Brian Leonard Creekmur; Yet another Phony SEAL

| May 5, 2012

Mike sends us a link to this story about Brian Leonard Creekmur who began by using his phony SEAL to attract women;

It looks like our buddy, Don Shipley busted this one. According to the newsman, he stolen his story completely from real Master Chief.

The memorabilia at his house in Middlesex County, his frequent Tweets to CNN reporters, his Facebook photos, and military discharge papers, all show a man who fought for the country as part of SEAL Team 2 – and later SEAL Team 6. They show a man who has never run from a confrontation. Until now.

It’s not really a question. I’ve spent a month digging into his claims, and I know it’s him behind the wheel of this pickup truck, no matter how quickly he rolled up the windows. He’s had a lot to say on the Internet about his career as a Navy SEAL sniper, but not much to say about it to me.

He also does what all of our phonies did – closed his Twitter and facebook accounts to avoid answering embarrassing questions. It appears that he spent his time in the Army (6 years) made it to Specialist but was discharged a PFC. The video moved too fast for me to tell what his MOS was, but I’m sure he was almost a SEAL in the Army.

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  1. SGT Airborne says:

    LoL! That’s dedication, few people are so dedicated to the lie to actually get tattoos. I don’t understand this, I wanted to be a paratrooper in the Army so I enlisted and went to jump school, if you want to be a SEAL join the Navy and earn the trident.

  2. joe alcott says:

    really, i have no words. i was never able to serve in the services, but have the utmost respect.
    assholes like this , and those who impersonate the Police and Firefighters ought to do serious time! or at least a weekend… with the SEALs

  3. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    *SIGH* Another fake anal orifice! Good job Mr. Mather, thanks for publicly exposing this phony.

  4. Lobster68w says:

    Brian Creekmur started in the Army (2nd 75th Airborne Ranger Bn) then 313th Military Intelligence (Long Range Recon Patrol) E Company, changed branches of service to United States Navy (Graduate of US Navy SEAL/s School (Class 134) SEAL Team 2/DEVGru,and was a honor graduate Sniper.. Now owns a company that works in the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in Alexandira VA location in Fort Belvoir, VA ( B3 Solutions, Inc.Company has been in service for 7 years inside this DOD Agency.

    If he does indeed work as a DoD contractor, I wonder how he passed his background check. Or is his job fake too….

  5. Beretverde says:

    @1 I was thinking the same thing. I joke about “qualification via association” ( I rode on a deuce and a half with some Rangers so I am now one) … But this is takes the cake- qualification via tattoos?

  6. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Beretverde, in that case I’m Recon! I carried Recon in my Amtrac every now and then! From now on I’m “Recon 1833″…nah, I’ll stay Yat Yas 1833 because I’ll always be a ‘trac rat’ at heart.

  7. Beretverde says:

    @6 if I had the balls to ride in your bullet magnet Amtrac… I wouldn’t call my self a trac rat… Even if I got a tattoo. The tattoo thing blows me away.

  8. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @4 Lobsterclaw, as a certified umpire I’m calling you out on strikes!!!

    Strike 1: it’s 75th Ranger Bn (airborne) NOT 75th Airborne Ranger Bn,

    Strike 2: SEALs attend BUD/s training NOT SEAL/s school, and finally

    Strike 3: what does a high school alumni assn website prove? I could make myself out to be the most decorated Marine since Chesty Puller but that doesn’t prove anything.

    Maybe you should get your computer fixed so you can watch videos. The one I saw associated with this thread says ALL agencies contacted, regarding Navy or SEAL service, have no record of brianboy ever having served in the Navy nor as a SEAL. Let me guess, his missions were so secret squirrel his records are classified and available only to the POTUS!? Nice try brian but you lose.

  9. Thunderstixx says:

    This idiot ought to be made to practice balancing a spinning ball on his nose…

    That’s about all he is good for…


  10. streetsweeper says:

    Personally speaking, I’d like to see this asshat standing in the position of attention in front of Senior Chief Shipley. Holy shit, I’d sell tickets to that one, LOL!

  11. PowerPoint Ranger says:


    I don’t think #4 was trying to defend this shitstain, just copy/pasting what Creekmur evidently posted at that particular link. After seeing that, and if Creekmur actually owns B3 Solutions, it looks to me like those contracts (specifically how they got them and if his phony SEAL veteran status was involved) need to be investigated.

  12. So should some folks put a copyrity thing on their resume?

  13. CI says:

    Well what do you know…the B3 Solutions website doesn’t list Brian as part of their leadership team.

  14. DR_BRETT says:

    To SGT Airborne: ” . . . if you want to be a SEAL join the Navy and earn the trident.”

    Apparently the phony’s concept of “EARN” is restricted to the “achievement” of the tattoo .

  15. PowerPoint Ranger says:

    I bet that part of B3’s webpage was destroyed in the same fire that consumed his SEAL records…

  16. DR_BRETT says:

    To PowerPoint Ranger :
    That’s true — that fire in Overland (St. Louis), Missouri, actually wiped out ALL records, except JF Kerry’s NAVY files .

  17. NHSparky says:

    Personally, I’d love to know how the hell he has an SO (Special Warfare Operator) rating when it wasn’t even established until 2006:

  18. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @11 PPR, amigo I see your point. I tend to get a little bit out of my mind crazy when shit piles try to pull this shit then start posting as someone else defending themselves.

    Lobster68W, I don’t remember seeing you here before and as I said above, many posers have come here pretending to be someone else defending themselves. I know PPR and will accept his counsel. If I’ve offended you, please accept my sincerest apologies.

  19. WOTN says:

    According to the documents in that video, he was a Tactical Communications Operator, and served at HHC, 75th Ranger Regiment, as well as in A Co of the Battalion at Ft Lewis, and then was shipped out to LRSU units.

    6 years as an E4 and below!?!? Gotta wonder how he managed to get out as an E3, but in those days, if you weren’t an E5 by 6 (or 8) years, you were QMP’d.

    I guess he didn’t want anyone following that trail, so he “switched services.”

  20. WOTN says:

    that smiley face should be “8”

  21. Lobster68w says:

    @18 No worries. I found this site when I was reading about our local douche bag Dale Groves.

  22. Lobster68w says:


  23. SGT Ted says:

    We had a fake SEAL surface during our deployment to Iraq. Specialist Dude had prior Navy service, did what he was told. Told some tall tales during train up at Fort Lewis about being a SEAL. He then sewed a Trident and HALO wings on his tri-colors. No one questioned it, as our records were in transit. It was 10 months later, he did something that just said “no way he was a SEAL”. We had our records there. I did the research and contacted all the sites that verify SEAL Service with his info. He had been an admin weenie who got chaptered out after 9 months service. I gave the proof to the 1SG and CO. He got reduced to PFC. Sme of his platoon mates still stuck up for him in the face of the evidence against him. I never got why they did. Maybe he’s that good a bullshitter.

  24. George says:

    Look around the 5:39 mark. You can make out his duty stations, but not the timeline.
    Basic Training at Ft Jackson, AIT at Ft Gordon. First duty station, Ft Lewis. Lists what I guess was/is Ft Lewis replacement center, HQ 2/75, HHC 2/75 and A 2/75.
    Then he goes to Ft Bragg and to an HHC of the 82d.
    From there to an MI company in Germany.
    Then return CONUS.
    Shows he went to ‘tactical telecommunications specialist’ training in November 1984. Oddly enough, it shows he was in Ranger Indoctrination Program in December 1984…but his Military Education stops there.
    His ‘decorations and awards’ lists ASR, GCM, that he put enough holes in paper at BCT to qualify and that he made 5 static line jumps. What the hell is wrong with these guys? They can’t be happy with their ACTUAL service, they have to make shtuff up?

  25. NHSparky says:

    Also looking at ribbon rack he has on his choker whites. That’s some jacked up shit.

  26. Jack says:

    Typical of some CNN or MSNBC ass hat to run with “powerful words” about death and suffering from a guy whose only experience with suffering may well have been a rough night on the shitter.

    Where this can really impact you on a day to day basis is that no matter what you have done you can never top or match the fake war hero. Years ago I knew a woman; smart, professional and hot, who believed a Marine assigned to her unit (a joint unit in the UK) when he said he was a Marine assassin. What MOS is that? 03XXstealthdeath?

    I met another woman who believed a guy she had dated was SF. She went further and added that “he had even shown me some of his arsenal.” His arsenal was throwing stars! No shit! Guy could not even afford an airsoft pistol!

    I did not bust out either man because I was trying to score both women and if I busted out the past boyfriends both women would have done one of two things; they would have immediately realzied they had been duped, felt stupid and resented me for pointing out the truth OR they would have assumed I was a petty man who was jealous of their super hero X boyfriends. Either way I was out.

  27. Chirs says:

    I personally met Creekmur and personally know his ex-wife. His government contracts were real. He was awarded contracts worth millions.

  28. Green Thumb says:


  29. MCPO on MCPO's NYC (Ret.) says:

    We Master Chief’s spend our careers inspiring others … for the good of our unit, Navy, and country. Unfortunately we Master Chierf’s do inspire DIRT SUCKING SCUM BUCKETS on occasions because of our greatness. For this we do not apologize, we climb the mast and proclaim to all … BLANKET PARTY … EVERYONE IS INVITED!