Live blog at TAH tonight

| November 6, 2012

Real life is intruding on my blogging time today, so I wanted to get this out before the next of shit gets dumped on me. But, we’re live blogging the election returns tonight. I’ll probably get everything set up by 8:30 pm. BooRadley said I should ask for volunteers early who might want to help moderate tonight so I’ll have time to chime in from time-to-time.

TSO is getting beaten up by the surf in Mexico but he says he’ll be on the live blog tonight.

You’ll have to come up with your own drinking game rules. So you’ll need to talk about that ahead of time. But, those bucks I make from you clicking the ad links is going into the software for the live blog in order to make room for all of you. We had over 200 in the Joe Biden debate and about 150 in the 3rd Presidential debate, so it should be raucous tonight. BYOB.

ADDED: Claymore sends his apologies, but he suffered a minor injury yesterday, and he’s delinquent with his “Tuesdays with Claymore” column. But he promised a post election piece tomorrow.

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  1. Count me in… as long as the generator is running.

  2. Twist says:

    Rule #1 anytime Chrissy poo has a meltdown because Romney won a State drink.

  3. Nik says:

    I’m going to pick up Xanax and Booze on my way home. One for celebratin’ if the right side wins, and one to keep from losing my mind if the wrong side wins.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’ll be there.

    Drinking rules: I have one bottle of Castillo del Dieblo red in the fridge, 2 bottles of Diet Coke.

    I don’t see the results being fully reported for several weeks, because of all the “stuff” going on.

    I will indulge in the vin rouge tonight, one small glass 1/2 full, if any of the talking idiot heads says “Obama wins!” prematurely.

    As I can only watch the results on the radio here in my workspace, and attend to streaming live on the desktop, someone please let me know if that happens and I miss it. Thanks!

  5. Old Tanker says:


    How about a drink every time Chrissy-poo says Republicans are racist!

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    @5 How about every time Chrissipoo opens his big mouth? And are we leaving the Donald out of this, too?

  7. Whitey_wingnut says:

    If we have to take a drink for the racist remarks by Tingles I’m going to need to take leave in order to recover.

  8. NHSparky says:

    Chug the whole bottle if Madcow starts bitching about a recount in Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or New Hampshire.

  9. Twist says:

    @6 that would cause alcohol poisoning.

  10. Whitey_wingnut says:

    I’m going to need a few IV bags to help recover if we follow through that rule NHSparky.

  11. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:


    One beer for every Electoral vote Romney has over Obama!

    3 shots of whiskey or scotch everytime Chrissie Tingle Leg says something like … this is not looking good for Obama!

    Call you local ambulance company and let them know where you are! Leave your door unlocked!

  12. Wait… 8:30? I started drinking already. Although I’ve been assiduously avoiding The News I accidentally caught part of a “news break” over the truck radio whilst taking out the trash.

  13. Twist says:

    I have a strong suspicion that somebody’s stomach is getting pumped tonight.

  14. Whitey_wingnut says:

    @11 Good thing I drink PBR

    Looks like I’ll need to get a handle of Red Stag.

  15. OWB says:

    You cannot MAKE me watch any of those idiots on TV! There is not enough booze in the county, no this side of the country, to make that happen!!

    I will be listening to local radio. And keeping a couple of channels open on the computating mochine. Have a vested interest in a local campaign and really, REALLY need to keep up with that race.

    OK – just put a couple of Yuengling lagers in to cool. Plan to drink one when Romney goes over the top in the electoral college column, and may drink both of them if he doesn’t.

  16. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 14 … you are an American Patriot. Drinking PBR, Red, White, and Blue!

  17. Ex-PH2 says:

    Okay, one half-full glass vin rouge standing by, should anyone mention CC of NJ’s name.

    Otherwise, Diet Coke, popcorn and a large, snoring cat.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @ 17 … that cat can come in handy if someone trys to break in to your house on Election Night!

  19. Twist says:

    @17, I still want to know if the Tour de France has checked that cat out for performance enhancers or not. We may need a Senate hearing on that one.

  20. Nik says:


    Remember, Nanny Bloomberg says you can only have 16 oz of that.

  21. Just Plain Jason says:

    I don’t really have anything constructive to say other than it was really weird when I tried to vote today every time I tried to mark my ballot for Kang my ballot marked Kodos…

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    @18 and 19, he was BORN that way. Has a record of 6 apartment mouse kills**. Does not go outside unless forced to by leash. Does the cheetah stud dance and tail wiggle at discretion.

    **No mice ever in house.

  23. PintoNag says:

    @22 …the “cheetah stud dance”??


  24. Twist says:

    I have a feeling that the cat is going to get stripped of the 6 apartment kills titles for not passing the screening.

  25. UtahVet says:

    Dammit! I really wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. The drinking games could be epic! As it is, I’ll have a large stash of Orange Crush and Mountain Dew. Dammit.

  26. Twist says:

    @25, I’m lucky that I got a late call tomorrow.

  27. Ex-PH2 says:

    @23 PintoNag, I can only tell you to find a video of a male cheetah leaving his mark on a tree. You will then understand.

  28. Ex-PH2 says:

    @Nik, it’s cold here tonight. If Mayor Bloomerbutt shows up at my door, I will throw ice water in his face.

  29. Twist says:

    I’d happily watch videos with cheetahs and Bloomerbutt getting ice water thrown on him. Otherwise I will watch a couple more Pokemon shows with the little ones (which I wouldn’t trade for the world no matter what my bluster).

  30. BooRadley says:

    I’ll be there. Tryin to get dinner on the table.

  31. Lucky says:

    I swore off drinking last week when a cousin blew a .42 BAL, I’ll just kick back and smoke a fine cigar, seeing as though I now work at a cigar shop…

  32. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Speaking of cigars, my wife just flew back from Panama, so guess what I have.

  33. TSO in Cabo says:

    So I am hiding a box of cubans in my anus for nothing?

  34. Lucky says:

    Lol Jonn!!!! And TSO, what do you like? I’ll see if we carry it and ship a box your way

  35. TSO in Cabo says:

    No, Jonn wanted them. I avoid all things that might hit my lungs. Except Guinness when it goes down the wrong pipe.

  36. Jonn Lilyea says:

    #33, if you have a box of Cubans (we’re talking about cigars, right?) in your anus this long before your flight back, you’re doing it for your own enjoyment, so, yeah, it’s not for nuthin’.

  37. Ex-PH2 says:

    TSO, you’re in Cabo?????!?!??!?!?

    It’s 38F up here. That’s just mean.

    Continue to torment those of us less fortunate and so help me, I will spoof your sorry ass in “Babes and Bullets”.

    I need food and drink.

  38. Lucky says:

    Hahahaha you two!!! And TSO, suitcase g is never good, you know this, you were with Duncan in the ‘Stan many moons ago, and he was suit casing a stick up his ass the whole time!!

  39. Claymore says:

    DU will either be in full blown viva revloution or suicide hotline tomorrow.

  40. Ex-PH2 says:

    Note to self: TSO likes Guinness and hiding cigars in strange places on his person. Also known for gluing on a large, impressive mustache made of horsehair.

  41. B Woodman says:

    Damn! You guys make coming here worth the price of admission.
    Now I’ll be going upstairs for a bit with my Kindle Fire tablet, log onto TAH’s election coverage & try not to puke whenever the liberal talking heads come on the screen to spew their venom & garbage.
    Actually, I’m surprised they’re admitting that Romney has ANY EC votes at all.

  42. Tman says:

    Romney looks like he’s coming on strong and fast, leading ‘projected’ electoral votes now.

  43. Isnala says:

    From your post to Gods ears Tman


  44. Isnala says:

    At least the House is still R….