Derek Kent Rose, the forgery sex offender

| June 10, 2012 | 367 Comments

Mary at POW Network sends us their research on Derek Kent Rose who was arrested in Virginia last week for receiving stolen property and not registering with the sex offender registry. Apparently, he was also caught forging his DD214 a while back and using the Wounded Warrior program telling the tale that he was in a HMMV accident which killed four of his fellow Marines and he caught a TBI while they died in his arms. Here’s the DD214 he began to alter with an X-acto knife;

And how it ended up;

Really? It takes Marines a 4-week course to learn night land navigation? And at least he didn’t go for Force Recon or Scout Snipers and just made himself an MP. That ought to make you MPs feel a little better.

But here are his assignments from his FOIA, so unless he was a traffic control MP in the DFAC chow line, it doesn’t reflect any possibility for his self-awarded Combat Action Ribbon;

So, as with most of these phonies, he’s guilty of other stuff besides forging his records;

POW Network has several examples of the little perv embellishing his record, and wearing uniforms and phony finery that he bought but didn’t earn. you should check it out.

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  1. youdontsay says:

    I was able to call the courts in WV and they sent me the came outcome. And also what the charges were and also the report fir the police. Seems there was NO child involved. The report states he was at a party in Hancock county and there was Drinking involved he was sleeping when a girl woke him up kissing him. The girl was 15 hardly a five year old. He was charged with a misdemeanor 61-8b-9 a charge punishable by 90 days in jail and court cost. And thats what he was given. SeSees like a lot of ppl are blowing this whole this way out of proportion. He’s bot a child molester as some of you claim this is all the work of some very mad girls and a lot of smoke and mirrors. I think its all crazy. But I can email the documents to anyone who wants them.

  2. exposeddkr says:

    @253- it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the extensive list of crimes Derek has committed. Whether you believe what is written and documented or not, the facts have been provided for you out right, as well as numerous links to additional information. There is no excuse, period, for his decisions and ultimately, his actions, toward a 15 year old CHILD. You state “the girl was 15, hardly a 5 year-old”–are you off your rocker?! I sure hope you were not blessed with any children…especially if you are comfortable enough to write the above statement. Utterly disturbing. On a side note, instead of making yourself look ignorant defending him, maybe visit the “Virginia Court Case Information” website, and search Derek’s name…. I’m certain that will entertain you for a few hours.

  3. thorseyes says:

    I did not know the details of the sex abuse charges and was concerned about my two-year-old grandson. This douchebag was putting him down for naps and telling us when he should go to bed and when he should get up. I didn’t even know him and was surprised by his taking charge of my grandson having been a stranger to us. I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t making excuses for spending more time with our little man. Just the fact that this scumbag is registered with the VA State Police Sex Offenders Registry should send my daughter running in the opposite direction, regardless of the circumstances. Rose is a master at his game , and my daughter believes everything he says. Can someone repost the link to Rose’s old Facebook page that had all the pictures of him in his uniform, in combat, etc. Thanks.

  4. exposeddkr says:

    His old Facebook pages were already exposed. It wouldn’t be hard for her to search his name via Google. Derek Kent Rose in Virginia will bring up plenty for her to be entertained by for quite some time! He is def the wrong person to have any child around. Very controlling and unpredictable. Good lunck to you both.

  5. FredX says:

    @ youdontsay,15 is still a child sicko, I have an 11 year old daughter, your telling me that in a few years it will be ok if some sicko touches her??? You are just as sick as Rose!!

  6. RUTHLESS2 says:

    Let me start by saying that i personally know Derek. And when i discovered his lies with the help of our mutual friend, the same excuses he had given “crazy ex girlfriend” is strangely familiar to YOUDONTSAY…. So guess what folks, youve been tslking to that sociopathic scumbag the whole time.

  7. RUTHLESS2 says:

    Heres his address from the Virginia sex registry is:
    122 Tremont Street
    Manassas Park, VA 20111

  8. Green Thumb says:


  9. Likeafool says:

    I was fooled by him too. When is he finally going to get punished for this?!? Someone needs to do something about this scum!

  10. mindy says:

    I have something i would like to share, Dereck K rose aka as sicko , came into our life and we fed him gave him a job and felt bad for his sorry ass , in his returned he stoled from us made our life a living hell and to top it off killed my cat. There is much more I can say about him. that sicko of a man well i wouldn’t call him a MAN. made our life a living hell , God help him, he has hurt so many people… GOD HELP HIM !!! HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL……

  11. Pullmine says:

    Derek is now married to my sister and has been for months. We are just finding out about him. Is he dating anyone right now? He has an excuse as to why he can’t move to California . I am worried for my sister and niece. Please reply to I need anything you have

  12. Likeafool says:

    He’s dating lots of women right now

  13. youdontsay says:

    This is all comical anyone can say anything on here and you people believe whatever anyone says on here you people need a life.

  14. Hondo says:

    youdontsay: I find it revolting that you’re coming here to defend someone who’s a registered sex offender and child boinker.

    Perhaps you need to find yourself a better life.

  15. Green Thumb says:



  16. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “you people need a life” I ordered one from Amazon just last week but it’s on back order. Why don’t you return yours? You don’t need it.

  17. youdontsay says:

    I saw the court documents from his charge it said nothing of child molestation and people what to coke one hee and make up crap about a person they never met or from ex girlfriends who have a video and make different profiles to comment on here to make it more realistic for them what a bunch of crap all of it and the exs nine different names she has on here pretending to be other ppl

  18. youdontsay says:

    Its all public record if you call WV state police and the court he was charged in

  19. OWB says:

    So you are saying that the county that convicted him lied about it? If I am not supposed to believe their official records, why should I believe you, or whoever else you are referring to in your screed above which really could stand a bit of punctuation and/or capitalization with a bit of spellcheck thrown in just because it is available, out there, free, easy to use, and would cause immense improvements for the reader of whatever it is that is quite inexplicable as you wrote and presented it as well as being rather indecipherable assuming one is able to decode at least some of the misspelled words and assorted errors in use of syntax, grammar, and word usage throughout.

  20. C2/2000AF says:

    youdontsay: You should learn to speak english, boy. Try that one on for size instead of telling people to “get a life”

  21. Nik says:

    people what to coke one hee

    What the fuck language was that? Apparently it doesn’t make use of capitalization or punctuation.

    I have to wonder, who is more needing of a life? Is it us, or the person who has nothing better to do than tell us to get one?

  22. C2/2000AF says:

    I have no clue what that guy was trying to say in comment 273.

  23. Nik says:


    That’s ok. They don’t know either.

  24. youdontsay says:

    Yes you all need a life instead of spending your lives here

  25. youdontsay says:

    And I have had breakfast in bed!!! So don’t know what you are referring to with that one

  26. Green Thumb says:


    Why don’t you have Derek douche your spunkhole and get back with us next week.


  27. Nik says:

    Isn’t that special? Someone left their web browser unsecured at the home and one of the inmates is posting.

  28. Green Thumb says:


    My bad but I get to add another comment.

    Make sure he wears gloves.

  29. OWB says:

    I have had breakfast in bed, too!!!!

    See, at least those words strung together make some sense. How they relate to anything is yet to be determined. We may not even be referring to a similar kind of event.

  30. youdontsay says:

    I was referring to the multiple people on here that don’t know what they’re taking about ny boyfriend makes my breakfast in bed on Sundays all the time I have a life and you yuts come on here to try and blackmail people

  31. C2/2000AF says:

    LOL Breakfast in bed…what the hell.

    Someone is off their meds.

  32. C2/2000AF says:

    What does Breakfast in bed have to do with anything? Blackmail people? You must have a comprehension problem…show me where this occurs please.

  33. NHSparky says:

    Holy shit that meth is a hell of a drug.

  34. Nik says:

    Sunday was a long time ago.

  35. youdontsay says:

    I don’t do meth what I do is none of your concern all I see on here are people running there mouths about things they know nothing about ex girlfriends with a vindictive additude I mean b responsible is still longing after this gut after decades and the others I don’t know but seems to me there are a lot of people making up stories talking to each other then coming on here on different names to stir things up to keep a blog going thats discusting that you have nothing better to do with your life then to constantly go after this MAN. Its unbelievable if he is not in the ex gf’s lives why not leave him alone why keep going after him makes no sence at all.

  36. NHSparky says:

    But the fact remains, you’re doing SOMETHING that’s affecting your higher cognitive brain functions.

    And that’s all that matters, right?

  37. William Blake's Penis says:


    Under WV law..

    “A person is guilty of sexual assault in the third degree when:

    •The offender is 16 years old or more and engages in sexual intercourse or sexual intrusion with the victim who is less than 16 years old and who is at least 4 years younger than the offender. This also includes mentally handicapped and mentally incapacitated victims.

  38. Nik says:

    seems to me there are a lot of people making up stories talking to each other then coming on here on different names to stir things up to keep a blog going

    For someone who doesn’t like “people running there mouths about things they know nothing”, you’re sure guilty of it.

    You don’t KNOW that what you’re claiming is true, yet here you are, running your suck over it.

    Hypocrisy much?

  39. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    How youdontsay does it:

    1. Steal can of Alphabet soup

    2. Go to TAH

    3. Open can

    4. Pour soup in a comment block

    5. Hit submit button

    6. Hope letters form words

    7. Feel better about self

  40. Green Thumb says:


    That’s funny.

  41. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 291 … what did you say?

  42. OWB says:

    Good one, AC!

    Meanwhile, GT, Sparky? You been using multiple names pretending to be somebody’s exes? Then maybe deleting those posts prior to submitting them??

    The up side is that most of our pet trolls seem to have gone into hiding lately. We may need a new one and seem to have an applicant. Or a new name at least.

  43. Hondo says:

    It would be funny, Green Thumb – except I’m thinking she’s Rose’s current G/F. IMO, that makes it sad vice funny.

    “youdontsay” – an adult banging someone who is underage is by definition “child molestation”. See 28 CFR 549.93.

    Someone found guilty of doing that is a sex offender. That’s apparently precisely what Rose was convicted of doing. And from your comments above, you know that – and are willing to give him a pass.

    If you’re indeed his G/F (or one of his “stable” – by all accounts, Rose indeed “gets around”) . . . well, maybe you two deserve each other.

  44. longtime says:

    I ran across this blog by accident its been a very long time since I have seen Derek. I was engaged to him alond time ago when he was in the military. I had been in contatact with him for along time up until about four years ago. He has told me several stories of his dealings with some of his ex-girlfriends and what not I never knew that there could be as brutal and vindictive and sour people as these women are. They truly do need to let things go and move on from him. As was said it looks as thought they make names to further slander and add to this persona that they are trying to paint on here. I knew about Toni and what she did. About his so called son he had with her. That I find hard to belive from her side. She was with Derek when he was 17 then moved to CO then two or three months after moving there called to say she was preg. He wanted a DNA test and that never happened. That is the story that he told me. I also say some letter from here that where a year or two old that confimed what he had told me. Now I see she is on here trying to say differently. I also see looks like one or two of his other ex’s commenting on this blog. Theres alot to read. I have heard about Jill and Whitney in my talks with Derek all were about the same. How they BOTH cheated on him. One with a guy the spent 9 months in NJ prison for selling drugs inn a school zone. One other cheated on him with a guy she met at her work. I dont know the whole stories just what I was told by Derek. I was called by Whitney a few times before But she wanted to know how I knew Derek. I told here I was a friend and it was none of her buisness. They all want to paint pictures of themselves as model people they are far from it. Im just surpirsed as to what I have read to this point. I guess Im not understanding. They obviously have the clan on here going full force at him to say the least. I can make out some one the people on here by there stories. Like Toni and Whitney and maybe Jill now. he was with Toni in 93 Jill in 02 and Whitny in 05 a hell of along time ago. So my question is if you knew he was a registered sex offender then why are you now just speaking about it? If you had such a huge issue with it then why date him have kids by him ect ect? you wait till he is long been out of your life and contact eachother to put all this togehter. It shows on here. With the email me here so we can talk….. Anyhow in closing I only hope that you can let be what is and move on. He oviously has. But for somereason you are all on here trying to do whatever it is you all are doing and that truly is sad to say the least. Derek is a great man. He has issues as Im sure we all do. I dont belive in anyway that he is a monster or someone who would harm a child that in itself to have someone say that makes me sick. I know in my heart hes not like that. As I said I came across this by accident. I wish I hadnt found it to be honest this circus that you all continue to be apart of.

  45. Hondo says:

    Gee, “youdontsay” and “longtime” must know each other. They’re sharing the same CenturyLink static IP while posting comments here today. That usually means they’re posting from the same location – maybe even the same computer.

  46. OWB says:

    @ #300: And I should care about ANY of that why? This is a milblog, not a support group for victims of sexual abuse, although most of us do have some sympathy for them generally.

  47. 2/17 Air Cav says:


    “General Hospital”

    “Days of Our Lives”

    “As the World Tuns”

    “This Ain’t Hell”

  48. youdontsay says:

    If two different people can be the same person I don’t see how that is even possible. But like I said this is your story and this is your romper room classroom that you all are all apart of.its amazing how much time you all have to spend here and bash other people the world doesn’t stop so why are you…. Move on I don’t know this guy but rest assured I’m sure that his ex make things real interesting on here with getting there friends to come on here and post bs its all very childish.

  49. youdontsay says:

    @299 I’m not his gf never meet the guy but like I have said this is all you do is assume and smoke and mirrors. Keep the story and bs going. Like kids.

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