Derek Kent Rose, the forgery sex offender

| June 10, 2012

Mary at POW Network sends us their research on Derek Kent Rose who was arrested in Virginia last week for receiving stolen property and not registering with the sex offender registry. Apparently, he was also caught forging his DD214 a while back and using the Wounded Warrior program telling the tale that he was in a HMMV accident which killed four of his fellow Marines and he caught a TBI while they died in his arms. Here’s the DD214 he began to alter with an X-acto knife;

And how it ended up;

Really? It takes Marines a 4-week course to learn night land navigation? And at least he didn’t go for Force Recon or Scout Snipers and just made himself an MP. That ought to make you MPs feel a little better.

But here are his assignments from his FOIA, so unless he was a traffic control MP in the DFAC chow line, it doesn’t reflect any possibility for his self-awarded Combat Action Ribbon;

So, as with most of these phonies, he’s guilty of other stuff besides forging his records;

POW Network has several examples of the little perv embellishing his record, and wearing uniforms and phony finery that he bought but didn’t earn. you should check it out.

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  1. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    Son, I love you tremendously and I am incredibly proud of you and the MAN you have become. I know YOU WILL make a tremendous difference in this nasty nasty world. You have NEVER not accomplished what you have aspired to do. Your Grandpa served in the Marine Corp, Army, and Air Force…no worries there.

  2. Hondo says:

    chargerpride: There’s an old saying, youngster – “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Might want to keep it in mind. The world generally pays off based on actions, regardless of intent.

    And there’s a second saying, somewhat more recent: “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, . . . .” A somewhat more modern version of “pick your battles”, if you will. You know that one, but you apparently don’t know how to practice it. Until you do – see the previous proverb.

    You’ve indicated you want to serve. That’s commendable, and I wish you well if and when you do. And I commend you for defending your mother. But your judgement here was IMO somewhat lacking.

    That’s OK; you’re young. Judgement comes with age and experience. Just try to learn from others’ mistakes as well as your own. Successful people do so.

    One last point: you should really watch your use of language, spelling, and punctuation if you want to be taken seriously in life. It’s “pedestal” – not “pedistole”. People notice such errors. I’m frankly rather surprised ROS didn’t rip you a new flatus vent for that.

  3. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    Hondo, I respect your ability to look at this from all sides and I respect that your advice to my son doesn’t come with such a harsh lashing. Im sure his road to success in his personal journey to defend and protect our country won’t come easy and frankly the things said here are far less traumatizing then what he will hear in the military, more specifically boot camp. He can and will succeed and I pray he has leaders such as yourself by his side guiding him.

  4. ROS says:

    It was tough, Hondo, but I feel a bit sorry for the little bugger, being a mom and all. I believe with a bit of tutelage from you and the guys, he may be able to see the error of his ways and level-up his maturity pack. 😀

    In all honesty, however, I’m reticent to believe that the entirety of these posters are not all 1 person, given their tendency to push the same points to redundancy, syntax and grammatical structure, and attitudes toward those who believe them in error.

  5. heralder says:

    Super space marine seal orbital commander…

    Doesn’t anyone ever join to be a crank or the guy who counts the powder bags?

    This thread delivers.

  6. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    ROS, for the sake of making some sort of peace in this, I assure you we are not all 1. There are great things that came from this posting stuff. Such as I talked to me son about Derek. My son has overcome everything put in his path and more then excelled. I recognize that the hard core, knuckle dragging, take no shit guys out there are the ones the are going to lead my son to do amazing things for our country. Its what makes our soldiers strong and more then capable. You all were right, about everything. I just need a tougher skin, as you reminded me often. But there is a place in this world for those softies such as myself. Im used to the kinder, gentler side of the world. Mostly NIEVE.

    Heres a question that I need your help with. I was looking at the punishment for stolen valor. I heard it was before the Supreme Court but not aware of any outcome. I haven’t been able to locate a definitive answer on the punishment. I know Derek, he will just move to a different state and pull the same crap. Take advantage of the kind hearts that feel sorry for his lies and stories and take advantage of the programs put in place for assistance to help the real heroes? Is there something put in place to prevent him and others from continuing this game. I found that he may face up to 10 years for not registering as a sex offender. But that is just not enough IMO. He isn’t one that learns from his mistakes. What you guys have seen of his behavior and games is just a small part of what he done. Is there anything to prevent him from going to another state and doing it again? Because he will.

  7. Hondo says:

    B-Responsible: The SCOTUS decision on the SVA is expected sometime this summer. If the SCOTUS upholds the SVA, false claims of military decorations and badges will remain a Federal misdemeanor (6 mo to 1 year in prison and a fine, max). If the SCOTUS doesn’t uphold the SVA, they’ll revert to being nothing but non-criminal lies.

    Whether the local US Attorneys choose to indict and prosecute may well be a different story. Some will, but others will doubtless feel they have “bigger fish to fry” and that it’s not worth the time and resources required.

    As I read it, false claims to have served that don’t include a claim to unearned badges or decorations are not criminal under the SVA and won’t be even if the SCOTUS upholds the SVA.

  8. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    Is altering his DD214 punishable?

  9. Hondo says:

    Different question, but I’m pretty sure that’s a crime under a different part of Federal law than the Stolen Valor Act.

  10. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    I sent a text to my Dad with the same question. I figured since there are victims, the assistance programs he has taken advantage of, that they could prosecute. But they may just have to pursue him on a civil level, if its worth it to them. I feel compelled to lay out a list of crimes for the judge hearing his case now, so that he has at least a few road blocks. Unfortunately he absolutely will keep doing it, and Im afraid he will only get a slap on the hand and be let loose. He will continue lying and abusing assistance programs and on a sick note, he will always be looking for his next “victim” through dating sites and such. Thats just how he operates. Master manipulator, narcissistic.

  11. teddy996 says:

    Charger- the path to a SEAL team does not start at the Corps. Join the navy if you want to apply for the teams.

    You seem to be an ok guy, so I’ll give both you and your mother a breakdown of what went wrong here:

    The lawsuit. Sockpuppets are a plaything on the internet that generally, when discovered, earn their creator some ridicule. B had some blatant socks on, and responded to the ridicule with what we here at TAH refer to as “an average weekday”. Threats of lawsuits are routine occurances here at TAH, because of the admin’s relentless drive to expose military frauds. The TAH community has seen scumbags of all shapes and sizes threaten people here with lawsuits, in an attempt to shut down the investigations into fraudulent disability claims, false claims of medals, or because it threatens their scams on charities.

    Your mom, B, unwittingly joined them in spirit when she started her lawsuit routine. That kind of talk around here earns a special place in our hearts. It means that we know that you know you’re in the wrong, but are choosing a laughable attempt to violate our rights via the justice system in order to silence us. ROS, perhaps because she had taken a different approach to this “motherhood” thing we were accused of not knowing anything about, had a lower threshold of tolerance for B’s bullshit, and treated her with all the due respect that anyone else who threatens lawsuits earns around here.

    B acted exactly like we would expect your assbag father/ex to act. B only got a taste of the usual TAH response in return, and only from one or two of us. Take it and move on, or stick around and join in on the future fun. Your choice. If you are indeed considering the Corps or the navy, charger, there might be some people here that you wish to speak with at a future date. We have vets and active duty from all branches here, as well as some spouses who have seen the other side of deployments.

  12. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    Teddy996, Your right :). I did not act right. I appreciate your advice. He is a good kid, he would appreciate any advice or guidance you guys could provide him. If you knew him, you’d embrace him knowing he will do great things. Not a thing like his sperm donor. Super super smart, resilient, and grounded. I couldn’t be prouder!

  13. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    Probably just community service for altering DD214. That just doesn’t seem right!

  14. chargerpride says:

    I realize the path to becoming a SEAL does not start in the Corps. I just have history with them and when I initially join that it where I would like to go. I apologies for me mistakes. I am only 18. I am book smart, studying pre-medicine with a minor in physics. But as stated above I have a long way to go and I realize. I am driven and I would appreciate the chance to talk to some people on here about my future in our nations military. I apologize this got so out of hand and obviously I love my mother and would defend her like I would defend my country. Like I said I am young and I have much to learn I just ask that this argument stop. It isnt doing anything productive and I realize that statement is hypocritical since I rekindled the argument. I am will ing to put it in the past though and hopefully get useful contacts and information out of this

  15. PintoNag says:

    It appears, Charger, that the argument HAS stopped. You’re talking with us now, not at us. That makes all the difference in how we will talk to you.

    You’ve found an excellent site here for information about the military. There is a vast array of knowledge here, on almost anything you want to know about.

  16. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    Thank you PN. I appreciate your kindness as does he…sorry for speaking for ya son 🙂

  17. ScalpelShepherd says:

    I was a Seal during WWII, ask away.

  18. Redacted1775 says:

    Charger, You’re going to face some negativety when your intent to enlist becomes known. The best advice I can give to you about joining the Corps, is to do it for yourself, make your own decision; not because someone is talking you into it, or trying to talk you out of it. Never lose your sense of humor. If you don’t have a sense of humor, get one. Learn our core values, leadership traits and principles. And if you believe in them, don’t settle for merely being able to recite them from memory, LIVE them. Stay away from the malcontents, you’ll meet alot of those, but you don’t get ahead in this business by being a part of the crowd, rather by standing apart. Bring your “A Game” every day. Most importantly, when you progress in rank, do everything for the Marines under your charge, never for yourself.

  19. ScalpelShepherd says:

    On a serious note, Charger I think you have what it takes to be an excellent Marine. Continue to live a good life. Never settle for less than exceptional moral character from yourself and those you choose to be around.

  20. B-Responsible/Momma Grizzly says:

    If anyone is interested, Derek was originally charged with receiving stolen property, and will face 2-5 years on that charge. He has now been transfer to the Prince William jail where he has been additionally charged with a class A felony, Fraud/Forgery looking at 10-15 years for that and I assume he will also be charged with parole violation and an additional charge for knowingly/willingly not registering as a sex offender. Quite possibly a repeat offender sentence enhancement. I think he may just be in jail for a long time now 🙂

  21. Hondo says:

    chargerpride: Acknowledging that you were out of line is the act of someone developing maturity and good judgement. So is returning to a discussion as an adult after going off the rails. Good to see that. Some 50-year-olds can’t do either.

    Regarding your future service – my advice would be to choose the branch of service you join based on what you want to do vice history. Look into each branch carefully. If you’re interested in special operations, for example, each branch has forces devoted to that mission. But each is different, and does somewhat different things, is based in different normal areas, and has a different lifestyle and career pattern. Being happy in what you do is far more important that family history. It’s your life, not your ancestors’.

    I note that you’re shooting for a pre-med major. All branches also have medical school programs. Unless you want to be special operations medical, pre-med isn’t a typical field of study for someone considering special operations service (if there even is anything approaching typical for special operations – from my limited experience, they’re quite a varied bunch). And the service medical school programs, though intensely competitive, are a major financial help in getting through med school.

    And if you’re serious, and want to lead as an officer, you need to check into the services’ various commissioning programs quickly. ROTC programs are there, but getting into one requires some work and admin prep time. They’re not the only path to a commission or to leadership, but they’re the most common one for those who want to be officers.

    Best of luck, son. You already appear head and shoulders better than your biological father. Keep working at it.

    — break —

    B-Responsible: thanks for the update. That’s good to hear. Would you happen to have a link to that info? If so, Jonn or one of the other contributors here may use info from that link to write an update on your ex. But if it’s based on external news, we generally need a link to original source before we can do that.

  22. exposeddkr says:

    B(Toni)–is there any way you would be willing to contact me? I am the mother I Derek’s youngest son, and one of the few that helped to expose Derek. As an update, Derek was transferred from Prince William/Manassas jail on 06/12/12 to Rappahannok Regional Jail, where he was bonded out that very same day. I am unsure of where you received word of his charges, however, when I spoke with the jail’s inmate coordinator, I was told that he was arrested for petty larceny only.

    On a separate note, I do have to say that I am very thankful for TAH, Mary and her team at and for the guys at Stolen Valor for working so hard and diligently to expose this scumbag as to who he really is. Unfortunately for Derek, if and when he finally moves on to another state, it will only be a matter of time before others uncover the lies that are Derek Kent Rose.

  23. exposeddkr says:

    Here is the link for Derek’s current charge:

    Type the security code given in the box. Once directed to the search page, select the “Spotsylvania County General District Court” from the drop down box. Next, select “Name Search”. Last name will be “Rose”, first name should be “Kent”. You will then see a list of both archived and current criminal charges.

    Hope this helps!

  24. B-Responsible Momma Grizzly says:

    Not sure if this is the Mom that contacted me 5-6 years ago and I told to run run run?? If so, Hi sweetheart I hope you and the baby are doing fine. If not, Nice to meet you. I don’t mind at all if you contact me. Im just not sure how to get you my info without publishing it. I simply called the Prince William Jail last night and spoke to the officer. I called the Rappahannok Jail last night, for a list of charges. The officer explained that Derek was no longer there, that he had a bailable charge but that he was transferred to the Prince William jail and additionally charged. I then called the Prince William Jail they explained that yes, Derek Kent Rose was indeed there and when I asked the current charges the officer said he was being charged with a Class A felony, Fraud/Forgery. I did have a difficult time getting information. Im assuming, after reading your post, that is probably because he is using his middle name as his first. The assumption that he will be charged with parole violation, and knowingly / willingly not registering as a sex offender, and a sentence enhancement of repeat offender, well thats just my assumption based on my experience in and knowledge of the court system. It may be different on the East Coast. The parole violation and other possible charges will likely come once his parole officer and the DA have a chance to sit down and go over evidence and current charges. He currently has a ZERO bond at Prince William. The number to the Jail I called to get this info is 703-792-6420. I will create an email address and provide it here for you to get into contact with me.

  25. B-Responsible Momma Grizzly says: you can contact me there provide a phone number and I will contact you. 🙂

  26. B-Responsible Momma Grizzly says:

    I had to keep hitting 0 to actually speak to someone, otherwise its a never ending, repeating, answering service trap. Try that if you have any issues.

  27. B/Momma Grizzly says:

    Sweetheart, I clicked the link and those charges and hearings are from back in 08. Call the jail and talk to them as they will give you current info. In the Rappahannok Jail he was charged with Receiving Stolen Goods. And additionally charged In Prince William with Fraud / Forgery Class A. After doing a little more research, it appears the Fraud / Forgery is more then likely a Fed charge. I was confused with the classification because the State of Virginia uses Class 1,2,3 etc for their felony classifications, Class A,B,C etc is for Federal charge classifications. When I asked the officer if Class A was the highest felony classification, he replied yes. Granted these are charges, not convictions. The conviction will likely be a lower class felony. They often charge high to leave room for a solid conviction with a plea bargain. Im not sure why so many jails, with different charges…Im not on the East Coast and I know they do things a little different then where Im from. Could be because he has several crimes in different counties. Again, an assumption. It is all rather confusing. Different name, different jails.

    I look forward to speaking to you and hopefully these boys can get to know each other. My son, as you have read, would be a VERY GOOD influence for his lil bio bro.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I must say. It has been a very long time since I commented on this blog, and I need to let this out.

    This thread had me rolling. Troll galore.

  29. Joy P. says:

    Me, too…nothin’ more needs to be said:)

  30. Derek says:

    I must say Derek kent rose is a lier n a monster . I hope he goes to hell and burn , god is big and Derek will get his judgement day .

  31. Green Thumb says:

    Straight up Man Hole Inspector.

  32. NavyRyan says:

    I’ve enjoyed this quite thoroughly. Thanks, all. On a side note – ScalpelShepherd, not calling you out – but there were no SEALS in WWII. Maybe you got the Vietnam War confused with WWII. Or were you in the UDT’s in WWII? Scouts and Raider’s? Just wondering.

  33. tori says:

    Derek rose Kent is out of jail

  34. tori says:

    That’s not even his real name you can find him on at least three dating sites right now.
    He goes by the username DKR2034 on plenty of fish, skout, someone from off
    One of the sites told me to look him up on Google so I did . Derek was talking to one of my friends ,but
    As soon as she was told he was a sex offender my friend wants nothing to do with him.

  35. Nik says:

    #180 is an awesome post. I’m very thankful to Gabby for making it because it clearly illustrates a problem civilians are sometimes blissfully unaware exists.

    They want a guard dog in the yard and a lapdog in the house. Then they get upset when their lapdog gets poked and shows their guard dog side.

  36. AirCav 7/17 says:

    I’m new to this site and this is my first post but I think Gabby is a fool. Just because we are military doesn’t mean we can’t speak our opinion. No matter how much it may ruffle her sensitive feathers.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Taking a look at his DD214 (both of ’em), the separating location is NAMALA – the NAVY AND MARINE CORPS APPELLATE LEAVE AUTHORITY” at the Navy Yard in DC. That’s where folks’ records go awaiting punitive discharge while waiting final outcome of a courts-martial. Just some free info is all.

  38. joad58 says:

    This asshat is nothing more then a common criminal. I do not volunteer at my Church’s homeless soup kitchen because every single male homeless person comes on to the staff with some version of the Marine Seal Ranger SF sniper classified DD214 secret MOH citation PTSD story. Makes me wanna puke.

  39. Anonymous says:

    If any of his children are old enough to be on a computer and searching the internet for his name, they are old enough to know the truth and be warned about the kind of person he is and his antics.

    P.S. I contacted B-Responsible regarding Derek. I am his latest victim. No answer. Interesting…

  40. JASON-USN says:

    wow, this has to be the most dramatic blog post ever. One minute we were bashing a valor thief, then being accused of some craziness, jonn was threatened with a lawsuit, n important father was mixed in, life lessons were taught, hilarious insults were delivered, multiple personalities showed up, A sock puppet appeared, and then everyone is back to normal. But not like a ” before the craziness” normal but a “present day Chernobyl” type of normal. Good stuff.

  41. JASON-USN says:

    but not like a “good” good stuff, more like a “I just took a sip of really strong whiskey and I’m trying not to cough or cry” good stuff. Let me know if you have any questions, I probably won’t answer you.

    but not like a “maybe” probably won’t answer you, but more of a “definitely” probably won’t answer you.


  42. Afoolalso says:

    I just found this blog and wish I had found it sooner. I too was taken in by him though thank god not romantically. I wish that they was a law that would put him behind bars for the lies and stories he tells about being a Marine with PTSD/TBI. He is a disgrace and I hope some marines run into him soon and take care of this POS. Right now, months later, he is still free, not in jail. He in only charge with receiving stolen goods under $200. I am hoping that its enough for him to be put back in jail forever but I doubt it.

  43. Curious says:

    Is this guy really who you all say he is? Im just curious how he is free if he has done so much wrong.

  44. Afoolalso says:

    Well he went to court for the felony that he was picked up on in the summer and the courts decided Nolle Prosequi, not to prosecute so he remains free, now in Prince William County and I am sure scamming a new set of victims.

  45. youdontsay says:

    I’m just wondering like 248 says. If he has done so much Wahabis he not in jail forever? Sounds to me like he got involved with the wrong girls and there trying to slander him and his name. That’s only my opinion. I mean I’ve seen girls do crazy thithingsm before and this seems like hydrants know another and are trying to all they can to make him out to be a monster??!!? I try not to judge a person till I know the facts and to be honest anyone can alter a document and say someone else did it right??? So why are we all assuming this guy did it?? Just because someone said he did?? I don’t know seems far fetched to me. Like I said I think these people have it out for his guy for whatever reason and that’s sad. They act like thy have no time for anything else in there like.

  46. kp32 says:

    @250- Which one of those crazy girls posed for that fake mugshot?

  47. Curious says:

    If someone else did in fact alter his DD214, that still doesn’t excuse the fact that the original still states that he was just in food service for 2 years and then was kicked out of the military. He claims to have earned all these medals but you can purchase these medals and I’m thinking that’s what he did. I don’t know, maybe he is just trying to learn from his mistakes and move on and just live his life. One thing that is unsettling is he is STILL telling these sobs stories (according to afoolalso) that are not true. By telling these sobs stories, Im sure he has financially & emotionally gotten support for free and has taken that support away from REAL wounded warriors and service men/women that deserve it. I hope whatever or whoever he is comes out, whether it be good or bad. If good, I hope that he can live his life peacefully and that everyone leaves him alone. If bad, I hope that he gets what’s due to him.

  48. youdontsay says:

    @252 That’s true but how are we to know that the original IS in fact the original?? Seems there’s a few girls out there who want to get back at this guy cuz he pissed them off or they weren’t happy about something. On the site the one ex provided it said the charge he was accused of was dismissed. So seems these charges are trumped up due to the eyes. It all seems all intertwined to much here reading through all this. I don’t think for one sec that he did all this and is still free. I don’t believe for one sec that the ” original” here is the real one. It seems they are just trying to run his name in the ground. That’s a terrible way to get back at someone.

  49. Hondo says:

    youdontsay: Uh, maybe because the DD214 labeled above as “original” is consistent with the FOIA extract below it – which came from the US government agency that has archival responsibility for his records?

    Believe what you want. You’re the one deluding yourself.

    By the way: that separation code of “JJD2” on the original DD214? That’s for “Involuntary Discharge (Other)” as the result of Special Courts-Martial (SCM). The only involuntary discharge that a SCM can order is a Bad Conduct Discharge.