for our country.

    Her end of the gene pool is so shallow that there ain’t enough DNA available in it to identify her.

  29. Daegger says:

    I’d drown this bitch in camel piss.

  30. Old Trooper says:

    From her blog:

    “A few years ago, at 250 pounds, my identity was tied to Bojangle’s and being sedentary. I scoffed at “health nuts,” looked down at them.

    Then I become one.

    A hardcore hippie housewife, running between my home gym and the yoga studio and the health food store. Wellness is what I practiced, and what I preached. I didn’t care about being thin – cross my heart and hope to die, I genuinely didn’t care about being thin – but in getting well I got thin. In 2009, I got a tummy tuck and I re-upped the size of my breast implants. Last year, I reached my peak: Ethical, yummy, indulgent eating that made my kitchen a place of consciousness and creativity; intense, body-bearing, limbering cardio and yoga that made me feel all deliciously used up like a wet flaccid noodle.”

    I think that sums things up nicely. She says she doesn’t care about appearance; then gets the tummy tuck and a bigger rack? Sounds more like she’s trying to be the bubble headed bimbo she claims not to be.

  31. NHSparky says:

    hardcore hippie housewife

    Which also explains her Ronulan streak. Seriously, most of the serious Ronulan moonbats I’ve encountered are of the hippie-peace-love-dope variety.

  32. NHSparky says:

    But back on the topic at hand…

    Seriously, Mande. If you’re reading this, and knowing your type, you or someone you know is getting this link on the Google, or will be shortly, consider the following:

    Visit any major college campus in America. Look at the crime rates on or near said campuses, particularly the violent crime rates in said areas.

    Noticing a pattern here, honey? Whatever metric you decide to use, military members have lower 1–crime, 2–suicide, 3–financial difficulty rates. Where military members are involved in crimes, it’s far more likely they’re the victim, not the perpetrator. So who would you rather live next to, dearest–a fraternity house/row or military housing?

    Now we move on to the educational requirements. Even those “grunt” MOS/NEC’s require a lot of grey matter between the ears. I’ll help you out. Take that two-hour drive south to the Naval Weapons Station in Charleston. Go ahead and sit in a typical Nuclear Power School class for about an hour…no romance novels allowed, however, so you actually have to pay attention. See if you can get through the day without your head fucking exploding.

    Having said that, what you know ain’t one-thousandth of what you think you know, and in that regard I’m being generous.

    We await your apology.

  33. Marine 83 says:

    I’m surprised with all the paul bashing that went on here the the ronulan trolls haven’t showed up to defend her. Rather dissapointing really. There are few things as enjoyable as watching this crowd dominate a paulbot.

  34. Nicki says:

    I plan on decimating this flapping cunt on my blog when I get home. (And yes, I just said it.)

    “It used to be that everybody who was anybody enlisted in the military. Nowadays, everybody who’s nobody serves – a natural consequence of incentivizing service with signing bonuses, comped education, and plush pensions. Not to mention that for those in the U.S. illegally, the incentives are that much more attractive – a respectable way to root into jobs that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible.”

    Fuck you, arrogant twat. I got my BS in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins university before enlisting – YES, ENLISTING voluntarily – in the military, because I wanted to serve the nation that gave me so many opportunities as an immigrant kid from the USSR.

    Ya gotta love how these people claim to stand up for freedom, but really have no idea how freedom is attained or what it means to live without it!

    God, I want to curb stomp her ignorant yap into a fetid wet spot near a public toilet in Detroit.

  35. teddy996 says:

    @32- You have it all wrong. On her website, she clearly states, “Mande is not obsessed with: intellectually incurious nincompoops, etc…”

    Therefore, she cannot be obsessed with herself, right? I mean… you’ve gotta be pretty damned intellectually incurious or nincompoopish if you paint wide swaths of people with stereotypes for your article without doing any research.

    My theory is this: those fake tits and tummy tucks were not born from an obsession with herself. Her husband probably took her to the body shop because he was tired of staring at her fat fucking ass and flat pre-teen chest.

    I imagine he married her for the same reason someone would buy a junked out Chevy II from the scrapyard. He and his friends probably sit around her now, drinking beers and high-fiving while commenting on how they didn’t think he could turn that pile of shit into something that looks decent.

  36. teddy996 says:

    @36- Were you navy, Nicki? That is some damn salty language.

  37. Tman says:

    “On her website she says she doesn’t think there’s any such thing as bad publicity…”

    Now if that isn’t an outright cry for attention, I don’t now what is.

    Again, these types screaming for their 15 minutes of fame, by whatever means necessary, so predictable.

    Still waiting for the public backtrack and ‘apology’ any minute now, once she’s had her laugh at our expense and traffic increased to the website.

  38. NHSparky says:

    Teddy–roflmao! But sad to say, sticking a pair of oversized mag rims/slicks on a 1973 Ford Pinto doesn’t make it any less of a POS flaming deathtrap.

    But at least she’s still got that sweet fake wood paneling along the sides. Oh, baby!

  39. Nicki says:

    @38 – teddy, Army. I call ’em as I see ’em. 🙂

  40. Old Trooper says:

    @36: That’s why I love ya, Nicki, there’s no grey area with you.

  41. teddy996 says:

    @40- Hubby is a trailer park hero then, Sparky. She’s the Smokey and the Bandit- era trans-am with louvred rear window and 7.5 decals on the hood (with a 6-clyinder engine underneath) sitting out front, next to the washing machine.

  42. Old Tanker says:

    Nice rant Nicki, I’m going to have to wander a little more around your blog!

  43. PowerPoint Ranger says:

    IIRC, FitsNews is run by the humpty-dumpty who tried to claim that he had something going on with Nikki Haley, and was most recently spreading false rumors that she was going to be indicted for tax fraud.

  44. PowerPoint Ranger says:

    One more thing, anyone who puts (holla!) in something that people are supposed to take seriously has no business in a congressional primary

  45. BooRadley says:

    thank you , PPR. The whole piece was so stupid one should have stopped reading at holla.

  46. Casey says:

    NHSparky #34, not all colleges are hotbeds of crime. Miami University is about as small-town as you can get. Very little crime.

    Of course, it’s set in a bunch of tiny towns & cornfields, but hey… 🙂

  47. BooRadley says:

    @ Casey…and they have one of only two Navy ROTC programs in OH. 🙂

  48. UpNorth says:

    Nicki, @#36, “curb stomp her ignorant yap into a fetid wet spot near a public toilet in Detroit”. Detroit is approaching public toilet status. Don’t add to the mess, please.
    Curb stomp her on the walk up to the door of Under the Hood, or on any UC campus?