Austin Vets’ Day parade from Casey J Porter

| November 14, 2012

Casey J Porter sent us some photos he took at the Austin, TX Veterans’ Day Parade as well as some pictures of the parade in nearby Cedar Park.

There are more at his Facebook Photostream.

In the photos from Cedar Park at his Flickr Photostream there are a bunch of sweet-ass cars.

Casey has been a good friend of this blog for years, so I’ll run his promo for him. If you need a photographer or videographer, there ain’t none better;

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  1. Ptolemy in Egypt says:

    Sweet shot of the 1st Cavalry Division Band on that Flickr stream.

    The band leader, CW5 Jeannie Pace, has been in the active Army for more than 40 years.

    That’s not a typo- 40. Years.

    She enlisted in August 1972 and was in the WAC until it was dissolved in 1978. Became a warrant officer in 1985.

    Cedar Park is also home to the Texas Stars American Hockey League team. That’s key because the idiots in the NHL are in another lockout…

    First Team- Live the Legend!

  2. Just Plain Jason says:

    Good job on the photo editing work. I am going to start doing some of that myself.

  3. Miss Ladybug says:

    John~the link to Casey’s fb photostream doesn’t appear to be working, at least from my phone…

    I had hoped to get to the parade this year, but the fiancé had the closing shift the night before and I ended up being up until 2am working on a project. American Legion Travis Post 76’s Honor Guard marched it it again this year, in front of the old military vehicles.

  4. Thank you for sharing the work. It might be setting on your phone, but I can not be for sure. Here is a direct link to the ones on Facebook:

    I’m also uploading all of them to my Flickr as well and the rest should be up today.


  5. The rest are finally up. Enjoy!




    Link to the complete set without having to go through Facebook: