Breaking radio silence for SPC David Sosa

| May 2, 2012

Remember I talked the other day about a PFC?  If not:

 One guy in particular that I noticed was a PFC. Young kid, fairly new to the country, and we owe him everything if this works, because dude does the right thing without even apparently noting it. The local kids had come out in droves. I mean, probably 100-200 of them all told filtered through. And being around the vehicle that was immobilized was obviously not something anyone needed. This PFC that we’ve spent thousands of hours and dollars training to bring destruction to the enemy was out there ACTUALLY winning hearts and minds. He was in the middle of the kids, smiling, learning their language, answering questions, making them giggle and so on.

Well, as the title indicates, he is a PFC no more, but the newest proud recipient of the sham shield. And it has been quite a day for this young man, as he learned this morning that was the ultimate winner of the “Baddest JFO Competion” for the entire brigade (JFO is Joint Forward Observer) There were over 100 guys who took part in the contest for the 172 SBCT Brigade. He placed first. As a PFC. There were SSG’s, LT’s and company level FSO’s, and this young SPC (ney PFC) won it all. In fact, Able Company won the overall competition as well, with Able taking 1-5 of all scorers.

Now you know why I chose this company. They’re badass man, like a moustache with….well, you know.


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  1. Parachute Cutie says:

    No better way to start my day than to read this great news about SPC Sosa and the men of ABLE Co. Please give my congratulations to all the men of ABLE. And tell SPC Sosa I’m damn proud of him for these great achievements that he EARRNED

  2. Hondo says:

    Sounds like a fine young man – with serious potential.

    Congratulations, Specialist Sosa. And keep on doing what you’re doing!

  3. Old Tanker says:

    …and now a member of the E-4 mafia, look out!!

    Congrats to SPC Sosa!!

  4. Old Trooper says:

    BZ Spc. Sosa!!


  5. OWB says:

    Nice. Well done, all.

  6. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Gum Daggit! I love this country! BZ SPC Sosa … keep leaning forward!

  7. defendUSA says:


  8. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    “ABLE” co.?? Forkin’ Army. Props to the Specialist!

  9. Blackfive says:

    Congrats, Specialist!

  10. PintoNag says:

    This is wonderful. Congratulations, SPC Sosa!