Alex Popovic Subway sandwich shop commando

| June 13, 2012

A lovely young lady who will remain nameless here sent the following piece to us about a guy she met in her local Subway sandwich shop while he was slicing and dicing and telling his war stories. She thought it was a little odd that he’d being working in a sandwich shop after he told her that he’d been advising President Bush on strategy for the global war against terror and did some research on the guy.

She’s been looking for a venue to publish her research when she discovered TSO’s battle against uncommon stupidity last week and settled on TAH.

This is Alex Popovic, CEO and Founder of Greyside Group; you can view his website here

By their own admission they have the “Highest Legal, Moral, and Professional Business practices in the Industry”.

Let’s look at the first paragraph of his bio:

“Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Mr. Popovic immigrated to the Unites States in 1986, becoming a U.S. citizen in 1994. Earning a degree in Chemical Engineering at Florida State University, he garnered minors in mathematics and physics as well. In 1993 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, rising to serve in elite U.S. Special Operations units for 10 years. Mr. Popovic participated in classified and unclassified missions throughout the world, including Liberia, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He was awarded the Silver Star for valor and the Purple Heart for wounds sustained in combat. He has briefed former President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and various national security advisors and national military command council members on strategies and tactics during the Global War on Terror after the events of 11 September 2001. ”

WOW! Impressive!

– Silver Star Recipient-
– Purple Heart Recipient
– Briefed former President George Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld

The Real issue. Confirmation from the Marine Corps-



A degree at FSU? I see an Aleksandar Popovic with a degree from FSU….but he is a Serbian politician.

What a Coincidence!

Sounds like this guy would be working at a Subway store, not briefing former President Bush.

Which reminds me……he WAS a Subway manager, and managed to work his way up to owner. Maybe the CAR is a sandwich, not an award? (Chicken Avocado Ranch?)

Question of the day – With the Stolen Valor issue- doesn’t it seem like this poser has built an industry on military honors he has not received?

I’ve seen her documentation, but I’m not publishing it here at her request since she’s also approached ABC News.

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  1. Green Thumb says:



    Go fuck yourself, turd. Unless you want this Green Thumb up your ass.

  2. Kaizar Soze says:

    How big is your thumb?

  3. Green Thumb says:

    Kaizar Soze(original),

    Probably not the size you are accostomed too.

    Turd Pusher.

    Once again, turd, how is Jared?

  4. Jared says:

    Hi Green Thumb,
    This is Jared from Subway. I’m making a HERO sandwich with Alex here in the kitchen. Hahahaha. Get it? HERO!

    Anyways, I’m doing great. Thanks for asking. Do you want to switch identities now, or is that proxy server not working for you? Make sure to stop into Subway sometime for a free sandwich. Tell us you know Pops, and we’ll give you a free HERO Sandwich. hahaha. Get it? I beat you to it. Its the joke that keeps on giving. Seriously though, we’ll hook you up.

    Your new friend,

  5. Kaizar Soze says:

    OMG. Was that really Jared from Subway? Let’s get an email check and an IP address check from Jonn.


  6. Kaizar Soze says:

    Hold tight. I’m on the phone with ABC news right now. They are JUST about to break this Popovich story, just like the blog owner said (thank GOODNESS he didn’t reveal this mysterious yet trustworthy source). Seems that Jared from Subway has something to do with this conspiracy now too. ABC has confirmed. Can’t wait to burn that skinny, glasses wearin’, sandwich makin’, punk motherF@cker at the stake too. Wait until The General hears.

    I’m about to piss my fucking pants right now. This is an amazing turn of events. And you are to thank for all of this Green Thumb. You tricked Jared into revealing himself. Great detective work.

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Detective work?

    I think not.

    I just comment on shitbag imposters/posers and other interesting topics from time to time.

    Anyway, you strike me as weak sauce.

    Do what you feel you have to do, tough guy.

    @154. Really?


  8. Brian says:

    Kaizer, who’s reputation is destroyed?

  9. Redacted1775 says:

    #156 I’m betting pissing your pants is a common occurrence for you.

  10. SFjim says:

    #156..It seems that the easiest way to get everyone to not only shut the F$ck up but also to support “Alex” is to have him provide a copy of his DD214. Pretty simple in the grand scheme of things.

    Doc, and John have both indicated that they would welcome the info and Doc even said he would buy the first round if their info is proven false. Instead of blindly supporting this guy maybe you should simply tell him to provide his DD214 and demand everyone shut the F#ck up and apologize.

    If you are a an active or former military member, isn’t this what you would do to make your point?

    Your aggressive support of this guy when the evidence is easily refuted (if it is indeed false) seems to suggest that you are supporting someone you know is a fraud.

    You have made accusations and called people names when the truth is easily verified or refuted by a DD214.

    Again, have Alex provide his DD214 and this all becomes a moot point.

    Will you, as his friend, ask him to provide his redacted DD214? If not,,,why??

  11. SFjim says:

    Interestingly,,,since #34 posted…AP has changed his status from “service disabled veteran owned small business” to simply “veteran owned business”. As Kaiser knows…keyboard jockies record everything…

  12. Brian says:

    Dude knows he’s pinched. Trying to hide the tracks and hopes this world doesn’t bleed to much into the world he has created based on lies and deceit. Doc’s right. Dude will ether end up in prison or painted into a corner trying to backtrack over the lies and end up suck-starting a Glock.

  13. Kaizer Dickweed says:

    Nothing? Really? You must be enjoying the Acrobatic Pulsing of the …”big thumb” tonight….;)

    you are an Alex ass Punk (AP)…get it…AP twice in the same post…as you said: “I get the irony of my statement”…

    How is Sharla?

  14. SFJim says:

    AP has changed his status from “service disabled veteran owned small business” now to small disadvantaged business. Here is the definition:

    “A Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) is a small business that is at least 51 percent owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged. SDB status makes a company eligible for bidding and contracting benefit programs involved with federal procurement. ”

    This applies to minority owned businesses etc. How is AP “socially and economically disadvantaged”? Its always something, isn’t it?

  15. Colonel Trautman says:

    Gents, listen up! Colonel Trautman here! Quit your bitching and face reality…After reading his bio it is clear that…”You don’t seem to want to accept the fact you’re dealing with an expert in guerrilla warfare, with a man who’s the best, with guns, with knives, with his bare hands. A man who’s been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, to live off the land, to eat things that would make a billy goat puke. In Vietnam (no sorry Iraq & Afghanistan) his job was to dispose of enemy personnel. To kill! Period! Win by attrition. Well Rambo (Pop) was the best.”

    That is who you are dealing with…

  16. TJ says:

    Thanks SandGram!

    “GreySide Group was just an idea as a young Special Operations soldier that I thought of in the 90?s, our world, we used to joke with one another was never black or white but rather Gray, hence the birth of GreySide Group, albeit within my mind as just an idea. 9/11 changed the paradigm forever that Western governments were operating in, which was a blessing in disguise for men with our backgrounds and a college degree. We finally had a niche and place to put our skill sets, background connections and business acumen to good use.

    Fast forward to 2003, after being injured in Afghanistan chasing Al Qaeda, I found myself laying in a bed in Landstuhl, Germany I realized that GreySide Group was ready to be sprung into action. The business plan was written, connections were called and off we went. My vision was to create a company that began small and” etc etc etc

  17. GRNT0311 says:

    Whatever possessed God in heaven to make a man like Rambo (pop)?

  18. LtCol Trautman says:

    (right across the plate)…”God didn’t make Rambo!…I made him!”

  19. popsicle says:

    Kaizer…as you are clearly ‘close’ with your buddy “pops”. Did he ever claim to be a 1) a Silver Star Recipient 2) Purple Heart recipient 3) SERVICE disabled veteran? It is either YES or NO…ther should be 3 answers coming…either YES or NO on each point.

    Quit with the finger pointing. Just answer…I am sorry…I meant…”please ask your friend” to answer…;)

    Here are some dates to jog his memory…6/15/11….4/26/11…5/15/10…

  20. LebbenB says:

    I can’t believe this guy didn’t go deeper in the tournament. Any way to set up a loser’s bracket? Or is it too late?

  21. Green Thumb says:

    Meat Gazer.

  22. Green Thumb says:

    Speaking of meat, I wonder how much he skimps on his sandwiches?

    Jared would not be proud.

  23. devildog says:

    Interesting definition about the name “Kaiser Zoze” from Urban Dictionary,

    A person that visits you in your prison cell late at night.. mysterious, dark and frightening, gives you an anal intrusion and disappears before daybreak.

    I am laughing so hard I am speechless. Brings new meaning to “Meat Gazer”

  24. devildog says:

    LebbenB – I tried to get him more up there in the loser tournament. I think Jonn needs to have an honorable mention.

    Jonn and guys- are you up for that

  25. aviationgrl says:

    Devil dog- you got your poser mixed up!!

    Kaiser Z. is not the poser LOL

  26. Real 18D says:

    So nothing from either “18d” or “Kaizer”? No surprise there. If he says he never made claims of SS etc. then people come out of the woodwork to expose him. If he concedes that he did make the claims, then he has to back them up. Maybe he “is busy running a REAL FUCKING COMPANY to answer to people that hide behind a keyboard.”

    It appears that kaizers (popovics) reference to a keyboard jocky is in relation to chris mark. He has a blog at and seems chris used to work for greyside and has a combat action ribbon. keybaord jocky?

  27. Green Thumb says:

    Subway overcharged me today w/ a coupon no less.

    Alex, let Jared know.

    And it was a Veggie sub; no shit.

    Rip off.

  28. Green Thumb says:

    Yo, Pop. What happened to my order?

    Hurry up!


  29. Brian says:

    What was the verdict on this?

  30. CJ says:

    Doc? Any update? Did you hear from him?

  31. Doc and Jonn you are about to get some more documents and stories about this goober. The thing about documents- you can tell when and who created them. There is also a little trick called “way back” where you can look “way back” at a zero”s – I mean “heroes” website.

    Oh- here is the best part – women like to talk. A lot. They keep emails and share stories. Sometimes being exposed has nothing to do with a business and has everything to do with promising a 5 karat diamond or pretending to own a house then sneaking out in the middle of the night like a pissy little bitch. Your photo should have you wearing a dress not your “battle rattle”

    Wonder what other photos can dig up from all that traveling? Like the traveling where certain credit cards were denied. BIG SPENDER! Lol

    Wonder what exciting sea stories of rescue might come out? Or maybe lack of?
    Bloody hell its confusing

    Make no mistake- sandwich girl does exist and she is a bitch.
    So keep lying to those potential investors in Arizona and overseas.
    Keep trying to update your information and call “foul” –
    You can end this now by posting your DD214.
    Or get Bush or Rumsfeld to vouch for you. Either is acceptable.
    Stand by. I SUSPECT there is already a site devoted entirely to you.

    Where exactly is greyside inventory kept? At your rented cubicle?

    Or did you hide it with the 5 karat diamond in between the ham and guacamole ?

    Better start beating more meat “mr business owner” or cough up those military records

    Tick Tock

  32. Green Thumb says:

    Yo Pop!

    Where is my order?

    I am going to Robin Hood if you do not hurry up!


  33. Just an Old Dog says:

    @170 Thanks for posting the letter regarding awards claims. I happen to personally know the individual that signed off on it. He is a former Marine Mustang ( Was a grunt and DI as a Sgt, got picked up for MCEP and got out as a 1st Lt) who works in the awards branch in Quantico.

  34. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    ……………. ATTENTION ………….

    If you are an honorable discharged military Veteran and being cyber/harassed or cyber/stalked and have been emotionally or financially affected by these actions of Mil/Kooks hereon know this:

    The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
    State Cyberstalking and Cyberharassment Laws

    Many states have enacted “cyberstalking”
    or “cyberharassment” laws or have laws that explicitly include electronic forms of communication within more traditional stalking or harassment laws. In addition, recent concerns about protecting minors from online bullying or harassment have led states to enact “cyberbullying” laws. However, other state laws may still apply to those who harass, threaten or bully others online, although specific language may make the laws easier to enforce. This chart classifies the various state laws addressing these three different types of online behaviors, as described below.

    Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet, email or other electronic communications to stalk, and generally refers to a pattern of threatening or malicious behaviors. Cyberstalking may be considered the most dangerous of the three types of Internet harassment, based on a posing credible threat of harm. Sanctions range from misdemeanors to felonies.

    Cyberharassment differs from cyberstalking in that it is generally defined as not involving a credible threat. Cyberharassment usually pertains to threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, (or to blog entries or websites dedicated solely to tormenting an individual). Some states approach cyberharrassment by including language addressing electronic communications in general harassment statutes, while others have created stand-alone cyberharassment statutes.

    Cyberbullying is the willful and repeated use of cell phones, computers, and other electronic communication devices to harass and threaten others. New-media and instant messaging, chat rooms, e-mails, and messages posted on websites and blogs are the most common methods of this (new twist of bullying). Cyberbullies can quickly spread messages and images to a vast audience, (while remaining anonymous, often making them difficult to trace). It is challenging to characterize cyberbullying in legislation however, language has included electronic communication, (cyberbullying, electronic and internet intimidation).

    If you are the victim, you should also contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Many computer crime cases involve multiple jurisdictions that may be outside of your State jurisdiction. The FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center have partnered to form the IC3, whose mission is to address fraud committed over the Internet. Complaints involving a crime may be forwarded by the IC3 to another applicable law enforcement agency.



  35. Hondo says:

    Hey, TSO/Alberich/JAGC/Susan – you’re our resident lawyers. Is conspiring with others in knowingly filing a frivolous lawsuit against the law?

  36. booger says:

    By calling everyone Mil / kooks aren’t you, in fact, cyber harassing everyone on this post? Should we complain? Can you please provide your name and address so I can have the right info?

    Maybe POPS will take this up…then his military “record” becomes even more public…

  37. 0311g says:

    Let me get this straight- someone (he who will not be named) is complaining about being “cyberbullied”? I could only find the statistics on teenagers (for the most part, teenage girls)- not to mention the claims here are not false, and that photo was generated by the commando himself, so cannot be considered embarrassing.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics calls cyberbullying the “most common online risk for all teens.”

    Cyberbullying is deliberately using digital media to communicate false, embarrassing, or hostile information about or to another person.

    41% of older girls (15-17) report being bullied—more than any other age or gender group.

    •32% of online teens say they have been targets of a range of annoying or potentially menacing online activities.

    15% of teens overall say someone has forwarded or posted a private message they’ve written,

    13% say someone has spread a rumor about them online,

    13% say someone has sent them a threatening or aggressive message, and

    6% say someone has posted embarrassing pictures of them online.

    •38% of online girls report being bullied, compared with 26% of online boys.

    •39% of social network users have been cyberbullied in some way, compared with 22% of online teens who do not use social networks.

    •20% of teens (12-17) say “people are mostly unkind” on online social networks. Younger teenage girls (12-13) are considerably more likely to say this. One in three (33%) younger teen girls who use social media say that people their age are “mostly unkind” to one another on social network sites.

    •15% of teens on social networks have experienced someone being mean or cruel to them on a social network site. There are no statistically significant differences by age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, or any other demographic characteristic.

    •13% of teens who use social media (12-17) say they have had an experience on a social network that made them feel nervous about going to school the next day. This is more common among younger teens (20%) than older teens (11%).

    •88% of social media-using teens say they have seen someone be mean or cruel to another person on a social network site. 12% of these say they witness this kind of behavior “frequently.”

    •When teens see others being mean or cruel on social networks, frequently 55% see other people just ignoring what is going on, 27% see others defending the victim, 20% see others telling the offender to stop, and 19% see others join in on the harassment.

    •36% of teens who have witnessed others being cruel on social networks have looked to someone for advice about what to do.

    •67% of all teens say bullying and harassment happens more offline than online.

  38. Green Thumb says:

    I am going to Robin Hood.

    This dude is a tool.

    I wonder if he is diddling Jared?

    Maybe a conversation for another day….

  39. sonik says:

    My husband was “hired” by Alex to be an Oversees operation officer. This required many hours of research and work where connections were made. Policies and procedures of operations were drawn out. All of this information was used by Alex to land contracts in with overseas companies that were looking for Maritime Security. Since he was not versed in the ISPS or any of the joint interactions that are required with different Countries, he “Lured” my husband to buy the whole story I just read above. My husband is a 20 year veteran of Maritime operations…… What a waste of his time and talent. Needless to say after about 3 months of “working” with no pay we figured all the stall tactics were that, just diversions he would create to keep people engaged in providing his process for him to further misrepresent himself (at Subway) What a waste. I know the Universe will have its just rewards for Mr. Popovich for wasting the time and talent of so many dedicated Veterans that got conned.

  40. Green Thumb says:

    I finally went to Robin Hood.

    This dude is a TURD!!

  41. Doc Savage says:

    Operator to sandwich artist?

  42. Green Thumb says:

    Fucking Turd.

  43. Looks like SAMI has dropped GreySide Group from their membership. GreySide Group has listed themselves as being SAMI Certified and SAMI members….

  44. Green Thumb says:

    A sandwich operator.


  45. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the owner of this blog (John Lilyea) and a former Greyside employee are working hand in hand with distorting the truth. Cmon John post this Popovic’s guy DD214, some BS letter from someone at Quantico Marine Base is all the proof you have about some BS accusations that Chris Mark made up, why not ask did he rate the MOH and see the response you’d get back from your crackpot admin sources……really…..and the truth shall set you free. Who’s this mystery woman that brought you this awesome story? Deepthroat? Maybe you met her in a garage as she was eating her subway sandwich!!!

    Maybe you can see in his house, is this Popovic guy beating his walls? Maybe you can read the lawsuit as it’s being filed to help you and your team prepare. Some real secret squirrel shit there. This entire crusade after this guy is a fucken joke and everyone can see it you shitbag

    IP check on isle 3 please


  46. Hondo says:

    Anonymous (198) appears to be commenting from the Vegas area. Anyone know if Popovich relocated there or took a weekend trip to that area?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he’s sold everything and is in Vegas with nothing but bottles of alcohol and a hotel room along with a hooker that’s been fueled by comments posted on here, or maybe Popovich couldn’t be bothered to read some BS bio created on a word doc that was locked and then sent to blogs anonymously under the ruse of woman buying manwiches at a Subway. Get it:-)

    Where’s his FOIA DD214? Is there any social media to substantiate these claims? Facebook, twitter or anything else, somewhere in this long thread of “proxy server” comments was that “his bio” has been taken off Greyside’s website. Yet a timemachine check shows that Greyside never posted any bios of its employees….ever. Hmmmmmm

    IP check on isle 4

    Verbal Kint

  48. JP says:

    “a hooker that’s been fueled by comments posted on here”

    That’s quite a hooker, “Anon”.