Justice Kennedy Regional Bracket – Round One

| July 16, 2012

Remember, it isn’t enough to just out these phonies, we need to also look after our brothers and sisters. All this week our brackets will be running in honor of Soldiers’ Angels Valour IT. I’ve been there when we’ve given soldiers with horrible burns on their hands the ability again to use a computer for basic things like emailing their mom. It’s amazing, and heartwrenching. So, match me by tossing $10 at them. It’s not much, and it honors our brothers and sisters, even as we try to dishonor those who would try to steal from us. You can give by CLICKING HERE.

The voting is at the bottom, what follows is the short bios and pictures:

1 Dallas “Flying Assclown” Wittgenfeld v.
16 Joseph “Who wouldn’t go AWOL from Jersey” Coyle
WITTGENFELD: He’s a bona-fide true action war hero of Vietnam, and if you doubt it, just ask him about any subject including the current price for oolong tea in Tibet and I guarantee the answer includes how he was a LRRP in Vietnam. But, as with all great and true trail assassins, Wittgenfeld got south on an international cabal of reporters and valor vultures who ripped through the time/space continuum and went back in time to add that he was a green beret and Bronze Star with “V’ Device recipient to 8 of his media interviews. Also, they somehow force him to wear the green beret, to threaten Ms Mary from POWNet, and to use racial slurs while threatening people. But no, really, he’s a delightful man who would never steal valor and misread the Constitution.

COYLE: I ask again, who among us hasn’t on occasion gone AWOL from New Jersey? It is New Jersey folks. CIB and Purple Heart: Jersey. The goofy look and oversized name tag though, that has to be from the Magic Kingdom. (Or Kingdumb in his case.) The Ranger Tab  he got from a trip over to watch Temple play baskbetball in Philly, and having been there as well, he earned that one. (“Turn left at the second burning car.”)

8 Gary “The man loves a parade” Spors v.
9 Thomas “Rolling Thunder Jackass” Lowry
SPORS: Yes, he looks like the marching hammers in Pink Floyd’s The Wall, but that’s because I don’t have a picture, and this dude loves a parade. “Gary Spors, 28, was hit with the misdemeanor charge of wearing unauthorized medals after he appeared in the 2010 Maple Leaf parade in a uniform with a major’s insignia as well as combat infantry and parachutist badges.” Ironically, I plan to march in the Afghanistan Parade as a 2010 Toronto Maple Leaf. (Robin Scherbotski will be my second wife.)

LOWRY: Dude was apparently trying to get some trim at Rolling Thunder. “He claimed his name was Thomas Lowry, served with weapons Co. 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. Claimed he was awarded the Navy Cross along with Lt. Brian Chontosh in Iraq. A quick check of the list of recent Navy Cross award recipients shows no Thomas Lowry and there is no mention of him in Lt. Chontosh’s citation.” All I could think of was the famous words of Artiste Peter Griffin “Your head…..I must draw you.”

5 Jonathan “The Cock Inhaler” Sharkey v.
12 Bob “Bolivian Field Mouse” Duft
SHARKEY: What remains to be said about the great Jonathan Sharkey? Kid is a five-tool player. A descendant of Prince Vlad Tepes aka The Impaler, Sharkey likes to (what else?) impale things, which from the looks of him includes thrice fried Twinkee/Corndog hybrids. When not threatening TAH, Mary from POW Net or President Bush, he likes to kidnap fat little underage girls who buy into his Vampirism nonsense. I’m still waiting on the DOJ to come after me that he promised over 9 months ago. Hurry up Holder, and don’t bother using the “I was preparing documents for Issa” defense for being late.

DUFT: You just have to read it: “Duft was a sniper in the Special Forces, an elite, selective, special operations force also known as the Green Berets…According to Duft, his first Bronze Star was pinned onto his uniform by the late President Ronald Reagan, the second in the late 1970s by late President Richard Nixon earned in Korea when he saved a lieutenant’s life. Duft was recognized then for exhibiting meritorious courage while under enemy fire. The same type of action earned him the Silver Star….I can’t hear the National Anthem without crying.” I feel the same way hearing No Doubt singing “I am just a girl.”

4 Larry “The Round Marine” Gugle v.
13 Michael “8 tons of frijoles” Frisoli
GUGLE: It takes a very special kind of A-Hole…”Larry Gugle has been positively identified as fraudulently presenting himself as a retired Sergeant Major of Marines, with 30 years service to our beloved Corps. He was neither a Sergeant Major or had he completed 30 years of service. He has fraudulently presented himself as the recipient of the following decorations and campaign medals/ribbons: Silver Star; Bronze Star w/V; Purple Heart w/1gold*; Combat Action Ribbon w/Gold*; PUC w/2*; Navy Unit Citation; Navy Meritorious Unit Citation w/2*; Vietnam Service Medal w/2silver* (10 campaigns); Southwest Asia Service Medal; RVN Cross of Gallantry Unit Citation w/Palm; RVN Meritorious Unit Citation w/Palm; Vietnam Campaign Medal; Liberation of Kuwait (Kuwait) Medal; Liberation of Kuwait (Saudi Arabia) Medal.” In his defense, there isn’t a great diference between the Combat Action Ribbon w/Gold and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation certificate of completion that he actually earned. Wait, what?

FRISOLI: OK, the special kind of A-Hole isn’t all that special. “A federal judge magistrate said yesterday he struggled with his own outrage over the alleged heroin dealing of a Millbury defendant awaiting trial on a “stolen valor” charge, but the judge rejected a prosecution request to jail the man for six months. Instead, U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy S. Hillman sentenced Michael P. Frisoli, 46, of 38 Tiffany Circle, to 200 hours community service for wearing a chestful of Marine medals that he had not earned.” Reminds me of this time I was shooting a machine gun on peyote, and this box of Snack Cakes walked up to me, pointed to Frisoli and said “My name is Little Debbie, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Nothing beside Frisoli remains. Round the decay Of that fat ball of tardation, boundless and fecund, The lone and level blubber stretch far away.

3 Jason “Prison SEAL” Truitt v.
14 Thomas “Colonel, Lawyer, Minister, CEO, Phony” Hughes
TRUITT: Um yeah, so there I was… “It was a harrowing seven tours. He was shot 11 times. He was declared missing in action, twice a prisoner of war. Once he was MIA for two months and 14 days. He was tortured and disfigured. He was shot in the stomach, requiring several feet of his intestines to be removed. His tattooed skin is covered in scars. He has vision in only one eye.” He’s also has a cataract of his left testicle and the trunk of a baby elephant permanently lodged in his rectum. (Rectum? Dayam near killed ’em.)

HUGHES: For some reason I loved this quote from this dilltard: “I owe you no explanation nor am I going to debate this with you my friend. I suggest that you have other things that require your attention and it may be where you should direct your attentions. This may not be where you need to go.” So he is also a Jedi knight apparently. “These aren’t the Stolen Valor records you were looking for…you don’t need to see my DD214″…

6 Derek Kent “X-acto knife Recon” Rose v.
11 Ronnie Glenn “Wheelchair Security Guard” Eddings

ROSE: After about 10 years of looking for a cook in the Army, I finally find a guy with the Basic Food Service Course tab (it’s run at Fort Bragg by 1SG/Chef Gordon Ramsey, and makes SF look like Chuck E Cheese) and he fakes his way into the MPs? He got a CIB for serving a soup made of cucumbers, Indian Curry and Banana’s foster. I haven’t seen X-acto knife skills like that since Dr Richard Kimble stole the badge of Desmondo Jose Ruiz at Chicago Memorial Hospital.

EDDINGS: He pleaded guilty to stealing for 16 years veterans’ benefits from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to the tune of about nine hundred thousand dollars. He claimed he was injured in the 1st Gulf War and wheelchair-bound despite the fact that he held down jobs as a security guard, a social worker and a sheriff’s office transportation officer. As Lawrence advised Peter: “Watch out for your cornhole bud!”

7 Kyle “Dunking Bird” Barwan v.
10 Myron “Fanciful Coot” Brown
BARWAN: Seriously, he looks like one of those birds that bends over, drinks water and then sits upright again, before starting over at step 1. Which is just like Barwan, since he’s now on his second Tourney for Stolen Valor after “impersonating a U.S. Army Warrant Officer with Special Forces for monetary gain.” I did love it when he was on Big Bang Theory playing Sheldon Cooper’s cousin Leo that was possibly molested by a Navy Chaplain at Subic Bay.

BROWN: “Brown said the written citations for the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star and Purple Heart came in the mail, so he ordered the medals from an online retailer and asked the congressman to formally present them to him, which [Rep. Jason] Chaffetz did at a Saratoga Springs town meeting in late June.” I noticed ole Myron here is from Provo, which always brings to mind another newspaper, or maybe the movie Fletch, I often get those confused: “Mr. Stanwyk’s parents Marvin and Velma of Provo, were unable to attend the wedding. Those are three names I enjoy; Myron, Velma, and Provo.”

2 Brian “Wounded Mind” Camacho v.
15 Armando “Cabana Boy” Codoba

CAMACHO: OK, so Brian Camacho is a fraud. I totally get that. But, have any of you stopped to consider that his wounded mind might have come from his February 17 edtion of Smackdown when Camacho made his in ring debut, competing in a battle royal to replace Randy Orton in the Elimination Chamber match? Or on the May 4th edition of Smackdown when Camacho teamed with Hunico in a losing effort against the Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston? Oh, not the same dude? Well, neither is Brian Camacho and 1SG Brian Camacho. “Camacho” is kind of a cool name though. If I ever decide to fake an identity as a Tongan SF Chef, I’m going to be “Mosi Tatupu Comacho.” My grandmother was Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) Indian Spirit Guide.

CODOBA: “National Archives show that Cordoba did serve honorably in Vietnam – earning a National Defense Service Medal, a Combat Infantryman Badge, a Vietnam Service Medal, a Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm, a Vietnam Campaign Medal, 2 Overseas Bars and a Sharpshooter certification with the M14 Rifle.It shows no awarding of a Purple Heart, Bronze Star or Silver Star, or shows a designation as either an Army Special Forces Soldier (Green Beret) or a Prisoner of War.” Just me, or does dude have a sort of Jerry Sandusky vibe going on here?

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  1. However, I did get a genuine war trophy, with a certificate authorizing me to bring it home.

    No, nothing really spectacular.

    It was a metal punji stake I got from a booby trap while on perimeter patrol.

    But, still, it IS a genuine war trophy, so I reckon I’m pretty lucky to have that.

    It’s displayed on the wall of my room.

  2. DR_BRETT says:

    VOTED — and welcome, the other Brett !!

    No. 47:
    You did, what I did — we were THERE (for whatever the situation called for), and that is what you did; you earned your medals .

  3. You notice how all these fakes have one thing in common?

    Not one of them was ever a common, ordinary soldier performing ordinary duties.

    They’re each and every single one them a Ranger, or Special Forces, or a SEAL, and they all were P.O.W.s who miraculously escaped and single-handedly overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat the enemy and save their comrades.

  4. Green Thumb says:

    Do not count Truitt out. He looks relaxed and confident. He has that “I just slept with you brother” look on his face.

    Plus he is armed and dangerous.

  5. DR_BRETT says:

    No. 49:
    Oh No !! — I thought I was bored — Guiness Record ?? —

  6. DR_BRETT says:

    Yat Yas wins spelling bee .

  7. CWO5 USMC says:

    I hope my losers are the winners……although I’m biased to those who pretend to be Warrant Officers or Marines…It’s an institutional bias but I’m working through it.

    Great way to start a Monday!!!

  8. Old Tanker says:

    I earned my ARCOM in Desert Storm I’m pretty sure for exceptionally meritorous service in the feild of operations of shit burning detail….and do I have stories….

    No shit, there I was….okay, so it was shit, alot of it, and diesel fuel, and a LOOOONG stick. I tell ya, it was hell circling the burn pit for hours on end trying to stay up wind, but I didn’t complain…wait a minute, yes I did, I was an E-4, I complained like a 12 year old who was just told to clean his room….funny how that never shows up in my records, there was a fire you know…

    /sarc (did I need the tag?)

  9. Just Plain Jason says:

    I am pulling for Dallas to take it all the way. Just for his sheer asshole nature, he didn’t feel special enough now he needs to prove how special he is. I am curious if he will accept his award if he wins?

  10. Nicki says:

    I almost feel sorry for Dallas. I think he’s quite obviously mentally ill, judging by the rambling, incoherent nature of his posts here. On the other hand, he appears to be a disgusting racist swine, so my sympathy is definitely limited.

    The Cock Inhaler all the way!

  11. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    this is why this is a tough card. all very good posers but my votes go to the ones with the best story…the elaborate costume and the depth of the belief among followers.

    Inhaler? well….he gets my vote on pure personality alone.

    Though I agree Truitt could be a sleeper. Comacho too for that matter. I mean against Cordoba its a tough call. They both have fooled hundreds so far…though Comacho was found out he still got the goods.

    Ah….can’t wait for the next division. we need a way to take bets.

  12. TSO says:

    @59 – Me too. I hope he loses so I can never have to hear from him again. I think his cheese slid well off his cracker.

  13. DR_BRETT says:

    No. 58:
    I’m with you on DW —
    he WAS in Vietnam, but the flagrant insistence upon THE UNREAL — makes DW’s attacks on THE REALITY of The Vietnam War, inexcusable .

  14. Twist says:

    I had to choose Duft because he claims the MFO medal. I have two of them and I can tell you that it is vary rare nowadays to find a medal with lower precedence.

  15. ARoberts says:

    I really want to see Dullass go all the way as well. The thought of his head exploding when hes voted as the biggest shitbag just amuses the hell out of me.

  16. Biermann says:

    Ballot cast and $50.00 to Soldiers’ Angels Valour IT!

  17. NHSparky says:

    Some easy choices (Dallas) some not so easy (Frijole, Rose, Truitt).

    But an interesting bracket all told.

  18. Sig says:

    It is way too fatiguing to read these and decide. It would take longer than it will to fill out my actual general election ballot.

    However, getting my wallet out for Valour-IT is a no-brainer, so I did that instead. Go Army.

  19. Justin says:

    This will be interesting to see the results of…. well written biographies!

  20. I give a hundred bucks a year to Soldier’s Angels through CFC. Have been since 2007. Great organization

  21. Green Thumb says:

    How are the scores looking?

    Curious as I may double up on a wager or two?

  22. ex-Army Doc says:

    My congratulations to the selection/seeding committee for a job very well done. While I like Vlad the Inhaler to win this bracket and make the Feloniously Fat and Fruity Final Four, those two LHA-sized Marine posers present quite the obstacle for the Inhaler.

    If Frisoli doesn’t eat him first.

    Oddsmakers, what is Vlad’s mass in fried Twinkies?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Brian “Wounded Mind” Camacho for the win, who else made a video about there SF time and there PTSD

  24. Lobster says:

    The only one you are missing is that douche that showed up at Benning for his stepkids graduation wearing everything known the the US military. Nick something I believe. Now THAT was a soup sandwich.

  25. teddy996 says:

    @74- Nick Androsky, AKA MSGT Soup Sandwich. He was runner-up last year; lost out to none other than the ‘Duster himself in the finals. Sammich didn’t do anything stupid in public this year to earn a spot at the dance, however, so he’s riding the pine.

  26. Joe Williams says:

    Gurgle the sleeper,actually a DI and was awarded DI of the year. The DI association took the award back when they found out he went full retard. Joe

  27. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    It’s too late for this year but maybe we need a “loser” loser’s bracket! Many tournaments I was involved in, while playing ‘club’ sports, had an avenue for the best of the “losers” to still have a chance to advance. Maybe the next highest vote getter behind the winner could go to the losers backer and be a kinda wild card. Just a thought.

  28. LostBoys says:

    I’m missing the link to view the voting…a little help?

  29. Hondo says:

    LostBoys: sounds like you need to enable scripts in your browser (they’re needed for the survey). Once you do, it should appear in the article itself after the last pairing in the bracket.

  30. teddy996 says:

    @77- fuck that round robin bullshit. If these clowns want to go all the way, then they’ve gotta step up their scumbaggery, or find a way to get innovative with their idiocy.

    For example:

    Take our buddy Dullass, and his first round matchup with Coyle. Dullass’ fakery wasn’t really all that impressive to begin with, and I would’ve had to look at him twice to advance over any Jersey native. Dully was just another dime-a-dozen fake with a newspaper article, until he spiced his game up with some grade-A asshattery in our comments section.

    You see, the comment section is like a good stiffarm in footbll, or a pawing, range-finding jab in boxing. Rookie frauds will scoff at it, relying solely on their speed or flashy moves, like scamming Toys for Tots, or going for some trim with fake SEAL creds. They overlook, at their own peril, an important tool to get those precious few extra yards or land that overhand right- the TAH comment section. Coyle will get manhandled not because he’s less of a douche than Dullass (far from it- I believe Coyle has potential to be one of the douchiest), but Dullass sets his hits up with that pawing jab; that oddly racist rant or that inappropriately sexual threat against any woman he encounters, which makes his uppercut, the LRRP/advisor claim, sting a little more. It makes that newspaper article, Dullass’ meat-and-potatoes hook to the body, knock just a little more air out of you.

    My point is this:

    You can be a very good dipshit, like General Baxter in last years’ tourney, but without the supporting rants or lawsuit threats to round out their game, most assholes just won’t make it far in the ‘Dusters. To give them another chance because they showed up ill-prepared would violate the spirit of the tourney’s namesake. The ‘Duster never showed up half-assed. He attended a mayoral ball with parts from a few different uniforms, from a few different countries. That’s balls out fraud. That’s what this tourney requires.

    No, the rules are quite clear, Yat. You had better come prepared to win, because this tourney is single elimination. Dullass understood that. Coyle did not, and he will have some extra time to prepare for next year as a result.

  31. Joe Williams says:

    Dullass, will win. Remember, he really insults and belittle our Sandbox Warriors. That really chats my ass. I would be willing to bet, in his first firefight he not shit his pants but pissed all over himself too.He is so stupid that somebody had to tell him that was not bees bruzzing past his head. Joe

  32. Jeff says:

    @74…you’re right! I’d forgotten about that dude. Showed up in an AF blues (not sure what they called it) with a stack going from his belly button to his left ear at the airborne walk of all places! There are some places you just don’t try that shit. He may not have made it because I think he admitted to being a fuckup and shut up after being busted

  33. Cherie Lynn says:

    My pick is ‘dilly dallas wittgenfeld, pretty purple princess extraordinaire’…!!

  34. Tanya Boozer says:

    Dallas Wittgenfeld the purple clown!

  35. Redacted1775 says:

    #82 “MSgt Soup Sandwich” was runner up to General Ballduster Mcsoulpatch himself in last years SVT. He’s such a freaking failure he got beat out by a dead man.

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