Mailahn returns

| June 4, 2012

I guess the world’s youngest Sergeant Major, “Ronad” Mailahn, is ready to concede that maybe not all publicity is good publicity. He just emailed this to POW Network;

I admit I was not in the corps but I did serve in the army I said I was in the corps cause a lot of my friends that was made fun of the army I was wrong in doing so very wrong now that I admited to this please take my name off your web page and could u send this to the hell website and have them remove this off there site as well I just want to live my life this lie has caused me to lose jobs due to the fact it was on the web and I don’t need to lose anymore job opperinitys u have my permission to post this on the site
Ronad Mailahn Jr

See, here’s the thing “Ronad” (so many possibilities there), I could take that post down right now, but the internet always remembers. I’ve had to explain that about a hundred times to people who’ve made the same request. The whole point of this exercise is that there’s a price to pay for stupid shit. If we can’t get the government to arrest you for this malfeasance, then we have the internet – a modern version of the stocks and dunking chairs in the village square.

And, oh, pretending to be a Marine is one thing, but pretending to be a Sergeant Major with a whole bunch of crap that you didn’t earn is quite another. You didn’t think about us, or the Marines who have died in that uniform when you strapped it on, so please don’t ask us to consider your feelings and remove anything that might hurt your widdow feewings. And pay back the money to the girls’ softball team that you looted.

This actually started as a comment on the original thread, but the whiny little turd deserved an entirely new post to complain about. Still waiting on the call from your “lawer”, you illiterate goat roper.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Marine 7002: would you be at liberty to share that DD214 with me? I’d like to cross-check it against his FOIA results if/when they come in.

    If so, advise here and I’ll send you contact info.

  2. teddy996 says:

    Fuck this. Ro-nad the Destroyer was my horse in this year’s MacB’s, and he just up and fucking quits before the tourney starts?

    Fucking Jersey posers. Disappointing people on all ends of the spectrum.

  3. Marine_7002 says:

    Hondo: most affirmative. Send it to the admin email address?

  4. Marine_7002 says:

    @50 0311: oh, I would not bet against him pulling another douchebaggery poseur stunt again. I’d bet that he got kinda addicted to the attention (after all, he said that he loved it, before he realized it wasn’t exactly the kind of attention he was craving), but I gave it a year max just in case he was just smart enough to lay low for a while. Good question about the uniforms. Just the way he was wearing
    our uniforms is enough to make him competitive with SoupSammich in the “Sloppiest Uniform/Most Creative Ways to Ignore Uniform Regulations.”

    @52 teddy: very similar to Just Have Another, he comes up lame before the start of the race. But we oughta throw him into the bracket anyway, just because his run was so long and entertaining. I’d wager he would do pretty well even if he’s laying low. If he gets active again…well, he’d be my hands-down #1 too.

  5. Hondo says:

    Marine_7002: negative, unless you want it to go to Jonn instead. If so, send it there as well.

    One of the privileges of being allowed to post here is that I can see e-mail addresses entered into comments. Do I have your OK to send you my contact info via e-mail at the address you used on the above comments?

  6. Marine_7002 says:

    Hondo: DIRLAUTH (damn, I’m surprised I remember that!).

  7. Hondo says:

    Marine_7002: contact info sent. E-mail will contain link identifying comment above granting DIRLAUTH. (smile)

  8. Ron Mailahn says:

    Again I’m sorry for lying to all of you all trying to pass myself off in the corps I’m strickly 1hat I served in the Army all the pixs on my face book is taken down and it won’t happen again I hope u all can someday forgive me

    Ron mailahn

  9. NHSparky says:

    Jesus Christ, Mailahn. Spell check–do you speak it, motherfucker!!!

  10. DR_BRETT says:

    No. 27 Peggy :

    He got THAT wrong, too — This AIN’T Hell .
    (Reverse Logic is Bad Business.)

  11. OWB says:

    Forgiveness is one thing, and not particularly difficult to grant. Forgetting is something else entirely.

    Establish a pattern of correct behavior and a maturity waaaaay beyond what you have shown us here and we will talk about it. You have already seen what your clownish fraudulent claims will get you – screw up again and you will wish for the good old days when this is all you got from us.

    That’s a promise.

  12. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Email Analyzed:

    Eye am a ideott. Eye hav lyed abuot evereeting. Meye job opperinitys r few now becuaze eye is a ideott. Pleeze fergiv me becuaze, knot onlee can eye knot spel, eye do’nt no wat reallitee is akneemore.

  13. Strike and Kill says:

    To Ron :Can you ask forgiveness to all the Service members who paid the ultimate price while wearing the uniform you so blatantly wore as if it were an old t-shirt, when they can give you forgiveness then the rest of the world will, I personally believe you belong in prison…

    SSG, USA (ret)

  14. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Mailman, when you post on Facebook and admit you’re a lying sack of shit, THEN I’ll forgive you…maybe. I’m a real Marine, a title I EARNED! I endured the 13 weeks of physical and mental abuse that was Marine Recruit Training in the ’70s. As a Christian I will forgive, as a Marine I won’t forget and, having your pictures, when visiting friends back east if I should run in to you, expect an ass beating.

  15. just thought you would like to know says:

    I wonder if Ron has gone in front of all of the people at the suicide support group and told them the truth??? Yes ladies and gentlemen, Ron had the nerve to stand up in front of a group of people and openly cry as he told them stories. Stories of the deaths that he had seen and the heart ache of dealing with the loss of fellow Marines. So he still even with all that he has said is only in this for him self. I am guessing that the reason that he posted this “I lied letter” in the first place is because, the women that he is stalking on the internet are smart enough to google his name. Maybe Ron if you really did go look for a job instead of sitting on your ass playing games you might find one. It is so easy for you to blame everyone else for your problems. I think at your age it is time for you to wake up and see that you are the real reason for your problems.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ron you keep telling lies about me and my family on here and it’s getting a little old now. I was not kicked out of the military and my father is not a part of the Ku Klux Klan as you have previously stated. If you have a beef with me by all means come and see me I only live 10 minutes away that’s if you have the balls. The fact is dude you’re a blow job that has gone wrong.

  17. Ron Mailahn says:

    I have stood in front of groups of people when I admitted I was a drunk so who every u are your wrong

  18. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    mailman, you really don’t get it, do you? Go on Facebook and post an admission of your lies and dishonor if you want forgiveness. You were sure happy to put your retarded photos and bullsh1t stories there, now ‘fess up there. You claimed one of the highest honors in the United States, the title United States Marine, which you DID NOT earn. You also claimed one of the most esteemed ranks in all of the US military, Marine Sergeant Major which you DID NOT earn. Finally, you claimed decorations and awards Marines have died earning, decorations and awards you DID NOT earn. You want wanted attention, well you got it! Maybe it’s not the kind you wanted but it’s what you’ve brought down on yourself.

  19. NHSparky says:

    Ronnie. Grab a dictionary. Wait, let me clarify…a dictionary is a book…wait, a book is a big paper thing with pages, aw, fuck it.

    Look up the definition of “contrition.” So far from what I’ve seen and heard, you’re not exhibiting that quality, so no, your “apology” is not accepted here.

  20. just thought you would like to know says:

    but Ron I am not wrong in what I say. You are just trying to cover up more of your lies, but then again what is new.

    @ 69 Ronnie picking up a book would require him to put down his game remote …. and that is just to much for him to do.

  21. I'm watching you says:

    Titles you have earned: lazy, dead beat dad, thief, felon, sexual deviant, liar, retard, user, loser. I don’t see Marine on that list yet you put on the uniform. Do the world a favor and climb to the top of a tall building and try to fly. The world would be better off.

  22. one who knows also says:

    this ronad mailahn apparently did not remove everything,if you go to this link, called marine formation,he has himself listed in the 3rd mar div.
    12th marines
    12 years gunny
    this is the link,go to near the bottom of the page,where it says all other marine formation

    Marine Formation Page

    i found this when i googled his name

  23. just thought you would like to know says:

    just wanted to also say that Ron is good at covering up why he has no money. When questioned as to what happened to the retirement checks he should be getting from the military , his answer was that his ex gets them. He is also good at telling people that he has his own place when he meets them. Then before you get a chance to see it he has to give it up to go live with his mom and take care of her. He also has said that he had his daughter full time till he had to move back in with his mom , so his daughter had to go live with his ex(her mom) which come to find out after all this time it was all lies… he was never a Marine , his daughter has never since his divorce lived with him, he never had his own apartment , and no money goes to his ex. Some times you believe people just because you feel that they would never lie to you, and how could some one show such emotion and not be telling the truth???? I guess as they say we live and learn…. some of us just take longer in the learning department….. now Ron do you still want to say that what I say is not true???? I can post more if you want me to

    • brenda says:

      i want to also reply to some of the lies that he tells, another he told was he had 3rd stage prostate cancer, he wanted this woman to feel sorry for him, so he told her that, she had told me all about it, he told her he was not telling his mother, but that his “tanker” buddies were looking out for him, plus this uncle mike,he does not care what kind of lies he tells, and all this sgt major stuff going on, he told the new g/f that noe of this is true, it was his ex brother in law who put all this stuff on the internet, well now he will get married soon, in oct, this woman believes everything he says, he told her not to look at anything on the internet about him cause his ex’s family is trying to ruin him,she will someday know who tells the lies,, this woman has even had some friends tell her about ron mailahn, but she will defend him, saying none of this is true, he has been going with her for a while, on one of her trips on a cruise,,, he was left home , with his mom,lol, but anyway he met another woman, he belongs to this fetish site on line, anyway he took naked pictures of her, and put them on line, we all seen them, but g/f will never know, because of his “honesty” so he is a catch ladies, he pays no child support, he works once in a while,, but he dont really care,

  24. AverageNCO says:

    Doing research for the tourney selection committee, somehow I had overlooked this thread. OMG, I love this site so much. Jonn always stresses this is veterans blog, not a conservative or political blog. He’s wrong, I say it’s a comedy blog. Pathetic characters, brilliant sarcasm and satire. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  25. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    NCO – now you are talking. It IS a comedy site. But you have to qualify and get it at the same time! A very serious site as well.

  26. one who knows says:

    he took up a new mission . he wants to be the next JR in 3 years when his probation is done he is moving to Dallas to work in the oil fields and become rich . he dont work now or pay child support. but he is dating this gorgous woman that what he posted and will become rich in 3 years

  27. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    ala mailman, “this is the most goodest syte i nevr cean”!?

    Honestly, I met a couple of posers before and took care of them post haste. I never knew the extent of the problem until I came here. My last MilBlog was 95% social. I have learned so much here it’s not even funny! I can only hope to learn more and maybe be useful, in some small way, in busting the “rat bastages” that would steal our honor. Semper Fi!

  28. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @ 76 one who knows, did you mean gorgeous or “gi-normous”?! We’ve seen his taste in…women?

  29. just thought you would like to know says:

    @78 check out his facebook page… he posted a picture of his “new” lady…. must be the salty air of New Jersey rots more then just wood… these women must have very few live brain cells running around …. lets see how long this one last or if she is even real

  30. Knows the truth says:

    Ronnie has lost yet another job. And still is not paying his child support. What a dildo! Cant wait till your sorry ass goes to jail. You wont last 24 hours in a cell!

  31. fake marine exposer says:

    I hope they put you in a cell with “Tickle Monster” Sandusky.

  32. Anonymous says:

    what an ass, he still is not paying child support, only works 2 days a week,to damn lazy to work maybe another job?, but he has the balls to tell everyone on twitter how he got his new madden for his playstation,what a man, his daughter can do without, cause his needs are more important

  33. noname says:

    @79 99% of Jersey Girls would run from him. He’s just finding the idiots that will give him the time of day.

  34. one who knows says:

    Ronald Mailahn who lives in Collinswood New Jersey takes advantage of anyone and everyone he can,at 43 years old he is living with his mother in her little apartment makes his mother pay all his bills, he must be so proud of himself, his life consist of looking for women on the internet, and lying to them, telling them he has full custody of his daughter and own his own place, his madden playstation,his life,, and tying up women, he calls himself the master,he has come to the conclusion that everyone else should take care of his responsiblities, cause that would require him to work a full time job for more then a few weeks