Anyone know this guy?

| July 2, 2012

Someone dropped a link on this article at our fan page last night, and Mary at POW Network sent it to us last night. In the article, he says his name is Timothy Oliver, but apparently, it’s really Gabryal Sansclair. I wouldn’t tell them my name either if I was going to tell tall tales like this;

A member of the unit commonly known as Delta Force, he said he hit the ground in Kandahar after a high-altitude jump with thousands of other specialized troops from different branches of service.

He recalls three days of intense “house-to-house urban warfare.”

“It was a lot of chaos and a lot of fear,” he said.

When the fighting ended and Marines arrived, he felt hopeful that a quick end to the war was possible. But he said commanders opted to fortify their position rather than advance, missing what he feels was a key opportunity to hobble the enemy early.

I’ve been in contact with the author of the story and she says that she’s sick over the fact that she allowed it to get to print. Of course, we’re working on getting his records, but in the interim, if anyone knows this ass monkey, we’d sure like to hear about his antics and what he really did in the military. Of course, it may be possible that he never served, like Leo Webb. Because that’s a pretty luxurious pony tail he’s got there, but it looks like he knows how to handle toy guns with a measure of expertise.

But mostly, I’m putting this post up so you guys don’t inundate me with mails about him and then think I’m ignoring you.

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  1. OWB says:

    My saying that I know the Easter Bunny personally really doesn’t prove much either.

  2. SGT Spalding says:

    And yes, it was me who posted on his facebook page

  3. SGT Spalding says:

    For the record, Phebe knows him cause she’s married to him. If he’s blind (as you say) I’d love to see him shoot a redbull can from 30 ft away (as you claim). Also if he’s blind, how on earth would he “see” the facebook post you so rapidly took down. As a vet with PTSD, I take personal offense to his “claims” of black ops combat in Afghanistan and the resulting falsehoods he’s claiming from it. No DD214 is classified, all he need do to prove his story is present it, but he won’t or can’t. Don’t worry though, I have requested his records via FOIA, in order to clear up this issue once and for all. Should my opinion as he lack of combat experiance be validated, you can bet my next call will be to the VA center in Denver to report fraud. Have a nice day.

  4. Bobo says:

    How did I miss Phebe’s rant? I’ve never met a RN/attorney who lived in a trailer, but I have a narrow life experience. Even the one man office general practitioner lawyers I know are living in decent apartments and driving BMWs.

    Just one question: did studmuffin take the orange cover off the plastic pistol before he went acing Red Bull cans?

  5. SGT Spalding says:

    According to her facebook she works as a freelance artist. I should contact the State of Colorado and ensure she has a nursing licence. Afterall, I believe practicing nursing without a license is still a crime.

  6. Bobo says:

    JP, that’s him!

  7. SGT Spalding says:

    Ya I’m blocked from him

  8. kp says:

    Was Northern and Western Colorado sprayed with Libyian hit-fog last night?

    Phebe- I was about to post that your last minute lobbying for TIMMAH was too little, too late… but in an upset, he has advanced to the next round.

  9. TSO says:

    Why would a blind man wear prescription eye glasses?

    Also, her law degree is from Cortez High School. So, I think I will take my chances.

  10. JP says:

    Those are high speed glasses only given to blind Delta operators to make them see again. I’m surprised he broke OPSEC and allowed his pic in them to be posted…he could get in big trouble for that.

  11. JP says:

    Oh, and did anyone else notice the (meth) pipe on his desk in pic in the Durango article?

  12. SGT Spalding says:

    She has a BA from the Art Institute in Pittsburgh. And I googled her and “Denver Post” and “Associated Press” but got nothing. Lots of self published books on crafts on yahoo! but nothing with the other two. I guess her articles are “Classified Black Ops” like her husband. Still gotta give her props for standing up for her man.

  13. SGT Spalding says:

    Also want to point out that one does not have “bouts of PTSD” it not like herpes. It doesn’t just flare up.

  14. Kilo says:

    So this guy’s wife is also delusional? This just gets better and better!!!
    My new favorite photo:

    Lots of Delta guys would do this I’m sure.

  15. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Phebe must have been bored this morning…this thread died a couple of weeks ago…maybe instead of wasting time on Facebook folks ought to keep their mouths shut and work on their “truth” issues….

    Is she suggesting that his PTSD makes him a liar about what actually happened? I don’t know about his PTSD but a lot this article makes me weep…

    For someone with a media law degree and an RN she sure is having a hard time articulating what’s going on…so my understanding is that the reporter failed to contact 3 secret squirrel confirmation types so that makes lying about your service the reporter’s fault….

    I doubt this fellow could get a positive SSBI to get the clearance he needed to be so secret nobody’s ever heard of what he’s done…even James Bond had an ID…..

  16. SGT Spalding says: I wonder if this is the same Gabryal Sansclair. If so he might have been in that “stares at goats” spec ops unit they made that documentary on. I think george clooney starred in it.

  17. JP says:

    Whoa…hold on. My source at Bragg just sent me this guy’s official “Delta” photo.

  18. kp says:

    Phebe- Are you claiming the story is true as written, just not verifiable due to national security issues?

    BTW, what is the job description of ‘darkroom editor’?

  19. Bobo says:

    SGT Spalding, that would be the 1st Earth BN ( One of the perks of my odd military education is actually getting to meet and talk to LTC(R)Channon. During our discussion, he actually had some really good ideas regarding training techniques, then went off on a UFO and alien tangent and never came back to reality.

  20. SGT Spalding says:

    Guys, Maybe the reporter did get it wrong. Are we sure hi name wasn’t actually Tommy Oliver?

  21. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @115 Clearly not the body of a former Delta operative, or even any kind of athlete….if you’re going to be a poser at least try and look the part…this dude looks like all he eats are granola and spinach….lift some weights, eat a pork chop….build some muscle…

  22. JAGC says:


    That made me laugh out loud… I didn’t know they handed out “media law” degrees. I must not be in the same league as this lady with my boring, old JD. But she uses big words, so she must be legit, right? From my experience, I call bullcrap on her threats, her story, and his story. I do look forward to her explain away things once the DD-214 becomes available (or lack thereof).

    Also, is she a print journalist of a photographer based on the “darkroom editor” claim? None of this makes sense.

  23. NHSparky says:

    Hey toots? Durango and Cortez aren’t THAT small.


    Former Farmington (NM) resident.

  24. NHSparky says:

    JAGC–I also like how she threatens to sue us over pictures she claims are “marked private”. Funny, unless your Photobucket account is password-protected or copyrighted, pretty much any picture of you on the ‘Net is wide open and like it or not, might well be used in other applications.

  25. JAGC says:

    NHSparky… You better be careful questioning the media law program at Cortez High School. She is threatening to use her vast knowledge of media law to sue you for “slander.” Of course, my simple experience tells me that the legally-operative word she is looking for is “libel,” but that word isn’t as big so we should just let it go… right?

  26. ROS says:

    She may even wash out your mouth with her homemade soap, Sparky…………

  27. TSO says:

    History Making: Everything you should add into a phony military background to really arrouse suspicion by Phebe “Can I buy an O in my name, or in the sack” Durand.

  28. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    ROS, one of those two has to earn a living…at least she is selling some products, books, and design work and she is apparently loyal to a fault….and who among us doesn’t like a nice handcrafted bar of soap to wash the stink off…

    Hope she is blinded by love and not a part of the conspiracy that is Tim Oliver Delta’s super “secret agent man” persona…

  29. ROS says:

    VOV, I agree wholly. Frankly, I prefer a nice honey-milk or lavender.

    Sadly, I believe she’ll end up another victim.

  30. ROS says:

    And that was priceless, TSO.

  31. kp says:

    @130- But stolen valor has no victims. Well… that’s what I heard.

  32. Green Thumb says:

    This dude is a ballsack.

  33. SGT Spalding says:

    @125 The pictures shes talking about as “private” are the ones I linked in my post on Gabryal’s face book which show him to be the same person as Timmy Oliver. They are found in her photo albums on facebook. Again its not a private page, the pictures are available to public access. She even calls Gabryal “Tim” in a couple.

  34. Kilo says:

    Funny…it says here she has a BA. I still call BS.

    Good thing she doesn’t feel like slaving for a steady income. Maybe her hubby’s government assistance checks for being too crazy to work are helping them out enough to cover the rent on their trailer lot.

  35. abs says:

    I love his wedding photo. Didn’t know Sansclair was of Scottish origin.

  36. Mariah says:


  37. CS says:

    Is the response from Phebe Durand even legimate?

    He’s already attempted to fake one identity; why would we assume he isn’t playing the part of Ms. Durand as well?

    I’d be hard pressed to believe Oliver is persuasive enough to get anyone to corroborate a story like that.


    Mark Twain

  38. SrA Tom says:

    Assblaster McTaintstain here needs a bonafide beatdown. I’m gonna have to dog on the airsoft on this one here. A clear Wal-Mart special is a terrible prop. Also, most folks I know that have been shot at, even those that never got closer to the fighting than the fence at Bagram or Kandahar, don’t like to get shot at ever again. (I’m assuming it’s a fence, and not a wall, feel free to correct me, I’ve not been deployed yet.) Also thousands of spec ops deployed at once, in the same AO? I don’t know much, but I think I can say it’s not fucking likely. I’ve also never met a vet that would actually braid his hair, much less sport the little dick tickler facial hair. My advice for this gigantic walking cluster fuck, is to get one of your elf-lord-mage-fag friends to remove you from the gene pool, with one of his dorky movie replica swords. Stop threatening the future of the American people with your faulty man seed.

  39. thebronze says:

    Apparently she left Doucheozzle Timothy Oliver (aka: Gabryal Sansclair, whatever nom de douche he’s using) and is now shacking up with this other poor schmuck.

    (Same person.)

    Poor Alton Chong is all I can say…

  40. abs says:

    Alton Chong is her daughter’s BF. She’s just trying to protect her phony soldier from those mean people over on This aint hell.

  41. FA24 says:

    Her “retraction” article is great in its highlighting of her lack of journalistic prowess: “Oliver, when reached by phone, said he could not provide any documentation to support his account or show that he had served in the military.”

    Well done, Ms. Burford. Well done indeed.

  42. SuperCaffinated says:

    My level of sympathy for this bit of wasted protein ranks right up there with my desire to have a live tarantula loose in my shorts. I will confess to voting for him over the Mess Hall Monster because of the sheer scope of his craptasticness. At least fat boy knows how to use a razor…

  43. tommysgirl says:

    LMAO.. I am having too much fun reading this site. Just found your site a few hours ago, and now it seems my former brother-in-law is friended with this as*clown on facebook! Imagine my surprise when I went to laugh at his facebook page and saw a “mutual friend”! Priceless! What a small world.

  44. Oz says:

    Here’s what I found on his facebook page, found it sort of.. ironic coming from this piece of shit.

    Gabryal Sansclair
    September 19, 2010
    Can someone answer this question for me? Considering that the vast majority of people are lying, stealing, lemmings looking for a cliff. Why on earth should I give a damn about them or what’s going on with them? Every time I’ve every been nice to anyone I find a knife in my back.

    So tell me why I should give a damn please, because right now I don’t.

    He obviously doesn’t consider himself part of this group..

  45. Just an Old Dog says:

    Some people are nothing more than hairy turds that need to be pinched off of the earths ass.

  46. RS says:

    Brings a new meaning to suck start a pistol…..