WV National Guard on the job

| November 5, 2012

The devastation on the eastern seaboard kind of sucked all of the oxygen out of the news when Hurricane Sandy struck last week. Mostly because that’s where the media elite are and they can report on conditions by looking out their windows.

But some folks in West Virginia suffered just as much. The southern part of the state got hammered with three feet of snow overnight which followed the hurricane through. My part of the state didn’t get snow but a good number of people are still without power. Zero Ponsdorf is still without power, but he has a generator, so he’s still kickin’ ass.

Although I didn’t even experience a flicker in my power, or a flake of snow (knock on wood), I noticed that there are still power company trucks reacting to outages down in the valley.

But the folks from DVIDS sent us some pictures of the West Virginia National Guard on the job getting relief out to the far-flung places which are mostly isolated even without the snow.

I’m thankful that even though I didn’t need them this time, that they’re out there when the time comes that I do need them.

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  1. WOTN says:

    I just posted the overview of what DoD and the National Guard are doing in the wake of Sandy. I applaud the efforts of Our Troops, but I have to take issue with 24 Million gallons of fuel coming out of the DoD budget. That should be a FEMA expense, NOT DoD. http://waronterrornews.typepad.com/home/2012/11/dod-national-guard-efforts-in-wake-of-sandy.html