David “Trusty” Garcia not quite so trusty

| June 14, 2012

Someone sent me the above picture on our fan page on Facebook the other day, but I was too lazy to follow up on it. Luckily, the folks at the Stolen Valor Facebook account didn’t. It was a picture of a guy by the name of “David Garcia” meeting a fan at The Vet Hunters Project, whose laudatory mission is to house homeless veterans. Of course the first place I went was to AKO and found no one by that name who could have been in special forces (there are 6,000 Garcias in the Army and 300 David Garcias), the closest I came was a SSG in the 5th RTB, but he had a picture in AKO and it wasn’t this guy.

Anyway, here’s a picture of this David Garcia handing a formerly homeless couple his Silver Star – yeah, I’d do that;

And apparently he thinks he’s also an officer in one of the Ranger units;

According to the Stolen Valor folks, they’ve blown him out to the folks at The Vet Hunters Project and they had given him a car that they’ve stopped payment on. They also gave him about $900 they say they’ve recovered. The word is that he did serve albeit briefly. He pretended to be a member of the 426th CA Battalion, which is apparently in California. Apparently, somone has filed for his records, so there will me more.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    What?!?!? No Cav patch?

  2. Ninja R says:

    He’s been doing this nonsense since at least 2009. Two MySpace pages bear this out — the information is “friends only,” though.

    He was called out then and hasn’t been stopped…I wonder if this will be it.

    Here’s his Photobucket account which is open for comments: http://s146.photobucket.com/albums/r275/TRUSTY18/?start=all

  3. Doc Bailey says:

    What, no story about nearly earning the MOH. See these guys just aren’t trying like they used to.

  4. cakmakli says:

    Assholes like this need to be in jail.

  5. SGTKane says:

    Lets see if I can make up a plausible story for his uniform.

    He started as an active duty officer started in SF via the 18-Xray program, ended up assigned to a Ranger battalion, and following a deployment to Afghanistan (where he earned his CIB) got out because the Army wasn’t giving him the schools or assigments he wanted. (the straw that broke the cammels back was the Army’s refusal to post him to a CAV unit).

    He re-enlisted in the reserves as an NCO, chose Civil Affairs because they are almost like Special Forces, got jump master and something else written into his contract. He hasn’t updated his pickle suit because he’s waiting for the Army to give him his ASU.

    And there we have a perfectly acceptable explanation for his uniforms.

    If you take the above seriously you are wrong.

  6. ScalpelShepherd says:


  7. CAvFSO says:

    Oh man, people are pretending to be Civil Affairs now… we’re doomed!

    – Guy with both a USACAPOC patch and Cav patch.

  8. Just an update for you guys, we also forward his information along with his fraud to the local DA. Also the VHP has the documents he presented to them on hand and will be turning them over to an investigator. Seems he forged a 214 among other documents.

  9. SomePeoplesKids says:

    i like his gang photos

  10. BCousins says:

    I’d like to see this asshat walk around Smoke Bomb Hill with that shit on. Skinny little pole smoker.

  11. Old Trooper says:

    Where in the hell are all these chimps coming from? It’s like Ballduster was screwing Pirate lesbian and they had their own little population explosion or some shit! You can’t swing a dead cat around without hitting some Stolen Valor chimp every other fucking day!

  12. Stacy0311 says:

    @SgtKane-dude are you reading my 2-1?

  13. SGTKane says:

    @Stacy0311 you are the wind beneath my inspiration.

  14. I bet the dipshit was the door gunner on the fuckingspaceshuttle. I hear Silver Stars go for about $30. Did he at least get laid when he gave it away? If not, that’s proof he was never a grunt.

  15. Lucky says:

    As the Resident Civil Affairs NCO here, WHY ARE PEOPLE FAKING BEING US? Seriously??? And why fake being in the 426th? Thats the one unit that it seems all the previous fake CA people claim to come from!

  16. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Lucky, you should be flattered! No poser has claimed to have been an Amtracer yet!? We are the reason the Marine Corps IS the Marine Corps, amphibious assault!?:) As for the discrepancy in his ranks, maybe he’s so damn good they gave him a SPECIAL rank. Maybe he’s a Staff Tenant or maybe a Lieugent?

  17. SGT Kane says:

    Lucky, people can’t help it that they want to be as badass ass as CA…

  18. ScalpelShepherd says:

    I liked our resident CA guys in n. iraq. They introduced me to mr. ied.

  19. Blanka says:

    Wow, the Stolen Valor guys are right on top of it. Nice job.

  20. 670Prig says:

    POS. That is all.

  21. Hack Stone says:

    Yat Yas, would a Lieugent affectionately be called a Loogie? How about a Major Lieugent, then he would be a Major Loogie.

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    Why can’t these people with over-active imaginations and a longing to “belong” to something just join up with one of those Roman Army or Civil War re-enactor groups?
    Even the guys who mince around with swords at the Renaissance Faires don’t pretend to participate in full metal jousting. They know they’d be challenged on it.
    I understand the re-enactors. They’re mostly just in it for the fun and the company, but this bonehead stuff going on with these wannabes is disturbing.

  23. Joe Williams says:

    @17 Yat,we have escped or not hi speed enough.Me, a crew chief on UH34Ds. Choctaws for you Army types. Joe

  24. Sustainer says:

    Maybe a “Lawn Chair Off the Titanic”, but where’s the coveted CIB on the Class “A”s?

    He must have been awarded that Purple Heart before the CIB……perhaps when that 107mm rocket slammed into the FOB? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, not for nothing, officers seldom if ever where qualification badges, AND non-regulation letters on the lame name tag?

  25. alicia says:

    I have information on David Garcia Diaz Jr, he cheated your organization with presumably false documents. if you need any type of information on this guy, please contact me. I am more than willing to cooperate with law enforcement in order to catch this person who continues to cheat organizations with his stories and as a consequence deprives true veterans who really need the help he is taking . he needs to be stopped!!!! I have personally suffered fraud and I would like to know where to seek legal assistance

    thank you

  26. DR_BRETT says:

    No. 5:
    Very clever and very funny !!

  27. Green Thumb says:

    This guy strikes me as being very “ballsacksual”…

    Know what I mean?

  28. Green Thumb says:

    Furthermore…that looks like poser Creekmur next to him…

    Do you guys think they are an item?

    Fucking power bottoms, both of them.

  29. Just an Old Dog says:

    See posts about reenactors here. I did Civil War Reenacting for quite a while, and i would have to say they have a remarkably low rate of guys who tried to BS about their real life service. It could be because quite a few reenactors are veterans and it would be hard to pull it off. There are some wackos in reenacting but I think that just being a reenactor and wearing reproduction uniforms doesnt play enough to the guys with egos who want to be thought of as a real hero.

  30. sgt o says:

    He’s got a blue cord over the left shoulder….

  31. SGT(Ret) Watt says:

    This scumbag has raised his ugly head in Southern California getting himself admitted to another great organization and is still spouting his crap about how great a soldier he was. The truth has been brought forward to the leadership of that organization for appropriate action. He was discovered while trying to brag to a friend of mine who in turn called me to check out some of his story.

  32. Anonymous says:

    check this dick head out on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/dave.diaz.3304?ref=ts&fref=ts

  33. Anonymous says:

    I found another profile of this fake guy http://www.facebook.com/dave.diaz.3304?ref=ts&fref=ts

  34. Anonymous says:

    He claims to be a pico Rivera sheriff from pico Rivera California .

  35. Anonymous says:

    He claims to be a sheriff from pico Rivera California

  36. Anonymous says:

    I know this. Fake ass foo he us still getting money from the government and idk how he’s doing that.. And plus on his instergram page he post pictures of his guns and more thing

  37. Anonymous says:

    He is such a fake ass can’t believe he still lying to me