Nation’s ugly girlfriend fired

| September 16, 2012

David sends us a link to the Navy Times story that announces that Cmdr. Sheryl Tannahill, who was the commanding officer of recruiter, Aviation Ordnanceman 1st Class (AW/NAC) Grady Nations, who was court martialed for wearing an unearned Distinguished Flying Cross. During the court martial, it was revealed that Nations and Tannahill were involved in an inappropriate relationship. And now that has cost her a job;

[Tannahill] was relieved of command Sept. 14 by Capt. George Whitbred, commander of Navy Region Midwest Reserve Component Command, because of a loss of confidence in her ability to command.

Tannahill had just been selected for promotion to captain, so luckily we’ve spared the spectacle of her being fired down the line for something else equally immature like the other 15 field grade officers who’ve lost their jobs this year for stupid shit.

But stolen valor doesn’t hurt anyone. By the way, there’s a picture of the disgraced Tannahill at the link and I don’t think there’s anything about her that would make me jeopardize my career. But, then, I’ve never been able to justify to myself wearing my father’s medals, so whatever mental mechanization process Nations used to justify that probably made her attractive, too.

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  1. Witness2 says:

    Everything I know (as stated), I’ve seen for myself. There’s nothing more to say. I’m not going to get into any arguments over what I saw versus what someone has been told.

    • Senior Chief Retired says:

      I know Tannahill in her days at CincPacFlt. She was unprofessional then and it finally caught up to her. Interesting, what goes around?

  2. Anonymous2 says:

    Has anyone heard of the final disposition of Tannahill’s case? Wonder if she’ll get to put on 0-6 or if she was kindly requested to retire??

  3. Ouch says:

    Wondering too, anything yet?

  4. Anonymous2 says:

    Still nothing heard. She is still an 0-5, which is far better than she deserves.

  5. IMHO says:


    I heard shes getting promoted to O-6 very soon and assuming Command at NROTC Vandy. Cryin’ shame this situation was not taken care of properly…………..

  6. IMHO says:


    I also know she had MANY kids…………and that they were always everyone else’s responsibility………they ran rampant around the NOSC……..along with the Sea Cadets…….

  7. NHSparky says:

    No offense, but CO of an NROTC unit ain’t exactly the same as an IG slot. Her career is pretty much done. If she had the exposure that, say, Holly Graf had gotten she’d have really gotten hammered.

  8. NHSparky says:

    And looking in further, the CO of an NROTC unit is typically a pretty senior CAPT–around the 27-30 year mark, IIRC. She’d be too junior, and her relief pretty much spells the end of her career.

    I think someone’s pulling your leg.

  9. IMHO says:


    I’m not sure, I’m close to the situation and this is what I am hearing. That’s why I am crying foul over this entire situation. She’s undeserving and still “living the life” in Nashville riding the wave……….

  10. IMHO says:

    Holly Graf hammered????
    A board of inquiry composed of three admirals held hearings regarding her conduct in November 2010.[9] On December 3, 2010, the board of inquiry recommended that Graf be separated from the Navy and receive a retirement under general circumstances so she could be allowed to retire with the rank of Captain. General discharges (or a “General” characterization to retiring commissioned officers) are given to service members whose performance is satisfactory but is marked by a considerable departure in duty performance and conduct expected of military members.[10] On January 6, 2012, this decision was reversed and Graf will be allowed to receive an honorable service characterization as a retired officer, as it was, “…determined that her conduct did not rise to a level sufficient to warrant the characterization of her service as less than honorable.”[11]
    Wow! Honorable retirement as an O-6, throw me in the briar patch.

  11. NHSparky says:

    Newsflash, IMHO…most career officers get just that. It’s almost unheard of for a senior O-6 or flag officer to get cashiered.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Exactly NHSparky…..we’re taking about a CDR……not a senior O-6. She’s not even a Capt Select!

  13. Anonymous says:

    We’re talking about Tannahill, but you certainly implied she got “hammered” like Geaf. If you think Graf got hammered you’re crazy.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Btw NHSparky……I’m with u. I’m on your side. Completely agree with your just…..I just wish justice would finally be served on this unfit “officer” she claims to be

  15. Anonymous2 says:

    It would be almost criminal if they let Tannahill stay in the Navy, let alone make 0-6 and be put in command of even a paint locker. If anyone confirms that it’s true that she made 0-6 and got a command after being fired as the CO of a reserve unit, please contact and they’ll print the story. They printed the story when she was fired from the Reserve Center and they are always very interested in revealing when unworthy officers like Tannahill go dormant for a while and are then resurrected.

    The military life to the Tannahills was having potlock dinners and having others watch their kids while they schmoozed around.

  16. Anonymous2 says:

    Sorry, misspelled the link:

  17. TheCloser says:




  18. TheCloser says:

    To clarify, the ALNAV referenced above is from April 2012.
    That only states she was selected (and before all of the above occurred).

    I could not find a NAVADMIN indicating she was actually promoted to Captain.

  19. Hack.Stone says:

    I remember reading way back in the day that someone on a Nations thread stated that we didn’t “know the whole story”, and his name would be cleared. That was about six months back. Has that information been released? Maybe that paperwork is being stored in a closed hospital down in Panama.

  20. FC2 Dewclaw says:

    I went back and read Nation’s TAH thread. That entire naval reserve unit sounds like a total clusterfark, and connecting the dots you could see that it started at the top and ate away at unit morale like the plague. The Navy probably ended up taking a fire hose to the unit and started from scratch.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The more that comes out about this woman the better. I hope ALLLLL comes to light. Like the fact Nations wasn’t the only Enlisted Sailor this married “mother” and “Commanding Officer” was fraternizing with. That’s a FACT and everyone at that Resere Center could attest to that. Nations is just the one she got busted with, well, publically anyways. Someone certainly used her authority for lots of personal gain……….

  22. Anonymous says:

    @FC2 Dewclaw that’s the most accurate statement on this board! They certainly need to burn it down and start over!

  23. AD2 C says:

    Not like it matters anyway…..looks like getting fired, gets you a new Navy job at Vanderbilt. That’s the real story here.

  24. Ouch says:

    So is she still getting promoted to O-6 and now going to Vanderbilt?

  25. Anonymous2 says:

    Response to Anonymous: I agree with you that the more that is exposed about this woman the better. I saw her husband and her dodge the bullet at a previous command. They were not shy about fraternizing at all, but did it under the guise of command or church functions. They got away scott free. At the Reserve Center I’m sure she could pretty much do as she pleased without any senior officers to keep an eye on her.

    She is still listed in the global as an 0-5, so she is still around.

  26. Can't say says:

    Global address still shows a listing for her. She is listed as Commanding Officer NROTC Vanderbilt (the listing is whatever you ask NMCI to make it, hell I could make myself the Coca Cola Officer on Diego Garcia if I wanted…), but the NROTC Vanderbilt web page shows another CO that assumed command in June 2013. I ASSuME she might have been an interim CO.
    Two other more reliable Navy databases still show her as a CDR.

    Since she was selected for CAPT for FY13 and was selected as 0001 for her designator, I would have expected her to put it on by now (if it were not for the current issue).

    I served in a Reserve Unit at that NOSC, while she was CO. Glad I will never have to serve with her again. Trying to work with her was like trying to work with the wall behind this computer…

    • Senior Chief Retired says:

      I read the transcript of an Admin Board at CINCPACFLT, HI. She was calling enlisted personnel through Top Secret Comd Ctr switchboard, recorded her intimidation of enlisted to throw out a hard charging Senior Chief. She also had rumors of affairs with male enlisted that was not proven. How she made it this far is a mystery.

  27. Ouch says:

    I’m sure it’s business as usual for her. Potlucks, socializing, her kids being taken care of by neighbors while she does her thing. Same old story.

  28. TheCloser says:

    I swear I saw Nations on an AFN commercial today that was honoring a fallen soldier. It was him (or his twin) handing over the flag to someone and then doing that face-palm salute shown in another thread.

  29. Hondo says:

    Hopefully she’ll get the same treatment that CDR Stumpf did after Tailhook (removed from promo list and forced to retire). Except in this case, it’s deserved.

  30. USNA 90 Classmate says:

    While my Naval Career was brief due to a brain hemmorage (served only 3 years in the fleet), this whole thread about Commander Tannahill is very troubling. I was her classmate and I did know her as an acquaintance while we were at USNA. I can say that USNA taught her (and all of my classmates) better than that. Oon behalf of my class, I am sorry that for all of suffering.

  31. Ouch says:

    Her behavior is not a reflection of the USNA. Overstepping boundaries, a sense of entitlement, and taking advantage of the good nature and generosity of others are all part of who she is. Nothing will change that.