Marine stands guard for “honorary Marine”

| May 3, 2012

From RBB and our buddy Weasel Zippers, the story of 12-year-old Cody Green who won his third bout with cancer, but was losing to an infection brought on by the chemotherapy and the Marines who adopted him for awhile;

Cody had leukemia since he was 22 months old, but beat the disease three times. Although he was cancer-free, the chemotherapy lowered his immune system and Saturday afternoon, he died from a fungus that attacked his brain. Members of the Marines decided to step in and do something.

“They decided Cody, with the strength and honor and courage he showed through the whole thing, he should be a Marine,” said Cody’s father David Snowberger.

Cody was given Marine navigator wings and was made an honorary member of the United States Marine Corps. For one Marine, that wasn’t enough, so he did even more.

“The night before Cody passed, he stood guard at Cody’s door at the hospital all night long for eight hours straight,” said Snowberger.

Boy made honorary Marine before death:

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  1. Robert says:

    I can already tell this will go huge viral before a week is out. As well it should.

  2. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    God Bless Cody, United States Marine Corps (Honorary).
    God Bless the United States Marine Corps.

  3. tabla rasa says:

    God bless this young man, his family, and the Marines.

  4. Medic09 says:

    Damn. The weather changed in here. Kinda foggy, misty. Wet on the cheeks. RIP Cody. God bless the US Marines.

  5. OWB says:

    Wonderful display by these members of the Corps. Thank you.

    RIP Cody.

    (Allergies acting up again.)

  6. trent says:

    Between reading and watching this and George Will’s column today, I am not ashamed to say I am wiping tears from my eyes repeatedly.

  7. Hondo says:

    Well done, Sergeant. Well done.

    Rest in peace, Cody Green.

  8. Sgt Pepper says:

    RIP Marine Green.

  9. Athena says:

    That’s class. RIP Cody.

  10. B Woodman says:

    Darn. It’s wet in here for some reason. Having a hard time typing.
    God bless the Corps – every one of them.

  11. CWO5 USMC says:

    Semper fi Cody. Guard the gates of Heaven well my brother.

  12. Mommynator says:

    Marines. Simply the best.

  13. Gina says:

    Allergies acting up badly…

    God bless all Marines, especially the littlest one.

    RIP Cody.

  14. Just Plain Jason says:

    Thanks Guys…this is a nice story.

  15. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    And when he is reporting, to St. Peter he tell,
    Another Marine reporting Sir, I’ve served my time in hell.

    Pvt. Green, At ease, your watch is done.

    Young Sergeant, you have done the NCO Corps of the Corps proud. Semper Fi.

    (damn leaky eyeballs)

  16. CI says:

    Damn….there’s nothing I can add. If this doesn’t get to you, you’re just not alive.

  17. Former3c0 says:

    God, that’s heart wrenching… Rest in peace Cody. What an honor it must’ve been.

  18. LIRight says:

    You put up a good fight, Marine.

    May your soul rest in peace, amen.

  19. The local Marine League has some amazing people in it. They are a dusty lot though, hate it when it gets in my eyes like this. The ones involved are staying on the QT, as they don’t want anything to detract from Cody. All I can say to them and to Cody is Semper Fi!

  20. ProudARMYmom says:

    Rest In Peace Honorary Marine Cody Green. :`(
    Such a bittersweet story of a brave young man and how awesome of our Marines to do what they did for Cody…esp the one Marine who stood guard for Cody all night until he passed away. Fly with the Angels now, Cody…

  21. Dan says:

    Rest now Marine. You have served the Corp well, and now you have earned the honor of resting with the Higest of commanders.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Rest in Peace Marine…you have served your country in the best way that you could by being a brave young man and taking on a challenge, you now stand gaurd next to GOD’s side, you will serve him well.

    To the Marine that stood gaurd watching over him…Thank you for watching over our young Marine…He deserved it, we all appreciate what you did. Semper Fi.

    IUS Police Officer
    Master Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, Retired

  23. calvin says:


  24. Enigma 4 You says:

    “And When the Army and the Navy look on heavens scene, they will find the Gates are Guarded by United States Marines”

    Damned Allergies…

  25. PintoNag says:

    Rest in peace, Cody.

    God bless our Marines.

  26. HogKiller says:

    Truly the Few and the Proud. I think I need a new MacBook, this screen is a bit blurry.

  27. Semper says:

    Story gave me chills. Awesome job Brothers.

  28. SFC D says:

    Rest your weary head, Cody. You fought a battle that few have won. I have no doubt that when the pearly gates opened, the streets of heaven were lined with Marines to guide you. Marines, this Soldier thanks you.

  29. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    I showed my lovely wife this story tonight after we tucked our little six year old boy in bed. And with her by my side this Old Goat shed tears like a Wounded Sea Dog for Cody and the Marines.

  30. NHSparky says:

    That boy has ten times the bravery I would have had, and I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it. God bless him, and God bless the Marines who watch over him.

  31. Troy J. says:

    Semper Fidelis!! Rest in peace young Marine, and Godspeed!!

  32. Flagwaver says:

    Damn… My wife must have cooked with extra onions tonight…

    That is honor.

  33. Marine_7002 says:

    This kid successfully beat leukemia three times. THREE TIMES. Before he reached his teen years. I would have had a tough time beating it ONCE.

    Hopefully Chesty and Lou Diamond met Cody at the pearly gates and escorted him down those streets guarded by Marines like that Sergeant who so faithfully attended to him in his last hours.

  34. DixieLandMan says:

    God Speed, Cody.

  35. OldSoldier54 says:

    Truly, truly, that was well done, Marines. See you in a while, little brother.

  36. Mr. Buckshot44 says:

    sometime, somewhere, somebody is gonna say something bad about the Marines. I hope I can point them to the picture of the Marine standing guard here, and why……….

  37. RabidAlien says:

    This old Navy guy ain’t afraid to admit it…this story’s got me choked up. Well done, Marines. And Godspeed, Pvt Cody. You’ve fought a much tougher fight than most of us ever will.

  38. groundpounder65 says:

    gods speed Cody

  39. Anonymous says:

    Yes. God Bless the Marines and Veterans of every branch of service. We all owe them a debt we can never repay

  40. John Magurn says:

    Yes! God bless the Marines and all our service members. We owe them a debt we can never repay.

  41. UpNorth says:

    Like the others here, I can only say “well done, Marines”. And God speed, Cody.

  42. Joe Cain says:

    No Man left Behind! Thank You Marines for standing guard over a fallen marine. Semper FI and God Bless, Joe

  43. Anonymous says:

    The giving of the title is Honorary.
    The title is not.
    RIP Marine
    Semper Fi

  44. Corporal nobody says:

    Great story, very inspiring
    semper fi brother

  45. Mother of a new Marine says:

    Words cannot express the honor, privilege, pride, joy, and complete humbleness I felt when I was on Parris Island to witness my son’s graduation from Marine boot camp on Oct 5, 2012. And when I read a story like this that exemplifies the Marines core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, and what those Marine’s did for that boy and his family, I am humbled even more. But what humbles me most is the courage, honor, and commitment Cody and his family showed during this awfully challenging time in battling cancer. He was too young to die, but his legacy lives on, and his story will inspire many young men and women to come. Thank you Cody for your bravery, thank you Cody’s parents, thank you the Marine’s, and thank you to his principal and all those wonderful students who supported him before his passing and there after! Truly inspiring!

  46. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @ 49 Mom of a New Marine, God bless you for raising a son who had the wherewithal to enlist in my beloved Corps. Now that you’ve seen what Marines are like, you must realize that your son will do the same thing, for the next Cody, when required. Love him, support him and be faithful to our Corps.

  47. 2-17 AirCav says:

    @49. I can’t speak for the Marines but I will say this: There isn’t a soldier or Marine who would trade places with their Mom. The reason? Your job is more difficult than anyone’s.

  48. Namvet71-02 says:

    From an old US Army Sgt (Vietnam) to the new generation of warriors – Duty, Honor, Country and Pride, along with compassion and love, were all well served by the Marines. Semper Fi!

  49. Bonnie Weiss says:

    This Marine is the epitome of a ‘real man’. May God bless this Marine, all of his military brothers and sisters and especially Marine Cody Green. RIP little one.

  50. Green Thumb says:


    Well said.