Another Sinclair Update

| November 8, 2012

Provided without comment, other than to say that it appears some of the rumors concerning the conduct leading to the case are true.

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  1. SFC Holland says:

    Read this today too. Did you see the article about the AF not letting SSG’s teach anymore because of the same?

  2. MCPO USN NYC (Ret.) says:


  3. LebbenB says:

    Sad, sad, sad. A sorry way to end a career.

    @1. You shoulda seen the Army’s reaction when the sexual assault scandal at APG broke in ’96 or ’97. Big Army set up a 1-800 number so that anyone within the last 20 years that thought they had been harrassed or sexually assaulted could call in ANONYMOUSLY and drop the dime on their DS. I was on the trail at the time at Jackson and there were some DS’s there that were running scared, lemme tell ya.

  4. Kilo says:

    I always love how they give the maximum punishment in news articles, as if General Sinclair (if proven guilty) will serve life in prison vs. early retirement…

  5. Devtun says:

    BG Sinclair won’t get to retire-even at reduced rank. This has gone to far…he can pray to cut a deal where he gets same option as former BG Duff and accept dismissal from service.

  6. SFC Holland says:

    @3. I was in 11th ACR in 1996-97. Not much has changed.

    When it comes to GO’s, nothing surprises me anymore. Like I said previously, the Soldiers are watching. There’s two UCMJ’s, one for them and one for the rest of us.

  7. MCPO USN NYC (Ret.) says:

    Something happened. Not good. All parties are guilty and should be hammered. In the end we will have a disgraced senior officer who abused his subordinates and junior officers who willing hopped on board the abuse train.

    “I loved giving him a windy, but this time it made me cry.”

    Really …