William Blake; phony Marine

| September 18, 2012

Scotty sends us another phony Marine from his own research. William Blake apparently took Grenada back from the Cubans all by himself even though he looks like Zippy the Pinhead in a steel pot. For future reference Bill, Grenada was the first battle in which the US troops wore kevlar hear gear.

Here’s a screen shot of his Facebook page;

And he tells a chickie about his daring-do in Grenada, and apparently it was all about killing;

But if you look at Scotty’s page, he kind of gets distracted by the lady’s feet.

It turns out that he was a brig rat and discharged as an E-1 private three weeks before the Beirut bombing and the Grenada Invasion.

Blake FOIA

Blake Assignments

William Blake Training

William Blake Training2

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  1. marinewm86 says:

    Claremore is also home to one of the Oklahoma Veterans Homes

  2. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 499 … Yo Douche Bucket Billy Boy … Come here (NYC) and pull that. With the highest number of Vets, the busiest recruiting districts in the country, and largest extended military family in our great Nation, I am certain I could find no less than 10,000 people who would love to (not suggesting they would, it is the THOUGHT that counts) kick your poser childish ass around a city block!

    I dare you to come here and publicly play your games!

  3. Nik says:


    Those dinners weren’t free. You traded your integrity and honor for them.

    Pretty cheap to sell those out for some meals.

  4. Hondo says:

    marinewm86: indications are he’s a resident of Bartlesville vice Claremore. And I think I have the appropriate contacts at the VA if I need them.

    Just in case – is it OK for me to contact you via e-mail in the future for assistance if/when needed?

  5. marinewm86 says:

    Yes thank you. I have a pretty good friend at the regional VA office Muskogee who is retired from the Navy good guy. More than happy to send you his contact info. And any info you need regarding my DD214. I will email you a copy if needed to verify my service. Have a good day.

  6. Scotty says:

    Second FOIA release is back. No surprises though. It reads the same as the first on. We used the name that is printed exactly on his VA card this time. Along with his SSN & his DOB.. This POS never served. A third request is being submitted using just his name only. I’m sure it will read the same as the first two. William Roberts Blake never served in the United States Marine Corps ! https://plus.google.com/u/0/104786874651291635639/posts

  7. Hack Stone says:

    You guys are all haters. I was watching a segment about Grenada yesterday on the Military History Channel, and about 38 minutes into the show, they had a segment on William Blake doing a combat drop with his stealth bulldozer from a C-130 onto the Governor’s Mansion residence, single handedly wiping out the entire Cuban military presence on the island. Then he flew back to Cherry Point, where he reunited with his estranged wife, Marcia Mason.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Hondo says:

    The tool posting as “Anonymous” in 459 seems to be Blake-boy himself.

    As I told you before, little Billy-boy – using sock puppets ain’t cool. Be man enough to use a consistent persona vice trying to make us think you have any friends. You’ve posted here before as “Real Deal”; just stick to using that name here. We know it’s you.

    Since you appear to be a pea-brain, for your benefit I’ll spell things out for you. The names “William Blake” and “William Roberts Blake” are fully consistent; “William Blake” is a shorter form of “William Roberts Blake”. The same SSN and DOB were used on both FOIA requests. That’s why I stated previously I expected no difference in the second reply.

    There wasn’t any difference. Both say no record of military service for a “William Blake” was found matching the DOB and SSN submitted.

    The second FOIA was more specific than the first. That means it had a HIGHER chance of getting an accurate response if you actually served in the USMC as you claimed. Neither search found your records. So not only were the two names used consistent; so were the results.

    The results both FOIA records searches say there’s no record of you serving in the USMC when you claimed you did. Further, the FBI agrees; they checked their files and have no info of a “William Blake” with the DOB and SSN used on those FOIAs serving in the military during the early 1980s whatsoever.

    I don’t really know why I’m trying to explain this to a dumbass such as yourself, Blake-boy. You’re evidently either simply too stupid to get it, or you just don’t care.

    But you should care. Karma can be a real bitch.

  10. teddy996 says:

    I bet you know all about twinks, Blake. Where to find them, how much they cost, and how they taste.

  11. marinewm86 says:

    Hondo- How did this man get a VA card? Were there ID cards stolen and unreported? And is this not a felony? I KNOW for a fact that both Tulsa and Muskogee mail the ID cards and have for at least the last 5 years. Is he drawing other benifets?

  12. Scotty says:

    Produce your dd-214 Blake. Block out your SSN & produce the evidence you have that you served. I’m not playing games with you with you dumb ass. Two reports back from the NPRC clearly show that you never served. And with you producing a VA Medical ID card can only mean one thing. Your committing fraud. And yes, I am and will be turning your ass in to the OIG. So you see, your tough boy tactics aren’t working at all for you boy. You scare no one. But we must scare you because you don’t have the balls to even comment using your own name. The big question you need to be pondering on now is, Does Bubba have pretty feet ? ” Click Click ” Your busted little boy .

  13. NHSparky says:

    marine–as has been seen and demonstrated here many, MANY times, all one needs is a little Google-Fu and very basic Photoshop skills, and viola! instant VA disability rating!

    And we’re talking about the VA here, where they are nearly 5X the number of POW’s on the record as actually existed. And a phony VA rating surprises you?

  14. marinewm86 says:

    NHSparky- I am actually embarrassed that I did not know the number of people who do this. Until I had a run in with a Local fake Marine. Whom I busted when he said he went to Boot Camp at Camp Pen and had a purple heart. After that I started looking at websites like this. I am astouded that people do this. It really makes me angry and sick at my stomach. I really did not know. But Thank goodness for John and his people at this site for exposing these people. I have been brushing up on other branches so when I run across these people i can ask the right questions. Thanks to you all maybe catching these people will help prevent fraud within the VA system.

  15. Twist says:

    @464, I came to be here the exact same way you did. I busted a guy claiming to be SF and then started looking at websites like this. I didn’t know it was this problomatic until then.

  16. Nik says:


    Meh. This guy is an honorless piece of trash and knows it. He’s not worthy of carrying a real Marine’s used condom, but I’m sure he knows what the contents tastes like.

  17. Anonymous says:


    • Hondo says:

      Yes, comment 468 is Billy the Dipstick. Again.

      You’re right, Billy-boy – this matter is not going away. No matter how much you might want it to.

      “Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.”

  18. Green Thumb says:


    You are a Fat Turd.

  19. Twist says:

    November 29th just can’t come fast enough.

  20. Twist says:

    Oops, #471 was wrong topic.

    This illegitimate love child of Michael Moore and Rosie O’donnell needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    @Green Thumb, I have to compliment you on approaching the level of Ernest Hemingway’s mastery of the short sentence, epithets and all.

    Billyboy, on the other hand, is almost a clone of Witlessgelding. They might be twins separated at birth — on purpose — and it didn’t work. Perhaps we should have an event where all the fakers can get together and tell their fake stories to each other.

    Seriously, I’ve heard better fish stories coming from ten-year-old kids.

  22. Beirut Marine says:

    …all i know is the REAL combat Engineers that did the Grenada/Beirut deployment as part of BLT 2/8 are mighty pissed at this guy. The Marine Corps is a small community even 29 years past and in this case the small number of Marines who actually did what this dude said he did say he is a lying piece of shit

  23. Hondo says:

    Beirut Marine: if one of those individuals is willing to document that and you could put him in contact with us, that would be very helpful. You can either have him use the e-mail address under the “Contact Us” at the top of every article, or you can indicate that you’d prefer direct contact. In the latter case, I can initiate.

  24. Beirut Marine says:

    will do….K.S. and S.H. know where to find G.N. on facebook also….G.N. being a REAL combat engineer on that deployment

  25. Beirut Marine says:

    the REAL Marine CE said he is swamped at work right now but will be around this evening and looks forward to it

  26. 1371 Actual says:

    Well,Well,Well. What have we here? This was just recently brought to my attention and will be MORE than happy to throw in my two cents. I was a Combat Engineer deployed with 22nd MAU in Grenada and Beirut.I have read some of your comments and would like to thank EVERYONE that has posted comments in regard to the fraudulent claim made by Mr. Blake.Trust me- He is NOT who he claims to be.I dont care what hes said,what alleged “proof” hes provided or any other comments for that matter.HE WASNT WITH US.I will now proive it….All it will require is answering a couple SIMPLE questions. (are you listening Blake? Mike G?) Here they are…..What Naval vessel were you deployed on? What was the name of our Plt. Commander? What squad(there were only 3)were you in?These are very simple,basic questions.THere were very few of us that fall into this category and I can tell you all-these fuckers are LYING.Why do I care, you ask? Simple-I was an M-60 Gunner in this Platoon and while deployed,Two of us did not make it back.One was my A-gunner and the other my squad leader.Both were my best friends and I was with them when they were killed- a month and a half apart.THAT is why I am posting this. For THEIR Honor….not mine,not the Corps.FOR THEM. BTW- Ive noticed you two clowns like to threaten people.I dont live anywhere around where you do but I will be at the 30th Rememberance of the BLT explosion at the Beirut Memorial next October 23rd at Camp Lejeune (thats in North Carolina).Ill be ther at the Memorial from 5:30 AM till around 11:00 or 12:00. Just find where the real Combat Engineers are gathered and ask for Nelson. I will NOT be hard to find.Anyone else that has any questions, Ill be glad to answer them…..Semper Fi Brothers.

  27. Scotty says:

    # 478 Thank you Marine. I was A co. 1/5 tad to MCB Camp Pend. when all of this took place. You would not believe how many jarheads of this time period that try to steal your honor & the valor of our Marine Brothers who paid the ultimate. Not on my watch.Bill Blake is a pure asshole that I would love to tell to his face that he is. One day I hope to make the Oct. 23rd trip to CLNC just to shake the hands of the Root Vets gathered. Semper Fi buddy. BTW Bill Blake I’m Scott Hughes on F/B. Look me up any time you have the balls ass-clown. Your jack hammer arms aren’t scaring any one stupid.Produce your dd-214 or crawl under the rock you belong under fool.

  28. 1371 Actual says:

    Thanks Scotty-
    The silence is DEAFENING….
    Still waitin for some answers.
    Anonymous ?
    Mike G?
    Radio check-over?
    Is this thing on?………
    Yep-didn’t think so.
    Can’t Google that shit, can you?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Who was it that said- and I quote…
    ” this ain’t goin away”?

  30. 1371Actual says:

    Sorry fellas- neglected to tag a name on my last post.
    The question still stands……..

  31. Joe Williams says:

    I am still waiting in Bokoshe for either one of you to come here and clear this up. Just one simple visit and we can settle this dispute. No I willnot come to you and have a no-show or be given the time and address. I am listed in the phone book. Joe

  32. Beirut Marine says:

    Well Mr Blake, just a few thoughts from me on this matter. the 1st is don’t think for a second that you are the first person to use a VA card to try to prove service/service connection etc. if you were service connected there would be an “SC” on the front of your card to indicate that. Now Im trying to work off the premise here that you actually tried to serve. anyone who tried and failed to serve/adsepped out/ good of the service/preexisting mental condition(for ex: bi-polar) etc can seek treatment at the VA based on lack of income alone so holding up a VA card is pretty worthless as a gauge to character or length of service.1371 actual who posted above knows for a fact you didnt serve where you said you did…he REALLY was there. My suggestion to you at this point is to take a deep breath and come clean. at the end of the day, all you have left is personal Integrity and do you want to be known forever as “that guy”? it will probably be really hard to do it but in the long run at least you will be able to tell yourself you did the RIGHT thing…who knows? you might get an ounce or two of respect back…..signed, A REAL Beirut Marine

  33. 1371Actual says:

    Just a couple of side notes for those of you interested .
    Combat Engineers play a couple of different roles in the Marine Corps. Construction and Destruction.
    Engineers in an FSSG unit (that Mikey claims he and Blake were in) perform primarily as a support unit for the front line units. Things like bunker construction and bridging obstacles via standard and non standard bridges. For that they also have separate units such as Heavy Junk(equipment) and Electricians attached to them.
    When deployed in an FMF Unit(Fleet Marine Force) we are basically grunts but specialize in explosives and land mines. There’s generally one squad of Combat Engineers for each line company in a Marine Amphibious Unit. That is why there were so few of us on the Grenada/Beirut deployment.
    While I mentioned earlier the two Marines killed from our unit ,they were not our only casualties. The first Marine killed in Beirut was an Engineer- Cpl. David Reagan who died while clearing anti-personnel mines. Our biggest loss was Oct 23,1983 we lost virtually our whole sister platoon (as well as 200+ other Marines-a total of 243 from 1st Battalion/Eight Marines) in the bombing of the BLT Hdqtrs. We were on our way to replace them in a routine rotation when Pres.Reagan decided to invade Grenada. They were blown up by a truck bomb that was the largest non-nuclear explosion since WW Two, two days before we hit the island.(that attack was carried out by Hezbollah and was was masterminded, funded and initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran and that action eventually led to 9/11)
    I once again want to thank you all for taking it upon yourselves to honor all of those brave men by not allowing Mr. Blake and people like him to get away with their feeble attempt to live vicariously through the actions and sacrifices of REAL heroes.

  34. Kato811 says:

    Blake talks a tuff game but in the end he is so full of shit that it dripps off of his poser ass .Blake put up your proof that you served or admit you lied . show us you have a bit of integerty put up or come cean. Oh BTW Bubba said he want you to get some tittys tattoed on your back before you come to see him soon. Hows that VA IG think working for you ? Take some more steroids your fucking punk loser

  35. I was flown to Beirut after the bombing. I was in a platoon of engineers that built wire obstacles around the airport and bunkers to put every Marine underground. I was there with 1371 Actual, when his A gunner was killed and I spent 2 years with Cpl Reagan before he was killed. Blake, Real Deal, Mike G, Anonymous, whoever you are, you weren’t there. I don’t mind meeting you anywhere anytime. I will come where you are, just tell me when and where. I can be in OK in a couple of days.

  36. 1371Actual says:

    @ Rex Tyrannis……I believe an apology is in order.

  37. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    You guys should give it up. This Blake guy is special, probably too complex for any of us to tackle.

    Here is a snippet from his web page found at oneof thebiggestjackassesknowntoman.or

    I has caracture beyond imortels. As a Marine in the Corpse, I has blown stuff up like grenades and blowed up stuff in Grenada two (ats a joke I rote ounce befour). I likes the intranit becuase, I kan bee diferant evaryday. Having a VA card is my krowning acheevemant, it compleets me!

  38. “Wrecked his Anus” in #293, #296, seems to know quite a bit about Billy Boy? Sleepover buddies, perhaps?

  39. realldealengineer says:

    I served with 1371 Actual and Beirut Marine. I can assure everyone here that this guy Blake is a fucking poser, period. Come on fuck wad, show us your DD-214 or go to hell you fake fuck.

  40. 1345 heavy says:

    i served with realdeal,1371 actual and beirut engineer and i’ll echo the same words, blake is a fake a poser a wanna be who cant impress anyone with his own life so he makes up one that he thinks will impress. out of any job he chose he chose 1371 thinking it was far enough below the radar no one would notice, well we did notice and you and your war face will ever be enshrined on sites like this dedicated to exposing losers like you william blake .

  41. Hondo says:

    1345 heavy (492): please clarify your comment above. Billy-boy Blake has posted above using the persona “RealDeal” (comments 189, 437, and 441) . From what you say, I’d guess you’re saying you served with “realdealengineer” (comment 491) vice Billy-boy. Is this correct?

    Beriut Engineer, 1371Actual, 1345 heavy: thanks for weighing in here. FYI: 2nd follow-up FOIA on Billy-boy is in process. There’s also another avenue being investigated which may or may not turn out to be relevant. More to follow.

  42. 1345 heavy says:

    i should have been more clear i was there with realdealengineer , not just real deal who might be blake , sorry for the confusion if any.

  43. Hondo says:

    1345 heavy: thanks. Thought that was what you were saying, but wanted to confirm.

  44. 1345 heavy says:

    no problem hondo, im glad there are people to catch slip ups like that , last thing i want to do is give blake any credibility

  45. Nik says:


    Worry not, 1345. Any accidental credibility would be instantly removed once Blake opened his mouth (or put finger to keyboard).

  46. RealDeal says:


  47. Hondo says:

    Laugh it up while you can, Billy-boy. I’m guessing one day you won’t find all of this so funny.

  48. Anonymous says:


  49. Hondo says:

    Anonymous (501): you might as well post as yourself, Blake. We know it’s you.