General Ballduster McSoulpatch Memorial Stolen Valor Tournament Nomination Thread

| June 14, 2012

Well, looks like in the next couple of weeks we’ll get a ruling on Stolen Valor from the Supreme Court, and no matter which way they go, it will be vital that we give these dirtbags the notoriety they have worked so hard to earn. If the Supremes go our way, this tourney will provide a good list of folks to go after. If the Supremes pull a Jonathan Turdley, then we need to point out how these folks actually harm true veterans, and how their lies are never of the “picking up chicks in a bar” variety.

So, let’s get it on.

For nominations, please follow the following format. 1 nomination per comment if you would.

Name (the persons actual name.)
Link (some link to this person’s perfidy, whether on TAH or elsewhere.)
Nickname (“Gunny Driveway” for example)
State (What state will this asshat be representing)

Obviously the two top seeds are Poe and Mailahn, but someone should nominate them in here at some point. We are hoping to get a full complement of 64 for this one. The Tourney will take a little longer to materialize this time, since I was to upgrade how we portray each of the “contestants.” (Which is to say I need to con Sniper into photoshops.)

Go get ’em boys.

NOTE: Contestants in the Jesse MacBeth Stolen Valor Tournament not eligible for re-nomination without some superseding stolen valor event. (If Zombie Ballduster comes back to claim the MOH, this second untruth will re-eligibilize him.)

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  1. one who knows also says:

    i must say, “Ronad” Mailman, Gunny Driveway, gotta love all the names,i vote for this pos,
    but for the time being,i guess he cant keep telling all his war stories after getting caught, he is telling the ladies that he is an oil tycoon, i bet i could make millions, just writting about all this pos lies, how the hell does he keep up with them, dead beat dad ass, still living off his mother and with his mother,at 43, well some lucky lady is gonna win him soon,lol, but i bet in the next few months, all them marines pictures will be coming out soon,

  2. Marine_7002 says:

    @51 – oil tycoon? For real?

    Has he been aerosol sprays while watching re-runs of “Dallas”?

  3. AverageNCO says:

    How could I forget this guy
    Paul Tillson
    Prince Charming…er Prince Chumming
    New Jersey

    Wow a lot of competition from the Garden State this year