Dallas Wittgenfeld – A Recap

| July 7, 2012

There’s been a lot of rambling and invective on the recent Wittgenfeld threads at TAH (here and here).  As a result, it’s been easy to lose track of precisely what claims our “friend” Wittgenfeld actually has and has not made – and which of those claims are valid.  Since he’s now entered in the Ballduster McSoulpatch Memorial Stolen Valor Tournament, it’s probably best to have that info immediately available.  So I thought I’d take a shot at summarizing Wittgenfeld’s claims and their status.

If anyone finds what they feel to be an error in the information below, please let me know and I’ll correct it – provided I agree, of course.  (And if you’re reading this, Wittgenfeld, the only way I’ll accept corrections from you is if they’re accompanied with paperwork you haven’t provided previously.  Like a copy of your CIB orders, for example.)

The Legitimate Claims

1.  Wittgenfeld claims to have served on active duty with the US Army.  That claim is backed by his DD214 and his FOIA report.  He served on active duty from Sep 1968 to July 1972.

2.  He claims to be a Vietnam Veteran.   This claim appears valid.  Per the assignments section of his FOIA report, he served in-country from Aug 1969 to Aug 1970.

3.  Wittgenfeld claims to have seen combat in Vietnam.  This claim appears accurate.  Per the assignments section of his FOIA report, Wittgenfeld saw combat in Vietnam with 2 different units.  The first was D Co 151st Inf (Ranger) – which was reflagged D Co 75th  Inf (Ranger) while Wittgenfeld was assigned to the unit (Aug 1969 to Apr 1970).  The second was HQ 2nd  Field Force Vietnam (HQ II FFORCEV) from Apr 1970 to Aug 1970.

4.  Wittgenfeld claims to have an Air Medal for his service in Vietnam.  This claim appears accurate.  He was awarded one Air Medal, NOT for Valor, while assigned to HQ II FFORCEV.  (The orders for this Air Medal have been removed from their former location on-line.  However, I personally reviewed these orders prior to their removal from their former location on-line; they appeared legitimate.  I will attempt to coordinate with the owner of the site where they were formerly posted to have them re-posted.)

5.  Wittgenfeld claims he has two Purple Hearts.  This claim appears accurate.  He was awarded  two Purple Hearts while assigned to HQ II FFORCEV.

6.  Wittgenfeld claims to have been awarded the Army Commendation Medal with V Device (ARCOM w/V).  That claim appears accurate.  Per his DD214 and FOIA Report, he was awarded the ARCOM w/V, apparently while assigned to D Co 151st Inf (Ranger).

7.  Wittgenfeld claims to be Airborne.  That claim appears accurate.  Per his DD214 and FOIA report, Wittgenfeld is Airborne qualified.

8.  Wittgenfeld claims to have been a drill instructor.  That claim appears accurate.  After his return from Vietnam, per the assignments section of his FOIA report he served as a Drill Instructor (Oct 1970 – Jul 1972).

9.  Per his DD214, Wittgenfeld received an honorable discharge.

10.  Based on new information brought to my attention on 9 October 2012, it appears that Wittgenfeld’s CIB is legitimate as opposed to questionable.  Apparently US Army Vietnam (USARV) –  in an exception to Department of the Army regulation and policy of the day – authorized 05B RTOs serving with infantry units whose primary duties were to accompany infantry units on tactical operations to be awarded the CIB.  While I have not yet personally located and verified the full text of the USARV exception, the exception is unambiguously referenced in a decision of the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR).  The ABCMR doesn’t tend to get things wrong.

OK, so much for the “good”.  Now for the “bad” and the “ugly”.  And, finally, my attempt to make sense of it all.

The Questionable Claims

1.  Wittgenfeld claims to have a CIB.  This claim is questionable.  In fact, Wittgenfeld’s FOIA report and DD214 both indicate he has a CIB.  However, the assignments section of his  FOIA report indicates he never served in combat as (1) an infantry unit commander, (2) a formally-assigned advisor to RVN forces, or (3) as an infantry soldier (all his assignments in Vietnam were Radio Operator assignments in his primary MOS of 05B).  His receipt of the CIB is thus highly questionable, as it appears to be invalid under the regulations of the day (para 96.a., AR 672-5-1, May 1961, w/amendments).  Yes, it’s in his records.  Whether it’s legitimate or not is another question. 

This claim is no longer regarded as questionable.  As noted above, Wittgenfeld apparently does legitimately rate the CIB under a US Army -Vietnam exception to DA regulations.

2.  Wittgenfeld claims to be, and and promotes himself as, a former “Airborne Ranger”.  This claim is arguably true, but – like Roger Maris’ single-season home run record – also comes with a rather large asterisk.   Per his FOIA report and the assignments section of same, Wittgenfeld  was an Airborne-qualified soldier assigned as a Radio Operator to a Ranger Unit in Vietnam.  However, per those same documents Wittgenfeld did not attend Ranger School, is not Ranger qualified, and therefore does not rate the Ranger Tab.   Use your own judgement as to whether you accept this claim by Wittgenfeld as valid.   I personally don’t buy it – Ranger School has existed in one form or another since 1950, and Wittgenfeld served from 1968-1972 – but I appear to be in the minority on this issue and could well be wrong.

3.  Wittgenfeld also claims (by wearing the awards publicly) that he served with a unit during a period for which it was awarded the  Presidential Unit Citation (PUC), Valorous Unit Award (VUA), and Meritorious Unit Award (MUA).  This claim is questionable if not outright false.  I’ve checked the official Army listing of unit awards; none of Wittgenfelds units in Vietnam seem to be listed there – so none of them appear to have ever been awarded a PUC, VUA, or MUA. That means Wittgenfeld almost certainly isn’t authorized these unit awards for permanent wear – and thus shouldn’t be wearing them now. (His Vietnamese Unit Awards are probably legit; many if not most US Army units deployed to Vietnam received one or both of those.)

4.  Wittgenfeld has also made claims of “skydiving in Vietnam to entertain the orphans”.  Yeah, right.  Sorry, but I’m gonna need independent verification from a disinterested party before I’ll buy that one.  I’m calling this claim at best questionable if not an outright whopper of a lie.

The Bogus Claims

1.   Wittgenfeld was cited multiple times in the past in published articles as having received a “Bronze Star for Valor”.  There’s really only one place those reporters would have gotten that info:  from Wittgenfeld himself, either by interviewing him personally or from written material provided by him.  Follow this link for one example of such a false claim.  Per Wittgenfeld’s DD214 and FOIA report, these claims are bogus – and IMO, so is Wittgenfeld’s  current claim that he had no influence over what those reporters wrote about him in the past.  The fact that there are several other similar articles near the end of  the web page linked here IMO effectively disproves Wittgenfeld’s claims of innocence in this area.  Could one reporter “screw the pooch” and get his decorations wrong?  Yes.  Several, all making the same identical mistake?  Uh, no, I don’t think so.  I’m calling this claim, and Wittgenfeld’s oblique denial that he bears any responsibility for the misinformation those stories, bogus.

2.  Wittgenfeld also apparently hoodwinked the Special Forces Association into admitting him by reputedly making false claims of serving as an advisor to the “Royal Thai Army” and of being temporarily attached to the 11th Special Forces Group.  These claims also appear to be bogus.  No such assignments are documented in the assignments section of Wittgenfeld’s FOIA report.  Rather, Wittgenfeld’s Purple Heart orders show him assigned to “RTAVF-SLS”.  I’m reasonably certain this designation stands for “Royal Thailand Army Vietnam Forces – Staff (or maybe Strategic) Liaison Section”.  His duty position there was 05B – Radio Operator (SLS).  Providing comm support while assigned to a liaison team ain’t the same thing as advisory duty.

3.  Wittgenfeld’s also made claims of being “Airborne Ranger Special Forces”, too.  Those claims are also bogus – there are no SF assignments in his record whatsoever.  Wittgenfeld’s claims of “hanging out” with the 11th SF while on “compassionate leave” don’t cut it – that’s neither formal assignment nor attachment, and I’ve seen nothing documenting that it even happened at all.  Ditto his claims of being a Ranger Advisor to the Royal Thai Army (serving on a liaison team ain’t the same thing).  Bottom line:  Wittgenfeld never served with SF, either in CONUS or in Combat.  He was never Special Forces, nor is he authorized to wear the Green Beret – period.  Even if he did con his way into the Special Forces Association.

4.  Finally, Wittgenfeld claims to have been a “LRRP” or “LRP” in Vietnam.  This claim is bogus.  Wittgenfeld was never a “LRP” or “LRRP” in Vietnam.  His first unit there – D Co 151st  Infantry – was indeed originally designated as a Long Range Patrol (LRP) unit.  But that designation changed about 6 months before Wittgenfeld ever arrived.  D Co 151st Infantry’s status and designation was changed in Feb 1969 from LRP  to Ranger.  Wittgenfeld arrived in Vietnam in Aug 1969, so he never served with a LRP unit in Vietnam – and he absolutely did not serve with the 101st  as a LRRP, as he’s previously implied.  Wittgenfeld served as an RTO while assigned to a Ranger unit.  He never served in a LRP or LRRP unit.

The Asshattery

Other than the above, Wittgenfeld’s dealings with others are textbook examples of how to make enemies and influence people the wrong way.  Read the comments by “LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41” starting here.  Yes, that really is Wittgenfeld playing with the shift key like a teenage girl (or a spastic) and using that asinine screen name.  And after reading those comments, you can probably decide for yourself whether his tournament nickname of “Flying Assclown” is apropos.

His abuse of the Army uniform and his disrespectful attitude towards other veterans, veterans’ supporters, and others in general are reprehensible.  His narcissism is obvious in his staged photos, his deeds, and his words.  He is also one of very few people I’ve ever even heard of to get arrested for flying a plane while intoxicated (2nd part of article here).  And when you read Wittgenfeld’s own words, it’s easy to conclude that he’s also a racist.

In short:  he’s a real piece of work.  He’s definitely a legend in his own mind, and obviously thinks he deserves to be famous.

The rest of the world?  Either “deserves to be infamous” or “Dallas Who?” is probably more a accurate description of how the rest of the world feels about Wittgenfeld.

Reconstruction of Events, AKA Reality

Here’s my reconstruction of what likely actually happened.  I could be wrong, and if I’m presented documentary evidence I am, I’ll revise this.

D Co 151st Infantry (Long Range Patrol) was an Indiana National Guard unit.  It was one of the few Army Reserve Component (USAR and ARNG) units mobilized and sent to Vietnam, and was the only National Guard Infantry unit so mobilized and deployed.  This unit was mobilized in April or early May 1968, departed Indiana in mid-May for extensive pre-deployment training at Fort Benning, and deployed to Vietnam in December 1968. The unit was assigned to II FFORCEV.   It was redesignated D Co 151st Infantry (Ranger) in Feb 1969.

Per Wittgenfeld’s FOIA, Wittgenfeld was not originally a member of D Co 151st Infantry –  he enlisted after D Co 151st Infantry had departed for pre-deployment training.  The assignments section of his FOIA shows Wittgenfeld began active duty in September 1968; attended basic training at Fort Campbell; Leaders Prep and 05B AIT at Fort Knox; Airborne School at Fort Benning;  and then was assigned to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, arriving in April 1969.  He served as an 05B – Radio Operator with the 82nd Airborne for approx 3 months, then ended up on orders for Vietnam.  He arrived in Vietnam in late August 1969 and was assigned to D Co 151st Infantry (Ranger) shortly thereafter.

Wittgenfeld was thus never assigned to D Co 151st Infantry while it was designated a “Long Range Patrol” unit, arriving approx 6 months after the unit had been redesignated “Ranger”.   He was most likely either an individual replacement or Regular Army cadre assigned to that unit because of the pending reflagging of that unit as D Co 75th Infantry (Ranger), which occurred in November 1969 and was almost certainly due to the end of the period of  mobilization of D Co 151st Infantry.  Wittgenfeld thus served in D Co 151st Infantry (Ranger) for 2 1/2 to 3 months, and then continued to serve with D Co 75th Infantry (Ranger) after his unit was reflagged.  While assigned to D Co 151st Infantry (Ranger), Wittgenfeld apparently received an ARCOM w/V.  Per his official records, his assignment with both units was as an 05B – IS Radio Operator.

Wittgenfeld’s reflagged unit of assignment, now D Co 75th Infantry (Ranger) continued as a part of  II FFORCEV until April 1970.  At that time, D Co 75th Infantry (Ranger)  stood down.  As a Active Duty  soldier on a 1-year tour, Wittgenfeld still had several months remaining in-country.  He was then transferred to HQ FFORCEV for the remainder of his time in-country.

Wittgenfeld appears to have been assigned to a HQ II FFORCEV Staff/Strategic Liaison Team (RTAVF-SLS) with the mission of providing II FFORCEV liaision between HQ II FFORCEV and a subordinate Royal Thai Army unit HQ (the Royal Thai Army Vietnam Forces were subordinate to II FFORCEV).  Wittgenfeld’s duty assignment was 05B – Radio Operator (SLS); his duties doubtless consisted providing long-range comm support for the liaison team, most likely often relating to fire support provided by US artillery to Royal Thai Forces.  This is in no way, shape, form, or fashion “duty as a Ranger advisor to Royal Thai Army Rangers”.   While assigned to this liaison team, Wittgenfeld was wounded twice and received an Air Medal.  He served with II FFORCEV for less than 4 months – from April to Aug 1970.  Approx 10 days before Wittgenfeld’s one-year in country anniversary, he departed Vietnam for CONUS.

After departing for CONUS, Wittgenfeld took about 45 days combined leave and travel time.  He arrived at Fort Knox, KY, in early Oct 1970.  He served as a Drill Instructor at Fort Knox until his ETS in July 1972.

Wittgenfeld served honorably in dangerous and demanding assignments in Vietnam.  He received both combat decorations and wounds.  But was never “Special Forces”, a “Ranger Advisor”, a “LRRP”, or a “LRP”.  He does not have the Ranger Tab.  He was an Airborne-qualified RTO assigned to a Ranger unit for about 8 months, then was assigned as a radio operator for a liaison team from HQ II FFORCEV to a subordinate Royal Thai Army unit HQ for a bit less than 4 months.  That’s all.


Wittgenfeld’s a rather sad case, actually.  His military service was honorable, and based on what I’ve seen his claim of PTSD could well be legitimate.  IMO he definitely seems to have operator headspace and timing issues.

But having issues is no excuse to be a liar and a out-of-control asshat.  And IMO Wittgenfeld is both of those many times over.

Author Note:  The original article castigated Wittgenfeld for falsely claiming to be an “Airborne Ranger” even though he does not have a Ranger Tab.  However, the consensus of initial comments appears to be that service with a Ranger unit vice qualifying for the Ranger Tab entitles one to call himself a “Ranger” permanently.  I’ve thus removed those portions of the original article and/or reworded them appropriately.

Jonn added: Here’s another picture I have of Wittgenfeld’s uniform with some SF beret flash on his pocket with the SF DUI stuck to it;

ADDED: Kevin writes to tell us that the SF thingie on his pocket is the SF Association’s thing. The SF Association told us that Wittgenfeld wouldn’t be a member these days because he’s been grandfathered from a time before they required documentation and he has none on file.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    I’d love for him to try to get me fired. Not only would it not be the first time some psycho dipshit has tried it, but then it would more than likely give me cause for legal action against him.

    Gotta love how that works.

  2. Hondo says:

    Fred: missed your comment above yesterday. Will send you e-mail this AM.

  3. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    BANG…! CaBoom….! The PoWnetwork got a broadside from old LRP 41…… bye bye pictures and all the bullshit you idiots posted on a real deal vet (me) … dumbasses… I am figuring out how to bounce your asses alittle bit too.. and which one of you hidden named punks are Joe Oliver …? He is going for a ride with me next… “THE LRRP COMETH”

    You punks should be apologizing to me for all the lies you have endured me with.. Stick MY CIB and 11B-2P orders up your ass…? How’s that feel weenies… I was more combat decorated as a Private First Calss than you pathetic lifers… eat my shit…. 🙂

  4. Mr. Blue says:

    #156- English translation, please.

  5. Scotty says:

    WTF are you talking about Wittgenfeld ? You actually think that your the reason that the wall of shame was closed? Your such an idiot. Strange that my BoS is still up on your lying ass huh. And how many times do I need to tell your stupid brainless ass. You was never a LRRP and you don’t have an 11B MOS in your FOIA or your dd-214 .Now go back to eating your soft cereal dickless wonder boy.The RTO boy is still crying that he got busted for his embellishments. Your such a pathetic loser.

  6. Just Plain Jason says:

    Dallas eat a dick your 8 months in country is a little shy of my time in country. Just because you can fabricate falsified orders doesn’t mean shit to me. You are still a dried up crusty old bastard who lives on a pack of lies. Hell I know a lot of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who have a lot more trigger time than your fake ass ever dreamed up. Oh wait we don’t count we were fighting in cities, deserts and mountains.

  7. Hondo says:

    Mr. Blue: Sadly, that’s about the best Wittgenfeld appears capable of regarding intelligible prose. You’re not going to get anything better than that from him.

    Just Plain Jason: the orders and CIB appear legit – though the CIB appears due to a Vietnam-era USAR-V exception to DA policy vice normal regulatory qualification. And Wittgenfeld does appear to have spent 11 months in-country in Vietnam vice 8.

    Of course, that doesn’t address his repeated false claims of BSM w/V (multiple published accounts in multiple different 1970s newspapers cite him as having one), of being Special Forces, of lying his way into the SFA (and getting thrown out), being a racist, acting like an utter jackass, and being a misogynist. I’m guessing he’s just naturally a lying, hateful, ignorant jackass.

    The individual served honorably in a demanding assignment. But the individual personally IMO has no honor, and by his conduct has proven himself deserving of contempt.

  8. ShoRt PeNiS PaTrOL 13 says:

    @ All you non-jumping, non-CIB, non-gook killers … I have changed my blog name to reflect what I am all about.

    No more LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41.

    I am now ShoRt PeNiS PaTrOL 13.

  9. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 says:

    Soooo when are you punks going to get some buddy to sign one of those PoWnetwork Report Affidavits… verifying all your lies. Nobbody has ever sited ME for a bronze star or special forces “s” qualified.

    Nobody I know has ever heard me say what all you say I said. Now what are you going to do. 40 year old unsigned news paper clips are not evidence for a god damn thing and you all know that. Find a witness or shut the fuck up dip shits.

    In my very popular shows that the news-stories were written about.? Thunder Chicken never mentions his military service at all. NOT part of a professional skydiving clown show… There you are.. with nothing.

  10. Nik says:

    “Find a witness or shut the fuck up dip shits.”

    That sounded like an ultimatum. Do as you say….or what?

  11. Joe Oliver says:

    LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 Says: “and which one of you hidden named punks are Joe Oliver” …

    Are you cyber stalking me?

    You be looking for me? Please share with the folks why? I don ‘t need to know as I don’t often acknowledge the brain dead… as they only offer brain farts.

    Maybe you can answer this while your farting from the upper lips:, “Did your mother have any kids that lived?”


  12. Joe Oliver says:

    While I am at it, seeing you were trained in the bush, do tell me who the SF named Ponz is who earned a green beret, also known as Captain P. and trained LRP/LRRP in the field about the time you claim you were field trained? What was their authorized strength? What was the average strength?

    It was training where knowledge was gained from lessons learned in the field, either hey this works — try it again or oh crap, not good, try it another way.

    Unlike Rangers of other eras in the 20th Century who trained in the United States or in friendly nations overseas, LRP and Rangers in Vietnam were activated, trained and fought in the same geographical areas in Vietnam.

    No bullshit LRP41 — just answers.

    Joe Oliver
    No Speil Chiker, No Grammatics (Got Gram A Tic Colla) Not a People Pleaser, NOT Politically Correct.

  13. Joe Oliver says:

    LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41:: also name of the GB Officer who trained you.

    Mr. Jonn Lilyea will tell you – I take no sides.. only seek the truth. Too many paid a dear price to earn the rights to claim SF. If you only want to spit BS go back to your blog and whine to yourself — or post “Look at me I’m a tough guy” comments till all yawn and fall asleep..

    I had no contact with you prior to this, be assured I am the mother folker your mama warned you about in the legal arena, so keep spewing my name with expletive deleteives, and trying to ”
    hunt me down” for what ever sicko reason you chose to, and, the rest of these folks can go back to the pool while we dance.

  14. Joe Oliver says:

    John, you are correct. Ranger Training began in September 1950 at Fort Benning Georgia. The Ranger Training Brigade administrates Ranger School. Successful completion of the 61 day course is required to become Ranger qualified and to wear the Ranger Tab.

    “Ranger School has existed in one form or another since 1950, and Wittgenfeld served from 1968-1972 – but I appear to be in the minority on this issue and could well be wrong.”

    … but there were exceptions as posted above. If you send me a private I will put you =IN=TOUCH= with Captain P. and SF Officer who earned a GB and trained volunteers (he..mainly volunteers from 25thID (Tropic Lightning))

    as I noted above, in the field .. that included “activation” in the field.

    “Unlike Rangers of other eras in the 20th Century who trained in the United States or in friendly nations overseas, LRP and Rangers in Vietnam were activated, trained and fought in the same geographical areas in Vietnam.”

    The info on this comes from the horses mouth. (g)

    Also if something is “This claim is arguably true”… then UNLIKE the VARO’s, “The benefit of the doubt” should apply.
    As nothing untrue can be adjudicated as true, and vice versa

    The normal criteria: Combat service with a Ranger unit or graduation from the U.S. Army Ranger School. A Ranger unit is defined as those Army units recognized in Ranger lineage or history. The US Army Ranger Association could answer most of the questions I saw posed re: Rangers.

    Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) and Long Range Patrol companies (also known as Lurps) were formed in the mid-1960s as a “reactive necessity to the US Army’s lack of units capable of reconnaissance behind enemy lines”.

    On 1 January 1969, under the new U.S. Army Combat Arms Regimental System (CARS), these units were “redesignated as Rangers” in South Vietnam within the 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger).

    Fifteen companies of Rangers were raised from “Lurp” units. The genealogy of this new Regiment was linked to Merrill’s Marauders.

  15. Joe Oliver says:

    National Archives and Records Administration

    ARC Identifier 2569498 / Local Identifier 111-TV-228

    Big Picture: Ranger Ready

    DVD copied by Ann Galloway. Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 – 05/15/1984). For this issue of THE BIG PICTURE our camera crews have journeyed into the mountains of North Georgia and the swamps of Florida in order to bring the story of the U.S. Army Rangers to the television screens of America. The Rangers are a proud corps of elite combat-ready troops who undergo the most rugged training in the Army. The first Ranger unit dates back almost 200 years ago when the original thirteen colonies were under British rule. They served with General Washington’s Colonial troops and they were active in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. When the Communist aggressors struck in Korea, the call for the Rangers sounded again. This BIG PICTURE episode concentrates on their training as it is practiced today.


  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    Yes! THE BIG PICTURE! I used to watch that on Saturday mornings on the neighbor’s TV! Oh, the memories!

  17. Hondo says:

    Joe Oliver: a minor point, but Jonn Lilyea didn’t write the above article – I did. I get the complaints/corrections about this one, not him. And I’ve conceded the point that Wittgenfeld, though a jerk, has the right to call himself an “Airborne Ranger” due to his service with D/75th Inf in Vietnam.

    He’s also IMO an asshole, a misogynist, a jackass, a racist, and a liar – as well as a legend in his own seriously deficient mind. He just doesn’t make a nuisance of himself by claiming those titles publicly every chance he gets.

    He just proves them through his words and actions.

  18. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    ShortDickDullass, you’ve proven yourself to be a chickenshit liar. I’ve challenged you more times than I can remember and you have yet to respond directly. Tell me when and where. Mr. Lilyea has my contact info with my authorization to give it to you. You’ve proven you’re a coward, live with it. All the regulars here have seen my challenges and have seen your nonresponse, also known as cowardice. Live with that.

  19. Joe Oliver says:

    Hondo… your a hoot… impressive rendition of personal opinion. (LMAO) You have a right to that. I also will agree with the majority as well as your rendition of his personality as I do not know the man, probably never would have.. till the limp dick called me out. I received an email and a link here that said a possible wannabe was calling me out. So I thought I would present him with the opportunity he sought. While here, I read the recap and replied accordingly. Unless witlessfield has something else he’d like to say to me.. too many tree’s not enough forest.. we be gone. Happy Hunting to you and the good folks who give up their time and dime here to preserve Valor & Honor.

    If witlessfield doesn’t understand why you do what you do.. thats his problem. He should be thanking you for helping to keep the record straight.


    Stolen Valor *Official Video* Presented by Soldier Hard, Redcon-1 Music Group & Boone Cutler

  20. Ex-PH2 says:

    Joe, he just keeps coming in here because no one is paying attention to him.

    Note the time lapse between today’s little poke and the previous little poke.

  21. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL says:

    Hell Yah, Joe Oliver…. I miss-took you, man. Sorry.

    JOE: none of these jackoffs even know me or ever met me. I have a hundred letters of recommondation for my veterans affairs programs and still participate in things that these “band of bastards” have laid down long ago.

    “Think their is an EGO problem here”?.

    For your information Joe..? I was trained in the “Killing Fields” by Special Forces and Ranger Hall of Famer William “Bill” Butler. His namesake is the Camp Butler Warrior Training Center of Ft. Benning and I have a “Ranger Brick” on the Ranger Walk of Fame also on Ft. Benning.

    After serving in two LRRP/Ranger companies and being decorated for valor in combat, I was promoted and “SELECTED” by 46th Special Forces Commander Colonel Robert H. Bartelt (famed) for training the Thailand Counter-Insurgency Forces in the Royal Thailand Army Volunteer Forces (mecenaries funded by C.I.A.). I was his “Special Liaison Section N.C.O.” out in the jungles killing gooks.

    An Infantryman with an airmedal & two purple hearts says alot about what was going on in my 20 year old world, then.

    After returning to the CONUS I was selected for the 1st Army N.C.O. Drill Sergeant Academy graduating and training basic combat training for the all new Volunteer Army.

    After the military I became a professional skydiver performing at airshows across America. Nowhere have I ever mentioned my military sevice in these programs. A few of the hundred newspaper accounts back then were inaccurate.

    Remember this: RANGERS were the Special Forces before there was a green beret.

    Nobody has ever heard me say I was a green beret.

    Nobody has heard me say I had a bronze star and there are no such pictures.

    Just for these assholes that think they are the “Uniform Police”. I have straightened out my uniform. 100% correct. No 82nd fortigere but still the infantry braid. Ranger Scrolls on both sleeves too. And I have my original “Black Ranger Beret” and my tan Ranger beret, too.

    Oh Yah JOE: I forgot… these guys feel like I pissed in their Wheaties because I did NOT run away like all their other victims. I stay here in their ambush zone collecting intel for the “BIG ONE”.

    JOE… there is a “whole slew” of valor vultures on here who are already in a big lawsuit for doing similar things to other people, too.

    Consider yourself UP TO DATE…. I owe tou a beer. 🙂

  22. OIF2 Vet says:

    Sorry to Necro this thread, but this guy is crazier than a sackfull of assholes.

  23. Hondo says:

    Shit, now the zombie will likely be back . . . again.

  24. OIF2 Vet says:

    Sorry Hondo, I’ll go smoke myself now.

  25. Wow!
    What a lot of venom! I knew Dallas in Vietnam in Dco 152 inf and in Dco 75th inf.
    First, the Ranger designation changed over from LRRP in Nov 69, not Feb.
    So we that were there before that date can wear either or both.
    Secondly, there was a SF run in country Rcondo school. Not everyone got to go. Me included.
    Third, The training the 151rst gave me at the rear base, was real, not theoretical and probably save my life.
    Fourth, You were not accepted into a Ranger unit until you had at least 2 combat missions and were judged to be acceptable by your peers on that team.
    Fifth, I respect all those who go through Ranger school, but that said the scroll in those days meant you were a combat Ranger and I’ve had plenty of Ranger school grads of different generations tell me that I’m the real deal because of it.
    Sixth, I knew Dallas back then, and I didn’t exactly care for him then, and I can’t say I do now. He’s nuts. Was and is. He worked in the rear in radio in the com shack. He’s told me he was in the field before that. Maybe. I just don’t know. He always been super,over the top gung ho. Got me and another Ranger in a huge fight by continually standing up in the 199th inf EM club and shouting “legs suck” and “Airborne”! Don’t know were he went when the fight broke out outside the club after closing time.
    The last time I saw him was some month’s after they shut down Dco in April, and he was talking about being an adviser to some Asian military group ( could have been the Thai’s, but it’ been over 40 years), and how he was wounded.
    As for his record, if you’ve got the scroll from Vietnam, your a Ranger. PE


    PERIOD! And, I’m not saying this in defense of Dallas, but all that happened didn’t make it into your Army record. I went to Sniper school in Jan 70. No record. I’m was supposed to be awarded an Air medal. Never happened. No record. Spent time with the brown water Navy. No record. When with the Navy,did one mission with a CIA guy. No record. So what?
    7th, When I got to Vietnam, Dco wore maroon berets with the Sua Sponte flash on them. Unauthorized? Sure. But that’s what we did. Same for Fco 75th inf.
    Technically, I was in 3 different Ranger Units. For the most part great guys. Did a job that others couldn’t or wouldn’t do. I’m proud to have had the honor of serving with the men I knew.
    Both Dco by the way served under MACV. Fco under the 25th.
    8th, as for Dallas, socially strange, PTSD can do that to people. Was he A half bubble off plumb back when? Sure! He was a Ranger.
    Has he embellished? Not on most of it I think. Some? Maybe.
    Vietnam was a different time and place. Most of what we did, we don’t talk about. What difference does it make? I’ve talked to my wife of 35 years about something where we both were at the same time, and we both remember it differently. Now, how does that happen? I remember it perfectly….maybe.
    So for me, I leave the old vet’s alone. I listen to the stories and honor them the best I can. I don’t pick their stories apart. If I hear something that doesn’t line up, I know if they were really SF or not. I know the questions to determine if someone is real or not. But in the end, what’s it really matter? It will all come out in the end.
    Peace my friends, we’ve fought long enough for it. Why not enjoy it?
    Scott (Welgos) Johnston

  26. NHSparky says:

    Leave it alone? You’re the one who picked up this dried out turd four months after it had hit the ground, bud.

    And as for respect for the “old vets?” Yeah, as soon as he shows some respect for those “new vets.” Until then, him, dicks, fat bag, steam, some assembly required.

  27. Nah. I “picked it up” in 1970..but I’m not so angry anymore. You can be that way if you want, I can’t and don’t want to. And for the record, just because you insulted me by the way you disagreed with me, doesn’t make me think ill of you.
    Like I said, I’m not so angry anymore. But you certainly can be if you like.
    Like they say “It’s America. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion”. I believe that. Fought for it. But a person shouldn’t be attacked just because he has a different opinion than someone else. Just my opinion of course.But please consider that I was there. And I was at least somewhat aquaited with Dallas.
    Of course what people dislike about Dallas is his lack of honor for those who disagree with him.
    Scott Johnston

    Also, in my opening sentence I typoed 151 as 152. And Dallas wasn’t with me in Fco. My bad. My Apologies.

  28. OWB says:

    Scott, being one of those old vets, I appreciate your insight. Just so you know, since you have probably not read everything written here – he got himself crosswise with pretty much everyone here with his general outrageous behavior and complete lack of respect for anyone who did not bow down to his awesomeness. Well, that and the personal threats to us and our friends.

    He left nothing for anyone to respect. End of story.

  29. Hondo says:

    Mr. Johnson,

    Thanks for your service. And it’s admirable that you feel obligated to stand up for a past comrade-in-arms.

    I’m the one who authored the above article, so I’ll respond to a few of your points.

    According to the 75th Ranger Regimental Association, you’re wrong above in your timeline of unit designations. The official changeover of D/151st Infantry from LRP to Ranger indeed occurred in Feb 1969 – not Nov. That Feb 1969 change officially redsignated the unit from D Company (Airborne), 151st Infantry (Long Range Patrol), 2nd Field Force to D Company (Airborne), 151st Infantry (Ranger), 2nd Field Force. The redesignation you’re speaking of above that occurred in Nov 1969 was the redesignation of D/151st Inf (Ranger) to D/75th Inf (Ranger).

    That second redesignation occurred because D/151st was a National Guard unit and was demobilizing and a new unit was being stood up to take its place. The new unit inherited non-National Guard members of D/151st – like Wittgenfeld – who had been assigned well after D/151st Inf arrived in Vietnam and who would be remaining in-country when the demobilizing National Guard personnel departed for demobilization.

    Wittgenfeld was not National Guard; he was Regular Army. He arrived in D/151st Inf in late Aug 1969 as an augmentee/replacement. My guess is that his assignment there was probably due to the pending deactivation of D/151st Inf and the known pending departure of many of the personnel assigned to that unit. He was not an original member that had deployed with the unit from Indiana, and thus never served in that unit while it was still D/151st Inf (LRP). Follow the link here (it’s also the 6th link in the article above) for verification of the above from the 75th RRA.


    Frankly, I don’t think the 75th RRA screwed up the history. They’re pretty good about getting the history of Ranger units correct.

    Wittgenfeld’s personnel record extracts, obtained via the FOIA process and linked above, also verify he was never assigned to D/151st Inf while it was still designated “LRP”. He was assigned to D/151st Inf (Ranger) – not LRP.

    Yes, we came down on Wittgenfeld pretty hard. If you’ll follow the first three links in the above article, you’ll see he first showed up here acting like a complete jackass. He’s also made claims that were demonstrably false – e.g. serving with SF, serving as a “Ranger/SF advisor to the Thais” (or a claim very similar, if that’s not his exact claim), and having a BSM w/V. (Wittgenfeld denies making the latter claim, but when several newspapers in the early 1970s all say he has one and he’s the only plausible source the reporter would have concerning his decorations, well . . . . ) He lied his way into the Special Forces Association (SFA), and later got booted from it when that fact came to their attention (that’s documented elsewhere on this site).

    He’s also insulted pretty much everyone here – even folks who were initially his defenders. And he’s also made some very public racist and misogynistic statements.

    I think I can safely say most people here share your opinion that the man is more than a brick or two shy of a full load. But that doesn’t excuse him acting like an arrogant jackass, insulting everybody here who won’t kiss his ass, and exaggerating otherwise highly honorable combat service by claiming stuff he never did.

    That’s the real shame. The man served in a damned dangerous and demanding combat assignment (as a Ranger), was wounded 2x, has a decoration for valor (ARCOM w/V), has an Air Medal as well, and served as a drill sergeant – all in about 4 years time. And that’s apparently still not enough for him; he seems to want everyone to believe he’s the 2nd coming of Audie Murphy or John Wayne. So he feels he has to claim stuff he never did, and he gets angry when people don’t immediately buy unsupported, fantastic claims without proof. He also keeps coming back here periodically and making additional wild claims and insulting people.

    That’s just sad. Damned sad.

    And so is Wittgenfeld. He’s a truly sad and pathetic case.

  30. Thanks for the heads up. Like I said, he’s nuts. Sorry. I can’t excuse behavior like that, nor condone it. My apologies if misspoke.
    Scott Johnston

  31. Hondo says:

    Mr. Johnson: no issue, if your last comment was intended for me. After dealing with Wittgenfeld, it’s a pleasure to deal with someone who’s reasonable and rational.

  32. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    You’re okay Johnson. I liked that read.

  33. MMMMM… I may have to reconsider my history. I was one of those regular Army guys assigned to the 151rst. I came a month after Dallas. I always thought I was entitled to the same linage as they were…LRRP and Ranger.
    I Also thought I was a LRRP until my designation changed in Nov 69. I was vaguely aware that something changed for the 151rst earlier, but awareness has come in the last few years, as I was too busy with the war to care about that stuff back then, I just wore the patches they gave me.
    That said, the 151rst still honors me as one of them… They even have a big picture of one of my teams hanging in one of their offices!
    Great bunch those Indiana Rangers! They were the guys jumping in the John Wayne movie about the SF. It was filmed in Benning of course. Some of my fondest and funniest memories are when I served with them.
    Again, thanks for filling me in.I agree. It’s just a shame and very,very sad.

  34. Reasonable and rational?
    My wife will have a good laugh when (and if) she reads that!
    Thanks for taking the time and grace to explain things. I did really come late to the party.
    Scott Johnston

  35. Hondo says:

    Scott: what 2/17 Air Cav said. You’re A-OK, amigo.

  36. Thanks Hondo.
    Same back at you.

  37. NHSparky says:

    just because you insulted me by the way you disagreed with me

    No, actually, disagreement is not the same as insulting someone. However, you’ll have to understand that anyone who comes here even mildly defending Dallas isn’t exactly going to be given great deal of latitude, so to speak.

    The fact he’s threatened other veterans, insulted their service, some of whom have spent several more deployments and been awarded for their service to a much higher degree than even his–false–claims allow, and gone so far as to call employers of posters and contributors here in an effort to jeopardize their employment, well, you get the picture.

    Crazy or not, his behavior is inexcusable, and the people who have come here to defend him previously are of character of roughly the same low state. Just FYI.

  38. Green Thumb says:

    Weiner in the bun….

    Know what I mean?

    Does he still use a reserve…or is he that “Hardcore?”


  39. Sorry Sparky,
    I just opened my mouth when I should have opened my ears.
    Your right of course, that kind of behavior is inexcusable. It’s the kind of thing that gets some put in “special Places” because of their inability to play well with others. Didn’t mean to lecture.
    I just noticed his name and it caught my attention and it seemed to me that everything was so mean spirited. Now I know why.
    Scott Johnston