Phillip Dale Monkress; phony SEAL in FL

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The discussion on Monkress has moved here.

Editor’s Note: Monkress needed a bump up to the top. His lawyer is sending threatening letters to our friends and I guess she decided after a phone call with me, that her threats would only be a day’s welcomed distraction. Someone is walking the halls of Congress with Monkress’ DD214 today asking questions. I’ve added some more evidence that Monkress called himself a Navy SEAL, which seems to be their defense these days, that he never said he was a SEAL. So Lori Benton of Ford & Harrison, Attorneys at Law, you know our number.

Someone sent us some information on Phillip Dale Monkress who was outed late last year by POW Network as a phony SEAL, but he’s still rockin’ the lie, so it’s time to call out the pitchfork brigade. Here’s picture of him in his motorcycle club, the US Military Veterans’ Motorcycle Club;

Notice the Trident peaking out from his vest? Well, here are his records;

Aside from the fact that Captain Larry Bailey, a real SEAL, says there’s no record of Monkress in the system, his records don’t mention BUD/S, well, unless a Computer System Maintenance Technician is the same as a SEAL in Navy talk. Here are his assignments;

He’s the CEO and president of “All-Points Logistics” in Titusville, FL, and according to the screenshots at POW Network, he works with US government contracts and claims he’s a Native-American. I wonder if that is even true, as well, since clearly, he wasn’t a SEAL. Someone at the DVA OIG ought to check on his claims of being a 100% disabled veteran, too.

ADDED: It seems the lawyers are trying to make the point that Monkress never called himself a SEAL, but here’s a page from the Brevard Business News which reprints a slide presentation in their publication;

Monkress APL ad
And an alert reader found a Florida Today article behind a pay wall. Scroll down and you’ll see where the article calls Monkress a Navy SEAL. Where’d the reporter get that idea?

Florida Today Monkress article
Here’s an ad that BBN ran in their publication about a business conference. But Monkress never claimed to be a SEAL, right?


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  1. Vulva Doom says:

    Does anyone besides me notice that this Pual/Paul/whoever is demanding that we cease contact with him, but he keeps contacting us?

    Yes, I know — that’s a rhetorical question, but I thought I’d just throw it out there and make the point that WE are NOT contacting HIM.

    You know, you can cure bad manners and illiteracy, but you simply can’t cure stupidity. Nope. No magic pill for it.

  2. Valkyrie says:

    I think you’re trying to use logical thought when discussing an idiot. It’s like Pam Anderson’s thighs, the two have never met.

  3. OldSargeUSAR says:

    @1862 – Amen, V.Doom… Stupid cannot be cured. Stupid is forever.

  4. Valkyrie says:

    Paul, Paul, Paul!! What a very naughty boy you have been. See the thing about the Web is you may TRY to clean your past doings from it, but the Web never forgets. It doesn’t seem to forgive either. I see you like to make a habit out of defending the indefensible, yes this is old news. You also like to piss off entire blogs. It seems others have found out who you are and saved every little comment and rant.
    You out others but yet demand your anonymity. Hmmm…. what was it you said exactly? Oh I know I’ve got a copy of it. You “Godless” fool you!! (giggle) “For those of you who feel that I’m too paranoid about anonymity, or who believe that I’m somehow exaggerating the danger to my academic career by even posting here…you need to read this post.”
    I like the reply they had to you about your “anonymity”. “Until he reads this page, “Godless” has been laboring under the delusion he is anonymous on his little Gene Expression website. One of my research assistants took a break from getting the scoop on J. Michael Bailey to do a quick topline on “Godless.” If it were only so easy to disabuse him of his ideological delusions.”

    This had nothing to do with you, this was about Phillip Dale Monkress and his lies about being a Navy SEAL. In fact no one knew who you were and we liked it that way. Once again you’ve been found out and outed for being a racist and just plain stupid! It’s pretty sad when a supposedly “educated” man thinks all other races are “genetically inferior” and uses pseudo-science and out right misdirection and lies to try to convince others of this. You are a sad pitiful small minded man and it’s time you and your ilk just disappear.

    I’d like to say it’s been fun, but I was raised better then to out right lie. So in closing I’ll say, Don’t go away mad, just go away!

  5. julie wEir says:

    Haha! We should contact the people at the Gene Expression blog and let them know ALL ABOUT PAUL WICKRE and that his wife is “in congress”. Wonder how that headline will read? “Congress staffer resigns for husbands racist comments and racial slurs on transgender/transexual blog”? Sounds good to me!

    I hope they can read a lil German too…
    :) haha

  6. Valkyrie says:

    Kinda doesn’t pay to piss off “soccer Mom’s”. Does it Julie? I mean between our watching Oprah and eating bon-bons, we pick up some tips on Google-Fu.

  7. ExHack says:

    @1862, Vulva: I just got back from dinner and gambling and read the latest from Paul K Wickre (Gooooogle). You beat me to it: how do you file lawsuits for harrassment, when you keep showing up to harass others (all those threats, stalking, data mining especially of the WOMEN posters here, namely Valkyrie, Ex, and Julie – now THERE’S some activity worthy of a legal complaint!) and to be harassed? He stirs his own pot, peppers the soup, then complains about the damned cook, for Chrissakes. Srsly?!

    Perhaps this is all a grand diversion to take the focus off Phillip Dale Monkress (Gooooooogle!), his master and bromance extraordinaire, and Phillip Dale Monkress’s fraudulent claims and almost-certain handsome profitting therefrom.

    How did that work out for you, Paul K Wickre? Go gobble another drum of Viagra, and as you whip your weasel tonight, for God’s sakes don’t confuse your KY with your poppers. You’ll have some nasty chemical burns in the morning if you do. Just reinforcing that point, since you seem hammered again and it could easily happen.

  8. julie wEir says:

    LOL! Well I just realized that he is part “owner ” in the Gene Expression blog so maybe we should contact the U.S. Attorney Generals office & Congressman from Florida and let them know they have a staffer married to a nasty, venomous, entitled, unstable, lifelong criminal biggot runnin loose in the streets, again!

    If Paul would have done his research properly he would know that the US ATTORNEY GENERAL is my 2nd cousin.
    Bet you just peed a lil, didn’t you..


  9. ExHack says:

    Wow, Julie. I think you just sunk his Battleship!

  10. Valkyrie says:

    And that is why I totally have a girl crush on Julie!

  11. Krakon says:

    Wow Julie,Ex,Valkrie you are just a short list of heroes of mine…. I Love the fact no matter what kind of threats the mad dog, thunderbird or whatever cheapest bottle of booze a bankrupt turd like paula can get his hands. you all just find away to put him right back into the cheap seats where he belongs…. O God please let him not be wearing his Spandex shorts. I can’t believe it all started with his man crush Phil Monkress. Paulie please just take off your Spider-Man under-roos n join the real world. Stop being a ball sack sucking little cry baby bitch….. By the way I hear your suppose to take the Viagra orally not anally it may help with that little problem of you sneaking up on your little dick…. That way you would not have to squat to pee….. Bitch boy

  12. Smitty says:

    this is all a ruse, Paul is just trying to ensure that his little butt buddy doesnt lose the ney!

  13. Paul K. Wickre is a pussy, (Sorry girls, nothing personal, just an old use of the word.) On the nights that I stay up to pass the time with him, he doesn’t show. He only feels brave enough when he sees that I am not on to the blog. The bitch, wrongly so, thinks that he can hold his own against our staff of lady commenters, and hides in the closet when he sees me in the A/O.
    And dense- he is as dense as Lead.
    Since he has become a trust fund baby, I wonder if he is using his money to buy his job at APL,,,,h’mmmmm, more than one of society’s losers has done this.
    I wonder just how many of his comments and ours that Phillip Dale Monkress is reading each morning.
    Gooooooooooooooogle got ya both in this comment.

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    Frankly Opined, never apologize for being yourself.

    What I see is that when Wickre can’t get past the defenses, he goes away. Then he comes back and attacks again and is sent packing again. He’s not very good at this game.

    When this is all over, he will have wasted time and money that could have been better spent on other things, but he’s too self-centered to realize what a mess he’s making for himself. Aside from the obvious fact that he detests women, the racist stuff is beyond the pale.

    Oh, well, we all know that Paul K. Wickre a/k/a the Wickre Mann is so stupid he doesn’t even know he’s alive.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    I do have one quetion: why is it that the really cool guys have bodacious pickup trucks or Harleys or just regular cars, and the sleazoids and obnoxious thugs like Wickre buy themselves overpriced junk like Jags and Ferraris and Humvees?

    Some jackass went flying down the road in a Bentley last week, honking his horn to get everyone out of his way, doing 70 in a 45 zone, no preggers wife visible in his vehicle. Nope, all alone in that thing. I passed him a few minutes later trying to talk a cop out of giving him a speeding ticket.

  16. Old Trooper says:

    It appears that Paul was on a bender, again, last night.

    Tell me, Paul; why is that the only way for you to confront us is when you’re all jagged up? We haven’t lost sight of the original issue, but like all good toadies, who are about to lose their meal ticket, you have to make attempts to disrupt, redirect, and obfuscate in order for us to take our eyes off the subject. The sad part is; you aren’t even that good at it. Nothing would please me more than to see someone, such as yourself, lose your security clearance, because you shouldn’t have been able to get one to begin with. I had to go through a hell of a lot more to get and maintain mine and if they even though that I had too much navel lint, mine could be revoked. You have what would be considered an extensive criminal record for having such clearance, so pardon me if I don’t shudder with fear over your long winded diatribes of shithouse lawyer pablum. In fact, you may want to rethink your current tactics, because pissing off a bunch of Veterans with myriad connections all the way up the chain won’t turn out very good for you. Most of the time, we are amused by people like you that pontificate like a drunken teenager, but when you cross the line, as you have done many times already, our amusement turns to anger and that’s when shit gets real. I have had my life threatened on this very blog and instead of being scared and running and hiding, I did what we all do, I took up the challenge and revealed the person as all cattle and no hat. So don’t think that your approach will do anything to scare the others on here (not that you have threatened me, personally, because I really have stayed away and let the others have at you, but I have been reading all the comments).

    I’m just giving you a nickel’s worth of free advice.

    Your boss got caught out tap dancing on his wiener and instead of a mea culpa, we get you.

  17. Jonn Lilyea says:

    The discussion on Monkress has moved here.

  18. Jonn Lilyea says:

    It only took six years, but Phil Monkress was found guilty today of his DUI charge. Among other things, his license was suspended for 6 months and he’s on a year of probation. More later.

  19. Valkyrie says:


    Took long enough but couldn’t have happened to a nicer turd!

  20. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well, it’s about damn time!

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to additional news.

  21. Hack Stone says:

    I have previously asked this question on one of the many threads regarding Phil Monkress’s faithful sidekick, the Wizard Of Wilson Lane, better known as Paul Wickre, but if Phildo is required to pick up trash as part of his community service for the DUI conviction, can he still have a sign erected reading “This Highway Adopted By All Points Logistics”?

  22. ExHack says:

    Well played, Hack, well played.

    Thx for the update, Jonn!

  23. karma says:

    Do you think NOW he will he report his conviction to his contracting officer? LOL

    • Green Thumb says:

      I hope so.

      Commander Monkress has been avoiding calls seeking clarification of that matter.

      We will see if that changes.

  24. karma says:

    Need a new WANTED poster–for a driver in Merritt Island. Contract for 6 months. LOL

  25. Hack Stone says:

    I just saw an interesting commercial about people that drive Jaguars. I wonder if the Wizard Of Wilson Lane will be featured in their next commercial.

    • ExHack says:

      That’s a pretty distinguished company of villains. Psul doesn’t merit being let within a mile of any of them. They’re VILLAINS. He’s a pustulent boil.

  26. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if Phildo could give me a massage?

  27. Green Thumb says:

    I missed you, Phildo.

    I really did.

  28. Green Thumb says:

    I am also curious if any of Phony Phil’s senior staff step up and do the right thing.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Phildo’s staff?

      • ChipNASA says:

        GT “Phildo’s Staff”

        His penis.

        “Psul….get up and get off your knees..”

        That pop you heard was Phildo pulling his WANG outta Psul’s mouth like a baby with a binkie.

  29. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder how much taxpayer money Phildo will be shoveling out for transportation being that his DL is suspended? Not to mention paying his taxpayer-funded attorney.

    Or does anyone think Phildo will still try and drive “under the radar”?

  30. ChipNASA says:

    Hey Phildo…..

    Oh and Psul of the Ball-less sack……

    /so how’s yer Momma doing?

  31. ChipNASA says:

    I *SO* hope he breaks his probation.

    • Valkyrie says:

      I stole that image! It’s now the background of my phone. I show it to my husband and kids when they ask about clean clothes or dinner.

  32. Green Thumb says:

    The known criminal, Phil Monkress and his “meatgargling” tendency.

  33. Green Thumb says:

    Anyone know if Phildo is driving?

    Considering his lifestyle and predilections for the illegal and strange, one would assume that he will have a flippant attitude toward his legal and hopefully court-enforced punishment.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Phildo is totally driving into Psul’s back door parking garage entrance.


      /and no reach around was ever given.

  34. Green Thumb says:

    Phildo is still avoiding calls seeking clarification of his Native American, LEO and Navy SEAL claims.

    • Green Thumb says:

      And his current DUI status, how it effects SCI’s and if he is driving or not. And if not, how much additional taxpayer money is required to transport his sorry ass.

      My recommendation is that he should take public transportation.

      • Hondo says:

        He could always get a mo-ped. In many jurisdictions you don’t need a driver’s license to ride one on the road.

        Hell, he could even ride it to his MC meetings! (smile)

        • Green Thumb says:

          I imagine Phildo and few of his supporters use All-Points Logistics as their personal ATM.

        • OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

          Hondo, in the state of Florida, anyone operating any moped or motorscooter with a maximum engine size of 50cc’s still has to posses a standard operators license.

          Florida got fed up with all those whom had their license revoked because of DUI’s were resorting to the moped/scooter for transportation and they were even operating these while under the influence.

          • Hondo says:

            Well, there goes Phil’s “out”. Guess he’s gonna be taking a lot of taxis for a while. (smile)

          • ExHack says:

            Nevada is the latter way. When you see a grown ass man on a scooter, either he can’t afford a car and liability insurance, or he’s had his license pulled. Unfortunately, idiots on scooters can also cause big accidents for others, as well as get themselves killed. FORTUNATELY, for the gene pool at least, Nevada doesn’t require helmets for scooters.

  35. Served Proudly says:

    I wonder if Phildo, the DUI liar, feels any remorse for his numerous lies and abuse of alcohol and cocaine.

    How can APL stay in business while he continues to BS his way through day to day life as a lying ass bull sh_tter?

    All this at taxpayer expense.

  36. Green Thumb says:

    I would love to see if he is driving….

    • Hack Stone says:

      We’ll, we do know that he is driving All Points Logistics into the ground. As to ( see what I just did there?) using a moped, I have heard of people getting DUIs on them, so that may not be an option for him.

      • gitarcarver says:

        In Florida, you still need a valid license to drive a moped on the streets. Where APL is in Brevard County, there is no way to get there via only on sidewalks. (Also I believe Merritt Island has a “no motorized vehicles on public sidewalks” statute.)

        • Green Thumb says:

          Phildo’s status as a Brevard County Sheriffs Deputy should be enough for him to get around that.

          • C2Show says:

            So much for Phil Monkress having the “Easy Rider” moniker.

            • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

              He’s a real tough guy, carrying that Kel-Tec 9 around on his moped while riding with his “bros”… thought that a man of his “stature” would carry something a little more respectable, like a Beretta, S&W or a Colt.

          • Hack Stone says:

            So Phil splits his time 50/50 between the front seat and the back seat of police cars?

            • Green Thumb says:

              I would imagine in the side cart these days if he cannot drive and if he still buying the drinks for that poser MC club in Florida.

  37. Green Thumb says:

    Commander Phil Monkress and his “employees” at All-Points Logistics still refuse to provide clarification for his Navy SEAL, Native American (most egregious) and Law Enforcement claims to include his status a Brevard County Sherriff’s Deputy.

    Additionally, no official comment on the status of his DUI conviction to encompass how it will affect his SC and other related SCI’s.

    Go figure.

    Business is falling off as Phony Phil refuses to open the books.

    Folks at APL; Wake up.

  38. Green Thumb says:

    Word has it that All-Points Logistics ia about to “remove” some employees.

    Downsizing Phildo?

    • ChipNASA says:

      Well let’s not forget Psul and his being pissed off that Phildo-dildo stopped paying him the $14,000 to sockpuppet and threaten TAH and the blog posters here.

  39. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if Phildo is hanging with that poser MC down there in Florida this Memorial Day weekend?

    Swapping fake stories with like-minded sacks of shit.


  40. Green Thumb says:

    Phony Phil, Shay, Robin and the Less-Than-Honorable COL need to step up and show some character.

    When Commander Monkress is eventually indicted, they should be as well.


  41. Green Thumb says:

    Any word on Phildo’s “driving” status?

  42. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder what Phony Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics told his children when asked about his nefarious claims and behavior?

    Father’s Day makes me wonder.

    Anyway, his senior staff get pissed when asked about his current driving status and the fact that IS he driving? They tell you to call him but alas, your call is “clicked” off.

    What a criminal organization All-Points Logistics has become.

  43. Green Thumb says:

    Still taking those set asides for Native American owned businesses, Phildo?

    And does All-Points Logistics senior staff even care? Nope.

  44. Green Thumb says:

    Still driving Phildo?

    Be honest!

    And when you don’t, do the taxpayers pay for your driver?

    Word has it that Native Americans wish to know.

    Still ducking the local BIA official’s calls?

    I know Smith knows.

  45. Green Thumb says:

    I saw a whino puking last night in an alley as his buddies looked on.

    I though of Phil Monkress and his accomplices at All-Points Logistics.

  46. Green Thumb says:

    My neighbor tried a new yard service.

    They paid up front and received a shitty lawn cut and trimming.

    When they inquired about it, no one answered the phone.

    As my neighbor was relaying the story, I started laughing.

    He asked what was so funny.

    I replied: “All-Points Logistics”.

  47. Green Thumb says:

    Same lairs, thieves and enablers (shitbags); new website.

  48. Green Thumb says:

    Commander Phil Monkress and his “employees” at All-Points Logistics still refuse to provide clarification for his Navy SEAL, Native American (most egregious) and Law Enforcement claims to include his status a Brevard County Sherriff’s Deputy.

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