Joe Bite-Me Today

| November 2, 2012

“There’s never been a day in the last four years I’ve been proud to be his vice president. Not one single day.”

I hope he runs in 2016. I don’t have enough bandwidth for that election.

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  1. UpNorth says:

    In moments of stress, the truth does get uttered.

  2. Chip@NASA says:

    OK so let’s take that in context…to be fair…was he talking about Obama or Romney?…looks around the internet for comments…..Oh I see, he said exactly that….(giggle…snicker)

  3. Ex-PH2 says:


    He said what?????


  4. Anonymous says:

    this genius is holding the second highest position in our country? really?

  5. Hinton says:

    How…. Freudian.

  6. Devtun says:

    Yea, uncle Joe has known 8 President, 3 of them intimately…He is also amazed at Barack America’s big stick.

  7. Redacted1775 says:

    And the morons continue to cheer. He could have said ” Sir knight, I have just pissed my pants, and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it”, and they probably would have given him a standing ovation.

  8. Dave says:

    Biden: the Dan Quayle of the decade, the man NO BODY wants as President, the best life insurance a sitting President could have. Never friend to a coherent thought, always willing to embrace the looniest tunes around. A rich man’s son masquerading as being from a working background, the self proclaimed author of the assault weapons ban….. the only phrase that ever describes him well was originally uttered by Churchill about Atlee: “There’s a lot less there than meets the eye”

  9. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Words fail me. I am truly at a loss. Jeez.

  10. Mr. Blue says:

    America’s Loud, Drunken* Creepy Uncle!

    *he may not be a drunk, but he sure acts like it!

  11. Just Plain Jason says:

    This needs to be cut together with his “I mean what I say” quote.

  12. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Could you imagine the fun we could have if we controlled his teleprompter? We could get him to say ANYTHING and he wouldn’t pick up on it.

  13. PtolemyInEgypt says:

    He’s articulate and he’s clean…it’s a storybook, man.

  14. Dogrease says:

    Is he drunk ?

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    Yes. No. Well, maybe? Oh, I don’t know. With Joey, it’s hard to tell.

    I’ve known sailors who could get completely crocked on shore leave, sober up over night, and get a nice, long drink of cold water and be completely soused all over again without touching a drop.

  16. Hack Stone says:

    Fianlly! An honest politician.

  17. Redacted1775 says:

    Out of Bite-Me’s few remaining semi functional brain cells, one is a raging alcoholic, one suffers from chronic narcolepsy and the other took off to look for the missing brain cells and has yet to return.

  18. OWB says:

    Me either, Joe.

  19. Smaj says:

    The man has serious, serious mental competency issues. He should be in no way, shape or form near the levers of power.

  20. AW1 Tim says:

    I said it before, but someone really needs to tell him that those things inserted into his scalp are hair plugs, not stem cells.

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    If I weren’t concerned about getting a concussion from falling out of my chair with laughing so hard, I might watch this over and over.

    Well, maybe not.

  22. SFC Holland says:

    @12 – I’m Ron Burgundy?

  23. Roger in Republic says:

    Joe said it all for me toward the end of that same speech, when he said “sometimes the best revenge is voting”. I will be seeking revenge on this empty suit regime on Tuesday.

  24. 2-17 Air Cav says:


    Joe Burgandy’s Teleprompter: GESTURE TO HILLARY CLINTON–“I’ll give this little cookie an hour before we’re doing the no-pants dance. Time to musk up.”

  25. Hack Stone says:

    AW1 Tim @20, that was dang funny. Maybe they installed the plugs in backwards, and they are tickling his brain.

  26. icuthere says:

    That is funny