William Blake; phony Marine

| September 18, 2012

Scotty sends us another phony Marine from his own research. William Blake apparently took Grenada back from the Cubans all by himself even though he looks like Zippy the Pinhead in a steel pot. For future reference Bill, Grenada was the first battle in which the US troops wore kevlar hear gear.

Here’s a screen shot of his Facebook page;

And he tells a chickie about his daring-do in Grenada, and apparently it was all about killing;

But if you look at Scotty’s page, he kind of gets distracted by the lady’s feet.

It turns out that he was a brig rat and discharged as an E-1 private three weeks before the Beirut bombing and the Grenada Invasion.

Blake FOIA

Blake Assignments

William Blake Training

William Blake Training2

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  1. Twist says:

    This is the topic that never ends
    It just goes on and on my friends

  2. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    It is funny!

  3. 1371Actual says:

    I will never give up defending the Honor of my friends as well as ALL who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
    Blake’s limited knowledge of 9th FSSG Engineers at Camp Hansen gives me reason to agree with
    Beirut Marines comment at post 484.
    Yes Blake- I have more than limited knowledge about the Engineer Community . I know all about Camp Hansen and 9th FSSG . I used to run by there 3 times a week for about 13 months on our 3 mile runs while assigned to 3RD MAR DIV Combat Engineers on the other side of the base. While there I recall hearing about several Marines being separated and/or dish charged for everything from incessant crying for their mommy to going out to Kinville, getting drunk and raping a local 10 yr. old on their way back to base and everything in between.

  4. realldealengineer says:

    While acuall was at that side of Hansen I was at the other with 3rd. FSSG billyboy you should have chosen another career doushbag!!
    We had some good times out in Kin-Ville, 1371 actual. I’d love for this fuckwad to show himself at the 30th. Remembrance I’d go out of my way to meet this fucker face to face, but someone would have to stop me from putting my Colt 357 up to his head and putting billyboy out of his misery.

  5. teddy996 says:

    @506- It’s hard to meet someone face-to-face from opposing sides of a gloryhole, and I wouldn’t hold out much hope of ever meeting him anywhere else.

    I say just buy yourself a bil ‘ol dildo and core that sucker out enough to fit the barrel of your Colt in there. Then go fishing for some Blake trout at various Oklahoma truckstops until you get a bite.

  6. Hack Stone says:

    1371Actual, I was with 3rd Combat Engineers back in Oct 91- Oct 92. I was in the comm shop. Had some pretty good stories from 3rd CEB. I lost my 3rd CEB coin a few years ago, but still have the coffe mug. And I think that 3rd CEB had the best unit motto of any unit I was ever assigned to. “We Engineer The Best Fight”.

  7. 1371Actual says:

    @HackStone- I obviously meant 3rd FSSG and, yes, gotta LOT of fond memories from 3rd Combat. RealDealEngineer and I were at Hansen at the same time and have a few stories. When there in 82-83 we were in open . Spent many a nite out in the Ville till 3 or 4 then come in and do PT a couple hours later. That shit would literally kill me if I tried it now : )

  8. Still waiting on the location you would like to meet at Blake. I thought you were all about a face to face. Don’t think I have forgotten about you.

  9. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @510 Beirut Engineer, I hope you’re not holding your breath waiting for Blake to answer. You’ll turn bluer than a Smurf waiting. I called out Dallas Whatthef*ck, look in “Phony Soldiers” if you’re not familiar with the flying ass clown, numerous times and he never responded. Posers won’t because they can’t. Do you think a non-Marine is going to face a REAL Marine? DullASS claimed to some hardcore super Ranger assassin that would cut the ears off of dead Viet Cong! I’m a one tour Amtracer with 3rd Tracks at Del Mar.

  10. I have the ability to find him if I need to. Lets say I have special set of skills.

  11. Has Billy been busted by the VA. Surprised we haven’t heard from him in awhile.

  12. Mike G says:

    LMAO, I hope you do find Bill, you will look funny with your head rotated 180 degrees.

  13. Hondo says:

    Sure, Mikey-boy G – sure.

    What happened – did Billy-boy come crying to you that people were picking on him and that he needed your help? Or did you just get back from detox?

  14. Keep laughing, the calls have already been made.

  15. BeirutGator1196 says:

    Epic thread.

    For what it’s worth, I think this poser knows he’s burned and is just winding everyone up for shits and giggles. I really doubt he’ll stop so long as he gets responses/attention.

    For those who are wondering about my quals: USS Harlan County (LST-1196) was my unit in Beirut 1983.

    We brought a full complement of Marines for their rotation. Many of them did not come back with us, however. I volunteered for the S&R Detail on scene immediately after the BLT came down.

    Realdealengineer and Beirut Engineer are two of my Brothers. Even without using my name, I believe they know who I am from FB and can vouch for me.

    I, too, am angry about Stolen Valor, especially since the subject of this thread is claiming to be one of my Beirut Brothers.

    If I can help in any way to expose fakes, I would consider it an honor to do so.

  16. Another Beirut Vet says:

    Just wow.

    Nice work, to one and all. I’m just a lowly 0351 that was with the 22nd Mau, Feb-May 83. I also plan on being in Jacksonville for the 30th Rememberance, and would love to see the engineers greet this “brother” of theirs.

  17. @518 Another Beirut Vet, I’ll be at the 30th.

    I bet you a beer BillyBoy won’t show. If he does, I’ll buy you one and some popcorn, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Mike G says:

    I think 241 was the number that were blown up. What did you do about it.

  19. Billy/Mikey, is running out of money and waiting for the “1st of the month” SSI check, so he can buy another tank of gas and drive to the library to get online. We’ll see a spike in his drivel after that.

  20. Mike G says:

    No stupid, I get paid every other Thursday, I work a real job. Go on and take your PTSD meds and get back in bed, you will be safe there.

  21. Scotty says:

    # 522 . So your confirming that your actually William Blake & your too much of a pussy ass fake to use your own name. Yea your a real tough guy.

  22. RealDeal says:

    Hey faggots,,,the gentlemen from the VA fraud division, are satisfied after seeing William Blakes dd 214, and all other proof, that William Blake, USMC, is who he claims to be!!! None of you FAGGOTS have bothered to contact Mr. Blake, after numerous invitations……Pick up the phone and try your luck, you PUSSY COWARDS!!!!! He’ll be waitin…Show up in person, if you got any nuts!!!!! Call Steve @ VA fraud division to confirm this is true!!!! Who wants the McFuck stomped out of them first??

  23. Hondo says:

    In case anyone was wondering: “RealDeal” above appears to be Blake. He doesn’t have the balls to post as himself and uses the 3rd person in some of his posts in a lame attempt to obscure that fact. He’s also posted several times above as “Anonymous”; those Anonymous comments which are Blake’s should be obvious from their asinine content. The persona “MikeG” is posting from another location. Could be Billy-boy posting from elsewhere, or it could be one of Billy-boy’s “special friends” coming here to defend him when Billy-boy runs to him and cries on his shoulder. He seems to do that a lot.

    Billy-boy: sure you showed your DD214 to “gentlement from the VA fraud division”. Uh uh. Yeah. Sure you did. Riiiiight.

    And the world ended 3 days ago on 21 Dec 2012, too. I read that on the Internet also.

    It’s kinda hard to have a legit DD214 when you never served. And there seems to be no record of you ever having served, Billy-boy. The NPRC has records of folks who got pitched during basic/boot, so they’ll certainly have records of someone who was with the USMC in Beirut and/or Grenada. The NPRC cannot seem to find your records. That’s been the case on multiple attempts. The FBI also cannot find evidence you ever served. Ergo, the evidence shows that you almost certainly never served as you claimed.

    It’s been conclusively proven by other means that you never served in either Grenada or Beirut, so we won’t even go into that lie of yours.

    Bottom line: everyone here believes you’re a lying tool as well as a truly “special” asshole. The evidence so far fully supports that thesis. You’re almost certainly lying about that latest “visit” from VA investigators, too.

    No matter. Here’s your chance: prove to us you served, Billy-boy. Photocopy your DD214, redact your PII on the copy, scan the redacted version, and send a copy to Jonn. His e-mail address is “admin@thisainthell.us”. (That’s found by selecting the “Contact Us” button above, but you appear too damn dumb to figure that out on your own.) If you need help in running the copier or scanning the document, I’m sure the folks at Kinko’s will be happy to help you.

    I won’t hold my breath, though. Lying tools like you almost never have the balls to send their “paperwork” to folks who know what legitimate documents look like.

    Oh, and post “Steve’s” office number at the VA, while you’re at it – complete with area code. His commercial number, not the generic VA 800 number. The 800 number goes to different places in different states. But you won’t do that either.

  24. Scotty says:

    Include Steve’s e-mail address & work address while your at it RealDeal. Some one from the VA IG may have contacted you. But they didn’t come knocking on your door like your claiming. Oh BTW , In case you haven’t figured it out yet. Your under investigation for possible VA Fraud.

  25. 1371 Actual says:

    The rule of Occams Razor definitely applies here.
    Hey Blake-What’s it like being a loser with a foot fetish compounded by an anal fixation?
    Just curious.
    Being a freak of nature must be like living a nightmare.
    No wonder you’re living in a fantasy world.

  26. Green Thumb says:

    “Who wants the McFuck stomped out of them first??”

    I do.

  27. 520 Mike G says, I think 241 were blown up, what did you do about it. I tell you what I did, I picked up a weapon and I killed ragheads. What did you do blake, went to McDonalds and sucked so little boys McToes. I like how you don’t even have the brains to pretend you lost an entire platoon of “brother” engineers in that bombing. I also like how you are so stupid as to offend those of us that did. Just sealed your fate to the bitter end you low life maggot. Nothing will save you now, you have insulted the dead that had the guts to do what you have never done and lied about. No matter what it takes, no matter how far, nothing is off limits now.

  28. 1345 heavy says:

    the game is over billy BOY ,face it you tried to score pussy by saying you did something that you never had the balls to do in the first place . your not the first to try passing yourself off like that tho, after 9/11 scores of people tried to pry the pussy out of girl’s panties saying they were cops or firemen because america was all about showing them some love due to the losses they encountered.

    as for you , well you just fucked up by posting your fake heroics where you thought it would get you the most women that would pull their hoof out of that sweaty size 9 EEE and let you inhale it so you could get your jollies.

    i cant even call you a faggot , faggots have more balls than you . but i can call you a loser in life .

    remember thats the 23rd october, 2013 . show up and prove you are what you say you are. of course we know you wont.

    your done blake , checkmate.

    oh and tell your mom i hope her back gets better.

  29. Mike G says:

    @ 530, I hope your moms Throat gets better as she was throated by both Blake and myself. She told us the best part of you ran down her leg and was wiped off with crusty panties.

  30. 1345 heavy says:

    @531 blake you told another lie , you have nothing to put down a throat, your trousers are empty, empty as your claims to have been a marine, and if i was you you id tell your mom to try to not let the line that goes around her house be seen by the police, you know how they frown on long lines of men standing around in the rural area such as yours.

    about the running down the leg part ….you dont have anything but pulling that old statement out , damn boy but no matter , cant help your mom likes the taste

  31. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ did the good idea fairy break a wand off in this posers anus or something?

  32. Azemboz says:

    Same poster as #533 here, apparently I’m not smart enough to enter my name right.

    Anyway I am a Marine Corps recruit and just from a HANDFUL OF CONVERSATIONS with my recruiter I know more about the Corps than this Blake jackass. I have got to say before I found this website I didn’t even know that Stolen Valor was a THING or that so many dick snot guzzlers PRETENDED TO DO THINGS THEY WERE TOO SCARED/STUPID/FAT to do. I am appalled, and above all enraged.

  33. What did you do tonight blake. I bet you slept all night. I didn’t. I been up all night because of the things that happened in Beirut. It’s not every night but it’s far from unusual. Then somebody like you comes along and disrespects my dead brothers and then calls me names, tells me to go fuck myself. Let me tell you, it’s no joke. That’s why you have to be dealt with no matter what. Just a matter of time. A very short time.

  34. Green Thumb says:

    Mike G. is nothing but a coward.

    Plain and simple.

  35. Ex-PH2 says:

    @532 – You really think MikeG has a mom? I thought he was hatched by an armadillo under a saw palmetto.

  36. Mero says:

    A downsy poser who has a multiple personality disorder (caused by copious amounts of sand in his vagina), a hardcore foot fetish, and an obsession with homosexual behavior…. I love this site! Lots of great recipes thrown in there too!

  37. Mike G says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, would you girls like some cheese with that wine. Winers. Never in the history of the U S Military have so many cry babies been assembled in one place.

  38. William aka Mike G is insisting that none of us merely think he is a phony coward; he keeps commenting with his drivel further driving the point home. What a turd.

  39. Nik says:

    William aka Mike G is insisting that none of us merely think he is a phony coward;

    Well for my part, I don’t think he’s a phony coward…well not JUST a phony coward. I also think he’s a witless fucktard who’s very existence sullies the reputation of humanity.

  40. NHSparky says:

    Frankly–you gotta give him a small amount of credit for not letting this thread die. I mean, in the face of all that shit facing him/Blake, and he still keeps coming.

    It’s retarded, pathetic, and sad, but damned if he ain’t a persistent little fucker.

  41. @#541 Nik: But I was just hitting the high points. Jonn doesn’t need to waste the bandwidth that it would take to fully describe his uselessness.
    @#542: He is a persistant one for sure, wishing that he were so equipped to be able to be truly “a fucker”; sorry assed, nutless little canary.

  42. Nik says:


    Oh, for sure. Besides, all that documented uselessness would be a profound waste of hard drive space on the server.

  43. 1371 Actual says:

    Hey Blake(AKA Mike G)
    I’ve said it before and will say it again…..
    You’re a PUSSY.
    And you ain’t gonna do SHIT about it.
    Does finally admitting you lied about your service make you feel any better you fat fuck?
    No matter. Like you said-
    This ain’t goin away.
    Fucking loser……
    I am counting the days. Yes I am

  44. OWB says:

    Geez – now this clown is claiming necrophelia in addition to everything else! Insane is the only appropriate descriptive term for this sort of nut.

  45. Green Thumb says:

    Happy New Year.


  46. PHsoldier10MTN says:

    Does anyone have an update with information on this individual, I’m not sure what to call him.

  47. realdealengineer says:

    Post #548 PHsoldier, here on stolen valor in seach box, at top. Search for “Do you see William Blake in this picture. It is a picture I sent in of my squad of Engineers on the Island of Grenada during Operation Urgent Fury. The squad in the picture is just one of three squads on the island all from my platoon. I can assure you and everyone that billyboy was in no-way with any of us on Grenada, or in Beirut, Lebanon. In the comments under the picture there are comments from another brother of mine that is in the picture, (1371 Acual) and billyboy finally admits to not have serving in any combat.

  48. Green Thumb says:


  49. Hondo says:

    FWIW: still waiting on the 2nd FOIA on Billy-boy to come back, along with a related one. NPRC seems rather backlogged at present.

  50. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hondo, it’s almost fascinating: that photo of our Billyboy almost looks like he’s trying out for a part in “The Dirty Dozen”.