Zombie Timothy Poe rises

| November 5, 2012

Since last week, we’ve been talking to the Doctor Phil Show which is taping a program Wednesday with Timothy Poe, the stuttering jackass who conned Howard Stern and the America’s Got Talent Show into believing that he was some sympathetic wounded warrior figure. Apparently, he thinks everyone has forgotten about him and now is the time for him to redeem himself. The people who I’ve talked to from the production crew of Doctor Phil say he’s not going to get away with it.

Unfortunately, since TSO is floundering around on the beaches of Mexico, and he spearheaded this story, I’ve been trying to fill in the blanks for the show which is a repeat of that week last June when I was at a funeral through all of the drama and TSO was flying solo. I’m not sure when the Phil show is going to air, but since they’re taping Wednesday, I have to think it’s going to be on Thursday or Friday. But looking at his schedule, it might be next week. I sure hope they don’t choose Veterans’ Day.

But be assured that TAH is on the job in this case. If you missed the drama, here are the links to TSO’s posts during the period;

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And thus does it end…

Sings the Craven? “Nevermore!”

From NBC News; Lying about your military service? These bloggers have you in their sights

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    That blowhard gets more attention?

    You have got to be kidding me.

    Get a rope.

  2. Dave Thul says:

    The only thing he could say that would be even partially redeeming is what an ass he is and how thankful he is to TAH for alerting him to that fact.

  3. NoUseForAName says:

    Wonder if he brushed up on his acting lessons?

  4. OWB says:

    Again some more?

    Whatever. We can play this game forever if necessary, jerk. But we would really rather ferret out some new jerks instead of recycling the old ones.

  5. PintoNag says:

    SOMEBODY from TAH should be on that show with him.

  6. Joe Williams says:

    .Who could of our group be on the same stage with him without giving Poe a beatdown ? I could not be near him without a beating. Joe

  7. Parachute Cutie says:

    Yeah, he wrote the show asking if he could come on to “clear his good name.” That’s what a lady from the show told me today when I asked her why they were even having him on to start with.

  8. Nik says:

    Seems like he’s following the path of celebrities, fitting since he obviously is desperate to be one.

    1. Foul up.
    2. Go into hiding for a discrete time in line with the degree of foul up and previous level of celebrity.
    3. Come onto some sorta Oprah/Phil type talk show and apologize profusely.
    4. Wait for the liberal Media machine to accept your apology, welcome you back into the fold, and let the good times roll.

    I don’t know that his previous level of celebrity will be enough. I suspect, however, the libtard-tastic media community will embrace him, since they don’t really care about stolen valor and the like.

  9. Jabatam says:

    I’ve shunned Dr. Phil ever since he did that show equating combat veterans with PTSD as monsters, or something like that. I might watch this one though just to see if he (Dr. Phil) can somewhat redeem himself by putting Poe on full blast

  10. Smaj says:

    Something tells me “Dr.” Phil and Poe are cut from the same cloth.

  11. Chuck W says:

    An ear infection can be pretty bad! I didn’t know they sent you home for that. Must be like that black clap I always heard about.

  12. Frustrated says:

    Just got off the phone with Dr Phill show apparently Tim Poe says that if hes lying why wont anyone from his unit come on the show and call him out.The shows producer is Teen and her number is 323 956 XXXX.

  13. streetsweeper says:

    I’ll say it before Mr. Inspidiot does…”Chuck W, that is racist”. There and now that we got that out of the way, I have never heard of “black clap” but we were informed (during basic I think) about blue balls, clap, cyph…being government issue, yada yada.

    Back to Timmy Poe. Something told me way back when we may not have heard the last of his asshattery. Don’t know why but…And I think it’d be funny as shit if one of his former NCO’s made a surprise appearance.

  14. Twist says:

    I still have a vendetta for getting called in while on leave and while on date night because of this jackass. I hope he falls off the stage and breaks something important.

  15. Dave Thul says:

    From the Dr Phil show page-

    “Have you been living a lie and you are sick of it and are WILLING TO APPEAR on national telelvision to speak with Dr. Phil, tell us your story below”

  16. USMCE8Ret12 says:

    Timothy Poe’s appearance on shows like “Dr. Phil” is exactly appropriate for this kind of stuff, particularly since Dr. Phil McGraw is a sham himself. If he does appear, ,maybe Poe will be so appreciated for his “integrity” that he’ll get his own TV/reality show.

  17. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, what an opportunity! Can we get Dullass Witlessgelding on that show, too?

  18. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Dr. Phil and Tim Poe two charlatans working together, lovely…

    Dr of philosophy in clinical psychology…he hasn’t practiced psychology in 20 years and his license has been expired for 6 or 7 years now…

    Tim Poe makes a perfect guest…this show should define irony as well as Ted Kennedy on the ethics committee for the viewing audience should they choose to understand what they are actually watching

  19. PtolemyInEgypt says:

    Maintain three points of contact on that truck! Jackass…

  20. kp32 says:

    @19- From what we know of this guy, I could see him purposely falling off the truck to avoid deployment and getting disability for life from Uncle Sugar.

  21. NoUseForAName says:

    Rumor has it Poe’s segment has been taped. A soldier from his former unit and one of his exes was on. He pretneded not to know them and kept up his stutter routine. Wow. Just wow.

  22. ARoberts says:

    This was posted to the comments of a FB page:

    “You guys helped us in ‘outing’ Timothy Poe on America’s got talent. He was in my unit… Please spread the word and have people watch the ‘Dr. Phil’ show next Thursday November 15th. He went on the show to PROVE he was telling the truth and got called out and more including people from his unit and former people he knew. It is gonna be EPIC! I was on as well and it filmed yesterday and air’s next week. Thank you to all who helped us in June in spreading the word about this poser.”

    As much as I despise Dr. Phil, I might just watch this.

  23. KK says:

    The suckwad needs to work on his fake stutter. How I’m not divorced from this loser is beyond me. Guess staying out of karaoke bars was a good idea…

  24. Ex-PH2 says:

    Ya know, he really does give lying crap weasels a bad name.