Anthony Poole; infiltrating TAH

| November 3, 2012

So, there’s this guy that’s been hanging around the fringes of TAH and reading our stolen valor posts and he comments sometimes. Anthony Poole also “friended” me on Facebook a while back. For some reason, Scotty got suspicious of him and did some research on him. Probably because of his posts on Facebook like this one;

And this one;

At Scotty’s link above, Poole brags about being at the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001, and aboard the USS Independence during Urgent Fury. He claims he was wounded by an IED in Afghanistan and that he’s in a wheelchair and that he retired with 29 years in the Navy. But the Navy says that he didn’t even have 29 days of service;

He commented in the William Blake discussion;

Mikey, or Billy-whatever you call yourself-There’s a new player in the Stolen Valor game-me! And I just added you to my hunting permits!!!
Ready to see what happens to buttercups like you when they falsify records??
Yesterday, Randolph German was arrested for Stolen Valor crimes-today, Robert Mansfield’s name was turned over to the VA Police.

Step up, poser-you’ll see I don’t hide my name-when that indictment falls in front of you, I want you to be sure who helped get that paper that says “Federal Fugitive Warrant – Defrauding the Government of the United States-a Class C felony.”

Sleep well, shitbird-the eagle is in flight!!!


And while certain missions may be classified by the military-personnel records are not, with the exception that some items can be redacted-but never the full record!!!

And in the Tina Kersten discussion;

All that fluffy pillowness probably comes from testing her culinary creations in the mess hall-214 shows she trained for working as a food service specialist.

Hey, Tina? Go on a diet-maybe you’ll find a body worth some guy chasing, cause that blank, no one is home stare just isn’t appealing!!

That’s pretty bold. But we’ve got another one who has caused a bigger stir who was hanging around here that we’ll be rolling out soon. I guess it’s true that everyone comes to TAH.

I guess Poole will be un-friending me now. Sigh.

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    I wasn’t aware that any service had a two year delayed entry program. When I was on recruiting duty, thye had to ship within one year of initial enlistment. And I know of no one that would count their DEP time as time in service (although it used to count for pay purposes). What a coincidence that his time in basic training and discharge overlapped with the beginning of the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

    As for that other troll, I hope you are not speaking about me.

  2. Jabatam says:

    Reminds me of that guy that commented on a pic on SV’s Facebook page saying how much he hated fakers and he was easily busted as one himself

  3. Ret12B40 says:

    File under, ‘methinks he doth protest TOO MUCH.” SUMINABITCH!

  4. Jabatam says:

    Hey TSO, this guy lives here in Indy! I wonder if I can find him…

  5. Hack Stone says:

    Jabatam, check the Veterans Of Man Made Disasters chapter.

  6. Green Thumb says:

    I like the moustache.


  7. Scotty says:

    A pathological liar from day one. If this idiot tells you that it is raining outside. Don’t just go to the window & look out. You had better go outside & feel the raindrops on your head. The best was when he claimed of getting a reward for turning Randy German in to the VA & having him arrested. Randy German may be a lying ass POS Vietnam POW poser. But he did serve & is eligible for VA Medical benefits. Plus there was no reward for Randy German’s capture. Plus Randy German is not showing anywhere of being arrested. He has already threaten me with a law suit. I so hope that he tries to make good on that threat. I have an ace up my sleeve that I’m sure he has overlooked. Lets just say that we filed two sf-180 forms on him. The FOIA release that we are exposing him on now matches the DOB of all of his felony convictions. I’m sure that the other FOIA release will show that he didn’t serve at all. Yea Anthony Poole, I take threats snubbed & disrespected men that are not only retired career warriors. They have also been investigating & exposing Stolen Valor Offenders for decades. I strongly suggest that you submit a letter of apology to the Military community for your false claims.. ” No Glory in Stolen Valor ” !!

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    That picture — was he an extra in “Predator 13”?

  9. GoddamContractor says:

    TAH is great, but there are other groups good at finding fakers and posers:

    Hey Scotty (seriously), why don’t you do an epic takedown on He’s gotten off light so far.

    For the record, I never served, and I have NEVER claimed to have…. but I have been honored to have worked with and among some of the finest young men and women who wear the uniform.

  10. Hondo says:

    So, he’s talking smack while he’s a poser himself, eh? With all of 1 mo 3 days service?

    Yo, Tony – this is all you’ll be getting from me:

    (link is NSFW/NSFchildren)

  11. Green Thumb says:

    Question: Who is Randy German?

    I must have missed him.

  12. OWB says:

    Kinda takes being a wannabe to a whole different plateau. As if being a plain old wannabe isn’t bad enough, this one is pretending to be a wannabe hunter wannabe? Too, too funny.

  13. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    “There’s a new player in the Stolen Valor game-me!” Yeah, well, it isn’t a game but you lost anyway bub.

  14. Green Thumb says:

    Thats bad.

  15. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @15. The initial link doesn’t say what the source link does, that the Army Vet who referred to himself in the source article as a “disabled veteran” served from 1996 to 1998 and that his disability dates to an accident he had 10 years ago (i.e., after he ETS’ed–IF he ETS’ed) So there he was, in a wheelchair, in camo paint, in fatigues and the Marine (wearing a freakin’ tutu at 2:30 a.m.) cold cocked him.

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    @15 – Yes, I noticed that. There may be more to come about this story, so I’ll keep an eye out.

  17. Dave Thul says:

    A phony who took delight in other phonies getting outed? There’s enough to keep a couple of shrinks busy full time for a few years.

    Although it would be nice if we could trust a veteran to their word, it seems like we are getting to the point of needing a private company to verify military records and claims. If you can get a CarFax before buying a car, maybe we need a VetFax, especially for politicians and other public figures.

  18. OWB says:

    A Marine in a tutu? Willingly??

  19. the “Forrest Gump” syndrome. (only everybody liked Forrest).

  20. JP says:

    If alcohol was involved, a Marine in a tutu is not that far fetched at all…

  21. SEAhorse says:

    +1@19. Just show me the Vetfax!

  22. HMCS(FMF) Ret says:

    Anthony Poole – AKA: Rice Paddy Daddy…. 33 days on AD. Probably separated for ‘anxiety issues” (couldn’t cut the umbilical cord from Mommy).

    When will these posers realize that they will get called out and caught?

  23. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    I didnt ride Scotty’s link to the FB exchanges until a minute ago. This guy Poole is a royal dirtbag. In one exchange, he tells a charity (Defenders for Children) that he’s sending them a check for $4,000. The charity aids abused children and dirtball has at least one conviction for check fraud and is on the public dole. A puke like this guy deserves every bad word that can be said about him.

  24. Green Thumb says:


    Roger that.

    Old joke: “Why do Navy SP’s carry nightsticks?”..To hit Marines.

    No offense, Marines. Just a joke.

  25. Green Thumb says:



    Fuck this clown. The stolen valor claim is secondary.

    This clown is claiming he is a Gold 2-Star parent/spouse? Fuck him. That is low.

    I have met a two-parent(s). Fuck this guy.

    This turd needs a cold hard steel beatdown.

    Sorry for my language but fuck him.

  26. NHSparky says:

    Oh, poor little Poole. Poor dumb fucker didn’t even get to wear his white hat in boot camp before he got shitcanned.

    For those unfamiliar, before “Service Week” (week 4) Navy recruits do not wear white hats–only the black watch caps, which is why the new boots get called “raisins”.

    Might have been different in the “Zoomie” Navy of the late 1970’s, and if so my apologies, but I came along not long after and that’s how it was then (and IIRC still is now in Great Mistakes.)

  27. NSOM says:

    re #1

    Not to muddy the waters but you’re only “supposed to be” in the DEP for a year. It doesn’t always work that way. I was in the DEP for 14 months because my ship date got slid back. DEP time also counts as inactive service time so it comes off your IRR time on the back of your contract.

  28. NHSparky says:

    NSOM…the only way that you could spend more than 12 months in DEP is for them to discharge you first (attrite) then rewrite your contract. Not done very often.

  29. SFC Holland says:

    Wow. This is fucked up. Shitty that you find so many. Well, shitty that so many exist is more accurate. Funny that he posted the Facebook with the Hey look at me aren’t I scary comment.

  30. LebbenB says:

    I guess he was trying to hide in plain sight…Douchefag.

  31. Kato811 says:

    Poole is a fat fuckin slob that is full of hot air and bullshit. claims he is on dialais so maybe he wont be around to much longer. of coarse that just might be more of his B/S

  32. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    I just reread this post and I think I may have missed its finish first time around:”But we’ve got another one who has caused a bigger stir who was hanging around here that we’ll be rolling out soon. I guess it’s true that everyone comes to TAH.”

    Did I miss that too or is it still pending?

  33. C2/2000AF says:

    LOL just reread this one. I wonder who the other fake was? who was this Obamagirl?

  34. ByrdMan says:

    Why is the U.S. Marine in that Facebook pic packing what looks to be an IMI Galil? Oh, that’s right this sites about fakers…