Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla; female pretender pilot

| November 5, 2012

Meet Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla who is currently a major in the Civil Air Patrol in Virginia and assigned to HQ, VA Wing as Director of Aerospace Education. She got that job because she represented herself as combat-wounded Army Aviation Captain, and a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot. Of course, she’s here on TAH, so you already know that none of that is true.

She was a PFC Air Traffic Controller for less than two years;

I don’t know how she got a Good Conduct Medal with less than 3 years service, but there it is.

She claims that she earned a Purple Heart when her Blackhawk was shot down in Iraq and, of course, because of that incident she claims she suffers from TBI and PTS. but, as her records show, she’s never been to Iraq;

She also claims that she had enlisted time before she went to OCS. So, I thought I’d give her time to prove that to her unit who has confronted her with this information, in case the NPRC’s records were deficient. But I’ve just heard that she’s resigning from CAP “because of all of the politics” which means there won’t be any proof forthcoming. So mainly, this post is to prevent her from pulling the same scam in another state when it hits the search engines.

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    @149, the top left ribbon sure looks like Purple Heart Ribbon to me. If you have any doubt, comapre it to here:

  2. Virtual Insanity says:

    To start with, she’s wearing a purple heart in the picture above….

  3. Hondo says:

    Well, Anonymous (149), let me spell part of that out for you. Ribbons she’s wearing, viewer’s L to R (inboard to outboard):

    Top Row: PH, AAM, AGCM
    2nd Row: NDSM, ICM, GWOTSM
    3rd Row: ASR, OSR, unk (probably CAP-unique ribbons)
    4th/5th/6th Rows: unk (probably CAP-unique ribbons)

    She also looks to be wearing aviator’s wings above the ribbons.

    Last time I checked, the only way one gets a PH is to be wounded/injured as the result of enemy action – in other words, to be “combat wounded”. Add the aviator’s wings, and that translates to claiming to be a combat-wounded aviator.

    And in the Army, pilots are either WOs or commissioned. So if she’s claimed to be a pilot while in the Army, she sure as hell was claiming one or the other.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Mustang says:

    @149 According to her Twitter, she’s claiming to be an Army Captain.

  5. This Guy says:

    According to multiple social media accounts (various CAP sites, Twitter, FB, etc) she has claimed to many that she was injured when her Blackhawk was “shot down” over Iraq. Hard to do when a) Not an Army aviator; b) not in the service when Iraq War was going on; c) hadn’t served in Iraq.

  6. Green Thumb says:


    Call me crazy, but a few of them look like ROTC/JROTC cadet ribbons.

  7. Nik says:

    ROTC/JROTC/CAP ribbons might all be the same. Dunno. I’ve never been in any of those organizations, but it makes a degree of sense.

  8. This Guy says:

    All the ribbons below the Overseas Ribbon are expected CAP ribbons. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

  9. Mustang says:

    While going through her Twitter feed I found claims of her being in a crash, being a CNO and being an Army Captain. It would seem that she deleted her Twitter account right after Jonn posted the screenshots I sent him 😉

  10. Bostonian0311 says:

    @159, There’s plenty PLENTY of other claims and just plain crazy stuff she’s posted online. Good thing we’ve collected most of it before she could delete her completely nonsensical years-long web of lies. I can always forward some screenshots as well, to add to the dogpile.

  11. Joe Schmuckatelli says:

    Ribbons – the bottom three rows are all CAP ribbons.

    HT/WT – that info is available online from the members-only CAP site.

  12. JNolan says:

    -93C ATC school…minimum enlistment to get that school is 6 years. So the departure was med or forced
    -Shot Down in 07 would get you a VA status that would make you soooo competitive for anything you wanted to do that would pay much better. Look at the VA Il director. She was an old boss and injured blackhawk pilot.
    This retard couldn’t strap herself into a blackhawk, nevermind fly one.
    That purple ribbon on the top row better match the DD214 or she might be looking at jail time, uless you are a congressman…

  13. bemused bystander says:

    Can you say “pathological”, drug seeking, attention slut? Sad part: she has full custody of a pyschopath of tomorrow! Sorry to say a bit TOO personal involvement with this individual. Not desiring “revenge”, but wish some where she could get either help with her psychosis, or jail. Sad fact is she’s more likely to just keep finding victims to abuse & use and move on to target more! Thanks, tho, for proving my gut instincts to her lies were spot on. Sad for the many others who trusted, gave a lot of themselves, only to be hurt when the truth comes out. Sad for the young people in our cap wing too. Glad I kept mine out! Feel free to email me for intimate, gory details.

  14. This Guy says:

    #163: No email provided (we can’t see your email as supplied)

  15. Astonished says:

    I know Michelle, and I just found this site and am just horrified. I met her a couple of years ago at an event for a wounded vet. I have remained in contact with her up until recently, when it seemed she fell off the face of the earth. I feel like a schmuck! I fell for all of her lies. Most of all, I am deeply saddened and disgusted all at once. I’m so pissed that she has scammed her way into so many people’s lives, all the while being a traitor. Has there been any more info or updates since the last post on Dec 14th?

  16. C2/2000AF says:

    I dont think there has been. Usually TAH post updates on people.

  17. Astonished says:

    She’s posting here on this Civil Air Patrol Discussion Group and has even been added as Admin.

  18. This Guy says:

    Word is she was not actually eliminated from the organization, but instead allowed to resign in lieu of termination. (thats a common “easy way out” for a commander. Its a bit of a cop out, but when you don’t necessarily want to go thru the asspain of putting together a completely open-and-shut termination case, or you’ve got bigger things to worry about, this is a way for the commander to get the resolution he wants)

    But also the word is that she’s convinced some sympathetic folk in the hierarchy in Florida that this is all a big misunderstanding and her official records are incomplete, so she’s trying to rejoin in Florida.

    Sound familiar?

    We’ll see how this works for ya, Chelle.

  19. Hondo says:

    This Guy:

    Got contact info for the Florida CAP HQ?

  20. Astonished says:

    OMG, she’s a piece of work! She should be in friggin’ JAIL!

    She got an award in July 2012

    Paul E. Garber Award

    •Capt. Shawn O. Lawson, CA
    •Maj. Sarabjeet S. Lohara, CA
    •Maj. William M. Waite, CO
    •Capt. Sherwin R. Callwood, FL
    •Capt. Thomas M. Lewis, FL
    •Maj. Joseph L. Jones, GA
    •Lt. Col. Sanford C. Wise, GA
    •Maj. James M. Currie, IA
    •Capt. Ronald J. Walerowicz, IL
    •Lt. Col. Edco Bailey, MD
    •Maj. Emily K. Hudson, MD
    • Maj. Karen Busch Walker, MD
    •Maj. Dawn J. Lynch, MT
    •Maj. Sharon A. Nichols, MT
    •Maj. Leonard D. Cassell, NE
    •Chief Master Sgt. Lou E. Walpus, NHQ
    •Maj. Luis F. Longhi, NJ
    •Capt. Matthew S. Bates, OH
    •Capt. Richard G. Ouellette, OR
    •Maj. Jeffry A. Smith, PA
    •Maj. Louis E. Piche, TN
    •Maj. Jane B. Smalley, TX
    •Maj. Ryan E. Livergood, UT
    •Maj. Michelle L. Anderson-Tesla, VA
    •Capt. Cheryl Fielitz-Scarbrough, WV
    •Capt. Ivan M. Scarbrough, WV

  21. Passerby says:

    Ohh geez. I’m an inactive CAP member (VAWG), and have lurked the site off and on for a while now. I’m upset to see a (now former, I’m guessing) CAP member on here.

    @107 – I didn’t get involved at the wing level, so maybe I was even further removed, but I can’t say this sort of thing was “too” rampant. I never encountered these types in my squadron.

    Anywho, for some reason, she has two Facebook profiles…even though she’s still using both daily. I don’t know; something about her leads me to believe she’s one can (or two, maybe three) short of a six-pack. But considering that she posts/likes pretty much the same stuff on both profiles, I’m guessing she’s REALLY bad at trying the whole “living a double life” thing.

    Like I said, though I’m inactive, I still have some connections to my old squadron members through Facebook; as a matter of fact, one of them is a friend of hers as well. I may do a little poking around, and see what the deal with her is now.

  22. Passerby says:

    Okay, just figured something out. The one profile, linked directly above, is her personal page, where you can add her as a friend. The other account she used on that discussion page is for her other profile, which you can only subscribe to.

    That being said, take a look at some of the posts on the latter profile. Not exactly Wing-level material, but that may have been the least of her problems as far as CAP was concerned.

  23. Jeff says:

    It gets weirder. She started a BDSM, bisexual club for women in VA called the Wayward Women’s Club on Facebook where they discuss sex toys, bondage, spankings in actual real time meetings offline. Talk about a role model for the cadets! She apparently has been moth-balled in the CAP in a low profile position until the heat simmers down. It is a common way they hide deviants in the program rather than getting rid of them.

  24. Jeff says:

    She has been telling everyone in the CAP that she sued & won against this website. Many believe she is a victim and continue to believe in her lies. It goes to show you how dumb people can be despite the proven truth right in their faces. So, she remains.

  25. Jeff says:

    And the lies continue. Check out her current LinkedIn account: She claims to hold the position of Office of Strategic Planning at United States Department of Defense.

  26. Valkyrie says:

    No! No no no!! Not another phony in Florida.

    Not only are we a “Premiere Vacation Destination” (Ha!) but now a safe haven for these “Fake Warrior” asstards!?!

  27. TPM says:

    Well, Valkyrie, Casey & Cindy Anthony plus Ron & Misty (Croslin) Cummings have showcased Florida as the premier “Parenting” state 🙂 I think you and all female vets would be the perfect medium to straighten them out. Since Ron & Misty got a well deserved judicial clobbering that just leaves Cindy and Casey.

  28. Passerby says:

    @Jeff – So is she not resigning/getting the boot from CAP? If not, that’s awful and I can’t imagine the kinds of people who want to keep her around. At this point I’m tempted to join that discussion page to post this article AND the thread about her over on a CAP forum, from which she was banned!
    I saw her little “club” on Facebook too, hence why I said so much of the crap she posts publicly is horribly unprofessional. I see a lot of men following her page. Think she’s got some “boyfriends” keeping her in CAP?

  29. Jeff says:

    CAP condemns the good and praises the wicked. It has been that way for the past decade. She not only has “boyfriends” mesmerized by her lustful tone, but family in “high places” protecting her. So, she remains.

  30. bobble says:

    @Jeff and @Passerby –

    She is not a CAP member at this time as far as I can tell. She is still listed as an administrator on two separate Facebook discussion group pages that focus on CAP issues –!/groups/249849541798600/admins/?order=default!/VAWGAE/info (where she was the CAP OIC when the SV issue was discovered!)

    My concern (as both a veteran and an active CAP member) is that when Ms. Tesla’s name shows up in the next Stolen Valor Tournament here at TAH, CAP’s reputation is going to be dragged through the mud (again) because even though the two Facebook discussion group pages listed above are not official CAP pages, the association between Ms. Tesla and CAP will still be there (and continuing unabated due to her ‘adminstrator’ status as noted above) in the minds of TAH readers and contributors as they review this original posting, Google search her name and connect the dots. This issue has been discussed at length on the CAPTalk forum (including a link to this TAH page), if you want to pull it up again by crossposting this on the CAPTalk forum, feel free, but I seriously doubt it will change anything regarding her status at the links listed above. She’s still got CAP members as friends despite (or maybe because of, in light of her BDSM proclivities) her behavior, that’s for sure.

  31. Passerby says:


    If you were concerned about CAP’s reputation, do something about it. Her actions have consequences. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that her actions don’t have consequences. Everything she does has repercussions if she is not dealt with. It comes back one way or another. Who’s fault is that? It isn’t CAP’s, but those who look the other way, hoping it will just disappear. It won’t disappear unless you do something about it.

  32. bobble says:

    @Passerby –

    Her listing as an administrator has been removed from the first linked page (#180), we’ll see what happens with the second.

  33. OWB says:

    It’s not all that complicated. Anyone and any organization can get sucked in my an imposter. For a while. It’s what they do about it that displays their own character.

    Does the CAP support liars? Is it OK with the CAP to falsely claim veteran status? Do they reward cases of stolen valor?

    If they do (which seems to be the case), any respect I ever had for the organization is now gone. They can only rehabilitate that reputation by removing this liar from their rolls, apologizing for their promotion of the liar, etc.

    Oh, sure, she will likely claim being persecuted for her involvement in LGBT causes. So what? Her offense is for claiming military honors she simply did not receive.

    Maybe this isn’t the only instance of CAP officers making false claims?

  34. Passerby says:

    @bobble – If you are a military Vet, doesn’t it bother you that she lied about the Purple Heart? Since you are a CAP member, you are responsible to protect CAP’s reputation. Why aren’t you doing anything about it? Does the CAP support liars? Is it OK with the CAP to falsely claim veteran status? Do they reward cases of stolen valor? It has been almost 6 months.

  35. Passerby says:

    Wow. Uh, so at risk of sounding crazy here, posts 181 and 184 were NOT from me, the guy who posted 171, 172, and 178.
    But hey, she got taken off of the admin list for that Facebook group and appears to have left/gotten booted from it. So I guess that’s worth something, maybe?

  36. bobble says:

    Real Passerby (@171, @172 and @178):

    S’OK, I realized something had changed in the following posts (@181 and @184) since the tone and syntax were not the same, which is why I didn’t bother responding. Some folks just like to stir the pot, I guess.

    Faux Passerby (@181 and @184):

    But since I’m here anyway, take the time to read through this whole thread, and you’ll see that there are a number of posters who have noted that this issue has reached the higher levels of the CAP organizational structure. This one hasn’t gotten swept under anybody’s rug, but (and if you yourself are current or former military, you’ll understand) it is Ms. Tesla’s chain of command within the organization that decided/decides the appropriate response to her behaviour. Not me. The best I could do was to crosspost this thread’s link over at the unofficial open CAP forum (which is regularly read by CAP officials) and make sure it received the attention it so richly deserves.

    As an aside, perhaps one day you’ll be brave enough to create your own identity here, so we can engage in informative and constructive discourse. Not likely, I know, but one can hope.

  37. TX_CAP says:

    Just some observations. I happen to know Miss Tesla, and wanted to share what I know of her vs what may be wrong / what may be right.

    Observation shows me the following:

    The DoD would always have her legal name, no nicknames. That said, the reports you show have “Chelle Lynn Anderson” – which is NOT her legal name. This brings the rest into question. Her maiden name is in fact Tesla. Not Anderson. Anderson was a married name, in which if I remember correctly she hyphenated. Could be wrong on the hyphenated part.

    As for what she did and did not receive, she does have VA benefits. I have no idea on the details of her military career beside what she told me years ago, which has never changed detail for detail, which adds credibility, not saying she wasn’t lying from the beginning, just that usually when you lie about something the details will change as you go.

    I can’t say she is guilty or not. I don’t support lies about a military career at all, but we can not judge her based on here-say and records that don’t even have her legal name on them. Had the records stated Michelle Anderson Tesla, or Michelle Tesla (not sure her middle name really) than I’d be 100% on the table. Till then, lets leave it up to JAGs and IGs of the respected forces (CAP / U.S. Army) – trust me, all CAP has to do is submit a verification request to the DoD, and I’m 100% sure her DD-214 would answer any questions.

    All I’m saying is – thank you for bring it up, but lets not jump to guilty, let due course take over.

  38. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, let’s not rush to judgement – it’s only been six months and she hasn’t even contacted us and proved us wrong, so let’s not “jump to guilty”. I have no idea why the NPRC has her name like that, but, don’t question me just because I posted their records. In other words, GFY, unless you have something to add to the discussion besides speculation.

  39. Funfact says:

    The documents that were posted above are just a small sampling of solid proof that this chick is a few french fries short of a happy meal. From her BDSM postings, religious titles, and multiple self-inflicted car accidents, you can bet that for every one accusation she (or others) attempt to argue, there are many others to support the truth.

    And for those who support her or wish to look the other way, you’re equally as guilty. Seriously, all she needs to do is fess up, come clean, and walk away. This isn’t going to put her in prison and the black helicopters aren’t going to suddenly appear to snatch her up. Just stay away from CAP and stop seeking recognition that is far from deserved.

  40. This Guy says:

    TX_CAP: If you know “Michelle” then you would probably know that her name was “Chelle” (like, LEGALLY) until just a year or so ago (maybe two years now). And that her “maiden” name was Hougan, not Anderson. Nobody knows where “Tesla” seems to have come from. I doubt she does, either.

    The fact remains: If you’re *really* an Army officer & Blackhawk pilot with a Purple Heart, you will have a paper trail that someone can at least put their hands on part of thru an FOIA request, like Jonn was able to. You won’t only show up as a PFC Air Traffic Controller with less than 2 years of service. There is no way you wind up an O-3, having gone to OCS or another commissioning source, then a year plus at Fort Rucker, a promotion, then a PCS to Germany, another promotion, and a deployment to Iraq without a shred of documentary evidence. That is _not_ a clerical error. That is outright fabrication.

    When someone tells me “Of course you can’t find my records, I was ‘classified’..” or “DD-214? Mine is classified” or something similarly silly, my response has been “I’m pretty sure the Army/Air Force/Marines/Navy had to pay you. And if they paid you, there is at least a record that you were in the service. That part ain’t classified. Its not like the DoD has a whole different pay and finance department just for the Black Ops people, with TS/SCI-cleared payroll clerks.” Nobody who’s been “sheep dipped” is going to join CAP.

    If the folks in VA Wing did not outright cashier Michelle, and instead let her resign w/o a termination, then CAP is going to get what it deserves when she pops up on another wing’s rolls with a Silver Star and a CFMB for the “hot evacs” she did in Afghanistan and other places that are classified.

  41. EdUSMCleg says:

    She is too chunky to be an officer, anyways. She just wants attention.

  42. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @190 maybe txcap was part of the bondage crew, thus he wants to defend his little play partner…that she is full of sh1t is as obvious as the simple fact the pope tends to be catholic…..but there is always some 4sshole only too happy to disregard the truth for some tang….you see it every day all over the world.

    I’ve nothing against wanting a little sumthin-sumthin….but geez have some standards FFS…

  43. TX_CAP says:

    Okay.. seems I’m the only one who is willing to try to view everything in an even light with some intelligence.

    #188 & #192 – I wasn’t attacking your evidence, just said it raised a question in my view. I was not saying she is not guilty of lying and of Stolen Valor, but I was saying I didn’t know for sure, as she hasn’t spoken of it at all to me or anyone else around me. So how can I simply step in and judge her when I simply don’t know the truth of the situation. You may be 110% right, or not. Honestly, we can all have options (this is a FREE SPEECH COUNTRY) and it doesn’t mean the options have to be spot on. I will say good job of the find, I wasn’t blasting your post, wasn’t defending her, but I also wasn’t condemning her.

    #189 – I have seen several people condemn her for BDSM. It’s a adult activity that she has every right as an american to choose to do or not do. Just as you would. It would be equivalent to you watching porn and someone condemning you for it. Are you over 18? Okay then.. what you do on your time, is your time. I have NEVER met her in person, spoken a few times. I’m married, to a wonderful wife. I have four kids. You want to speak ill of me for posting my options and thoughts on a forum designed to share options and thoughts about such a subject – do so in my face, I’ll gladly give you my name and address. So to all the people on here blasting me for speaking my observations thus far and admitting to you all I can’t say what is true and isn’t at this point – nice way to represent CAP and the Air Force. You should all be so proud.

    #190 – You sir have some good points. And as I was only trying to make intelligent conversation about something I would like to know the truth about. Your statement of ” There is no way you wind up an O-3, having gone to OCS or another commissioning source, then a year plus at Fort Rucker, a promotion, then a PCS to Germany, another promotion, and a deployment to Iraq without a shred of documentary evidence.” is right on the mark! She hasn’t defended herself one bit which does raise a huge red flag. If she wanted to defend herself, this is an open forum. Bring your DD-214 and lets clear it all up. But she HASN’T – and because we don’t know her side – from her, we can only go on what we have.. paperwork with different name, her resignation verse fighting it. Her lack of supporting documents stating her claims. Lack of any record of her being awarded a Purple Heart, which I was looking into.

    On that note however, my brother was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart – you can’t find his name anywhere online. I know he was awarded these as I stood there and watched him receive them. I honestly think, if she was innocent, she should get a copy of her DD-214, black out all but the last 4 of her SSN, and send it in, so this could be fixed. Her lack of that – honestly states that she is hiding something.

    Do I know what? No. Am I saying the author of this topic is wrong in his case against her? NO. All I’m saying is, something doesn’t seem to fit. Be that here or on her side, I can’t honestly say without knowing her side. I have my guesses. Ones that put her in a very dim light indeed.

    If this is a case of Stolen Valor, I deeply wish that it was still viewed as a crime so she could pay back the men and women who have actually earned that valor, even if it is by wearing a orange jumpsuit with shiny black numbers on the back. I think it is such a case, but I can’t sit there and say she is guilty without some official process stating that fact. Till then, we are all guessing – and even though that guess is most likely correct, as Americans – and members of CAP, and members of the Armed Forces, we stand for freedoms and a right to defend ourselves – she has that right, granted, she has instead turned tail and ran away.

  44. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @193 since it’s no longer a crime the Supreme Court has stated the only remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true. When folks claim things that seem obviously incorrect and perhaps hold a position because of that, some sort of fraud has been committed if not at the level of a criminal offense certainly at the level of a common decency offense our society.

    I have no worries about this site falsely accusing me of anything because I don’t lie about my service. If I claim something and Jonn asks me to prove it I will fax my DD-214 or email a photo copy.jpg within 24 hours…I don’t claim anything other than holding an 11b and then an 11c MOS….

    This woman has made serious claims that she can’t back up. Honest folks would have no problem backing up their claims, instead this “lady” has moved on to other locations…perhaps where no one knows her. Perhaps to stop telling lies…

    Since this is not a crime there is no need for a “beyond the shadow of a doubt” implication. A preponderance of evidence is not even necessary. Lying isn’t a crime after all if there is no money or material gain according to the SCOTUS.

    Thus if this site is lying, and according to the Supreme Court, Ms. Andersen need only tell the truth as a remedy….since she has not it would be apparent who the liar is and who they are not.

  45. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ TX CAP … let me net this out for you.

    If I was the last male human on earth (who loved all things BDSM and fat) and she (the verified poser) was the last female human on earth …

    I would rather drag my balls across 5 miles of broken glass in the opposite direction to stay clear of her.

    Any questions?

  46. EdUSMCleg says:

    lmao @ 195. That’s pretty clear.

  47. OWB says:

    Let me make this perfectly clear to TxCap and anyone else who might be listening around the edges of this mess: I do not give a flip about the CAP and it’s rep. None of my business. However, if they wish to claim any respect from any of us, they need get rid of this poser.

    I DO care about claims which would, if true, make the USAF look bad. This attention whore has made claims which would, if true, make the USAF look very bad. But, since they are not true, it only makes her and those who support her look bad.

    Since I am retired from the USAF, I will NOT spend a single moment concerned about the hurt feelings of someone who attempted to claim any sort of benefit from an imagined tour of duty with MY organizaton. I have in the past dealt with others who tried to sully the USAF with unsubstantiated claims from other organizations. We put a stop to it as soon as we learned of it.

    The fact that the CAP has elected to ignore this serious issue tells us that their are either complete incompetants, do not have a very well developed sense of honor, or that this is common practice.

    Meanwhile, I also do not give a flip what consenting adults do privately. None of my business. And, it has nothing whatever to do with whatever fraud she has committed. Well, it might, depending, but not from this quarter.

    It appears that the CAP needs to clean house.

  48. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Amen, OWB.

    And TX-CAP: This isn’t a freakin’ game and it’s not a criminal court so shove that proof positive requirement + admission requirement of yours somewhere where they won’t hurt somebody. There is more than sufficient evidence for a reasonable person to conclude that this uniformed chicklet is full of crap. What would you say if you were accused of making false claims? I’ll tell you what you’d do. You would scream bloody murder all over the place, especially with your fellow Capsters–or whatever they’re called. Perhaps she has a Messiah complex of some sort and is willing to be falsely accused w/o a peep, is that it? She’s a hero afterall! Give it up–especially that objective facade. And stop being fearful of calling a worm a worm.

  49. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    I just notified the station that they have been had by a fraud!